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Part 85: Stratum 3: Arbiter Part 2 Boss: Luxaphel

If the Majin had merely been mindless killing machines their threat would have in the end been minor. It is the subtlety and intricacy of the plans hatched by powerful Majin that could send the world to the brink of chaos.
- excerpt, Legend Cycles of the Ancients

The Lie

It seems we’re almost done here.

Video- “Arbiter Part 2”

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Ally Team:
We’ve got the same group of allies as last time, they’re plenty solid.

Enemy Team:
Savor this moment, because it’s the very last time we’ll see one of these maps with the normal Majin configuration. Luxaphel is joined by two flanks consisting of a Garuda, Lapis Sylph, Unseelie, and Zyr Phantasm each.

Luxaphel is still a powerful Light caster who is very resistant to all magic that isn’t Dark. He’s also still very vulnerable to strong physicals, which happens to be our specialty.


I’m set up for a quick and brutal push on Luxaphel. If I take him down quickly I can fight any other Majin on my own terms.

Tactical Objectives:
- Capture Luxaphel just because


We start with a push towards the ramp to Luxaphel’s platform. I don’t want to push too hard, though, because that’ll get a Garuda as well as the Lapis Sylph and Unseelie I expect to deal with now. The Lapis Sylph starts the show by hitting us with an Aerosphere. We speed Alexei up and he responds with a brutal hammer strike to it, and now things will start to get interesting quickly.

Hmph, you have no authority over us.
Silence, villain!

My current fear has nothing to do with the Sylph, actually, it’s that the Unseelie will pepper us with arrows and potentially kill Nena from that raised area. Something needs to be done about it.

Tell you about my brethren!?
Your request is amusing, Falsin!

We lead a heal into Alexei, who was hit by the Aerosphere earlier, and then a Seal into the Lapis Sylph which actually lands. This reduces it to slapping, which is great because it lets me shift my melee away. Then we deal with Unseelie, charging and Bleeding it with Rondemion. This has the desired effect, as it runs away and cures its status. We move the Count up onto the ramp and Garuda comes in, as expected. We split our fire on it and the Lapis Sylph, who falls to Nena’s magic after getting a slap off on Vivian.

And, what can YOU do about it, “Hero”?
Dark magic should do it.

We knock Garuda around a bit and eventually it falls to a Combo from Rondemion and Alexei. This will let us push forward to Luxaphel. The big guy even levels up from this, let’s look at how awesome he is.

Rondemion is definitely a tank, and in the real-world sense too. Yuri also levels up shortly after from a heal, though she still doesn’t have a unique special. We aren’t quite able to push Nena into range to break the Demon Aura, but we are able to get Rondemion to the Unseelie that had previously fled and cut it in half with a Heroic Slash.

What are YOU doing here!?
That is not something you should trouble yourself with.

I get the Count in front of her just in case Luxaphel does something dick and tries to melee her and then break his Aura with Nena. As everyone else catches up I seal the trap on Luxaphel by moving to either side of him with the Count and Rondemion. Now he’s not able to run away to support, and that means he’s doomed.

Treading upon this holy ground is a sin in itself!
If you’re so powerful, make me leave!

Nena levels up after Luxaphel hits her with a Sacraspire, and after a few rounds of weakening it with surgical strikes we drop it with a Combo from Rondemion and the Count. Now I’m feeling a bit saucy, so I decide to fight some more Majin for the extra experience. An Unseelie comes in from the left and quickly falls to a spell from Nena and then a Heroic Slash.

You are foolish to reject my power.
Your ignorance is sinful. I shall not be merciful!

We hit the Zyr Phantasm nearby hard and fast, overkilling it and getting a level for Alexei. Sadly it’s not in a good position to be captured and a Lapis Sylph is coming in, so I decide to just cash out and capture Luxaphel.

Izel’s rebirth draws near, and all will end for you.
You will not find Morpheus.
Hmph, whatever.
Even if I am gone, my Majin brethren shall vanquish you.
Interesting, a female Majin garbed in Falsin clothing…
You travel with interesting companions, Hero.
A female Majin…

Battle Result:

Rondemion 25->26
Alexei 20->21
Nena 16->17
Yuri 18->19

Luxaphel Lv 24 x 1
Unseelie Lv 19 x 2
Garuda Lv 20 x 1


I was hoping not to have to deal with this before everything was wrapped up.

Video- “Arbiter Lead Out”

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Hey, Eriel…
Was what that Majin said true?
Wh-What’re you talking about? I was too far away to hear him…
Quit playing games.

It’s true. I’m a Majin.
In order to meet you, I ordered the other Majin to attack that village.
I knew you’d come, so I pretended to be a villager. I thought if you rescued me, you might let me join you.
To make sure you went into Besek and didn’t get lost or anything.
My master ordered me to do it… Morpheus.

You aren’t angry with me?
But I tricked you!
I’m a servant of Morpheus!!!

Still, I think I dealt with it properly.

If you’re his servant, then tell me…
Where’s Morpheus?
If you keep going deeper into Besek, you’ll find out.
But you’re coming with me.
I’m a Majin, though! What if I kill you…?
I thought you didn’t know how to fight.
Well, I don’t…
Then come.

Our good friend the Count continues to fish for information.

It certainly explains why her story was so irreconcilably problematic. A sharp mind like yours would assuredly see the truth.
And you?
Well, I confess, I…
It doesn’t matter to me.
And am I to believe you truly plan to walk directly into Morpheus’s trap?
If he’s there, then yeah.
But you can’t possibly fathom what unseen snares lie ahead.
I don’t need to. I just need to keep going.
And we’re running out of time.
Let’s move.
(Then continue to dance blindly within your personal grudge…)

Let him play his silly games.

I get sick to my stomach when I think about the horrid state of my mansion.
Just as I predicted, it was a mistake to trust the Koona to take care of it.
Basil and I must hurry back there at once…!

It won’t matter in the end.

Muse: This is the perfect time to watch me dance and just relax.
Someday, I’ll be the world’s greatest dancer!
You can say you knew me before I made it big! Better watch me while you can!

This is all finally almost over.

Basil: I’ve asked your young friend Eriel to assist me with the refugees.
With so many injured, I cannot do this job alone. She’s been very helpful.

Twenty-five years…

Shivan: Beyond the dark future is a world of brilliant light.
The end that beckons will spawn a new land.
What lies ahead for you depends on the strength of your soul.

I’ve waited so long for this day to come.

Leon: I can’t be discreet with so many people around. It’s made my job so difficult.
And the whole Besek situation keeps escalating. It’s about time I moved on.
You’re about to go back into the field again? Well, good luck with that!

I will finally make him pay for what happened so long ago. Even if it costs me my life…
- unknown