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Part 37: The Elder Updates XXXVI - Quest of My Dreams

Quest of My Dreams

Finally. Just one more piece of busywork, and I can-

...huh. Whose horse is this?

Ah, well. It matters not. I have things to do.
Things like ditch our outdated gloves and hock jewelry! Note that we currently have a small fortune. This will be relevant in the near future.

We also sell the Elven Dagger and drop some serious cash on Steel Arrows, but we make it back with potions.

And a quick stop to another merchant to pick up each flavor of elemental shield. Not about to spring for Fortify Magicka yet, though.

We also pick up a 12-minute buff from the statue of the Lucky Old Lady. Neat!

Anyway. Quests.

Now...who's in charge around here?

Okay, hopefully not her.

Who must Khajiit see about recommendations?
Kud-Ei is a member of Bravil's Mages Guild. She put the word out that a good friend of hers went missing. She's offered a reward, but as far as I know, nobody's taken her up on the offer. Not sure who's missing either, she's keeping quiet about it.
Okay, but who-
I suppose if you're interested, you could head over there and ask Kud-Ei yourself.

Not pictured: selling potions to the guild alchemist.

We also buy a Frenzy spell. For those of you who don't know, Frenzy makes the target generally flip the fuck out and start attacking the nearest sentient thing. As you can imagine, it's a very fun effect.

There's also Calm, which effectively takes a target out of its combat state for the duration. It can be useful, but we'll get it later. Khajiit feels something. It feels as though she is necessary to Sterv's goals.

This one is...essential.

You are Kud-Ei, yes? Has your friend not gone missing?
Yes, I'm the one looking for my friend. His name is Henantier. If you find him, I'll be glad to offer you a sizeable reward.
Tell me more about this Henantier.
I miss him so. We were study-mates at the Arcane University and we've come to grow fond of each other over the years.
Yes. Khajiit calls this friendship.

I'm going to level with you, as you seem like you wish to help.
Henantier isn't missing. On the contrary, I know exactly where he is. The problem is he's trapped and there's no way I can free him.
...why is your missing-friend not a missing-friend?
Well, Henantier's been warned that if he strays outside the Guild rules one more time, he may be up for summary dismissal.

Henantier's never been one for rules, and so he's continued to perform his latest experiments in secret. If word gets out, he'll be dismissed.
This sounds intriguing. Sterv will help.
Great. Whatever suits you and gets Henantier back suits me just fine. When you're ready to go and see him, let me know. But please, do hurry.
Khajiit is ready right now.
Fantastic! Let's be off then.

..."his Dreamworld".
I told him thaat trying to travel into one's own dreams is risky. But as usual, he didn't listen to me. Always has to do things his way.
Henantier constructed a magical device called the Dreamworld Amulet. With this device, one can enter his own mind and experience dreams.
Khajiit does this every day. It is called sleeping.
True, but this is different. When you enter your dreams with the amulet, you're in full command of a dream-like replica of yourself. All your thoughts, your skills and your talents travel there with you. Think of it as exploring a new land, but a land within your mind.

Henantier created the amulet to see if he could use his dreams as a training ground to help better himself.
Hmm. Clever.
I don't know all of the details, but the amulet is a conduit to get to that training ground.
Yes. Sterv realizes that the thing to get into dreams is for getting into dreams.
It's been three days, and he's been stuck in his dreams. I've watched him all that time, and he hasn't been up at all.
...Khajiit recognizes this is a lie. Go on.
The only way to save him is to put on the Dreamworld Amulet and go to sleep. Only then can you hopefully find out what's happpened in there.
Why, then, is Sterv needed?
I fear that anyone he knows won't be able to help him in there. Since I'm in his memories, he may dismiss me as a figment of his dreams. The only chance is for a total stranger to enter his dreams.

I am ready.
Please, use the extra bed here. If you sleep too far from Henantier, it may not work. I'll watch over you both to make sure you're safe.
Very well.
Oh, my! I almost forgot! Henantier once told me that if he's killed in his dreams, anyone that's in there with him will die as well. So, do be careful.
These two sure know a lot they couldn't possibly know about magical dreaming, huh?

Now to slip the amulet on...and some proper bedclothes...

...and lay me down to sleep.

...where are my things.

That would be Henantier. I'm in the correct dream, at least...

It SHOULD be familiar. It is your own Dreamworld.
This place is so strange. Dreamworld, you say? It's more like a nightmare. I don't like this place at all. I feel like I shouldn't be here.
Perhaps you should leave, then.
There must be an exit around here somewhere. I'd explore this place, but I'm afraid I just don't have the courage to do so.

I know I've lost something. Yes, that's it. I've lost many things in this strange place. Would you please help me?
Khajiit will find your things.

I have a bad feeling about this.


I like this door.


There's a torch in this cask. How useful.

So here's how the test of patience goes: walk to the end. Also, it's kinda hard to see due to the darkness.

Also, there are some traps, including a bunch of goddamn boulders.

Damage isn't really a concern due to the fact that you can twiddle your thumbs to heal, though.

Did I mention that there are boulders? orb.

What happens if I take it?

Hmm. That seemed to do something, all right.

There are other doors. Perhaps there are more orbs?

Ahh. A familiar sight. Comforting, almost.

And here, equipment. This, and this, and...there.

Sterv is ready to fight.
Pictured: an Orcish Helmet, the single item in the game better than an Iron Helmet.

Have at you!

I'm sure it's possible to beat these guys using the melee weapons in the chest. I'm sure someone in the thread has.

On the other hand, I'm pretty sure that person is a goddamn idiot. Take the staff.


Ah! Another orb.
I'll admit the stairs rising out of the ground thing was kinda cool. Unfortunately, it's the only thing that really takes advantage of the dream setting of the quest.

No doubt about it. These orbs are the key. I believe there are two doors I still need to enter.

This one gives me a bit of claustrophobia, but I cannot avoid it.

Hmm. Lots of water.

And...a potion of water breathing.

Not much of a riddle.
Objective: swim to the end. There's another chest along the way with a second potion of water breathing, but the most efficient thing to do is go into the water, then chug your first potion just before you're about to run out of oxygen.

Nowhere to go but in.

One more.

Another room. Stone tiles, and a cask. This one just has a scroll.

The idea behind this room is that there's only one route across each set of tiles that won't result in your death, and these routes are shown on the scroll.

It's TECHNICALLY gameplay, I guess.

I have all four orbs. Now, since these were in Henantier's dream...

I believe these orbs are yours. What you say must be the truth...I feel strange...

I set out to create a way to conquer my failings, but it seems the tables had turned, and they conquered me.
Dreams are fascinating, but dangerous. Khajiit has learned this much today.
I don't know how you did it, but I thank you. Now, we must wake from this dream and take our places in the real world again. Farewell.
...wait, what? We can just-