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Part 67: Algeria

This is it, the UCS's last outpost in Africa. The destruction of the Atlantic Fleet with secure Africa for the Dynasty and allow us to cross the Atlantic while there's still time. Africa alone does not have enough resources for the evacuation ship so we must ensure we can safely cross and wage an offensive in the Andes for the resources there.

I think Marshal Romanov just ordered us to send the land here into the sea as well

Another Africa mission, another base that needs built. At least this time we'll get some resources to fund construction.

Thanks to our daring operation in Lesotho we have access to the ED nuclear launch codes. Sadly, we don't quite yet have the ability to put the ballistic missiles on the field, but we will once we've researched the Ballistic Rocket Launcher. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

Our scouts find some weak UCS resistance.

And then they find some strong UCS resistance. It looks like the UCS naval base is right on our doorstep. This might be a quick mission.

Thanks to some captured LC scientists we are able to get the UFO's shield generators working again. High Command has instructed me not to put the UFO in jeopardy so it will now only strike in safe situations. And nothing is safer than striking at an undefended power plant.

With the power down, the rest of the army can hammer the defens-oh what is that? Another god damned Minelayer?

We have a new solution to fix Minelayers

Of course we haven't quite figured out how to miniaturize our nukes. For now the ballistic rockets are just really, really strong rockets.

So sadly we'll have to do this the old-fashioned way for now

With the mines cleared and the power down we have free reign over the base. Unfortunately it looks like the UCS navy was in port. This...might pose a problem.

Stop shooting at me!

Given the...difficult nature of destroying naval vessels without some of our own and acknowledging our desire for a swift, cost-effective solution I think it might be time to test our new missiles.

Bye, bye navy!

But where are the capital ships? It looks like we only managed to sink the escorts. Either way, with the navy gone it was easy to clear out the base.

The UCS attempted a counter-attack from another base. Who knew they had another base? And who knew that base had plasma bombs (note the shield damage to the Refinery). The only air-based weapon in the game that does shield damage is the plasma bomb. Clearly we are at tech parity with our rivals.

I order all the shields upgraded in the event of an orbital plasma strike.

I also order further upgrades to our ballistic missiles.

The ballistic missile launcher can actually be mounted on a few units, unlike every other superweapon in the game. I've decided the Volga is the best platform for a mobile missile battery.

With the coastal base a distant memory I've had enough time to place all 4 silos for this launch facility. Each silo can hold one missile.

Ah, look at that. An aerial scout has discovered the UCS fleet to the immediate west of our base. Perhaps they are sad they didn't get a taste of ballistic fury?

One missile should be enough.

One missile was absolutely not enough. Thankfully our heavy rocket launchers can reach these ships and sink them without too much of a problem.

So, here's the deal with the ED ballistic missile. Until it's upgraded to the nuclear variant it kind of sucks. It only knocked off half of the health of that ship and it was a direct hit. Don't waste your money launching non-nuclear missiles at people, it won't work out well.

But since I'm utterly rich and demo-ing this new superweapon for you let's see what a full barrage does to a gargantuan defensive line.

There they go...

And there they-oh god damn it. We lost visual on the buildings. Someone head over there and see if we did any damage!

It will take almost 15 minutes to research the nuclear missile, but it is absolutely worth it.

The towers are unscathed but it looks like we knocked out some Energy Transmitters and a Power Plant.

Fire more missiles!


The only thing left powering the eastern defenses of the base is this lone power plant.

4 missiles more Power Plant! Hooray missiles!

The Fortress still has power, but its easy enough to avoid.

This is confirmation that the UCS does indeed have plasma bomb technology. We'll need to harden our shields from here on and ensure we have good air defenses. Placing the entire army in the southwestern corner of the base is the best defense I can think of.

Remember how I said there's a cost for reloading bombs and superweapons? Watch this.

The cost to refill a standard ballistic missile is 2,000 CR. Nuclear missiles are 5,000 CR. If you're playing as the ED keep this in mind or you'll bankrupt yourself nuking everyone. The UCS and LC don't have to worry about the cost of refilling their superweapons so even though the ED's is superior it gets evened out due to its utterly insane cost.

Of course I don't give a shit about any of this and build another missile control center.

Just in time too! The nuclear ballistic missile is finished. Now we will rain atomic death down upon these robots!

Oh and I guess research the bomb upgrades so we can have nuclear bombs.

I've built some helicopters to act as spotters for my nuclear missiles. But it's rather boring launching them out of silos. Why don't we try something

Yes, this should work well.

I'm completely out of resources. Filling all 8 silos with nuclear missiles is 40,000 CR plus the cost of actually building all the silos. It's over 50,000 credits when all is said and done.

Don't go nuclear for a mission unless you've got the cash to support it.

The Volga BRL sits off shore, with a great view of all these Harvesters. Lets see how well nuclear missiles work.

It killed them all, and took out the towers too. Not bad.

The nuclear bomb researches a bit faster than the nuclear missile. This will be the last tech upgrade in the entire game. I'm going to miss showing you all this screen

The UFO and spotter air force take out the few remnants of the UCS navy. With them out of the way we're clear to put the Volga BRL and spotters in sight range of the UCS defenses.

Visual confirmed, launching missile at target.

I wonder what kind of damage this missile will do?

The explosion took out every tower except that last one (which was damaged to almost no HP remaining). I love nuclear missiles

A combination of missile strikes and the UFO knock out power to the rest of the base. It's all clean-up from here on in.

And just for good measure I nuke some towers that had been powered off. You can never be too careful!

At this point I bring over some credits from the base and proceed to nuke everything I can see. There was a reason I amassed such a ridiculous amount of credits at the base other than not wanting to finish the campaign early.

Feel free to play the 1812 Overture in your head as all these missiles rain down on the UCS base.

One corner of the base still has power. Coincidentally, I still have one missile left.

And now the base has no power. We still need to destroy the last few structures, but the mission is over. We've wiped the UCS out of Africa and cleared the way to South America. Good job everyone!

No fancy new medal for this one Romanov? I'm disappointed, I enjoy having to attach pulleys to my legs so I don't fall over when I'm wearing all my medals on my uniform.

We have 78 days to finish the campaign. There are still technically 5 missions left, however I'll only be playing the next 2 as the final 3 are the same as they were for the UCS and LC, you just start in a different spot.

Nuking your enemies to death is really, really, really expensive. I spent nearly 100,000 CR on ammunition alone.

rest of briefing posted:

A well-entrenched UCS base is blocking our path to South America and victory! Destroy it at once. We must resume our advance

The base in question is actually a series of defensive outposts in the Andes mountains. We need to get through the pass they're guarding so we can have access to the remaining minerals deep in the mountains. The path will be perilous. If only we had some sort of bomber that could drop bombs on...oh wait. We do have a bomber that can drop bombs on the enemy. Next mission, get ready for Operation: Drop a Million Bombs on the UCS.

With this mission complete we only have 2 more missions left in the ED campaign and then we will be moving on to The Moon Project. Like Earth 2150, you can play TMP in any order so I'll let you guys vote on what campaign you'd like to see first. There are all new technologies for each faction and each one has a different take on the story. The events of The Moon Project take place at about the two-thirds mark of the Earth 2150 campaign, right about when the UCS-LC alliance breaks up. Each campaign is the same length with the LC spending the entire campaign on the Moon, the UCS spending all but the first mission on the Moon and the ED spending a little time on the Moon.

Voting runs from now until I put up the last update for Earth 2150. Please vote using the below images along with faction name to record your vote.

Eurasian Dynasty
Lunar Corporation
United Civilized States