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Part 60: Q&A - November 26

Empire Total War: The Second 80 Years War quick online Q&A

Q: Why didn't anyone else plunder the wealth of India? It seems like it would have been a lucrative venture?

A: The Marathas had an army of approximately 15,000 men. For reference, at the same period of time, the Dutch had approximately 7000 troops spread across the Americas, Europe and India, with only 1000 in India. By the time they would fight India, their eastern V.O.C. numbers would double, but they would still be fighting a war approximately 7.5 to 1.

If the other nations had wished to devote 2000 men to India, it would have taken them 2 years to assemble and land in India. The Dutch staged the entire invasion from Ceylon, which took them 6 months. Also, no nation had the same arrogance as the Dutch. The Dutch during the 1710s believed they were completely invincible.

Q: What was a period specific map of nations by this era?


This is a quick map of the major European power's provincial capitals. Spanish are yellow, Dutch orange, British red, Prussian black, Austrian white, Polish pink, Sweden blue and Russian Green.

Q: Why had the Prussians taken Libya?

A: The Prussians had no access to any trade theater in the Baltic sea, and could not conquer any neighboring provinces around them. The Libyan port cities were held at the time by the piratical corsairs of the Barbary coast. The Prussians simply marched an army in, and took a trade port. The corsairs were later pressured by the British who had a foothold in morocco, and from the Swedes who had invaded them to shut down piracy of their lucrative trade to the Austrians.