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Eternal Poison

by Feinne

Part 3: Stratum 1: Innocence

In the days of ancient Valdia, one of the most powerful organizations in the Kingdom was the Church of Atona.
- excerpt, Legend Cycles of the Ancients

The Librum Aurora

We set out today for Besek.

VIDEO- “Ashley Lead In”

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The Count was here. He had an odd sort of present for me.

Long ago, an ancient magician crafted this Librum to capture the Majin.

I’m fairly certain you will find it most useful on your journey.

Is it true? Can this Librum capture Majin?

Can’t worry about it now. Glynne and I are meeting the third member of our team on the way, and if we don’t hurry we might miss them.
- journal entry


Besek is… not what I would have expected.

Bestow upon us the courage to risk our lives against evil.

We met the third member of our group, the archer Reyna, on the way to Besek as we’d been told. She’s a little strange, but seems reliable.

If we act quickly, we might be able to take care of it.
Guys, we should hurry…
We’re Protectors of the Faith. These Majin don’t stand a chance.
Ashley, are you ready to move out?
Yeah, I’m ready if you guys are. We have our orders to explore this place.
Roger that.
I’ll take the lead. You two spread out behind me.
(Hold on a little longer, Master Leto. We’re coming for you!)
Let’s go!

Video- “Innocence”

Watch the Map With Commentary

Ally Team:
For this battle we have just Ashley, Glynne, and Reyna. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Here’s our main character for this story, Ashley. Ashley combines powerful physical attacks with surprisingly high magical power. She’s currently pretty lightly armored and vulnerable to most forms of magic, not that anything on this map is a particular threat to her. Besides her basic mace attack, she’s also got Sacra I, a Light damage spell, Prayer I, a single target healing spell, and Summon III, which would let us summon Majin if we had any. Ashley is probably strong enough to solo this map, though that wouldn’t really be worthwhile since we have to use Reyna and Glynne in every map on this story.

Glynne is Ashley’s friend and retainer. He’s armed with a spear, which allows him to threaten a two square line in any direction from him with his Attack. He’s got better vulnerabilities than Ashley but his defense stats are a bit less solid, making it sort of a wash at this point. His physical and magical attacks are also less powerful than Ashley’s. Glynne right now has Terra I, an Earth damage spell, and Revivo, a spell that cures a Mental type status effect from a friend. Glynne is pretty mediocre and I wouldn’t use him if I didn’t have to.

Reyna is the newest member of the group, as it were. She’s armed with a Longbow, which allows her to attack any square in a line 2-5 squares away from her. The farther the target is away from her, the less damage the attack will do. She’s got very weak defenses and is the slowest of our characters. She currently has the same Fire spell Thage had in the prologue, Pyro I, and a passive skill that gives her extra Fire resistance. She’s also the lowest level of our three party members right now. She’s not ideal, but if we can keep her safe her ranged support will be invaluable.

Enemy Team:

We’re up against seven enemy Majin on this map. There’s three Caprus, two Apis, and two Nightwalkers. Let’s look at them briefly.

These Caprus are very similar to the ones we saw in the Prologue. They have slightly higher stats and a passive skill that gives them a 10% chance of dealing a Critical hit when they attack. They’re still very vulnerable to Fire and Light.

Apis are our first new Majin type on this map. Apis are a ranged type of Majin, attacking as though they were armed with a Shortbow (2-4 square range). They are also Flying movement type, which allows them to bypass the control zones exerted by our party and many bad terrain types. Flying Majin can be really scary, because it’s very easy for them to penetrate your lines. Fortunately, Apis isn’t terribly powerful and is critically vulnerable to Fire.

Nightwalkers are the strongest Majin type we’ve seen so far. They have one cast each of the Dark spell Malus I, and are extremely resistant to Dark attacks. They’re very vulnerable to Light, however, so we can nearly kill them in one hit with Ashley. We just need to be careful about that initial charge, because their Malus I is definitely the most powerful attack we’ll see on this map.


The Majin are spread out all over the map, with the exception of a Caprus and Apis relatively close to each other near a Chest to our left. We’re going to stay away from the Majin infield at the start and push hard at this pairing. Ashley goes on point, with Glynne behind and Reyna further behind and offset.

Tactical Objectives:
-Capture as many Majin as possible, ideally all of them.
-Get as much EXP as possible, especially for Ashley.


They shouldn’t be a problem for us.
We shouldn’t get too cocky, though!
Holy Atona, please guide and protect us.
Majin! You better watch out!

We start out pushing towards the Caprus and Apis to our left. Ashley gets in range to cast on the Caprus, so we take the first strike on it.

In return the Apis moves up and attacks Glynne and the Caprus attacks Ashley. We answer with an arrow to the Apis from Reyna.

Well, let’s do something about them quickly.
You don’t need to tell ME that…!

We get Glynne in a flanking position on the Caprus. We’re doing pretty well so far, because these early Majin will tend to ignore us if we’re not close enough for them to attack. Speaking of Majin…

Damascus advocat.
Th-They can talk!?
Sounds like they’re trying to pick a fight.
Can you tell what they’re saying…?

These little things are triggered when different characters’ turns come around. Bosses tend to be especially chatty. Bonus points if you’ve already figured out how to translate Majin-speak, it’ll be easier to figure out later.

It’s not too many if we plan this right.
Alright, let’s do it.

As much as possible we want to use Combos here, because it lets two people get the EXP for trashing these Majin. We hit the Caprus with a Combo from Ashley and Glynne and then move away so Reyna can Capture it on her next turn.

I’ll do my best!

There’s a voice whispering inside me… It’s horrible.
What was that!?
That certainly isn’t magic they taught us in Valdia.

At this point the Nightwalker is in range, so it moves in and casts on Ashley. We return fire by hitting the Apis with a Terra I from Glynne and a mace strike from Ashley, Overkilling it. The second Apis then moves up and hits Reyna, who’s not doing so well. I have Ashley heal Reyna, which causes her to advance to level six.

Ashley gets even more powerful than anything else on the map, and also gains a passive skill that allows her to evade Pierce attacks. Reyna hits the Apis with a Pyro I and then withdraws to safety, after which the Nightwalker moves back in to attack Glynne.

The Count gave it to me.
The Count…?

The Nightwalker and Apis have set themselves up perfectly for a spear attack from Glynne, so we strike them both. This causes Glynne to level up as well.

Glynne doesn’t really get much out of level five, though. He’s got no new skills, just better stats. Anyway, now we get our first of many creepy mid-battle messages!

Wh-What was that voice…?

We then move Reyna out of cover to burn the Apis down with a Pyro I, overkilling it and gaining her a level as well.

Reyna just gains stats here, much appreciated but could be better. The Nightwalker moves up to attack Reyna, after which we overkill it with a Sacra from Ashley and capture both it and the Apis. We then push ahead far enough to draw in the second of three Caprus and heal Ashley up.

The Librum Aurora…? Huh? The Majin are reacting to it.
But why…?

We weaken the Caprus with Glynne and then move towards the nearby chest, after which we finish the Caprus off with a Combo from Ashley and Reyna and capture it. The second Nightwalker moves up and casts on Glynne, who ignores it and opens the chest.

Medicine is a powerful healing item, and could potentially come in handy later on. Ashley moves up and hits the Nightwalker, who ignores her and continues attacking Glynne.

Who said that!?
Ashley, now’s not the time to get distracted! Fight!

We push Reyna and Glynne over towards the last Caprus and finish off the Nightwalker with a Sacra, causing Ashley to level up again.

Ashley has lost her vulnerability to Wind, and in general has become overall even tougher. Meanwhile, on the other side of the map, Reyna engages the far Caprus from the edge of her range, which is outside of its attack range. This causes her to level up again as well.

Reyna’s gained a new spell, Pyro II. This has more power and a larger range than Pyro I. We then move Glynne up to keep Reyna safe, which draws the Caprus in. A Combo from Ashley and Glynne overkills the last Caprus, finishing them map.

Battle Result:

Ashley 5->7
Glynne 4->5
Reyna 3->5

Medicine x 1

Caprus Lv. 2 x 3
Apis Lv. 3 x 2
Nightwalker Lv. 4 x 2

We also save a refugee, Evan. We’ll see what that means here in a bit.

We triumphed against the Majin, but still were in a bit of trouble. Not only were we tired, but we’d found an injured man on the battlefield. Fortunately, help was close at hand.

VIDEO- “Innocence Lead Out”

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Well, Majin? What do you say in the face of the Goddess’s wrath!?
Ashley! Are you okay?
Oh, Glynne…! Yeah, I’m alright.
Did you forget everything the Master told you about controlling your anger?
If you let it get the best of you, well…
Yeah, I know.
This location appears to be safe for now… We found a survivor, but they look hurt.
We should get out of here before the Majin catch the scent of blood.
Yeah, we need to tend to our wounds, too. We better get going.
Huh? Who’s there!?

But still, I never expected to see HIM here.

You all look positively exhausted.
Count Duphaston!
Ah, My Princess. I’m honored that a delicate flower such as yourself would remember me.
What’re you doing here…!?
Such pleasantries can wait until we’re away from this next of Majin.


I still can’t believe a whole town ended up in Besek!

A pleasant surprise, I hope? Here, you will all be safe from the Majin.
As it happens, Besek rests within the borders of my domain. When it appeared, it engulfed my fair town of Isapolis.
I see…
As proprietor, it is my duty to aid all visitors to this realm.
I’ll admit I may have had to improvise a bit, but rest assured, Isapolis still functions as a delightful little town.
I’d be pleased if you would think of it as your home during your stay in Besek. You’ll find lodgings in Twilight’s Rest.
Thank you, Count. Allow us to show you our appreciation…
Please, there’s no need for that. I’ll accept no compensation and no gifts. You are my guests, after all.
You’re very kind.
If you need anything else, pease don’t be afraid to ask. I am at your beck and call.
Oh, and one more thing, My Princess. Please don’t misplace that librum I gave you. It is a priceless heirloom.
I believe you’ll find Besek a much more unforgiving place without it.
Now, please get some rest. I have a feeling your journey will be a long one. A good day to you all.

Glynne doesn’t trust the Count, though I’m not sure why.

You should know, there’s some shady rumors about your friend, the Count.
We really don’t have any other choice, Glynne.
Yeah, I suppose you’re right, but be careful…
I know. You don’t have to remind me.

The Count offered to show us around town.

Su ecudortni! Su ecodortni!
Ah, I almost forgot. This little fellow’s from the Koona tribe, one of Besek’s native species.
Between you and me, they also serve as a primary food source for the Majin.
Elbirret woh…
I’ve granted them shelter, in return for their services. They can be most helpful in maintaining the town…

You may use these quarters to save, load, organize your party, and perform other basic… necessities.
I hope you don’t mind sharing your home with refugees. Who knows? Perhaps you might even befriend a few of them…
I think you’ll find that people who owe you their lives can be more than generous with their purse strings… Hahaha.

Simply bring them here and toss them ever-so-delicately into the grinding cauldron in back.
You may not know this, but extracted Majin blood has a number of skill and item benefits.
Oh, and I’m sure you’ll grow fond of their final screams as well. Hahaha…

If you plan on venturing deeper into Besek, you should really consider paying it a visit…

If you ever find yourself in need of trustworthy allies… well, then you’re in the wrong place.
But if you AREN’T concerned with the integrity of your comrades… then you’re in luck! Hahahaha…

If you find yourself with time to spare, you could try your hand at one of her puzzles.
Miss Iryth is a crafty one, though. Don’t say I never warned you…

But alas, they’ve been rather inconveniently taken away by the Majin.
Is it possible those dreadful beasts have an ear for the fine arts…?
Do keep an eye out for them. Perhaps their music will one day fill these empty halls again…
Well then, please make yourselves at home.

We met a few travelers who wanted to join up with us. There was a foreigner, Vivian.

Vivian: And you’re from the Church of Valdia, correct?
A fugitive from my country has escaped to Besek. I’m here to bring him back.
If we work together, we can both find what we’re looking for. How about it?
Very good. I can depart whenever you’re ready.

Vivian is an interesting character. She can use both Rapiers and Librums, so she’s got several attack types and can have a wide range of skills. She’s able to summon Majin, and has both the familiar Pyro I and Meta I, an irresistible spell. She’s decent at everything she does, but will likely fall by the wayside as we get better mercenaries.

Stein was also there. I’d seen him once or twice before I think.

Stein: I am investigating Besek under orders from my Master.
A Papal candidate, eh? I’d like to find out what the Church sees in you…
You’re not Pope yet, so I don’t have to follow orders if I don’t feel like it.

Stein is a pretty decent caster that focuses on Dark magic. He’s also got access to support spells like Restore that cure physical status effects. Stein is pretty decent in Ashley’s story, because we don’t have anyone who can use Malus normally. I’ll probably use him for at least a while.

I also met some nice people in Isapolis.

Muse: I’m Muse and I’m a dancer.
Hey, we’re about the same age! We should be friends!
Will you come watch me dance? I’d be really happy if you did!
Oh, and I love gossip! We should get together and share secrets sometime!

Basil: I’m only a butler, but my lord, Count Duphaston, ordered me to run this town.
There are reports of people lost in Besek, some even captives of the Majin.
If you find any, bring them here and I’ll see that they’re well cared for.
Also, please let me know if you need anything.

Shivan: Fate has brought you and I together in this meeting.
You will face many difficult trials ahead.
Only be conquering yourself can you find the answer.
Victory within shall open a new path.
We will speak again when it is time. May the gods protect you.

My friend Yuri is here too, though she’s busy with something else right now.

Yuri: Wow, what a coincidence for us to meet in a place like this!

Leon: I’m Leon, the world’s greatest thief! Well, not yet, but I’m working on it…
Just leave everything to me! What…? You want to know the secrets of Besek?
Well, er, uhhh… I don’t think I should talk about it…
Besides, I can’t really do your job FOR you, can I?
You wouldn’t feel any sense of accomplishment. But I can still help.
I’m an expert at gathering information. Anything you need! Just come find me!

That man we saved from the Majin seems to be settling in as well.

Evan: I am in your debt for saving me, earlier.
There’s no need to thank me. Just doing my duty as a Protector of the Faith.
Evan: A Protector…? I’m surprised the Church trains girls to fight.
Really? There are a lot of women who fight for the Church.
Evan: Is that so? I had not heard of such a thing…
Isn’t that a little dangerous for you?
Yeah, but it’s the path I’ve chosen.
Evan: I see…
Well, Miss, I must ask a favor of you, presently.
Sure, ask away.
Evan: Might I be permitted to stay here, just until I get in touch with my family?
Of course, be my guest!
Stay as long as you like.
Evan: Thank you, my lady.

It was a real stroke of luck to find this place. I have a feeling we’ve got a long way to go…
- journal entry

Let’s briefly discuss the services available to us in Isapolis.

Twilight’s Rest:
In Twilight’s Rest we can check the status of our characters, check their equipment, set our items for use in battle, and visit the refugees we have saved in Besek.

We can buy and sell items in the Uzaporium, as well as changing around our skills we’ve gained from sacrificing Majin and our equipment. Uzaporium will get better equipment in as the story progresses, and also when we sell Majin at the Traviata House.

Traviata House:
Here we can deal with the Majin we’ve captured in battle. We can Set them, allowing us to Summon them into battle, Sell them for GP, Grind them into Poison Points, which are required to Summon, or Sacrifice them to gain skills we can equip to our characters.

The Libertine:
Here we can play Stones of Fate, a mini-game that opens up bonus art. I’ll show that off later on.