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Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

by bxfenns

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Concept Art by: Alessandro Taini

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is an action-adventure game developed by Ninja Theory and published by good ol' Namco Bandai. It was released on the 360 and PS3 in October of 2010 (then had a "premium" version released for PS3 again and Steam in 2013, which had all the DLC included). This is the 360 version but the only DLC we're missing out on are costumes.

The game's story was written by Alex Garland and was very loosely inspired by the famous novel "Journey to the West", sharing character names, general themes, and cardinal directions. However it's set 150 years in future America, not in China, after some kind of global war that is left mostly vague and unexplained. This lets the game have some pretty nice looking environments that are overrun with foliage when the textures aren't trying desperately to load in.

Gameplay is simple but satisfying, only breaks occasionally, and the voice acting is fantastic. Also Andy Serkis is in it twice. Joining me on this adventure is my cool friend Lynxwinters. This LP will have cut and uncut videos available.

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Episode 1: Slave Ship Nine Zero Nine Uncut | Cut
Episode 2: Orbs Uncut | Cut
Episode 3: Dragonflies Uncut | Cut
Episode 4: Hallucinations Uncut | Cut
Episode 5: Who's a Good Boy? Uncut | Cut
Episode 6: Cloud Uncut | Cut
Episode 7: Bridges Uncut | Cut
Episode 8: Ghost Touch Uncut | Cut
Episode 9: Windmill Uncut | Cut
Episode 10: Pigsyland Uncut | Cut
Episode 11: Pig Uncut | Cut
Episode 12: An Ice Cream Uncut | Cut
Episode 13: We all Stole a Yellow Submarine Uncut | Cut
Episode 14: Let's Steal a Robot Uncut | Cut
Episode 14: Pyramid Uncut Cut
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