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Enter The Gungeon

by dscruffy1

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Original Thread: Find Your Fortune And Change The Past When You ENTER THE GUNGEON!



Enter The Gungeon is a roguelike that came out around April 2016 and it's a lot of fun. There's about 200 guns and 200 items, and most of them are puns on guns. It's an odd mix of bullet hell and dungeon crawler that offers a lot of replay value. I'm 150 hours in and I'm still not over it. There's some free DLC coming out SOON(tm) called the Supply Drop update but they've been saying "fall" since the end of fall soooo. At some point I'll be seeing new things too! and it's pretty cool.

The game is a bit difficult and I've seen rumblings here and there on folks looking for something that may be more informational, or help them with their Gungeon aspirations. My goal with this will be hopefully to help people get good! To that end, commentary is going to be largely informative stream of consciousness over the course of a fresh playthrough. That being said, if there's something going on that you're not sure about or need explained or want to figure out how/why I'm doing something, ask away! It will be addressed!

I've usually got a pretty good update schedule but a full run will usually take around an hour, so each video will likely be about that long. It's a bit more time intensive as far as audio editing and I've got more social obligations than usual so I'M GONNA BE BUSY. I'd expect at least two videos a week, ideally. I'll be going through all of the characters and getting to secret stuff as it arises. And it will! After I do the four basic characters I might start a vote to show which character people want to see run next? Also I really have no idea of when I'll call this LP "finished" so we'll just be playing that by ear.


A Brief Tutorial/Polsy
The First Run/Polsy
The Marine/Polsy
The Convict/Polsy
The Pilot/Polsy
The Hunter's Past/Polsy
The Convict's Past/Polsy
The Marine's Past/Polsy
One Floor Deeper/Polsy
A Very Active (Item) Run/Polsy
The Spicy Run/Polsy
Cut Short/Polsy
Curse This!/Polsy
Two Secrets of the Gungeon/Polsy
A Bullet and a Junk Walk Into A Bar.../Polsy
The Robot Mk3/Polsy
Totally Rad Run/Polsy
More Shortcuts!/Polsy
Mighty Casey Has Struck Out/Polsy
Gunnel Vision/Polsy
Gun Game/Polsy
Hardcore Mod/Polsy
Challenge Mode/Polsy
Klobberin' Time/Polsy
Boss Rush/Polsy
Last Round/Polsy
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