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Part 21: The Elder Updates XXI - I'm going to murder you to Dreth

I'm going to murder you to Dreth

It just so happens that I'm ready to murder again.
As always, you fail to disappoint me. Your target is a Dark Elf named Valen Dreth. He thinks he's safe in prison. He is tragically mistaken. A prisoner recently escaped from the prison, using a set of secret tunnels connecting to the Imperial City's sewer system. It's a perfect way inside. Just outside of the Imperial Prison is a grating that leads to the sewers. It has recently been tightly locked, but I will provide a key.

I surely have no idea what you're talking about.
Valen Dreth has been imprisoned for many years. His tongue is sharp, but his body is limp and frail. He will prove an easy, pleasurable kill. You will receive a bonus if you fulfill the contract without killing any of the prison guards. Now go, and may the Night Mother go with you.

Pleasurable is right! I didn't show it off, but Valen Dreth is in the cell across from you at the start of the game, and he generally mocks and delivers sick racist burns unto the player character.

The bonus objective's gonna be a doozy, so let's get some advice from the only character that matters.

Gogron gro-Bolmog status: still the best. His advice, unfortunately, is going to be relevant.

Hmm. Wonder if my brothers and sisters are hiding anything god.

Not bad at all.

Damn. I don't know how much of a difference 6 skill points will make, but it beats the hell out of our filler-ass Shock Shield ring.

Ooh. I'm sure Gogron won't miss these.
At our current Heavy Armor skill level, these aren't any better than our iron boots in terms of defense, but Dwarven armor comes with a secondary effect, that being that is is RAD AS HELL.

Hmm. I might want to come back for that later.
And by later I mean "when I have the means to enchant worth a damn".

Well, what the hell. It's all alchemy levels to me!

Good. Now I am ready.

Ready for days of intense training at my home near Bravil.
Loads of punching and cutting of Scamps ensued. Moving on!

I'm coming for you, Valen.

Coming to murder you.

Traveling this time was as dull as ever, so here's the highlights. Troll.

Caves from which I acquired kickass Dwarven armor.

Ghostomancy, which could actually be kinda useful in light of their normal weapon immunity.

Quaffin' a potion to run over a lake.

Hircine's shrine, which requires the pelt of a wolf or a bear and far more levels than we have under our belt.

And speaking of levels, our Scamp-punching, heavy armor-toting tactics are really starting to pay off!

Here we go. This should be easy.

These...are not the sewers I remember.
Time for a whole lotta sewers with a whole lotta nothing! I'll spare you the details, but there were rats and mudcrabs.

Hmm. They tightened security all right. I mean, I guess the Emperor WAS assassinated down here.

I'll just have to be very, very stealthy.

Easy now...

Oh, no.









Yes, fine me, I beg of you!

Might as well clear our bounty.

And now that I'm free...

Hah! Trivial.

I return.

So, you infiltrated the Imperial Prison, eliminated Valen Dreth, and killed not one guard.
All true.
Most excellent! In addition to your standard reward, I present to you this bonus. Behold, the Scales of Pitiless Justice! While carried, the scales will magically enhance your Strength, Intelligence and Agility...but diminish your Personality. A powerful tool indeed.
+2 to Strength, Intelligence and Agility and -2 to the most trivial stat in the game. Nice.

And no, the reward for this quest isn't scaled.