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Part 4: Day 4 - Explosive Climax

Day 4 – Explosive Climax

(So….Xelpherpolis is evil, and behind everything on the island.)

(And according to him, the only way off the island is to kill him.)

(Guess I’m just gonna have to kill him.)


(Could just storm the palace. I heard that Lang the Cocky stormed a castle 3 times in the space of a month. Can’t be that hard.)

(Putting it bluntly, I don’t think you’re that strong, Mouse.)

(No….but I can be!)

Once again with no direction, grinding for levels is about all that you can really do. So I set about running around the palace of the man who just declared his evilness in front of us all, slaying demons and levelling up.

In my wanderings, I find Ano, the “Magic Scientist” mentioned in the intro. We could have met him long before now, but it wasn’t all that important. Ano will be more relevant later in this update.

This is Plosi, the Artist mentioned in the intro. You could easily spend your whole 5 days on Pandule without seeing the bastard. However, in due time, I’m sure you’ll loathe the fact he’s in the game at all.

Bagoth’s chilling out in this building, next to a locked door. We still cannot bring up what we’ve learned, despite Xelpherplois coming out and saying he’s behind everything.

Not only can we encounter enemies in this building, which is not directly connected to the palace, but it has a distinct background image.

At 6AM, we are treated to a cutscene…

“I’ve got to get this Sacred Sword done in time. Today is the momentous day when all three royal treasures will be together. And…the wedding is tomorrow!”

We then cut to Loreille on her balcony.

Xelpherpolis is forcibly pulling Loreille into an embrace, and she does NOT want it.

“I wish you wouldn’t look so disappointed. We’re getting married tomorrow after all.”


“You should know by now, it doesn’t matter how much you resist….Everyone on this island is fated to play a role. And…Heh heh. I am the playwright. Hm. Your eyes are icy. It’s actually quite beautiful. Even if your heart won’t submit to me, that doesn’t change that you still belong to me. You are mine….forever!”

And then we cut back to where we were before, and can just pot about slaying demons once more.

But remember how I got blindsinded by a stronger enemy back on Day 2?

I get a beatdown courtesy of Alex here. Yes, Alex. Next thing you know, Chris the tentacle monster will attack us.

This time, rather than being swooped back to the start of the game, we get an actual game over screen. Curious.

Fortunately, the only reason Alex beat us is because I let my health get so low, thinking myself safe due to the other demons hitting single digits at most (sometimes not even hurting Mouse!). Proof of how much grinding I got done.

Now, you wouldn’t think going into Xelpherpolis’ throne room would accomplish anything right now, would you? But lo and behold…

Xelpherpolis is here, alongside some masked flunkies we haven’t seen before.

“Heh heh. Let’s not bother with ridiculous chatter. Regardless, all I wish is that the requested song be completed by tomorrow. That is the role you are meant to play. As long as you fulfil that obligation, you can do whatever you wish. Scheme or spy or probe as you please. Once the wedding ceremony is finished, you too will become a part of this island.”

”Unless you die, right? Like you said?”

”Hohohoho! Indeed, my friend, indeed….”

“Huh? Oh, Ano. What is it? Do you know each other, Mouse? This is the palace’s Magic Scientist, Ano.”

“My deepest apologies. The finishing touches on the Sacred Sword have been delayed. It appears that the Demon Reactor is broken. I have been adjusting and tuning it since morning, but….”

The Demon Reactor is the building we found Bagoth guarding in the dead of night.

“I understand. The demon reactor always acts up. Don’t worry about it. As long as I have it by tomorrow.”

“Yes, Sir. Somehow we will complete it by this evening.”

Ano leaves.

“The Sacred Sword is the sword I carry during the wedding. It has been burning until now in the reactor’s magic blaze just for this very day. I’m sure it’ll be ready by tonight’s banquet. Yes. Have dinner here at the palace tonight. Today’s the only chance you’ll have to see the 3 secret treasures of Pandule: the Holy Gem, the Holy Crown and the Sacred Sword up close. I want you to see these. Come to the palace by 20:00. You must promise.”

”And what if I don’t?”

”It would be bad for your health.”

Xel and his posse exit. Funnily enough, in the direction of Loreille’s room.

(Well last time he stabbed a bandit so….maybe this time he’ll rescue a kitten from a tree?)

(I have the sense that everything is happening according to his plans. This has got to stop!)

Now we are free to move around once more. However, there’s yet another scene we can find, and you’d never guess it was there.

Now Playing – Loreille’s Theme

Outside of the palace near the Demon Reactor building, Loreille appears to be out for a walk.

Lady of the Court: “But Princess…”

“It’s all right.”

Lady of the Court: “Yes, your highness. As you wish.”

Loreille’s entourage departs, taking a moment to glance at Mouse as they go.

“I want to escape from the island.”

“That’s impossible. No one can leave this island. It is just as that man said it is last night.”

“Hey! Hey! Hold on a minute. Are you saying that we’re going to be trapped on this island for the rest of our lives?”

“Yes. I’m sorry, but it’s true for everyone. We’re all just toys in the palm of that man’s hand. And we will be forever, unless his life is cut short. But there’s no one who would be able to do that. Nor can you wait for him to live his life out. You better just give it up.”


“I wish to save you.”

“Excuse me for saying this, but I don’t think you have the power to save me. I’m not counting on you.”

“Your words are meaningless.”

“Trust me. I know that man’s strength well. I have been forced to witness it for a long, long time. I don’t mean to insult or underestimate you. I don’t care who it is: it’s just something that is impossible. Better let go of that notion, and the sooner the better.”

However you answer, Mouse walks away after Loreille insists he give up.

“I mean, last night she predicted precisely how the bandit would be killed. If her predictions are correct, some kind of bloody event is going to occur today. But one thing is clear. The Princess is also a victim of Xelpherpolis. Otherwise, she wouldn’t call her future husband “that man”.”

And then the cutscene is over, and Loreille will magically teleport out of existence. We are now free to wander aimlessly once more.

Plosi is awake now, but he won’t speak with us.

There’s a fairly important item that you can nab around this time. There’s no indication you can get it, and if you speak to the relevant NPC at any point before 6PM, he won’t give it to you, with no indication he’s got anything to give at all.

But at 6PM, in a big building just beyond the inn…

Hescon: “But since you came all this way, let me give you this. It’ll be a nice little memento from the island.”

He gives us the “Monster Chart”. Like in so many other RPGs, this acts as a compendium of enemies you encounter in the game. If you care for completionism, this is one of the must-have items of Ephemeral Fantasia.

However, on its own, the book doesn’t display much information at all. It only has entries on monsters you’ve met, and even then they’ve got limited info. To get more, you have to use a specific character’s ability. We’ve already met said character, but you'll find out later.

Now, there’s nothing left to do until 8PM rolls around…

”Isn’t this supposed to be Rummy’s job?”

Royal Guard: “Excuse me?! Miss Rummy? It seems she had another engagement she could not break. I have no idea as to the nature of this engagement.”

Click here to watch a nice, pleasant dinner party, where nothing goes wrong.

We cut to the hall where we chatted with Bagoth on Day 2.

You might notice Rummy’s here, holding drinks. Apparently she was drafted into playing maid for this dinner party.

“Hm. I’m not talking about Loreille. I’m talking about the treasures behind her.”

“I don’t like keeping my guests waiting, so let’s go ahead and have a toast.”

“….is what I like to say. (sic)”


“Yes…yes, Sir.”

“Y…yes, Sir. That is correct.”


Now Playing – Tension

“She was planning to kill…Loreille.”

“uhhhhh….! (sic) I couldn’t help it! I didn’t know what else to do! Her charm is bewitching. There is nothing I can do to compete with her. The Princess is a demon! If she wasn’t….I kept thinking, if she wasn’t here….Then, as the wedding drew closer and closer, it’s all I could think of, until, finally…!”

“You manipulate the hearts of the islanders and play them like dolls.”

“They’re not “like” dolls. They are my dolls, my sweet little dolls. Even that, just now, was the perfect role for Rummy. She’s got that kind of personality that once the fire is lit, she expresses an unusually intense affection.”

“You’re gravely mistaken if you think that everyone is going to behave exactly according to your manipulations.”

”Hey! Fuck you!”

“You’re the only one I cannot free. All the others can be replaced. Even Mouse will eventually have nothing more than a supporting role.”

“But right now, that’s not so far off the mark.”

Suddenly, a bell rings out.

“I admire the craftsmanship of the glass so much…But right now, I’m disappointed that we can’t see outside.”

We hear a loud explosion.

“Send reinforcements immediately!”

Soldier: “Yes, Sir!”

The soldier rushes off.

You can see Xel’s holding his sides with laughter.

We arrive to a roaring fire and soldiers stumbling about, wounded and out of their minds.

“General Bagoth’s still inside….”

“Hey, everyone. Take a look. The Sacred Sword is safe, see!”

“It seems this was the bad omen you mentioned. It foretold….Glory to…the Royals of Pandule….”

And Bagoth breathes his last.

Mouse gets up to confer with Pattimo.

“…he’s the kind of guy you just can’t forgive! Even if we are both corrupt!”

”Damn right, buddy. I’ll fight back on this, even if it costs me my life!”

And on that note, the day ends.

Join me next time, where we finally confront Xelpherpolis in battle.