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Part 41: Stratum 3: Bastion Part 2 Boss: Penumbra

The Shade Dragon is a creature of unending darkness, yet it is rumored to reside in the realm of the angels. The theological implications of this still provoke arguments to this day.
- excerpt, Legend Cycles of the Ancients

Double Dragon

With our quarry in sight, there could be no hesitation.

Video- “Bastion Part 2”

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Ally Team:
We’re going to bring our familiar team in, we need the heavy healing because things on this map can hit HARD.

Enemy Team:
There are just eight Majin, but they’re serious business. There’s two Aquila, two Armatus, two higher-level Cephalocthon, a Garuda, and Penumbra himself. Let’s take a look at the things we’ve never seen before.

This Cephalocthon is like the lower-level one, but better. It takes less damage from the things it’s vulnerable to, and is even more resistant to the things it isn’t. You can still kill it with Fire.

Penumbra is really interesting. It’s a powerful Dark caster and a truly brutal physical attacker as well. Its Tailstrike special hits a whole arc with a Fracture attack. It’s very vulnerable to Fire and somewhat vulnerable to Earth and Slash, but everything else isn’t very effective. Surprisingly, it doesn’t even take much damage from Light. In Olifen’s Tale Penumbra has no Demon Aura at all, so that’s no issue. Penumbra’s Overkill HP is a lot lower than Doom Shade’s and Fire tears him up so capturing him isn’t nearly as much as an issue.


We deploy hard to one side, we’re going to try to ignore as many of the Majin as we can because everything on this map is potentially very dangerous, Garuda and Penumbra especially.

Tactical Objectives:
- Capture Penumbra


We start out as always with buffs. We want to push towards the right hard and fast to ensure we don’t get the left Armatus or Cephalocthon. This is going to throw us up against an Aquila first, which is probably the least threatening thing on the map right now. We are able to get some people in position to meet and greet it.

Umbra: W-With this body…!
I must kill you and consume your soul to resurrect!

We get started on the Aquila with some attacks from the weaker casters. The middle Armatus is coming, so Irina shoots at it then backs to our main group.

I don’t know, but Sir Logue’s dragon seems afraid…!

We start hitting the Aquila hard and fast to get its health down to Overkill range, then we set up a Combo to finish the job. Marie is already moving ahead to start on the Celphalocthon after Aquila’s gone. It also stops the Aquila from fleeing in the air.

Umbra: H-His energy is engulfing… my soul!!!
The dragon inside Logue is in pain!

Logue and Ares land the Combo, and Olifen quickly captures the Aquila so we can move on without any more time wasted. We also move everyone into positions that will lead to the Armatus not flying into our midst.

I’ll tenderize your bones with my teeth!
Then I’ll rip off your flesh one piece at a time!
It’ll be a magnificent victory!

I’ve got Olifen up front now to catch the Cephalocthon. I want to try and get through this hallway as soon as possible but I really want to capture this Cephalocthon because I’ve not seen the level 20 one yet.

Penumbra is the Shade Dragon…
If he captures you, he’ll drag you into the darkness!

We now get started on Cephalocthon. Olifen’s pretty insulated against magic thanks to a buff and his new armor from last time, so it actually goes for Marie, who’s got solid defenses in that regard anyway. I don’t really think through my assault on it, I probably could have taken it out much faster. As it is I manage to Curse it with Olifen and slap it with Marie’s librum to bring it down without risking killing it.

Umbra: D-Damn you…!

We manage to Slow the thing with a Sacra II from Yuri, and Irina levels up from a heal. Now we’re getting close to seeing this thing off.

Everyone, lend me your strength! Logue needs us!

We give it one last slash with Olifen and then run him up past it to meet the Armatus that’s coming. Marie then finishes the job with a Pyro III. We start pushing everyone else up, and the Armatus engages soon after. We get it with a Dual Attack in the back and then start setting up the Combo that will end it with Logue.

After a bit more heat on it Armatus falls to a Combo from Olifen and Logue, which gets Olifen a level. He doesn’t get anything new in the way of skills, but it’s nto really a thing.

Maybe the blood of its natural enemy can remove it.
So how do we bring those two elements together?
Perhaps Logue should drink his blood…
Shouldn’t you be a little MORE certain first…!?

Marie levels up from a buff shortly after, not really getting anything new out of it. Olifen’s moved up, and Garuda hits the absolute crap out of him. This is actually my biggest worry of the whole map, because I’m also very close to Penumbra and both him and Garuda are total beaters.

We’ll get rid of that curse, I promise! Just hold on!

We start throwing everything we can at Garuda for now, I have no concern about trying to capture it. Logue spears it and I throw one of Marie’s Malus II spells at it. Now Penumbra terrifies me by throwing a Malusphere at Olifen and Logue, nearly killing Olifen.

Ultimate destruction is my greatest joy!
Is that the best you can do!?

I am able to throw him some healing fortunately, keeping him alive and well. Yuri even levels up, though she doesn’t get anything new out of it. I’m worried about time, so I rush Olifen up and hit Penumbra with a Dual Attack. It Counters him, though, and now I’m worried again. Garuda simply HAS to die or Olifen is history, and I make it happen. Logue joins the fight against Penumbra next, but we get punished with his brutal Tailstrike attack in return and Logue is Fractured. Penumbra then starts running away, which is bad because it could potentially wedge itself into a corner. My problems are even more complicated, because the other Aquila has flown in too. I get Olifen and Logue healed and cured and send Ares to block off Penumbra so Marie can start blasting it. Penumbra does exactly what I was worried about soon after, though, and gets itself into a corner while running away.

If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have come all the way here!
Don’t underestimate us!

I pull everyone back both to finish dealing with Aquila and to try and lure Penumbra back out. We do manage to Overkill it just by sheer luck with a stab from Logue. Then I start advancing cautiously forward, I do expect Penumbra to run into melee if it runs out of spells because it does have serious physical power.

Begone, and we’ll call your debt paid in full.
Umbra: You should be honored to be devoured by ME!

We do manage to lure Penumbra back out and slowly drag its health into the range we want it to be in.

What can a pathetic parasite do against me?
Umbra: When I’m fully resurrected, I’ll destroy you!

We then blow him up with Marie. Straight up.

Umbra: Aaaaaaaaah!!!
I can feel both of the Majin disappointing from here…?
Die, Majin!
Leave his body forever!!!

Battle Results:

Olifen 21->22
Marie 23->24
Yuri 13->14
Irina 12->13

Penumbra Lv 22 x 1
Aquila Lv 18 x 2
Armatus Lv 18 x 1
Cephalocthon Lv 20 x 1



We defeated Penumbra, but we had no way of knowing if that would be enough.

Video- “Bastion Lead Out”

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And take your blasted curse with you!
H-How could I be… defeated… by Falsin…?
Is it… over?
The curse should be broken, Commander…

But Logue…

Commander Olifen! Sir Logue… He isn’t waking up!
What’s wrong with him!?
I… I don’t know!
We’ve removed the curse, right!?
Don’t tell me we were too late.
No! Th-That can’t be right!
The Majin’s curse needed Sir Logue’s body to stay alive and serve as its host! Like a parasite!
It’d never try to kill him…
Th-There has to be a reason why he hasn’t awakened! I know we can find it!
I have some bad news for you both…
Oh no…! Is he…!?

Logue’s going to be just fine.

Logue!? Are you alright!?
While you two were crying over there, he woke up all by himself.
My friends…
I… I want to thank you all… For everything…
We’re just happy to see you safe, Sir Logue.
It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it… right, Boss?

Thank you, my friend.
That’s not necessary. We didn’t fight him. You did.
Now, I can finally relinquish the Commander’s title to its rightful owner.
The right man already has it.
Huh!? What are you…?
I’m finally free. No more curse, no more of that bastard…
I just want to enjoy life for a while.
I-I see…

I’d never really realized, but Logue never even wanted the job.

Don’t get too carried away, or people’ll start asking me to take over again.
Hehehe… That would be nothing new.
Hey! Wh-Why you…!
Well… Are we ready to resume our mission?
Yes, Commander.
You’re the boss.

Now that Logue’s back, I figured I should fill him in on what Marie and I have been worried about.

I’ve never seen any mention of blood curses in the scriptures…
But Levatte seemed to know quite a bit about them.
You think the Church is hiding information about Majin and curses?
If they are, then what if they’re also hiding information about Besek and the Eternal Poison?
Do you think the Church and the Pope could have something to do with Besek’s appearance?
It might explain why he’s opposed to sending groups into this place to investigate…
I’ve heard rumors that he’s been sending groups of Protectors into this place to investigate…
He could be afraid the Valdian Knights might find the Eternal Poison before him.
That’s a possibility…
And the Princess stands in the Pope’s way of gaining more power in the Council.
Is it possible she came here to find the Eternal Poison before the Church does?
I guess…
I don’t have any evidence to back up my theory…
But I haven’t seen anything that proves it’s wrong, either.
So what now?
When we rescue the Princess, I’m sure we’ll find the truth.
I haven’t quite recovered yet, but you know you can count on me.
It’s good to have you back, Logue.

The Count hastened to remind me that the Princess was still missing when we returned to Isapolis.

You look better than usual… Perhaps, I daresay, happy even!
It is good that you’ve found something to be happy about.
But remember, your real mission is to save Princess Lenarshe…
It may be a bit early to start the grand celebration…?

Leon had something interesting to say, I’m still not sure how it makes sense.

Leon: Try not to take this personally, okay? I heard this rumor…
Apparently, your friend Marie has known Shivan for years.
Of course, Shivan’s been with the Reev tribe for the past century…
So as close as they are, I’m sure not even young Marie knows all her secrets.

Between how much he eats and that armor I’m surprised Alexei can move.

Alexei: A Valdian Knight should never show weakness… with all due respect, Sir!
If you aren’t feeling well, you should eat a lot to recover your strength!
You can’t fight when you’re hungry! Hahahahahaha!

Muse brought up a good point, we’re almost to the deepest part of Besek.

Muse: My goal is to become the world’s greatest dancer!
One day, I’ll dance my way into the hearts of everyone in the world.
I’m still in training right now, but I know my dream will come true someday!
You better make a move no me before I’m too famous! You snooze, you lose!

Ares is concerned about things getting boring, but somehow I think they’ll stay interesting for a little while longer still.

Ares: I’m tired of this place.
There’s not much excitement left for me here…
It’s about time for me to move on.
Where else could I go for a good thrill?

For some reason the girl we rescued seemed really… familiar. Like I’d heard a story about her somewhere.

That’s right.
Alice: Thank you so much.
There’s no need to thank me.
Alice: Hahaha, you’re so nice.
It was nothing, really.
Alice: I want you to have this, for saving me.

Feinne’s Notes: Witch is an awesome female-only librum. Marie’s getting it immediately, though I’m also going to stick a skill in it and sell it to get it in the Uzaporium so Thage can buy it later. We’re not going to see a better Librum until we capture Doom Shade.

Are you sure about this?
Alice: Of course. You’re my savior after all.
Thank you.
Alice: There’s something else I want to ask you…
What can I do for you?
Alice: Did you see a white Koona around here?
No. I haven’t seen anything like that. I’m sorry.
Alice: Oh, it’s okay. Nevermind, it was a weird question anyhow.
Well, I’m in a hurry, so I have to go now.
Take care.

I hope Alice doesn’t end up being too late for whatever she’s hurrying too. Anyway, we’re resting up for what we’re all sure will be a showdown with another Guardian soon. What the hell could be guarding a place like this, though?
- operation record, Commander Olifen