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Part 38: Egypt

The weather situation continues to deteriorate. Even though Egypt near the Nile is fairly lush the map here is going to be sand and desolation. Everything is dead because it's just too damn hot now.

As I pointed out at the end of the last update, Africa is one of the few areas on the planet that the UCS and LC have under control. The ED assault in Madagascar failed and while we've gotten some reports of ED activity deep in Africa, we need to hold North Africa and keep the ED from pouring in. Fortunately, the UCS still controls the rich deposits in South America and with LC support it should be easy to wear out the Dynasty forces.

But before we start measuring drapes in our spaceship we need to repulse the ED here.

The base will again be set up in a tight formation. The hills to the northeast and east will provide excellent cover from ED attacks.

We've held off on the (first) UCS bomber, but given that the LC has been fielding the Thunderer in our last few allied missions I think it's about time we match their aerial assaults.

Our main structures built, it's time to create our defensive grid. No Fortresses, we'll be going all Large and Small Tower this time. The ravines give us a great natural choke point so we'll only need a few Small Towers in the base to defend against air attacks.

Our sisters in the Lunar Corporation are up in the northeast of the map. Thus the ED are either directly north of us or directly east. If they're to the east then the LC will probably be doing the majority of our fighting. Sending our land forces all the way across the Nile will require us to move up to the very north of the map and a bridge will probably be destroyed before we reach the opposite shore.

The first ED assault has been repulsed by the LC mobile defenders and superior Guardian/Defender placement. I'm so happy we're allies, they're really doing a great job.

Our Panthers are en-route but will not reach the battlefield before the LC have wiped out the ED tanks. What a shame.

The LC, feeling the initiative is in their favor have taken the fight to the ED's doorstep. Unfortunately the ED have put lasers and cannons and rockets on their doorstep because they are not very nice neighbors, not like the LC and UCS who are probably the best friends ever in history and nothing will ever come between them.

The LC laser walls are extremely impressive. The only gap our robots can use to get to the ED base is at the very edge there right next to the Nile River.

Our Mammoth robot has always wanted to see the Great Sphinx and the Pyramids. He's a real connoisseur of history. I bet he's taking pictures to send back to his robot family.

Oh and look at that, our new bomber is done. Hooray for new bombers.

I'm not sure about it becoming the standard offensive weapon of our air force; the Night Barons are still pretty damn good. Plus we don't have any weapons for it yet.

Wait what are you doing Mr. Mammoth! This is a UNESCO World Heritage site you can't go off building on it.

Is our Mammoth trying to rob the graves of the Egyptian Pharaohs? That seems a bit rude. On the other hand they will explode into a million pieces or burn to a crisp soon. It'd be rude to not take advantage of all the riches that are certainly hidden in these tombs, right?

Try digging there Mr. Mammoth. I'm sure you'll be able to find King Tutankhamen's riches.

Damned American tourists always trying to take a piece of history home with them...

With our Bat finished, why don't we work on our next major aerial upgrade.

Perhaps say a flying Harvester, holy shit!

Our Panthers finally show up, long after the battle is over. I know robots can't really interpret human emotions but I bet all the women in those Moons and Meteors and Thunderers are looking pretty displeased with our tardiness.

Mr. Mammoth has made it into the Egyptian tombs. Now to find the hidden treasure.

Well I guess taking out one Laser Wall that wasn't even connected to the grid is impressive. Good job Dynasty.

The buried treasure!

And we are now 10,000 CR richer. There are nine of these hidden in the tunnels underneath the Egyptian Pyramids. 90,000 free credits is too good to pass up.

The UCS robots encounter withering resistance on their way to the ED base. The might of the single-Grozny 20 mm airforce cannot be understated. I almost didn't make it out here

Us robots are smarter than those Moon ladies. We used the perfectly accessible back door. That was undefended. The ED is not having a good day today.

And one less power plant makes our day even better and their day even worse.

Why not make it two power plants?

Or two and a third under construction?

How bout we throw in some Khrushchevs?

Or some Refineries or some Gruzs or som-

Oh, fuck YOU NEO. The LC are our best friends forever they'll never break our alliance. We just need to let them know that we've had uh, programming errors. Again.

And I'm sure those Panthers that NEO stole from us are on their way to great the Lunar Corporation. This is a diplomatic disaster. I better get Sombra on the phone. What time is it on the Moon? Do they even have timezones there?

Welp, at least those Small Towers I built around the base are doing good work at taking out these traitor Harvesters.

But we have newer better fly-y-er Harvesters so we don't need to mourn the loss of the old, lame land-based one.

And we shouldn't neglect the upgrade. The upgrades here work in the same way the upgrades to the land Harvesters work. Unfortunately we can only research the Harvester V now.

Even though we lost our attack force, the ED are flat on their back like a turtle. Nothing the Night Barons can't fix.

Their bellies are baking in the hot Egyptian sun night, beating their legs trying to turn over, but they can't. Not without your help. But you're not helping.

You're not helping! Why is that, President Axeil?

They're just questions, President Axeil. It's a test, designed to provoke an emotional response. Shall we continue?

And I shoot Sombra with the gun Panther we had wrested from our control.

I think this means I'm a replicant. Sorry Sombra, I guess we can't be best friends any more

Of course I had the Night Barons on stand by in case anything like this happened and they were able to knock out the LC's mines before they could train their rockets on us. The LC army is now crippled and unable to rebuild.

That's what you get for making us upset with your questions.

The Night Barons are continuing to lay waste to the ED base now that power is out. I'm in the process of rebuilding my army so the Night Barons are going to be all we've got on offense for a bit.

The ED navy are hiding out in this protected bay near our side of the Nile. Good thing we didn't try to build a bridge over to the other side as I don't think we would've made it far before being incinerated.

But it's pretty simple to take out some boats that don't have any anti-air capabilities.

The first Panther hP is in the tunnels looking for our missing Mammoth and the location of the last few artifacts.

Not here...

The Night Barons have taken out the last power plant serving a production building. The ED base is all but dead at this point. Oh and I see the ED took our stolen Condor and used it for their own reloading. Disgusting.

Found it! Yes I will take 30,000 CR for (almost) no work, thank you very much.

We're almost halfway done with Project MARS. All those auto-mined resources at mission end are really helping things out.

This is the last Power Plant.

Er well it was the last Power Plant. Now it's just a bunch of scrap.

With our flying Harvesters able to fly around and mine even better now, I say we finish upgrading the Heavy Rocket Launcher.

We've only got 2 Panthers so far, this one and the one marching around the tunnels looking for the missing Mammoth. This rebuilding sucks.

And the Night Barons have found a few of our old traitor units. Unfortunately we've got no way to disable them and bring them back into our fold so I give the order to kill them.

Except for this guy. You've seen how tough the Panther Rs are against air units and the Night Barons, despite being the most experienced units in the UCS army, are still not that tough.

Too bad he spots us heading back to base and engages. The Night Barons take their first loss since Japan

We need those new Bats right now! Let's get working on their rocket launcher.

The survivors of the attack move back to base to get repaired. We lost 2 Gargoyles there. They were good robots and will be missed. Their comrades don't seem too sad though. Robots are bad at feelings.

To make matters worse, there's still one more Panther R out there shooting at our airforce.

At least we can take out this Spider P without losses. And if you notice on the radar our land forces are rebuilt and almost ready to lead a strike on the LC base.

The resistance the LC are putting up is stunning.

Exclusive video of our attempt to break through the LC lines:

This is ridiculous. The LC commander must be one of the most brilliant in the war. I've never seen such great funneling from a commander not-named Axeil. We've got to cut through the sharpest teeth of the base here.

But even the sharpest tooth is nothing compared to the Grizzly and Panther hP.

These Defenders are easy to pick-off since the LC commander has forgotten to give her structures shields.

The batteries here are the key to the LC base. If they fall, the base falls. Unfortunately they're defended by 2 Guardians, and a Defender.

Oh and two Main Bases. We can't repel firepower of this magnitude, we need to take out the batteries now!

The batteries are down, but the Main Bases are still firing on our strike force. Those dastardly Moon hippies must have hidden another battery somewhere in the base.

We'll pull back and wait for morning to re-organize and repair.

Then we will bring the hammer down on the LC

Onwards! We've found the last of the LC power grid. It's defended by two Main Bases but I know we can take them out before they get us!

And with a little help from the Night Barons we manage to do just that.

All that's left now is a little cleanup in the LC and ED bases.

How humiliating is it to see a UCS flying Harvester mining your resources while your base is still standing?

I think it's pretty damn humiliating.

Cleaning up the ED base is just a matter of applying enough super hot gas and exploding projectiles until the buildings go away.

Easy right?

Also it appears that with our alliance dissolved GOLAN has ordered us to fall back and focus on resource procurement. We won the battle for Egypt but we've lost the war for Africa.

I can't believe GOLAN would let NEO get away with this though! I know if we can just find out where that bastard is we can get him, once and for all. We can't let him get away with destroying our alliance.

293,350 CR GOLAN, I think we're doing just fine on resource procurement.

Look at these robots GOLAN. Can you explain to them why their little Patty Panther or Timmy Tiger won't be coming home for recharging tonight? Can you tell them that we know who did these horrible acts but that we will not go after them?

Will you not give these robots a chance at vengeance for their fallen brethren?

If you will not let them have their revenge, then I will.

Take that Major Win and Major Wlad.

I will have my revenge against NEO. I will not stop until I've burned every building in Mozambique to the ground and received confirmation of NEO's death. I'm glad KAIN IX agrees with me. He's a robot who knows something about honor.

We're coming for you NEO. And you won't get away this time. I guarantee it.