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Part 44: Arctic 2

This is Part Two of Operation Buran. Thanks to our superb sleuthing last mission we've found another abandoned Russian base. However, there are indications that this one may still be functional.

The game is generous here and gives you 6 Pamir tanks. How nice of them.

Let's finish researching the 20mm bullet upgrades.

The base is pretty close to our spawn point. Astute readers will recall this is the same base we saw in the mission where Fang had to deliver the alliance treaty. It looks to be in pretty bad shape though. Lt. Tanescu said the tunnels hold the interesting stuff, so we'll build a Tunnel Entrance and Landing Zone.

Looks like the reports were right. We have fully functional tanks down there, but no pilots and no way to start them up. We'll need to find the base's central computer and link our systems with it. As an added bonus, we'll also be able to bring the damaged structures back online.

While the Gruz is down there searching, I send the Pamirs out to check there's no nearby UCS patrols. Things look clear, and we've found two separate resource fields.

Is this the computer? It looks like a computer to me.

Nope, it's just a map of the underground. Looks to me like the computer is in that blue room up ahead, but we'll need to dig tunnels to reach it. I'm also very worried about something. See the three other tunnel systems on the minimap? Those aren't ED tunnel designs. That means the UCS is here. And not only here, but they've got three different armies.


The Ukraine has arrived along with a second Gruz and more Pamirs. Since we'll be bringing this base back online we should work on clearing out these building husks. Get to it Pamirs!

Now, I'm actually doing this mission the hard way. Had I done one of the other missions before this one I could've already had the Repairer and been able to repair the damaged buildings from the start. Since I don't, the Repairer needs to be the next upgrade. The buildings have less than a tenth of their normal HP, if the UCS find us it'll be curtains for us.

We've managed to tunnel through and found not only the base's central computer but also 20,000 CR. Nice!

With the wrecked buildings out of the way we can work on rebuilding this base. But first, let's fix the wall.

While that's going on, our Gruz has reactivated the base. Hooray for free units!

Unfortunately, this all comes with a catch. Project Exodus needs another 50,000 credits and since we're right next to two large (for the early game) ore fields it falls to us to mine them.

The units we get out of this are called Tanks. They're unbuildable but as you can see they're better than any other unit we have so far. Let's get these guys to the surface.

Our Gruz is still working on repairing the walls, but we've also got the base's power back on and a Vehicle Production Center to make anything else we might need.

The other Gruz will work on getting the mining base operational. He's also going to build a Small Tower screen to the north in case the UCS get nosy.

Finally our Repairer is done.

And since we're at the units limit the next best upgrade for us is the maxed-out 105mm bullet.

Welp. Looks like the UCS has found us. Batten down the hatches boys, it's gonna be rough sailing from here on.

The UCS rockets are just as good if not better than our cannons. This fight is much more even than the confrontations we've had to date.

Thankfully for us, the new Tanks can overpower the UCS Tigers. But if they send enough at us it'll be a slaughter. We need to improve our defenses.

And the best way to do that is to build walls and force the UCS to come right through the teeth of our stationary towers. Also it'll keep those damned Harvesters from stealing our resources.

Tigers versus a Gruz. Advantage, Tigers.

Tigers versus 13 tanks and 6 Small Towers. Advantage, not-Tigers.

One bullet down, two to go.

Our wall is almost finished...

Meanwhile two more factions are trying to get to our resources. I think we might need another wall on the eastern side of the base.

More Tigers? I guess we'll need to extend this wall to the east to keep the northern approach clean.

They die the same way their rocket brethren do.

Our last bullet upgrade for a while.

The second Gruz has completed our southern wall. Now any Harvesters will have to plow past our Pillboxes and Pamirs.

...I like alliteration.

While building the northern wall, our Gruz comes under attack. He's fleeing south, let's see how bad he's hurt.

25 HP. One more rocket and he'd have been dead.

With a Pamir escort up top our wall is complete. We can finally start focusing on getting those resources.

We can also focus on longer-term upgrades. The double-barreled cannon is very nice but when you're at the units limit it's of limited utility.

Right now our Pamirs do 33 points of damage after we've applied the bullet upgrades.

The ZK Taiga 20mm does...

only one point less?

Remember kids, bullet upgrades are really important. The ZK Taiga was barely cracking 10 damage before we upgraded it.

We have both Mines running at full tilt now. It won't be long before we get that 50k of resources we need.

Now that the Pamir is fully upgraded the damage outstrips the Taiga by 18 instead of 1.

Screw the Taiga though. The Siberia is a much better unit in every way. Let's add that to our army.

One of our commanders, knowing how I despise cowardice got the idea in his head that he could destroy one of the UCS bases.

He was sorely mistaken and forced into a chaotic retreat when the mobile defenders emerged. He will have...a special punishment for his arrogance.

I've got to clean up his mess now.

The towers and tanks under my direct command take care of that easily.

So you like charging headlong into bases with no logistics and no authorization from me? How bout you "scout" one of the other bases. Don't come back unless they're all dead.

The Czar's son is not a kind man.

In happier news, the Siberia is complete. It starts with 600 HP, while the Taiga maxes out at 450. It also has a faster top speed: 18 to the maxed Taiga's 17. The only downside is it costs 100 credits more, but it's worth it for a unit that's meant for the battlefield. The Taiga will remain our support unit.

No point in waiting for the next upgrade. We can "borrow" some credits from the Space Port for the last bit of research.

See, look what "borrowing" (and speeding up the game clock) can do for you!

The maxed Siberia only gains an extra 150 HP and 1 speed, but it'll be our main anti-air and non-Pamir unit for almost the entire game. Getting the upgrades early will save us money in the long-run.

Here's the ZT 102 Siberia 20mm.

One mine is extinguished. We just need to wait for the other one.

I also build a TT 120 Pamir C 105mm with twin cannons. Sadly after that I've hit the unit cap.

But seconds later we send over the last credits and Captain Krutov wants to award us the "Hero of Eurasian Expansion" medal. I think we're quickly becoming a well-regarded commander in the ED military. Dad will be proud of us.

We stick around the base for a little to mine out the last Mine, and then we leave.

9 researches this mission. That'll give us a tech edge for some time. We also managed to kill 127 of those damned robots.

General Fedorov's nephew was in charge of scouting the Himalaya for illegal enemy mining operations. We've not heard from them for three days. General Fedorov is a very important character in the Earth 2150 series. He's the man who convinced Vladimir II to give us command and he has a much larger role to play in the sequels. We cannot fail such an important commander.

Himalaya is also a very quick mission so I'm going to start working on that update right now.

Today's track is the ED's first night theme. It's no LC Night Theme but I think it's pretty good.