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Original Thread: In Japan, fundamental particles are anime creatures! Let's Play Elebits!



Elebits, developed and released by Konami in 2006, is one of the early titles for the Wii. It set the standard for unfitting and annoying motion controls for all Wii games to come, trying to make you manipulate objects in 3D space. Instead of opening doors by pressing a button, now you press a button and turn the Wii remote! While a neat tech demo showing off what the Wii could do, it doesn't transfer that well to gameplay.

While the main gimmick of the game is possibly its biggest fault: the motion controls, the actual game is charming. In a room house yard town without power, you need to capture Elebits to turn appliances and things back on. You do this with your multi-purpose Capture Gun, a device that enables you to throw chairs and tables across the entire room (think Physics Gun in Garry's Mod). Its other purpose is capturing Elebits, which are a sort of electricity. Capturing enough Elebits restores the electricity to objects. Activating these objects let you power up your Capture Gun, letting you throw heavier things across the map. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Your goal here is mainly to turn the power back on, or in game mechanics terms, get a specified number of Watts in a time limit. There's a surprising amount of thought and depth in the game beyond the core game mechanic, but we'll get to those when we get to those.

Go watch this, and then listen to this. Yeah. There's certainly a Japan presence here.

There is a lot of extra content in this game. Between just the story alone, each mission has an associated unrelated challenge mission, and there's tons of collectables and hidden secrets in the game. Be aware that I may not be able to get absolutely everything in this game - some of these require perfect aim and perfect timing to collect, and well, we all know how finicky motion controls can be. I'm going to pretty much going to be powering through the levels until we get to a boss, and then going back and showing off everything I missed, collecting Pink Elebits and completing challenge missions.

Treat this as a semi-informative and chill LP. If you want something funnier, the Freelance Astronauts played this game in 2008 (although not to completion).

I've tried doing solo commentary on this game, and I was unsatisfied with the results. Co-commentators are always helpful. I'm OrnatePlateSA on Skype.

The team that worked on this game were pulled off of the "rhythm game" (BeatMania, DDR) team, so there's some decent music in this game. In fact, like most high-budget games out of Japan, they got a vocalist in the studio and released a J-Pop track. Konami eventually released a CD soundtrack sold only in Japan containing high-quality encodes of some of the music in this game (and are marked with an "HQ"). The rest are direct stream rips from the game's files. I'll be uploading music along with each stage - each mission's music is accessible by that little musical note next to the video link.

Menu and Assorted Music
This is where I put music that doesn't otherwise have a mission.

The Smile of You (English Vocalist) (HQ)
The Smile of You (Japanese Vocalist) (HQ)

The J-Pop track here isn't actually played in the game at any time - it's a soundtrack CD exclusive. Scratch that, it plays during the end credits. There are a number of references to the song's melody from the game's soundtrack, hidden in some obscure places. The most obvious one is the Boss Theme - Sky, Sea and Land, in a quick bridge around the four minute mark. Another is in the very VN-ambientish Options Menu theme (around 0:24), and the other is the theme music to the Map Edit Mode.

Title Screen
Story Mode Menu (HQ)
Mission Results (HQ)
Extras Menu
Options Music
Elebits! (HQ)
Map Edit Mode

Demo Map (Mission E3) - an unused music track that goes by the name sd_bg_map_demo.brstm. This was most likely made for the demo map for E3.

Deep in the depths of the menu tree of this game is a mode called "Elebits Room", which shows you all of the Elebits encountered thus far, their names, and a description. For atmosphere purposes, here's the room, and an Elebit under inspection. And of course, listen to the Extras Menu Music while reading.

Green Elebit
The oldest type of domesticated Elebit. Easygoing;
likes songs and cookies. Most common Elebit.
Although subtle, Dr. Ed found that they have an
expression for each emotion.

Power Elebit
A Green Elebit in power generation mode turns
yellow. Elebits have three forms: normal (material),
pure energy, and this form, which is known as
the Power Elebit.

High Power Elebit
Some Green Elebits have extremely high power
generation, and when they enter power generation
mode, they become this deep pink High Power Elebit.
Indistinguishable in material form.

Red Elebit
A coward and cry-baby of an Elebit. Quick to flee;
hides under things when startled, or cries if this
is not possible. Sometimes other Elebits gather to
comfort a crying Red Elebit.

Pink Elebit
An extremely rare, legendary Elebit that was once
thought to grant good fortune when found. Always
travels in packs of three; extremely powerful and
difficult to capture.

Blue Elebit
A fast-running Elebit that uses a smoke screen to
flee instantly, leaving an image behind. Impetuous
and mischief-loving, Blue Elebits love it when
humans seek them.

Orange Elebit
Spreads its long ears and flies. Mellow and calm
on the ground, but suddenly wild and mischievous
in the air. Dr. Ed found that Orange Elebits
actually control gravity to fly.

Black Elebit
These extremely friendly Elebits playfully bound up
to humans, but the sharp spines on their back make
them unpopular just the same. Suddenly appear when
woken by noise around them.

Boss Black Elebit
A larger subspecies of Black Elebits. Extremely
quick to anger; forgetful. Anger turns to playfulness
when they spot someone. Once hit with a Capture Beam,
they run away angrily.

Yellow Elebit
Generally warm-natured and innocent, Yellow Elebits
are rather weak alone, but are capable of combining
with others into one big Elebit. Loves cookies and
other sweet things.

Yellow Elebit (L)
Yellow Elebits draw in other Elebits to become the
largest of all Elebits. For some reason, they are
naughty in this big state, and like to throw things
at people on purpose!

Shell-Head Elebit
Yellow Elebits drawn into a Land Elebit, then
pushed into a tree ornament as pure energy.
The shell fragments on their head is made of ornament
fragments, but they seem to like it.

Shell-Head Elebit (L)
Multiple Yellow Elebits drawn into a Land Elebit and
pushed into a tree ornament, where they merge.
Not aware of the fact that they are wearing a
shell of ornament fragments on their head.

Gray Elebit (???)
This most powerful of the commonly seen Elebits was
only recently discovered, and so as of yet, no one
really knows its true nature or abilities.
More stoic than other Elebits.

Daigerus gives us a unique insight into the Alpha Male Boss Elebit

Mission 1: My Room
I bet I can't watch my TV 'cuz of all those Elebits! I got the ones in
my room, but they're probably hiding all over the place!

Mission 2: Elebits in the Closet
Whoa! They're in the bathroom too?! These things are everywhere! Now
for my parents' room, and I'll be done with the 2nd floor.

Mission 3: Mom & Dad's Room
I got most of the Elebits in my parents' room! Too bad I made such a
mess. Dad'll be mad at me for using his Capture Gun so carelessly...

Mission 4: Elebit Mischief
I got most of the Elebits on the 2nd floor! Something's making noise
on the 1st floor, though. There must be more of 'em down there!

Mission 5: The Silent Kitchen
Got most of 'em in the kitchen, but they hide in weird places. Looks
like I need to do something else before turning on the appliances.

Mission 6: Quiet in the Living Room
There's something odd about the Elebits in the living room. Are they
scared of me? ...Or maybe I'm scared of them.

Mission 7: Sea Elebit
What was that huge Elebit? I never knew there were so many
kinds. Maybe there're even stranger ones around! I'd better be

Mission 8: The Search
Flying Elebits, Elebits that attack from toys... What's going on? I'd
better be careful not to break the gun, or Dad will be really angry
with me.

Mission 9: Mischielf Yet Again
I got most of 'em on the 1st floor! But there must be more in the
yard... I'll go out through the kitchen and grab 'em!

Mission 10: Black Elebits
I knew the yard'd be full of 'em! Let's see... I'd better check the
garage now. It's full of junk. Pretty scary, actually...

Mission 11: Shadow in the Garage
I got most of 'em in the house and the yard. It looks like there are
even more outside the fence, though! Well, I'll just have to get
those, too!

Mission 12: My Town
Is the power really out in the whole city? What's going on here? I
wonder when Mom and Dad will come back. Guess I'd better go home. I
don't like this...

Mission 13: World Without Weight
Why are things floating all of a sudden?! Even the Elebits are
floating! I don't get it. I bet Dad knows something -- time to head
to Dad's room!

Mission 14: The Secret Room
First, I'll have to find that strange Elebit mentioned in Dad's
research notes. Well, it's definitely not inside the house. Better
look outside!

Mission 15: Totally Topsy Turvy
I just caught a ton of Elebits, but there are still lots of 'em in the
yard and garage... They're everywhere! Still, the Sky Elebit isn't in
the house. Maybe it's out in the town?

Mission 16: Big To-Do In Town
I knew it, the town's a mess! Everything's floating... Gosh, you'd
think somebody'd wake up. Huh? There's a weird Elebit off in the
distance -- is that it?

Mission 17: Sky Elebit
That strange flying Elebit was actually just a normal orange
Elebit. So why did it change that way? And why didn't it remember
what it did after changing back? What the heck's goin' on?

Mission 18: To the Amusement Park
Following that big parade of Elebits finally led me to this amusement
park. I've always wanted to come here with Mom and Dad, but what are
the Elebits doing here... having fun?

Mission 19: An Elebit State of Mind?
That Elebits is so big, it's gonna be hard to capture... What a jerk,
throwing things like that!

Mission 20: Fancy Some Candy?
Seeing that gingerbread house made me hungry... But something bugs me
-- that voice I've been hearing, like someone crying. What could that
be? Who's crying? It's making me feel a little sad...

Mission 21: Puzzle Panic
Is it be possible that Elebits actually like to play? After I did
that big puzzle, a lot of them came over to watch. Maybe they're not
so bad... Hey, look at the rides!

Mission 22: Fairy Tale Time
I gotta stay focused! I didn't come here to have fun. Why did all
the Elebits gather here? There must be a reason... I'd better figure
this out! Huh? What's that big tree? Looks like a clue...

Mission 23: Land Elebit
I captured that huge Elebit, but things are still hazy... This is no
ordinary Elebit -- it's just like that big flying one I captured that
other time. Are these guys to blame for today's blackout?

Mission 24: A Spaceship Fantasy
The Elebits weren't bad! They were just being manipulated by a bad
guy. That bad guy is somewhere in this amusement park, gathering
Elebits to do something evil! I'd better save the Elebits before he
catches them all!

Mission 25: Shopping in Style
I thought I was just capturing Elebits because they were causing
trouble, but it's more than that. I actually need to save them from
that bad guy. I'm still capturing them, but now it's for their good,

Mission 26: My Favorite Hero Show
Wha? An Elebit with a long tail?! And it's attacking me even though
I'm trying to rescue it! What lousy manners! Better take care of that

Mission 27: My Favorite Hero Show
Where is that bad guy? What does he look like? Why is he capturing
the Elebits? Huh? It's that crying voice again... Is it coming from
the Ferris wheel this time?

Mission 28: My, Elebits, and Fate
I knew it -- it's that crying voice, near the Ferris wheel! Must be
something there... I'm not scared! Mom and Dad aren't here, so I'll
save the Elebits!

A Synopsis of the Story
So the monster's name is "The Zero Elebit"... My mom and dad gave it
that name, but if you ask me, it doesn't fit. I'd go with "Ultra
Elebit" or "Super Elebit". Guess I'll call it "Zero" for short! Okay,
Zero, what do you want to play today?

My name's Kai. My mom and dad are Elebit researchers, and they spend
all their time with Elebits instead of me. The rain's really pouring
down hard today, and there was this huge lightning strike -- now the
power's out! I can't even watch TV. This must be the Elebits' fault,
too! I HATE Elebits!
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