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by satsu

Part 41

Welcome to Dragonia Tower.


Barabba 1 is not amused by this statement.

...and we rejoin Filena.

Now, take a look at this screenshot. What does it tell you?
It's only a hint of what a mess this floor of the dungeon is. It's a sprawling network of thin corridors, with tons of

strong random battles. Not only are these guys very strong, and thus will eat up all your TP, but they also know recovery techniques and a couple of status attacks. Suitably hard for a final dungeon, but also verging on frustrating. On the bright side, they also drop the very rare Hyper Material item, which you can trade in at the Black Market.

Anyway, after burning through a bunch of TP regaining items and gaining a few levels, as well as running away from a lot of these grueling battles, we finally make it up to the first floor.

Tip: there's a secret path in this area.

Go down here...

...and you'll come out here, where you can get the second-strongest sword in the game after the Sword of Filena. Only Nest can equip it, but Lila will probably be too busy healing everyone to ever be attacking now anyway.

Well, this is ominous and slightly familiar.

On the bright side, the developers show some mercy and throw in some free healing here.

Bad news: the second floor is just as horrible as the ground floor is. By this point I'm getting pretty sick of all the battles, and I'm pretty sure the items that are out of the way generally aren't worth the effort. I make a beeline for the next teleporter up, running away from most of the random battles to conserve HP/TP.

We're finally here.

We boldy venture forwards...

Fuck, they couldn't even put a straight path in here.

I guess that HP/TP conservation exercise earlier was pretty pointless, too. Did wonders for my sanity, though.
Incidentally, that chest there contains the best item this dungeon has to offer: the Goddess Idol. It makes you immune to stat-reducing attacks, which will come very much in handy shortly.

Okay. NOW we're finally here.

We boldy venture forwards...

Oof. Lubram has the same cheap Psychic Laser tactic as the High Priest, except his is even stronger.

During the battle, Lubram tries the classic RPG evil leader offer, only to be met with the classic RPG hero response.

Shortly later in the battle, we're not doing too well here.

Not too long after Lila goes down, Hunter and Nest get taken down by a couple of Psycho Lasers.

Filena is left valiantly fighting alone, as she's immune to Psycho Laser and its effects. But Lubram has other attacks...


Let's try that again...

The Last Battle?@YouTube

With movie recording on, I can't lose and risk shaming myself on the Internet.

Suddenly, a voice came out of nowhere just as Filena and friends were celebrating their victory over the Empire...

It's foetus time!

Note that even though we're in battle mode here, this is a strictly talking-only scene. Probably so you can get a good look at the flying foetus.