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Part 74: The Elder Updates LXXIII - In Stitches

In Stitches

Just beyond where we left off, there seems to be some kind of structure ahead.

That path there leads to a dungeon of some kind if memory serves. Maybe not exactly that, but it's not progress.

Instead we're just pressing forward towards what appears to be a village.

There's also some definitely spooky area on another side path, but probably best to see what's what in that settlement before we get distracted.

It's still alive! It seems to get excited every time I pass a puddle.
I didn't get a screenshot, but Swamp Tentacles have Restore Personality, Water Breathing, Water Walking and Fortify Health. You'll have to trust me on that.



Khajiit wants to see also.

...a giant?
You there! Stay away from the Gatekeeper! Let us handle this!

The Gatekeeper?!

I think perhaps I will keep my shield up. Just in case.
This should be EASY!

Come on, fight harder!

...this one does not disagree, Redguard.

Why isn't he dying? Keep fighting, men!

Fight like you mean it!
Not pictured: blood.


Hey, so remember the time we thought that orc was fair game to murder and we wouldn't get a bounty for murdering him?

Yeah we thought wrong. Rrrrrrrreload!

The zone goes much the same as before, except...

...Khajiit will go ahead and mark this down as "magical".
Oh man. We were pretty lucky to get this. I'm not going to go into what it does just yet, but just know that WE HAVE A THING CALLED A MADNESS CLAYMORE MATRIX.

Right, magical boxes aside, those adeventurers still get creamed. Let's be productive this time, starting with following these two back to the village.

Excuse me...

Welcome to my town!
Er, right. This is Passwall, you said?
The place was pretty deserted when I got here. Of course, once I was here, others followed. Can't say I blame them.
So that monster up there...that would be the Gatekeeper, yes?
He guards the Gates of Madness. Don't get too close to him. He'll kill you, and it will leae a mess in my town.

We will never see Jayred Ice-Veins.

Gates of Madness, you say?
They say the keys are sewn up in the Gatekeeper's body. Basically, that means you're not getting in.

Hmm. So the Gatekeeper MUST die. But I need more information first.


...yes, I will try not to. What can you tell me about Passwall?
It's a nice enough place. Less dirty than others. I feel like I belong. That old man, in the room made out of butterflies, he said to wait here.

No really, we're never going to see that guy ever.

And the Gates of Madness?
One leads to the lands of Mania, and one to Dementia. The Gatekeeper makes sure no one gets in who isn't supposed to.
You have been not unhelpful.
Don't touch anything!

And who is THIS?


No, I don't think so. You're an adventurer? How disgusting. Why don't you go back the way you came?
I will not. What can you tell me about the Gatekeeper?
The Gatekeeper is my child, the consummation of Sheogorath's wisdom in the womb of my genius. It was a painful and bloody birth, but well worth it. His brothers were less...successful.
...Khajiit is trying not to imagine this. Khajiit is failing.
He won't bother those blessed by Lord Sheogorath. You, however, will die trying to get the keys from my child.
Then I must kill him.
Try him if you like. Believe me, after you die, I can put your flesh and bones to very good use.

If it lives, it can die, yes? I will find a way.
I'm bored with you. Why don't you talk to Nanette? She likes talking. I'll need to cure her of that habit soon enough.


Okay, now we have a lead. Time to find one of those two people, if nothing else.

Nah I'm just yankin' your chain, we need to steal shit first.

Ohoho! Khajiit likes ALL of this!

Madness Ore and Amber - both very good to have indeed, as we'll eventually be able to turn them into sweet weapons and armor. Needless to say, we're gonna be hoarding the shit out of both materials.

Oh nice, progress.


...let us speak to Nanette. Yes.

Do you hear that sound? It's like a horse dying...

He's Relmyna's crowning achievement. The Gatekeeper keeps out people who don't belong in the Shivering Isles. She made him in the Gardens of Flesh and Bone. She's my teacher. She's going to teach me all her secrets.

I'd like to tell you, but...really, I shouldn't say anything more.
No? Would you instead tell ALL THIS GOLD?

I've been dying to tell someone. You seem trustworthy enough...but don't tell Relmyna I said anything!
This one's lips are sealed.
Her Gatekeeper is flawed! Her tears hurt him!

Her tears somehow agitate the daedra bound to the Gatekeeper's body. Her tears make it really restless. It strains harder against the warding magic.

Hmm. I just might!
Just don't tell her I said anything. I might get another lesson in the nature of Pain. I don't like those lessons very much.

There's also a diary at the inn that tells you about the tears. Anyway, being that it's about midnight, let's get on over to the Gatekeeper's stomping ground.

No, it's too much. I don't know why I keep coming to visit you...stay away! My tears, they burn you, don't you remember? Stay back, child!
aw geez

...this is sopping wet.

Sterv hopes never to see another handkerchief again.


Taste sorrow, you-


Oh no. Oh no no no no no no no...

So hey, y'know how the Mundane Ring has Reflect Spell? Yeah, that just procced on the Gatekeeper's knockback attack.


Good enough for me! Eat tear!

There we go! Relmyna's Tears has an effect of "Harm the Gatekeeper" for a duration of 120 seconds. Functionally, the Gatekeeper's invincibility comes from a constant Restore Health effect, which due to scaling is 14 per second.

But anyway, Relmyna's Tears disable that, meaning we can, well, HARM him. I distinctly recall that other guy giving some Bone Arrows if you do his part of the quest, which lets you damage the Gatekeeper even more quickly.

Still though, we've got six full minutes of vulnerability, which is more than enough to wear him down . Mind you, he can still harm US. He's no pushover, so-


Oh hey we won. Next time, we'll go through them gates.