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Part 23: Stanford Lab

Stanford Lab is another one of those almost-auto-complete missions like the ACME Labs missions. Unfortunately the dialog is...lacking compared to the LC campaign.

The UCS has designed a new teleporter that can teleport units from above ground to underground. Seems pretty useful, so let's test it out.

It works!

Seems easy enough.

Or not. Looks like there's something wrong with the teleporter.

So the simple teleporter failed with a giant explosion and now you want me to test the more complicated one? Aren't you the least bit worried about another giant explosion? No? Okay. You sure seem committed to safety.

Please don't blow up, please don't blow up...

Hey! He didn't blow up. We did good

Oh COME ON! They tease you by not having the robot blow up until after you think things are good.

No shit the test's been cancelled, the test site exploded! You robots are the worst researchers I've ever seen.

Why do we get a score sheet for this mission? All we did was kill our own units.

rest of ARES XIV's message posted:

Your mission is to delay the enemy for approximately 2 days. This will be enough time to complete evacuation.

>>> end of Message

Finally some excitement! This next mission can be pretty tricky since you're still completely outclassed by the ED units due to the UCS's crappy starting weapons. There are additional...restrictions on this next mission that make it even more challenging.

Here we have the first day track for the UCS. I feel like I'm rowing one of those big galleys you saw back in ancient times when I hear this. Not exactly a futuristic thing but it's a pretty good beat.