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Part 36: Stratum 2: Wanderers Part 3 Boss: Dahlia Queen

The Prince agreed, enchanted by the beauty of the Queen, and was dragged down beneath the earth never to be seen again. Remember, children, that even the most beautiful rose has hidden thorns.
- excerpt, Graham’s Grim Tales, ‘The Legend of the Dahlia Queen’

The Curse

Dahlia Queen had floated through the gate to the next Stratum, and an army of Majin had risen to fight for her.

Video- “Wanderers Part 2”

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Ally Team:
Same group of allies as last time, we want the healing capability and we’ve got plenty of firepower.

Enemy Team:
So in this map we’re up against three Gladelashes, a Jade Sylph, two of the same Acrida we met in Purgatory, two Aranea, and Dahlia Queen.

Dahlia Queen is a really interesting boss Majin. She’s immune to Water and Earth, resists Light, Pierce, and Strike, and is vulnerable to Fire, Air, and Slash. She’s got Water and Earth magic, can heal with Cura II, and unique among bosses she has a bow-like ranged attack. She’s even got a unique special to go along with it, the area of effect attack Blood Thorn. Our best bet for Overkilling her is Marie’s Pyro III, which will really clobber her. I’d also like to note she’s one of my favorite Majin designs.


We have the ability to deploy in the wings of the map, and we really want to take advantage of this. We don’t want to have to deal with a bunch of Majin and Dahlia Queen at once, because she has brutal magic and group healing to support them if there are still melee things to run interference for her.

Tactical Objectives:
-Capture the Queen
-Kill some pawns too


We start out with an aggressive advance towards the Majin. We want to lure the near ones in so we can blow them up quickly and push on closer to the boss. The Aranea obliges and we immediately get started on it with Ares. Acrida moves right next to it, which is actually pretty great because it’s not even a melee attacker normally. If we move up into its face we can stop the near Gladelash from moving for a bit. Marie blasts both Aranea and Acrida with a Pyrosphere and Logue smacks the Acrida, taking them both to the health range in which we can Overkill them.

Princess, hm? Is she as beautiful as I?
I’ve heard rumors of a Falsin who was slain recently…
Damn you, Majin!

Aranea backs off after its next attack, pretty standard for that type of Majin. Acrida’s not so lucky, though, and we char-broil it and scoop it up nice and easy. This lets us move up a bit farther and engage the Gladelash as well.

What is its weakness!?
She is susceptible to Fire magic.
We’ll have to use a powerful spell, though.

I think we’ve got that covered. Anyway, we want to advance very cautiously here, because the Jade Sylph has engaged now too, and is about to be joined by the Acrida from the other side of the map and another Gladelash. If we’re not careful any Majin we bind will just get killed or Released. The Aranea ended up in a good position to be burned down, and burned down it was. I also manage to clip a Gladelash with the Pyrosphere, which takes it down to critical. Logue manages to level up after being hit with a spell from the incoming Acrida.

We then grab the Aranea we just bound. Levatte manages to level up shortly after, no new skills until next level but it’s always appreciated. Both Gladelashes now move in and start beating on Logue. He’s a big boy, though, he can take it. Luckily for me the Jade Sylph is more interested in casting on my back line. The Gladelashes put themselves in a terrible position to attack Logue, though, and we smoke one and take the other to critical health. Marie even levels up in the bargain.

She gets the Cast Speed II passive, which greatly reduces her recovery time after casting. It’s incredibly awesome for her, as she’s already a pretty fast caster. Now we snap up the bound Gladelash and start getting ready for the next Majin. Yuri gets a level too as we patch up our injured, though she also doesn’t get anything new. I’ve been weakening the Jade Sylph to get it into Overkill range with Marie’s Malus II, and I’m also getting a Combo ready for the Gladelash. Marie finishes the first half of this quite admirably, taking the Jade Sylph out of the picture.

If I suck your blood, will I gain your dragon’s power?
Shut up! SHUT UP!!!

We capture the Jade Sylph and then fire the second part of the plan with a Combo from Ares and Olifen. We then start advancing on the Dahlia Queen, which draws the Aranea in as well. This gives us a perfect opportunity, and we throw a Pyrosphere at both of them to bloody the Aranea and break the Queen’s Demon Aura. Olifen catches a worrying amount of attention from the Queen and then the Acrida, which really scares me. I send Logue to just stab the Aranea to ensure he’s safe. Now I need to desperately run my healers up to get him back to decent health.

She could control plants and flowers. Could it be…?
It’s quite possible. Let’s hope it’s just a coincidence.

Now I start throwing some heat on Dahlia Queen to get it down into the sort of range where we can Overkill it. I also keep some pressure on the remaining Acrida, though it’s got a lot of health left and it’s not a priority.

WHAHAHAHAHA!!! It’s not enough! It’s never enough!!!
Only blood can fill my emptiness!!!
Sir Logue…!?

I end up needing to maneuver a bit more than I’d like to ensure the last Gladelash doesn’t get a chance to shit in my cereal by killing Dahlia Queen while she’s bound but that I was going to Overkill her was never really in question, as soon as Marie took the field the fight against the boss as already over.

The Falsin soaked in the dragon’s blood WILL DIE…
And when he becomes the dragon, he’ll show no mercy.
I won’t let that happen!
Mwahaha… That should be entertaining…
*pant pant *
B-Boss! Just now, Logue was…
Levatte, can you take care of Logue? Please…
Yes, Sir!

Battle Results:

Logue 14->15
Marie 19->20
Levatte 13->14
Yuri 10->11

Acrida Lv 16 x 1
Gladelash Lv 15 x 2
Jade Sylph Lv 14 x 1
Aranea Lv 14 x 1
Dahlia Queen Lv 17 x 1


Kai & Kanat

I knew this would happen eventually, that I’d have to explain things.

Video- “Wanderers Lead Out”

Click For The Truth

Hey, Boss, can I have a minute?
*sigh * What is it?
I need to know what’s going on here.
What are you talking about?
Oh no you don’t!
Why do the Majin keep talking about this dragon’s blood? Why did Logue go berserk!?
And why’s he so worn out? What’s going on inside him!?
Okay, wait… One question at a time.
Tell me about the dragon’s blood.
That’s not something you need to know about.
Then, why did Logue go into a frenzy?
*exhale * Also none of your business.
Why is he so worn out?

You’re not answering me!
I don’t have the right to tell you anything. Is it Logue’s business. Please understand…
But YOU KNOW! We’re on this mission together… Don’t you think WE should know, too?
I’m sorry, I still can’t.

Levatte is very perceptive sometimes.

What does THAT mean...?
I’ve treated Sir Logue. He should be fine so long as he rests.
Okay, thank you.
Hey! What’s working for the Church have to do with anything, Levatte?
In the Church of Valdia, Majin are the epitome of absolute evil.
Refusing to kill a Majin is a severe offense. Helping a Majin is also a severe offense.
Those Majin told Sir Logue he was soaked in dragon’s blood…
I’m guessing he was exposed to dragon’s blood, and it infected him?
I… don’t need to answer that.
We have a right to know! We’re on the same team!

Answer me!
I swear in the name of Holy Atona, I will never repeat what I hear.
If I ever reveal what is being confided in me, may that be the final breath I take.
Could you tell us now?
Does that go for Marie, too?
Sure, I swear too.
Okay, I’ll tell you the whole story…

I told them how we’d gotten to this point.

The battle was long and hard, and it lasted for two full days. Finally, he defeated the dragon.
But as Logue struck the killing blow, he was covered in the dragon’s blood, and it mixed with his own.
Ever since then, he’s been tormented by the dragon’s curse…
He no longer felt worthy of the Commander’s post, so he resigned and tried to leave the Valdian Knights.
I managed to stop him from quitting, but he would not take his position back. And… here we are.
W-Wait a second.
You’ve known he’s been suffering all this time, and you haven’t done anything?
What’ve you been doing!?

Isn’t he your best friend? Why won’t you help him…!?

I’d had enough.

What the hell do you know about it!?
I’ve had to sit by and watch my best friend suffer!
I tried everything I could to help him! ANYTHING that might remove the dragon’s curse!
But in the end, I couldn’t do anything…
I couldn’t help him…
I’m weak! I’m useless! I’m not worthy of being Commander…
It’s almost funny how unfair life is sometimes…
It’s obvious that Logue is the true Commander.
Sir, I hate to be the bearer of more bad news, but Sir Logue is running out of time.
I’ve read about curses…
Judging by Sir Logue’s mental state, his curse is in an advanced stage.
His condition may not have progressed so quickly in Valdia…
But the magic here in Besek… it’s accelerated the process.
Then I think we need to decide whether we should keep going… or leave this place.

How do I make a choice like this? Why do I have to abandon one of the two most important people to me?

Komori: Nena is smiling a lot more these days…
To be honest, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about coming here at first…
But now that I see how happy she is, I’m glad we made the journey!

Ares seems to be getting a bit bored sitting around in Isapolis between battles.

Ares: I heard rumors about your librum…
They say it lets you capture the Majin.
Mind if I borrow it? That sounds like a thrill.
Oh… I understand.
If you change your mind, though, let me know.
This place is starting to get a little boring…

Muse saw an odd traveler in town earlier.

Muse: I saw a very dashing man today! He was an older guy, but still…
He was tall and had a great body!
Definitely gave off a tough vibe, but he also seemed very deep and complex.
What a handsome man… Oh, don’t worry, so are you!

Leon could tell something was bothering me.

Leon: I wonder what’s bothering you.
Why don’t you go see that fortune teller?
Sure, she might be just for entertainment, but at least it’ll be relaxing!
She refuses to read my fortune, even if I ask her…

We got some more support, though.

Alexei: Keep your chin up, Sir! Come now, let us be happy!
Please, Sir, allow me to come with you! I can fight like ten thousand men!
Hahahaha! Excellent, Sir! I’ll crush those Majin like grapes! Mmm… grapes!

I’m not sure what the Count knows.

I’ve noticed… Logue hasn’t seemed quite his usual self lately…
Iryth and Basil have been worried about him. Myself as well, of course.
If he is ill, I can ask the Koona to prepare some medical herbs.

Mana actually confirmed that she’s testing things on me now.

Hello, Mana.
Mana: How are you? You look exhausted!
Well, a lot has happened since we last spoke.
Mana: Would you like anything? I was hoping to try out my latest concoction…
Uh, Mana…?
Mana: Y-Yes, what is it?
Nothing. You just seemed a little different than usual. Are you okay?
Mana: Oh, no, no, I’m just happy that you’re alright. That’s all!
Thank you.
Mana: Ahahaha… ha…
I’m feeling very liberated. I’ve let go of some things from my past…
There were many things on my mind that were weighing on me, but now I’m fine.
Mana: W-Well, I’m glad you’re feeling better.
Thank you, I appreciate it.

It seems Shelayla was here to meet someone, but I’m not sure who.

Hello, my lady.
Shelayla: So what do I get to hear today?
Aren’t you tired of my stories by now?
Shelayla: Hahaha…
Well, I guess it’s my turn anyway. Go ahead and ask me a question.
Alright. Who were you looking for in Besek?
Shelayla: That’s a secret.

Shelayla: Don’t worry. I’ve already met the person I wanted to see.
Why did you want to meet this person?
Shelayla: I needed to see my life from a different perspective.
I’m bound by the duties of royal blood, but I want to control my own fate.
I have to make an important decision, and I needed to be sure of myself.
And have you found the answer you were looking for?
Shelayla: Hahaha, wouldn’t you like to know…?

Xiao Mei wanted to join up with us but had some kind of strange excuse.

Xiao Mei: Hey, do you have a girl with martial arts in your party yet?
Hm? No, I have no one like that with me.
But I guess I could use someone like that.
Xiao Mei: Golly! Then I’m THE girl for you, Commander Hero!
This is gonna be great!
Xiao Mei: Oh no! I’m not quite at your guys’ levels yet, though!
I’ve been waiting for my big chance…! I could’ve been a love interest!!!
Xiao Mei: Let me level up! It’s not hard to do! Will you wait for me?

I decided to see if Nadesico had seen Lenarshe while she was in Besek.

Hello, Miss Nadesico!
Nadesico: Can I help you?
I was wondering if you… if you’ve seen a certain someone.
Nadesico: Who?
A girl with long blond hair and green eyes…
Nadesico: Hm… I only remember seeing monsters.
Oh, I see…
Nadesico: Are you looking for this girl?
He name is Lenarshe. She is the Princess of my homeland…
The Majin brought he rhere. She is still out there, somewhere.
Nadesico: I see…
Is she pretty?
Uh, ummm…
Nadesico: Hehehe… Come now, Commander, that isn’t a difficult question.
Sh-She is!!!
B-But everyone thinks so! I’m just doing my duty as a knight!!!
Nadesico: Hehehe…

Christina is very frank about her opinions.

I wanted to see how you were doing.
Christina: Worry not, I am fully recovered, Commander.
I am glad to hear that.
And please, stop calling me “Commander.”
Christina: Why? Is that not thy title?
I don’t feel right being called that…
Christina: That is a shame.
Christina: Thou art correct. Thou art unworthy of thy title.
A true commander realizeth his potential.
A commander who hateth being called one is surely not a commander!

Christina: Nevertheless, for thy sake, I shall continue to call thee “Commander.”

We saved a pair of kids from Dahlia Queen. From their skin tone and dress I’m pretty sure they’re from somewhere in the Stag lands, not that it really matters.

Kai: Thank you for saving my sister and me.
There’s no need to thank me. I was just doing my duty as a knight.
Kai: Well, thank you anyways.
You both look pretty tired. Why don’t you rest here for a while?
Free of charge.
Kai: Thank you very much. We’ll take you up on that.
Please, stay as long as you like.
Kai: We’ll pay you back eventually.
No, don’t worry about it. If I asked you for anything…
I would only be injuring my reputation as a knight.
Kai: But…
Don’t worry. Why don’t you two get some rest, okay?
Kai: O-Okay…

I don’t know what we’ll be walking into next time we step out into Besek, last time we left a Stratum we ended up in that strange place. With any luck we’ll meet the Princess again, and we’ll finally be able to complete our mission…
- operation record, Commander Olifen