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Part 1: What's going on here?!

What's going on here?!
This is my first Let's Play thread, the cult classic RPG, Earthbound.

What the hell is Earthbound?!
Earthbound, or Mother 2, is actually the sequel to a Japan-only NES RPG called "Mother". The two games are extremely similar, and in fact some people consider Mother almost a 'beta' of Mother 2. A third sequel, Mother 3, was caught in development hell for over a decade, assumed dead in the water, and finally released on the Game Boy Advance fairly recently. Thus far, Mother 2 is the only one of the series to see an English release, and will likely remain so. It became a cult hit for its' unique setting, visual style, and often bizarre storyline.

What kind of LP is this?!
Screenshot/original art with light video content, good sir!

Hey you loser you missed that bread roll/Mr. Baseball Cap/Sword of Kings/other awesome item! You suck at this game!
The point of this LP is to tell a story, and for the sake of that storyline, I'm not going to screencap every single hidden item or secret area. Just assume I got them, mmkay?

Hey you asshole that's not what that character says/that never happened! You're playing some fucked up rom hack, admit it!
In that same vein I might add dialogue, alter what characters say, or imagine entirely new elements to the story. I might be taking an influence from the original game script, or adapting it slightly to fit my own "creative" vision.

Your drawings suck, can I do some of my own?
But of course! Be my guest.

Unfortunately, short of naming the characters, there's little in the way of audience participation to be had here. Especially with the way I'll be presenting the storyline. Sorry, you'll have to play the game yourself if you want to use PSI Cockslap ß.

Holy shit you take so long to update!
A regrettable side-effect of the inclusion of original artwork panels, I'm afraid. However, you have my assurance, if it takes me forever, I will finish this LP.
Also, if you're wondering why I usually go the entire weekend without updating, it's because I work 10-12 hour graveyard shifts on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Bonus Content
Alternate Thread Titles (Read: I liked these too much to just decide on one and leave it be )
"Let's Pray Earthbound"
"Let's Hit Doggies With Baseball Bats (Earthbound)"
"Whiskey Bent and EarthBound"

Extra Artwork by me
Something is Wrong

A Mission From God

The Seeds Reunited

Ness & Jeff fix my computer:

Earthbound Title Theme

Starman Jr. Boss Music

Sunrise & Onett Theme

Frank Boss Music

Frankystein Mk II Boss Music

Buy Somethin' Will Ya! (Store/City Hall/Etc.)

Dangerous Caves

Sanctuary Guardian Battle

"Your Sanctuary" Music

Boy Meets Girl : Twoson Theme Music

Apple Kid's Theme

Battle Against A Weird Opponent

Peaceful Rest Valley

Happy-Happy Village

Paula's Theme

Dead-End Chaos Theater

Runaway Five: The Daily Show

Runaway Five On The Move

Threed-Zombie Central

In Winters, There Is A Genius


Winters White


The Sky Runner

Delivery! (Pizza Man & Escargot Express)

Hi Hi Hi (Saturn Valley Theme)

Belch's Factory

Battle with Belch

You've Come Far, Ness (Coffee Drinking Music)

Threed, Free At Last

Get On The Bus

Super Dry Dance (Desert Music)


Topolla Theater

Boris' Cocktail (The Bar Theme)

Moonside Swing

The Monkey's Maze


In Dalaam, There Is A Warrior

The Floating Kingdom of Dalaam

Venus, Live!

Sailing To Scaraba

Kraken of the Sea


The Unforgiving Desert


Inside the Dungeon

Megaton Walk

The Deep Darkness

The Tendas

Battle Against A Machine

Pink Cloud Shrine


Flying Man

Deeper Into Ness' Subconscious

The Sea of Eden

Eight Melodies

Giygas' Lair

Pokey Means Business!

The Heroes Return

Because I Love You

Good Friends, Bad Friends

Smiles and Tears

by Pompeille

by Changer of the Ways

by Dizzybone

by Phelix

by Der Metzgermeister