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Part 8: The Elder Updates VIII - Quit Yer Kvatching

Welp, looks like we're making a fire weapon!

...unfortunately, I recorded this batch of footage at such a time as I didn't have internet to read the votes with, so you're all going to have to be furious with my not making a fire weapon over the next few updates.

Quit Yer Kvatching

The gate is closed.

The survivors of Kvatch are safe for now, but I can do more.

I'm going to need hammers.

Sterv ain't just whistlin' Dixie. Our gear's seen some abuse, and as you may have noticed, we already used up five hammers repairing the Steel Longsword! Note that even though the Bands of Kwang Lao are broken, we're still getting the full hand-to-hand bonus from them.

I have to help.
And practice Alteration, of course.


Not pictured: earlier dialog where the guard captain asks you to help save Kvatch.

As you might expect, what follows involves fighting lots of daedric creepy-crawlies. It's a bit of a slog, so I'm gonna have to slip into italics for a bit.

Well, holy shit. The enemies here are semi-randomized, and it looks like we got the Clannfear jackpot.

They're dinosaurs from hell, which about sums it up, I should think.

The guards are along for the ride, and they brought their go faces. Let's see if we can get a more interesting spread of enemies.

okay yes that qualifies, where do I begin?
Oblivion's Not That Bad Points: -6 +

This involves letting the people in the chapel know the way out of the city is clear.

Yaaaaaaay, you're saved, this whole thing is a setpiece.

This guy's dialog cursor is a crown, denoting him as an essential NPC. You're gonna be important, but not yet!

We can get buffs from the Nine at chapel altars, provided we've visited the deity's wayshrine in the overworld. We pick up a Willpower boost from Mara, and a Strength boost from Talos. Unfortunately, the blessings only last for about five minutes, so their usefulness is...dubious. The wayshrines have an important role to play, though.

It's as if he's reminding me how long this segment feels.

We're mostly gonna let the guards handle this.

Whoop, we've got shit to do. We're gonna have to go under the chapel, past the temple heart and through the Shrine of the Silver Monkey so we can open the portcullis.

But hold on, we've got spellcasters up there on the castle walls.

Hang around long enough for the Dremora to get some Hurtmores off...

And boom, free armor. It's a mild upgrade from our leather stuff.

So it's back to the chapel with us, where we're joined by three concerned and upstanding soldiers of the Imperial Legion.

Oh, and this important Kvatch guard who knows where the key to the gatehouse is. I'm not gonna complain about the backup.

...uh, hi there, overt use of leftover assets.

Before too long we arrive at our destination.

Our meatshields are a little worse for the wear, though.

We now join Sterv's brain, already in progress.



I...think I'll just stand back and let you work.

Aw. Poor Altmer.

No sense leaving this perfectly good bow behind.

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, HELLO CAMERA. I was tempted to take a point off for this, but it's so circumstantial that I really can't call it a major design flaw. And let's face it, it's hilarious.

For Kvatch!

This isn't so hard. Not with allies, at least.

...eurgh. This just peels right off. Daedra skin has to be good for something, though.

Hah! Incompetence abounds among the enemy forces.

Matius and his men will hold the entryway of the castle. I press on with the Imperial archer to find the count.

Where is my archer?

I do not blame you.

These are daedra. I'm going to need any edge I can get.

Such as a venomous edge. Poison will weaken my enemy. It will fight with me from inside.

It is a good ally.
What he said. Seriously, if you're having trouble with the enemies in this game, use poison.

Onward! Let's go!

I'll strike them down with everything I've got!

I don't care WHAT magic you use!
And I don't rightly know what magic this guy was using either!

...oh dear. The Count, I presume?

Well, I'm certainly not lugging his corpse back. His ring should be proof enough.

One brisk walk later...

Lying face-down in a pool of blood!
How dare you mock him, even in death! Had you not been instrumental in getting this far, I'd put you down where you stand.
And I would be forced to defend myself.
Where is the Count's ring? Do you have it?

Yes, here it is.
At least this is safe. Thank you; I shall make sure it is protected, for the time when a new Count is crowned.
...don't you mean ringed?
Unfortunately, there's no option to pocket the ring and keep it for yourself.
Oblivion's Not That Bad Points: -7 +

Many thanks.

We do, however, get the enchanted armor off Matius' back which is worth thrice as much as said ring, so it's all good.
Oblivion's Not That Bad Points: -6 +