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by skoolmunkee

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Original Thread: Dementia isn't a mental illness, it's a game! ETHER ONE



The human mind is fragile and doesn't always work the way we'd like. You're a Restorer at The Ether Institute, and your job is to heal Jean's mind by entering representations of her memories. You're to explore and her understand her past, confront and solve her troubles, and restore what has come apart.

Game Stuff

It's a first-person exploration puzzler/point and click from White Paper Games!
Ether One is only a couple months old, I got it on PS+ last month and really loved it. It's also available for PC.

Sorry friends, this isn't a comedy LP. I'll mostly be commenting quietly, very little overall. There are a couple mechanics I'll explain, and I'll explain puzzle solutions. Mostly I want the game to just speak for itself though. It doesn't need me. I just want to share it, hopefully that way it will find its way to more people who will like it! (In summary: videos will be slowly paced and chill.)

Obviously I encourage anyone who enjoys these videos, and this type of game, to buy it for themselves and support the developers. I got it free on PS+ but I bought it fullprice on PC so I could do this!


The end!
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