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Part 51: Amazon N

Friends, today we mine. But before we do that we have to check on the weather. I hear it looks perfect for mining.

Why they need another 100,000 credits when we're so ahead of schedule I'll never know. But an order is an order. Let's get to it.

We start with 3 scouts and no Gruz. Looks like this is another "ship everything in from HQ" mission.

Thank. Fucking. God. We can finally research guided rockets. Our anti-air capabilities will finally match that of the LC and UCS.

Well looks like the only bridge off our starting island leads to a wall of UCS Fortresses. I think we may need to do some bridge building this mission.

With our first group of tanks and builders from HQ we can start work on the bridges we'll need.

Why didn't they space out the rocket upgrades over a few missions? It's rather puzzling.

Here are the plans for the first of probably many bridges in this mission. The double bridge will give us greater bandwidth when moving tanks around.

Looks like the second scout has found the LC's base here. Let's not go over there.

Once the rockets are fully upgraded we won't have much use for chainguns anymore. Which is good, we shouldn't be using chainguns as our main anti-air defenses 10 missions into the game.

Success! Our last scout has found a mineral patch. Unfortunately it's in the opposite direction from where the Gruz is currently building a bridge.

And look at that, the Ted Stevens Memorial Bridge to Nowhere is completed. Too bad there's no reason we'd ever want to send our entire army to this island.

This is a far more useful bridge. So go and build it and I'll forgive the Gruz for building something so idiotic.

More minerals!? This calls for more bridges!

Three different bridges are needed to get from our starting island to this new patch. I think it might be awhile before we get there.

With the rocket research done we can move on to better avenues of research. Like this upgrade to the Grozny. We won't be building any air force this mission as most of our choppers made it back from Canada but it doesn't hurt to have the upgrade.

Shit. It looks like the LC have found our landing site. Quick, build a resupply base! We don't want a repeat of Japan.

Good job Gruz.

One bridge is finished. We've got 2 more to build on our way to that mineral patch.

I'm curious what's on this large island. Might as well build a bridge with the Gruz that just built the resupply base.

Our first useful bridge is done and now the Gruz can build a mining base. I hope the LC doesn't find it.

Hey look at that! A third mineral patch. This mission expects you to defend 3 different resource fields. There's barely enough in all three to build the bases/bridges you need and get the 100k out. Hope you brought a lot of carry-over tanks!

Our new rockets are supremely effective. Hooray!

One more bridge to go.

The LC have shields. Why don't we have shields? I would like some shields too. Maybe we should steal them...

The bridge to the final mineral patch is finished and the base is ready for construction. I sent along some Groznys just in case the LC try anything funny.

And now all the bridges are complete. I give the ED Army Corps of Engineers my thanks.

The UCS need this bridge to attack our positions. Since we don't need to be aggressive and attack the UCS here I decided to destroy the bridge. Now we'll only have to worry about the LC.

Our last piece of research for today is the Pillbox. It's a shorter, more armored Large Tower. It's great to use in layered defenses since you can put either type of tower behind it without worrying about it taking incidental damage.

A-hah! Looks like the LC did try something here. Thankfully the guided rockets and Groznys take care of that.

I guess I didn't completely neutralize the UCS; they're still harassing the resupply base with Gargoyles.

Our final mining base is operational. Let's get these minerals fast and go home. I don't like being sandwiched between 2 enemy armies, even if one can't reach us by land.

Why did the LC only send one Moon after our resupply base?

That's more like it! Still not enough to do any damage whatsoever to the base though.

46% complete. Let's see if we can get to 50% by the end of this mission. That would put us very far ahead of schedule.

The Many Bridges Mine is done mining. And we still need 8,000 CR. Hopefully the other two still have that much left.

Now the First Mine is finished, and we'll need to get the last 2,750 CR from the central mine.

Looks like we got it! If you don't engage the LC or UCS and make sure to have adequate defenses this mission isn't nearly as daunting as it seems. Just remember that you don't have much in the way of resource slack.

Oh and I'm getting a yacht from the British Royal Family. Shouldn't that be pretty decayed and gross at this point? It's been over 100 years since there was a Great Britain much less a British Royal Family

We've still got 15,000 in credits sitting at this last mineral field. Since the LC and UCS are no threat I'll stick around a bit and get them.

And there goes the spaceship that will put our progress at 50% exactly, far ahead of schedule.

With the last mine exploited, it's time to get out of here.

101 kills to 7 deaths. And I think most of those deaths were repairer units. The ED Army is unstoppable.

rest of briefing posted:

From the computer data we received from you, we learned of a research complex, wich is a part of this project. Find this structure and destroy it.

As I predicted our assault into North America has shown continued gains. We are now inside the territory of the former United States. If the UCS have a research base here, we will raze it to the ground.