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Part 15: Beelzebub's

Grinding may not be the most exciting pastime, but given Alan's and especially Mozart's low Max HP, we can't really be choosers.

So we swim back to the other shore, exit Dachau, and kill the Rubber Necker for 1000xp.

Then we re-enter Dachau and re-exit it, making the Necker respawn - only to slay it again. Rinse and repeat until Richard is level 9...

...and Alan and Mozart are both level 7:

Their Max HP is now over 100. (And Mozart is one hell of a sharpshooter thanks to his high Intelligence.) Should be good enough for our party to survive the upcoming areas.

Okay, barely survive.

That was close. Enemies have indeed grown much stronger now.

There's a teleporter star back to Capone's City right in the middle of level three. The beasts surrounding it are for some reason non-hostile, which saves us a lot of trouble.

Since we're carrying the Care Bracelet we took off poor Flicka's corpse earlier, we may as well return to the Fallen Angel Cafe in Capone's to find out if the waitress there needs one.

A glitch happens as we arrive to level two: the game assumes that we're departing, not arriving, and that Frank the comedian is in our party. So apparently Frank wouldn't have been able to accompany us to level III anyway.

We enter the Fallen Angel Cafe and attempt giving the Care Bracelet to Jeane...

...but nothing happens. Oh well, there was no harm in trying.

We run into a group of Surprisers back on level three, and they practically exterminate us with their Hellish Blast.

This just... isn't going to be easy, is it?

Reaching Beelzebub's Bane is tricky. No wonder the first walkthrough you find by typing "escape from hell walkthrough" into Google doesn't even mention the place.

Beelzebub's Bane is level III's supply and control hub. Unfortunately, it is quite tiny.

As a control depot, Beelzebub's is predictably full of Hell Guards, and they aren't particularly friendly towards us.

We head north, and then southeast, coming across the Order Center.

The two Hell Lieutenants remain oblivious to our presence...

...until we chat them up. Thankfully they aren't much of a threat.

We can't order anything from the clerk, because such is the way bureaucracy works. We don't have the necessary forms (and, as far as I know, there's no way of acquiring them), and the game wouldn't let us force our way in. Those chests seem to be there just for show.

Next up: a particularly well guarded door.

Luckily for us, these particular Hell Lieutenants don't come equipped with automatic weapons, so despite the Insects blasting us with Lightning Bolt, we easily prevail.

Inside the Security Depot, we're attacked again.

Although equipped with Battle Axes, the Snow Fiends only attack us with their Frost Breath. Weird.

They do drop Battle Axes, however. And defeating a Snow Fiend brings 666 exp.

The Security Depot is nothing but a small room with a few chests. Underwhelming, isn't it?

There's mostly rubbish inside, to boot.

Mozart finds a Healing Elixir!

Mozart finds a Hell Guard Badge!

Mozart finds a Hockey Mask!

Mozart finds a Magic Potion!

Mozart finds a BulletProofVst!

Mozart finds a Curing Potion!

The Demon's Fork is a relatively powerful group (!) melee weapon. Too bad it's extremely fragile, and will break soon no matter what. As for the black ebony pyramid, it's another of those weird useless items the game is so full of.

It pops up as "Magic Pyramid" in the inventory, and suicide is the only use I've been able to discover for it:

Just splendid.

All right, time to explore south now.

Interaction with 1 Hell LT.

Code-Warrior is the only hacker we can find in Hell. He's supposed to be the only NPC who can get us inside Satan's Fortress. That means he's supposed to be crucial to our progress in the game. But guess what, he's not. Which must again be a glitch. But more on that later.

Richard bluffs the guards into letting us inside Code-Warrior's holding cell.

Interaction with Code

He wants to join our party, but we won't let him.

Code-Warrior is a decent enough companion except, as I said, he's made useless by a certain glitch we'll encounter later.

We have a little chat with the Major Fiends on our way out.

Interaction with 2 Major Fiends

And out we get.

Bumping into some particularly nasty things along the way.

Next time: Dismal Land, this time for real