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Part 65: The Elder Updates LXIV - Inspector Sterv and the Case of the Unscrupulous Usurer

Inspector Sterv and the Case of the Unscrupulous Usurer

So long as we're on the road, it couldn't hurt to try and raid a dungeon.

It's mostly an excuse to experiment with Chameleon.

And hell, let's try out a paralysis poison while we're here too.

The duration on that poison was unfortunately pretty short, so the minotaur's only actually on the floor for a second, if that. He's still vulnerable while he's getting back up, though, and we were able to take him down without actually alerting anyone because of it. Good to know.

If nothing else, dungeons in this game are nice for getting gold. Don't know what I should be spending it on, though.

I mean, clearly not poisons.

Sneaking remains some absurdly powerful shit. Why did nobody tell me about sneaking? And Steam friend, why are you playing Sonic Adventure? Don't play Sonic Adventure.

You could just as easily be playing Sonic Adventure 2, it's way better.

I mean there's the metal chao eggs sure, but I don't think transferring them to SA2 is even a thing in the Steam version.

Don't do this to yourself, man.


Anything else here? No? All right, let's get going.

On the bright side, we have this thing to do when we get to Leyawiin.

Actually, shit, is that Bravil? Let's stop in Bravil.

We pick up a quest to find a man gone missing over his gambling debts. Sure, let's play the hero.

Oh, we're counting on that, lady. Let's go see this Kurdan.

I understand you know Aleron Loche. Where is he?
None of yer damn business. I'd tell you if I like you...and I don't.
And if my good friend TIBER SEPTIM were asking?

And what's that?
I just learned that a family heirloom, the Axe of Dragol, which one of my stupid relatives lost, is located on Fort Grief Island in Niben Bay.

If you go there and bring it back to me, I'll tell you exactly where Aleron is.
And if I do not?
Then Aleron may not be coming home from his, ahhh, journey, for a very long time. Like permanently.
Whenever yer ready, and it better be soon, I'll have a boat waitin' for you to get to Fort Grief Island.

And you want your Axe of Dragol, yes?
Yeah. It's a battleaxe with the word "Dragon" carved into the haft. Huge. You can't miss it. I ain't gonna draw you a picture.
Khajiit can remember this.

The boat's not far, and it summarily teleports us to Fort Grief.

Hm yes not a murder island

In the interest of full disclosure, I've done this quest before (by the way, spoilers, it's a murder island) and I feel like trying to break it.

Several paintbrushes later...

You haven't guessed it yet? There never was any Axe of Dragol. It was just a ruse to lure you out here.

Khajiit does not disagree with this assessment.
You're now the prey in Kurdan's insane hunt, just like I am. And here, we'll most likely die.

Kurdan doesn't make most of his money being a simple usurer. He's also invented what he calls the Hunter's Run.

He uses the dungeons under Fort Grief as the hunting grounds. I was placed here because he knew someone would go looking for me.
...was it not for you to be hunted?
I'm sorry you got mixed up in all of this. I hope you can fight. It's our only chance of escaping alive.
We have a boat.
Don't bother. The door to this place is now locked. The only way to get out is by descending into the Hunter's Run and killing the Hunters.

I wish I could help more, but I can't fight. I've never held a weapon before in my life. Please...get us out of here!

All right let's just loot these skeletons and waitaminute