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Part 88: New Hope

(Apologies on the lateness of this update. Blame 2)

rest of briefing posted:

I need your help. To finish the project at least 4 units have to survive. All project plans have been stored in my unit.

Good luck!

Success! Fang's work has finally paid off. Thanks to the recovery of research materials from ACME Labs and Fang's own ingenuity we have a working model of Fang's alien glider. However, the UCS have again managed to push into Fang's research area. This time there's no hope of saving the base or manning a counter-attack. We're simply spread too thin with the need to defend Alpha and Beta quadrants while preparing for the assaults on Gamma and Delta. We've managed to evac all the personnel, but the plans themselves couldn't make it on the transport. Nor could the prototypes. We've got a small LZ secured in the southeast. It's isolated and defended well enough to hold out until we can spare the resources to extract Fang and the prototypes, but getting there won't be easy.

Fang and the 6 New Hope prototypes are all we've got left here at the research center. There's no LZ, no cash, no resources and no unit construction. If we're going to survive this one we'll need to rely on our wits. While Fang believes saving 4 of the prototypes is sufficient, I'm not so sure. I think we're going to need them all to make it.

Making matters worse, we don't have enough shields to go around. One of the New Hopes will have to go without for the time being. Hopefully there's more along the way.

Research: Heavy Rocket Launcher

Ladies, say goodbye to your home, the UCS should be moving in for an attack in a few hours. It was a good research base while it lasted.

Fang and the prototypes may be trotting about all fancy, but they don't have any anti-air capabilities. We've managed to pull 4 Super Fighters from the Gamma Quadrant pre-assault force for this operation, but these 4 units are all we can spare. They need to get up there and provide some air cover.

Fortunately the LZ has its own supply center so the Super Fighters can reload if the need arises.

Oh shit. Looks like we've found the UCS attack force. Dragon bombers, Jaguar hPs and a smattering of anti-air units. This is more than enough to take out Fang's little group. Or our air support.

Quick, head north! You've gotta warn Fang!

Whew. Looks like they made it. Now that Fang and the prototypes know about the ambush we'll need to divert our route. The original idea was to navigate the narrow valleys in the region, but if the UCS have already started marching towards the base we'll run smack into them. We need to avoid them.

Since we don't have any Unit Transporters the only other way to go is underground. There's a small tunnel network to the west of the research base. We'll need to be quick to make it there before the UCS attack force discover us.

Too late! The first wave of the assault group is headed straight for us. Time to see if those cannons work...

Oh my. These things burn through UCS armor even better than Fang's cannon. One or two shots to disable a walker and another 2 to destroy it. It's not the controlled sort of test we'd like to run, but I'd say that's a successful demo.

The first wave is dead, and after a little bit of travel we've managed to find the tunnels.

Quick! Everyone get inside before the attack comes!

The New Hope task force is safely underground. The anti-air Super Fighters will move to the exit to give us air superiority. Now, there shouldn't be anyone down here but you never know. We'll be proceeding with caution on the off chance there is.

Damn! Just what we need, a whole big group of Cargo Salamanders.

...Wait a second. One of the New Hope pilots just pointed something out to me. The lead Salamander has been disabled. If we keep focusing on the lead unit we can probably take them out without suffering too much damage.

Yeah! It's working!

Good job ladies! I don't know if you're inspired fighting alongside the great General Fang or if your all becoming better warriors, but whatever it is keep it up!

Back on the surface dawn has broken. I'm sure the main UCS force has leveled the research base by now.

Looks clear based on what I'm seeing. Good news for us.

Our formation has started to drift in these larger areas. Given the sensitive and delicate nature of these prototypes we need to make sure the weakest units are in the back. And the best way to do that is by using a platoon.

Platoons are pretty neat. Basically, when you click the platoon button it turns a group of units into a single cohesive unit. Clicking on any one of them will select them all. They'll generally keep the formation you set for them and they'll also move in step with each other. It's not always the most useful feature, but it's great if you're juggling a lot of units or need to keep things in a strict formation.

Alpha Platoon has found some UCS stragglers. Let's see what those cannons can do!

Yep. They're pretty damn effective. Fang's condition is a bit worrying though, he's been taking the brunt of the attacks to protect the New Hopes. He's a brave guy, but we better be more careful or he's going to become a dead guy.

Research: Heavy Rocket Launcher upgrade 1

Given Fang's weakened state I'm having the Super Fighters do all the scouting from here on. I've also re-arranged the platoon to put Fang in the back. If Fang survives it's going to be because of the bravery of the 6 New Hope pilots, not anything he can do.

We've found another small UCS group. This looks like a sleepy patrol. Their fighters aren't even in the air! And what's the best way to deal with patrols?

Yes, of course, the answer is pull off one at a time and drown them in a hail of super-hot air.

Looks like there's a more substantial unit headed our way though. I wonder if Alpha Platoon can take care of it?

Of course they can!

These ladies are going to be the heroines of the LC. This is exactly what they need to psyche themselves up for the upcoming assault on Gamma Quadrant.

A half-dozen women of the LC going up against one of the toughest armies the world has ever seen. And not only are they winning, but they're coming out without a single casualty! That's a morale booster if I've ever seen one.

The Dragon bombers from the attack on the base finally are headed for us. Looks like they're pulling out all the stops now.

Too bad they forgot to bring an escort. You can't contest our air superiority.

Now to go in and destr-oh you ladies already did it. Jeez, y'all are ruthless.

There it is! We can see the base. Just need to get around this bend and we'll all be safe and sound.

One last desperate attempt to destroy us from the UCS. A bunch of Gargoyles and Tigers can't stop us now.

Not Alpha Platoon.

Not the new Heroines of the Lunar Corporation

No, thank you Fang. You've been quite an asset to us here on the Moon. I know the fighting on Earth is starting to heat up again but I think you've helped give us the spark we need to push these robots off Luna. You helped us get back on our feet and kick some robotic ass. There's more to winning a war than just shiny toys, ya know? It's all about attitude.

Although, I do admit the shiny toys are rather nice...

A perfect score sheet. Just what I like to see. (I swear doing this mission with no losses is harder than I made it look)

With the new Heroines of the Lunar Corporation making the rounds on Luna to inspire our troops and take command of the New Hope squadrons, I think its time for the assault on Gamma Quadrant. Fang's making preparations to head back to Earth, but I think we've proven that we don't really need him up here anymore. When I took command I was in charge of a bunch of terrified scientists and civilians. But with Fang's help I think I can say they've become the fearsome warriors we all knew they could be.

Thank you Fang!