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Part 75: The Elder Updates LXXIV - Khajiit Like to Speak

Khajiit Like to Speak

And two keys, yes?
One leads to the lands of Mania. The other to Dementia. Enter through either one. The lands are distinct, but both are Sheogorath's domain.

Tell Sterv about Dementia.
The lands of Dementia reflect the darker side of its residents. It is easy to get lost among the tangle of roots growing out of the ground. If you wish to meet Dementia's citizens, seek them out in Deepwallow or Fellmoor. I'm sure they'll welcome one such as you with open arms.
And Mania?
The lands of Mania are bright, vibrant, and full of color. You'll find its inhabitants reflect the land itself. If you wish to meet the residents of Mania, you'll find them in the settlements of Hale and Highcross. Take care, though.

This I can do.

So! Two doors, a choice between two starkly different areas. Suffice it to say duality is a theme, and also suffice it to say I'll take loony over gloomy any day of the week.

Aaaaaand for entering, we get a kind of useless spell. Woo.

On the plus side, though, Mania's pretty nice to look at. Probably just as nice as whatever LOTR game kalon's playing down there.

Case in point, here's one of the monsters. Elytra are big ol' mantis-spider-ants that we'll be seeing our fair share of, and they have a bit of a different look in Dementia. I'm not a fan.

Quite a few creatures have Mania and Dementia variants, so that's a nice thing.

...Sterv wishes this was not STICKY.

It's a bit hard to convey through screenshots, but the path here is twisty as all hell. Also hi draw distance, how's it going.

Eventually we come across a couple of sparse platforms, or a camp, apparently.

And it's inhabited by a Heretic!

Heretics are decidedly against Sheogorath worship. They also tend to lean heavily on summoning.

Fortunately, I know just how to unsummon creatures.

Hmm...I suppose I could take a moment to paw through this. Perhaps there are purrls of wisdom to be found within.

Pfagh! Such binary thinking. Clearly Sheogorath makes the roots this way.

More reading material?

Khajiit spits on this book.
Note the mention of Zealots. Duality!

This feels...funny.

Hello, old friend! The Fork of Horripilation is rather useless as a weapon since it hits like a wet noodle AND saddles you with Stunted Magicka while it's equipped. That having been said, anyone who's played Morrowind should be able to see the wisdom in nabbing it. I'm sure we'll use it for something.

...besides, it's a quest item. Not like we COULD get rid of it.

Whup, fishman dead ahead!

It bears mentioning that I'm using a lot more Destruction magic now. My general strategy is to open with my damage-over-time spells, and lay on the heavy-hitting touch spells when I really need to put a dent in their HP.


Very well. Sterv can wait.

Agh! Tougher than this one thought.

Best to keep my distance...

...and counter...

...with MAGIC!

Mmmh...this hurts my nose to just sniff. Promising!

Pardon Sterv, but Sterv needs a moment. You are a golden woman.
Sheogorath rules the Shivering Isles. We, the Aureal, are His favored soldiers, the most perfect expression of His might.
Sterv does not disagree.

Scantily clad guards are a thing in the Isles. Golden Saints keep the peace in Mania. And no, you can't trap their souls.

Ugh...this path seems endless.

These heretics again...

Hah! Your skin is as easily penetrated as your arguments against Sheogorath!

But at least their loot's decent.

Walls. Good, good, good! Maybe...


At last! Civilization!