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Part 70: Ships Part 13 - Alien

Prosthetic_Mind posted:

Where can you hire Vellos escorts? I never saw that.

In general, escorts for a faction become available when said ship is available in the shipyard; i.e. when you have the fed carrier available for purchase, you can hire it.

That being said, I don't remember Vell-os escorts for hire during the mission string (though I hate that string with a passion and haven't played through it in years).

Almost every ship in the game has descriptions and some even escort description, even for ones that you normally can't get like the Wrath and Hyperiod. Hell, their's a description for the Thromium Reactor when it explodes (it becomes a bomb outfit right before it explodes). I'll see if I can dig out some of the better hidden ones; the resource files aren't well organized ...

Did the digging, let's meet some of EV Nova's aliens:


The Hyperioid is a space-dwelling animal that feeds on the emissions from various types of stars. Most of their bodies are actually energy projections, and the actual matter component of their bodies seems almost an evolutionary remnant. They will migrate between stars after the death of a food source. They can coast between stars for eons in a low energy state, where their bodies revert to their ten tons or so of actual mass. Hyperioids breed by a method of group construction, where many Hyperioids will add traits to a single new individual.

It's weapon, the Solar Lance, also has an outfit and description.


The Solar Lance is the defensive mechanism of the Hyperioids. A Hyperioid can generate a significant charge by rotating its pods around its body at a high rate of speed. The Solar Lance uses this charge to propel photons out of the Hyperioid's feeding orifice. The resulting beam weapon is very dangerous; contact should be avoided at all costs.

Next we have the Krypt Pods

(I can't find the small image that shows up at the moment)


Krypt has always been curious about the universe at large. She created these nanite globes to explore her surrounds soon after she became conscious. Any globe is a part of her body; she suffers its ill-treatment badly, and will respond to force with force. Not that she truly understands that these strange asteroids that appear in her space actually contain living beings; she is unaware that other life exists.

Once again, its weapon, the nanites have their own image, and description


Krypt has no weapons; why should she have? As far as she is concerned, she is the only life-form in the universe. Krypt is, however, very curious. She will send out colonies of nanites from her roving spheres to explore strange asteroids and other phenomena. These colonies will latch on to material in space, and start exploring the composition. This has a devastating effect on ships.

The Wraith have three variants for child, young, and adult, including their own weapons, and cloaking organs (I vaguely remember their being more wraith outfits, but I didn't see any at quick glance). I haven't found the descriptions or images yet, but I do remember they exist, so I'll edit this post again when I find them


A Wraith child is a playful being, full of life and spirit. As with all Wraithkind, they love to frolic in the blackness of space, and they have an instinctive understanding of hyperspace. Their method of propulsion is a much more refined version of the same etheric wave technology that drives most Polaris vessels. Children of the Wraith will not stray far from their parents, and those same parents will fiercely defend their young from anyone cruel enough to attack such beautiful creatures.


When Wraith children are a little more grown, they are capable of running with the pack. Young Wraith will serve as outliers for a convoy, and take great delight in 'buzzing' incoming ships with their younger brothers and sisters. The adults can always keep them in line, though, and the youngsters quickly mature as they get better and better at gliding through the harshness of space, as opposed to their native Hot'A'Tanius.


In the final stage of Wraith growth, the shiny carapace goes completely black, and the mature wraith takes it's place in the clan as a respected elder. The elder Wraith discuss many topics during their gathering trips into space and their time on their homeworld. They are truly a race of philosophers, though some of their conclusions are quite alien to humans. The adult Wraith will mate when they reach 200 years of age, and they live for up to 1000 years.


EV:N has a wonderful universe, and its quite consistent with itself (this thread pointed out there is a relatively logical reason for why Federaton, Auroran, and Polaris space is laid out in the way that it is. I still have some grips with the stock game (and already complained about the writing), but all-and-all its a live and vibrant universe.