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Echo Night: The Lord of Nightmares

by Niggurath

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Original Thread: The girl in the glass coffin - Let's Play Echo Night: Lord of Nightmares



A missing girlfriend and a mysterious, secluded mansion set the stage for a brand new tale of the supernatural; welcome to the sequel to Echo Night, Echo Night: Lord of Nightmares. Released just a short year after the first game, Echo Night: LoN manages to keep the core game play and story mechanics while making fairly large leaps in the graphic and voice acting department with one caveat. It seems the original Echo Night was not really a commercial hit and so the second Echo Night was limited to a Japanese only release, and was pretty much inaccessible to English speaking audiences. That is up until about a year ago when fan translation became accessible and it happened to work out that I just finished up an LP of the first game. So it only makes sense to delve back into the ghostly world of Echo Night and see what this follow up has to offer.


Update 1: Christina Collins, Kent Palmer, Red Headed Woman, Brian Knode, The Woman in the Coffin, Elliot Clancy
Update 2: Rebecca Morgan, Robert Morgan, Helena Morgan, Steven Murdoch, Mark Bizel, Norma Bliss
Update 3: Karen Clancy, Carol Moore, Laura Swanson
Update 4: George Gibbs
Update 5: Joseph Hammond, Ken McDonnell, Michael Stewart, Illeana Majorelle, Bridget Majorelle, John Fisher, Franco Moss
Update 6: Franco Moss, Albert Clancy, George Gibbs, Red Headed Woman
Update 7: Billy Matthews, Stanley Osbourne, Annette Austin, Polly Hanks, Morris Brown, Helen Clancy
Update 8: Catherine Clancy, Margaret Rogers, Cynthia Hamilton, Larry Travis, Kurt Densham, Daniel Watkins, Marvin Hamilton, Anthony Rogers, Leon Clancy, Sarah Clancy, Patty Thompson
Update 9: Edgar Clancy, Albert Clancy, Jessica Clancy, Carol Moore, Joseph Hammond
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