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Part 43: Arctic

Operation Buran is the name the ED use for their invasion of the UCS-controlled Arctic Circle. If you recall from the UCS campaign, the ED are successful in ousting the robots from their positions and force a full retreat back into Canada. This time we'll play from the winning side. Marshal Romanov has ordered General Shakunik to put us in direct command of the operation. A high honor, considering how we almost bungled a simple resource acquisition last time.

Finding the old research base is crucial to ensuring a good outcome from this offensive, so we'll make sure to find it.

We start with a Gruz and some Pamirs. Let's see if we can find some resources.

We've got an upgraded chaingun up first today. Due to the longer nature of the ED campaign research at the lower ends is more important. We may be using chainguns as our only anti-air weapon for a few missions.

We've found the enemy. The General gets it wrong though, these are robots, not cyborgs. The ED had cyborgs till my dad killed them all. We're 100% cyborg free this go around.

2 Tiger 20mms are a complete joke against all our Pamirs.

I start the Gruz on building while the Pamirs look for the old military base. Nothing too fancy here, just a mining complex, Supply Depot, VPC and the required power.

Looks like we found the base. Not much to look at though.

Well except for that radio there. You need to have a unit drive over this radio to unlock Arctic 2. Arctic 2 gives you early access to a number of upgrades double-barreled tank, the Repairer, 105mm ammunition and the Siberia so its in your best interests to do the mission.

Bad news folks, looks like we've built our base right outside the UCS's defensive line. That Large Tower is so close it can almost shoot our Supply Depot.

The double chaingun is done (same damage as the UCS and LC versions) so let's work on finishing the Pamir's upgrades. The ED also are the fastest faction to air units. The Cossack helicopter is available as early as the second mission. The LC and UCS don't get their first air until until mission 4. Too bad the Cossack is almost worthless in a fight.

Hey Pamirs, I know you're having fun looking at the burned out Russian buildings but we've got a situation back at the base. Mind helping out?

Help more you assholes!

Fine. If you cowards won't fight I'll bring in some men who will.

Yes run you little Tiger. Fear our elite and superior tanks.

Our units from HQ are much more committed to excellence than the slop who started out here. What sort of Dynasty soldier shies away from killing robots?

Why can't they be more like this nameless peasant? He blew up the Energy Transmitters all on his own. That's the sort of initiative a fighting man should have.

I take some time from chastising and brutalizing my own troops to look at our new TT 120. It's all a man could dream for in a tank. Except double-barrels. And shields. And heavy weapon mounts. But other than that it's perfect!

We may as well research the Cossack. We can't get any other aircraft until we have the introductory chassis.

The Pamirs have eliminated the last of the UCS's mobile defenders. Time to wipe out the UCS base.

Looks like a base to me!

With pleasure General. Go forward my Pamirs!

Exclusive ED News footage of the ferocious battle! I love the ED units' flavor speech more than any other in the game. "NYET! Comrade I'm hit!"

A bunch of Small Towers are nothing, even if they do have rocket launchers. Damn, I wish we had rocket launchers.

General Shakunik said kill the ore miners. I'm killing the ore miners! I'm a good soldier.

This base never had a chance. A single power plant and refinery? Are you joking?

The Cossack is finished. 240 HP with no armor means it's going to die real quick.

The Grozny will benefit from the upgraded chaingun. And if I end up building any Cossacks the extra bit of damage will be nice.

It's all clean-up at this point. The base has no power so the Large Towers aren't a threat.

For our hard work we are rewarded apartment in the suburbs? Where the hell were we living before this? And our dad is the head of the whole ED. You think he could manage something nicer than an apartment in an area so shitty the fact it has a kitchen and bathroom is worth noting.

Communism sucks.

The double helicopter chaingun is finished.

The mine at our main base is also finished. No sense in wasting the space. Bring on the dynamite!

It'll look nicer with the mines gone, don't you think?

Some 20mm bullet upgrades to round out our research for this mission.

With the Arctic mined out, let's get out of here.

This map has to be one of the thinnest on resources. 36,000 for two factions is really cheap. Is the Arctic even worth fighting for when the resources there are so poor?

Rest of briefing posted:

The information you discovered in the old Russian base has enabled to locate yet another Russian base - go there immediately!

This next mission is a real fun one. You're up against pretty stiff UCS resistance and can fuck up the mission quite easily. I had to play this one twice since the first time I made so many mistakes I got into an unwinnable position.

The ED music is so much better than the UCS soundtrack. They feel a lot more militaristic and a lot less "creepy with weird noises." The Day tracks for the ED are some of the best in the game.