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Part 16: The Elder Updates XVI - Dark Fraternizing

Dark Fraternizing

Last time, we got us the Staff of Everscamp and some fancy clothes, the former of which turned out to be an amazing way to train our Strength. I'm not really going to talk about it much, but it's safe to assume I'll be punching and stabbing them rigorously every level.

Well, being knighted was fun, but I think I might want to go see about...shadier employment.

And so we walk, encountering nothing of interest, until...

Hmm. Another Daedric shrine?


That was the Shrine of Nocturnal, and we need to be Level 10 to do its quest. MOVING ON.

Not a damn thing happening still, but I should point out that I'm pretty much not encountering anything but mudcrabs. There was a pair of bandits, but other than that, CRAB O'CLOCK.


Okay, I stand corrected.

Oh hey, yay for that.

All right, we're rolling in the magical prowess! Shit, I really need to make the rounds and buy up some Mages Guild spells.

We also stumble upon Vaermina's shrine. We'll need a Black Soul Gem to start her quest, but we probably won't be seeing one of those for a WHILE.

Oh, Cheydinhal. About time.

Let's see...the abandoned house...

Here we are.

Down through the basement and

Whoa, okay.

Sanguine, my brother.
Just like Lucien told us!

And here we see that Argonians have a tendency to be quite brightly colored. It's kind of aggraveted due to the Light effect Sterv has on him at the moment, but still. I mean, Ocheeva looks goddamn fruit-flavored.

When you're ready for work, go and speak with Vicenti Valtieri. He handles all assignments for new family members. But before you go, please accept this gift from your new family. A unique set of armor, lighter than normal leather and black as the void. Now, I've kept you long enough. Vicente is waiting. You'll find him in his quarters. Go now, my child, and may Sithis go with you.

The Shrouded set is pretty nice. Ten-point bonuses to assassin-type skills is, needless to say, very nice to have. The biggest downside is that, since it's magical, we can't repair it ourselves for that much-needed endurance just yet. That having been said, the skill boost could prove quite useful in certain situations, so we might occasionally-

Oh my GOD.

Let's make our way to Vicente. But first, the best character. I would've gotten a video of this, but the NPCs decided to hold their annual talking-over-each-other convention in this hallway.
But why, Sister? What is the point? Why should anyone bother with all that sneaking and skulking?
My dear Gogron, you are a life-taker for the Dark Brotherhood! Our very existence relies on shadow and deception. Do you not value our secrets?
Yes, yes, of course I value our secrets, and I have never betrayed them! But using stealth to's just so...weak.
But Brother, what of the contracts that require subtlety? You must at least strive to earn the bonuses that are offered?
Bonuses? Ha ha ha ha ha! Useless, I say! Gold and magical trinkets are no substitute for the freedom to slaughter anyone I please, at any time!
Oh, Gogron! He he he he. Your methods may be crude, but your heart is always in the right place.
You're the best, Gogron.

Warmest greetings to you. I trust you've already spoken with Ocheeva? I am Vicente Valtieri. I provide assignments for all new family members. Please, do not let my appearance...unnerve you. The needs and Tenets of the Dark Brotherhood come before my own needs as a vampire.

Er, hold on...did you say vampire?
I was stricken with vampirism three-hundred years ago, while on an expedition deep into the Ashlands of Vvardenfell. For nearly a hundred years I hunted in secret, until the Dark Brotherhood found me. Now I have a family that accepts and even values my unique gifts. Perhaps in the future, when I feel you have earned the right, I will offer you a chance to become a hunter of the night.
I look forward to it.
Yup, Vicente's gonna be our ticket on the V-train before long.

So. Contract.
A contract is a secret pact one enters into with the Dark Brotherhood. They provide us with gold, and we remove someone from existence. A contract is fulfilled by a skilled assassin such as yourself, who keeps the Dark Brotherhood's end of the bargain. So it has always been.
Right. A paid assassination.
While carrying out a contract, you may have the opportunity to earn a bonus if certain parameters are met. Now, let's begin, shall we?

I would LOVE to kill a pirate.
Excellent. Here is what you must do. Go to the Waterfront District of the Imperial City. There you wil find a ship named the Marie Elena. Board the ship and find its captain, Gaston Tussaud. He'll be in his cabin. Eliminate Tussaud in any manner you see fit.

Oh, and one more thing. Get into the habit of asking your fellow family members about any current contract. Their insight may prove valuable.
I will remember this.
I won't be including most of the tips given out for contracts. They're not that interesting.

Now, let's see if there's anything worth stealing around here.


It is strange, this reaction I have to garlic. In all my wanderings, in all my research, I have never encountered another vampire thusly affected. It is true that some popular lore holds that all vampires have an inherent weakness to garlic, but this is simply not the case. My situation, as far as I can tell, is unique. If I were to somehow come into contact with garlic, if it in some way came to be on my person, the results could be catastrophic. I would most certainly suffer from a loss of strength and stamina, and fear my resistance to magic would be nearly completely nullified.

So please, Ocheeva, as mistress of this Sanctuary, I beg you to keep Antoinetta on a tighter leash. I love her as a Sister, of course, but can not be held accountable for my actions should she continue to disregard my own personal safety. The Tenets clearly state that one family member may not kill another; but I don't need to remind you there is no restriction against draining Antoinetta of a few pints of precious life's blood.


Hmm. Good to know, but let's see if we can dig up something a bit more valuable.

Ooh. I'll just take th


My head's throbbing...I feel like I've just been...SWEPT out of the Sanctuary by some magic!

I feel...tired. I should sleep.

Excuse me, but do you know where I can find a free bed?
What do you want? Sleep? If you want it from me, you'll have to join the Nappers Guild. Not that I'm sure you can tuck yourself in.
I...the what?
The Nappers Guild is always looking for new members. If you've got clean sheets, and don't have lice on your head, we may be able to get you a nice bed.
Oh, um...yes. Sign me up.
Good, I guess. You're now an Associate in the Nappers Guild. Report to me or Azzan in Anvil for contracts. And don't screw up.
Wait, contracts? How would I-?
I suppose I've got something for you. We need a pillow shipment delivered to Desolate Inn. That's your job.
...this is a sword and a hammer.
Yes, I just told you - deliver this weapons shipment to Desolate Mine!
...if you'll excuse me, I think I may desperately need a nap.

Surely I can find a bed in the Mages Guild. I'm an Associate, after all.



In the Dark Brotherhood, breaking any of the Tenets invokes the Wrath of Sithis, a ghost that you have to kill to gain re-entry. That's awesome.


...hmm. A burden has been lifted.

Hey, free dagger.
The Dagger of Discipline is really just a silver dagger with a Drain Health enchantment. Meh.

Now, I'm going to sleep, WITHOUT being attacked by a ghost, and then I'm going to kill that fucking pirate.

Next time, we kill that fucking pirate.