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Part 115: Arockalypse Now, Part 2

Arockalypse Now, Part 2

Video- “Sojourn Part 2”

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Water should be his weakness, right?
That seems likely.

Things get off to a rocky start thanks to the Gigas’ Demon Aura.

I’m a golem, not some mere boulder-sprite!

The Majin display true grit trying to slow us down but they’ve got nothing on level 30 Ashley.

You’re weak! Too weak!
Oh? We were strong enough to capture your brothers…!

I manage some really gneiss damage with the Aqua II that breaks the Demon Aura, and then go for both the Gigas and his little buddy.

I thought golems were silent and… slow-witted.
I’m more than just that! Don’t take me for granite!

A Combo finishes the big guy off in payment for that fucking taken for granite pun.

Even Majin have reasons they fight for! Amazing…
Ha! Are you afraid now!? Are you petrified!?
Not really…

Yeah, with the boss bound we’re not exactly quaking in our boots.

We’ll take good care of your brothers!
I have… no regrets…

And there we go, rock dude down.