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Part 19: The Elder Updates XIX - Dark Doodles, Volume 2

Dark Doodles, Volume 2

Well, we've killed a pirate and it's time to make the perilous journey to Cheydinhal. Shall we?


Entering the city under the cover of night, it occurs to me that I'm at a disavantage in terms of endurance leveling.

With my only repairable light armor gone, I can only depend on Blocking, and that won't cut it.

Heavy armor it is, then! Sterv's not strong enough to carry a cuirass, so he'll just be going into the next few missions in nothing but iron boots and gauntlets.

Vicente rewards us with gold and a magic ring that gives Light Armor and Security skill. A bit useless at the moment, unfortunately. We get the magic item for this quest no matter what, but from here on out we'll have to satisfy optional conditions. In this case, it's dropping a Wood Elf's favorite yak head on him instead of just stabbing him to death, and not alerting his manservant.

To Bruma, then!

I gallavant around the land, letting wolves go to town on me so I can gain Heavy Armor experience and repair my armor, and we manage to hit apprentice Armorer, so yay!

I'm feeling adventurous, so let's go into this Ayleid Ruin and see what's waiting for us.

Probably some sweet level 5-10 loot, that's what.

Okay, maybe not! And that's the end of MSPaint updates for now. Next time, I drop a moose head on a guy IN GLORIOUS 3-D GRAPHICS.