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Part 45: Himalaya

Like I said at the end of Arctic 2, General Fedorov is very important. We cannot fail him here after he went out on a limb to get us our promotion.

Our starting army is the same as last mission: 6 Pamirs and a Gruz.

The upgraded Cossack is our only research this mission, so let's get it out of the way.

Those are Siberia husks. This doesn't look good...

Shit. I'm sorry General Fedorov's nephew. We'll bring your body back to your uncle.

And we'll avenge your death.

God damned LC. They keep stealing our resources, time to put a stop to that!

10,000 credits isn't much, but we only need 10,000 to get our first 100,000 and start construction in earnest. So I guess it makes sense.

The LC did not defend this well. One Defender with 20mm chainguns cannot possibly stand up to all these Pamirs.

And the Mine goes down.

We can start building our base out.

The Cossack has 300 HP and 36 speed now. It's not completely useless like the first version is.

Unfortunately the Scout I sent out finds a very well-defended LC base. This looks bad...

I wonder what is up here? It's not like the LC to have layered defenses like this.

A Weather Control Center. Mother. Fuck.

We need to retreat. There's no way we can stand against the storm that thing will generate.

Our base has two Mines and only a few tanks for defense. We just need to hold out until we get the 10,000 credits. General Fedorov will need to lead an offensive here himself if we want to dislodge the LC. I don't have enough firepower to defend myself, much less attack that base.

As I expected the attacks come early. Our tanks die defending the mining base but fortunately our armed Mines are able to kill the LC's Moons.

Igor Burkov gives us the first official procurement report from Space Station Salut. He needs 10,000 CR to keep the project on schedule. Good thing you just asked us to get 10,000 CR from the Himalayas!

Which we've now got. I'm advised by our Asia Recon commander to pull out but I'd like to extract every last credit I can from these mountains. I don't think we're going to bother with an offensive to push back the LC.

This group of Moons are focusing on the VPC. They've also managed to kill one of our Taiga transporters.

There goes the VPC. Fortunately our Supply Depot still stands. So long as that is working we can keep reloading and hold out.

Our latest shipment has made it to Space Station Salut. ED News has more:

The LC's Meteors are pounding our Supply Depot. We don't have rockets so we can't hope to counter.

With the Supply Depot turned into rubble we don't have much time left. Move quickly Taiga!

Power is down at the base. We won't be able to get any more resources out of here, time to pull out!

The LC beat us on score but we managed to pull almost 20,000 CR out of the Himalayas. Not bad considering the circumstances.

Rest of briefing posted:

Secure all vital construction plans.

Kamchatka is a crucial mission. The Kaminji Research Complex was working on our new energy weapon. Failing this mission will keep you from getting lasers for the rest of the game.

Given that we were under attack almost this entire mission I think the battle theme for the ED is appropriate here. Don't you?