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Part 7: Post-Update 4: Around Town with Quona

Update 4 conclusion: Around Town with Quona

Before we swap over to our new party, let's take care of The shopkeeper girl.

Alright, we're ready.
Thank you, kids! I'll bring her out right now!
Mommy's going now, so take good care of the store, okay? You'll be fine. You can do it. You're mommy's little pumpkin! If anything happens, ask the adventurers, okay?
O...Okay... B-Be careful.
I'll be going, then. Take good care of Quona, okay? Bye now!
Uh... ...Uhm......
Y-Yes... L-Let' our best... Uhm... Mommy taught me how to run the shop already... I-I'll for you...if...uhm...anything be there...
Well, we'd be pretty bad caretakers if we just wandered off...

Fade to black.

Uhm...please...d-do you have a minute?
Uhm...w-well, a guard showed up just now...

Ngh. You guys are adventurers, right? Sorry to bother you just after meeting you, but I need to find something... You all have a Citizenship Card, right? It's that identification document you got when you completed your first map thing. It's real important. Can't stay in High Lagaard without one of those. But, uh... See, I think I might've dropped it somehwere...and I was wondering if you could find it for me...'re serious, aren't you.
W-what she means is, of course we will.
Oh! That'd be great--hnnghk...! When I get excited, my head starts throbbing again...
Uhm, so, this man...he was too drunk to go home, so another guard left him here with us... But when he woke up, he couldn't find his Citizenship Card anywhere in his room...
No, I haven't looked anywhere yet... I wonder where I should be looking in High Lagaard...?
Why does everyone but me understand this bear perfectly...
Uh... Uhm... Mister, you were drinking last night, so maybe at the bar?
Oh! Right! You're right! I do remember drinking at the bar...! head hurts even from talking...
Uh, uhm... I-Is it okay if I...come with you? I-I asked for the help, so...s-so I want to try my best until the very end...
Well, if you think the store will be okay while you're gone, then yes.
Okay...! We'll be right back.
If you'll only be gone for a little bit, then I guess I'll watch the shop. Sorry for having caused all this...

Eh? Wow, even the little missy from the inn is here too. She end up joinin' yer party? Haw haw!

Fade to black, followed by:

Mm, really... Yeh lot really know how to pick the strangest requests. Well, there was a guard in here makin' a ruckus. But I didn't see any Citizenship Cards dropped in this shop.
You already checked?
Yeah, 'cause I had to clean the entire damn bar up when he was gone! That idiot got so rowdy, he spilled drinks all over the floor! I had to clean up after him. No way I'd have missed it.
So, Mr. Guard had it on him the whole time until he left...?
S'pose that's what it comes down to, yep. Sorry I couldn't help yeh out more.
N-No, it's fine. Thank you...
Okay... Thanks, Mister. Byebye.
Awright, go get it done!


Another fade to black.

Ah, I see. You're looking for the Citizenship Card that the guard has lost.
Did a guard come here yesterday?
Yes...but there were a lot of them, so I don't know if any of them were the ones that lost their card... And we haven't found any lost Citizenship Cards lately, either.
I see...
I'm sorry, Quona. When customers come, I'll be sure to ask them about it, okay?
Th-Thank you, Abigail...
You two seem like good friends.
Oh, yes! We're about the same age, and our parents own shops, so we see each other a lot at the events and such. Right, Quona?
Th-That's right... Ehehe... Ah, I'd like to stay and chat, but we have to go find the Card...
Ah, you're right! I'm sorry to have taken your time! Good luck, Quona! You too, everyone!
Yeah... Thanks! Bye-bye!

N-N-Nice, nice... Nice to m-m-m...
...Did I do something wrong?
...she's just like this.
Hmm, is that so. I guess it takes all kinds. So, what brings you all the way to my store?
Uh... Uhm...

Yet another fade to black.

...Wow. That's one clumsy guard. Sorry, but no guard that stupid came to this store. Hmm...if it's related to citizenship, then maybe you could ask Grandpa. ...It's probably not exactly his field, but he might have some clue.
Th-Thank you, um,
Oh, okay. ...Hope you find it soon.

Ah... Y-Yes... Uhm...

Fade to black.

Hmm... A guard lost his Citizenship Card. That certainly is not good.
W-Would you happen to, um, k-know anything about it?
I'm sorry to say, young lady, but I do not know here the lost Card would be.
Make it a mission, then. We have exploring to take care of.
Eh? Perhaps you're mistaken. It is not I who decides the missions. They're national matters. A personal request such as this should really be reported at the bar... Hrm. Given your luck thus far, however, I doubt that would produce any rewarding result. Ah, perhaps you ought ot try looking at the Explorers Guild? Most citizens turn in lost articles to there, you see? Of course, for explorers, the rule is usually finders keepers, but anyone with a heart would turn in a lost Citizenship Card.
D-Does that mean we should go to the Explorers Guild...?
I cannot guarantee you will find it there, but it's certainly worth checking, hm?
I-I Uhm... Th-Thanks... Minister...
Ho ho. I did not do anything to deserve your gratitude.

This is a rare sight. Did you have something you wanted to ask me?

Pretend I put in a fade to black here instead of telling you about it.

So drunk, he lost his Citizenship Card... Tsk. I expected better self-control. I'll have to make a note about this. Oh, sorry--the lost Card... I haven't heard that any Cards have been found around here. Which means that the lost Card you're looking for is not here either.
I see...
We'll go look somewhere else, then.
You're doing a, um, great job so far, Quona.
Th-Thanks... Ehehe...
No, wait. There's no need to look for the Card anymore.
It's not that dire a matter. We just need to issue him a new card. That's all. can do that. We just wasted 15 minutes of our time?
Of course. It's fairly common for someone to lose their Card by some accident or other mistake. ...Of course, it's not that often that a Guard gets to drunk to keep a hold on his...
Huh...? I don't understand...
Ah, I apologize. Let me clarify--I can provide a replacement for the Card that this guard lost.
I'm glad... Okay, Mister Guard can stay in High Lagaard, right?
: Rrr.
It seems you've completed your search. Now, if you would, please inform the guard that I am expecting him here. There are things I must ask him to do, before the reissuing of the Citizenship Card... I'm looking forward to it indeed.
O-Okay... Then we'll head back... okay?

No, we...haven't...found it...but you can get the, um...Explorers Guild... should be, um,
Hey, you're right! I totally forgot you could do that. It's like an epiphany. Alright, I got it. I'll rush over to the Explorers Guild, then. Thank you guys so much. Now that I'm not so stressed, my hangover's getting a lot better! Bye now! Thanks a lot!
I'm...glad...Mister Guard...could be happy...
You did well just now.
I guess so... Eheheh. Then...I'll...go back to...the reception...okay?

Last fade to back, I swear.

I'm baa-aack! Sorry to have kept you waiting, Quona. Was everything okay?
Oh, mommy... Welcome home.
My goodness, it seems like you did a good job of minding the store!
Yeah... The adventurers were here...and helped me...when I trouble...
My oh my, is that so? Thank you, kids!
Um...wait, how did it go again...oh, yeah. We always fulfill our quests!
Well, well! You always know just the smoothest things to say, don't you? Oh, I left the reward at the bar, so go grab it when you have time, okay? And... Quona, don't you have anything to say to the nice explorers? You should at least say thank you!
Uhm... Th-Thank you for...staying at...the store with me... I-I was really glad...that you I was in trouble... So...if you can...please to me again...sometime? Um... Th-That's...all...
My oh my, look at your face! You're beaming, Quona. But I'm glad to hear you're excited for something. It does me good to see you this happy, pumpkin.
That's it! That's all I needed from you. Thanks for looking after my darling!
See you...again...

My period key is screaming in agony right now.

In any case, Hanna's talk dialogue for 3F:

I heard you made it to the 3rd floor! Well, my goodness... I guess I underestimated you loves. Oh, I didn't mean any offense. Just, you loves don't seem the hardened explorer types, so I was a little worried. But I suppose you're doing just fine! Keep up the good work!

Oh, welcome back! Everything go okay with the little missy? ...Well, to be honest, I already heard the gist of what happened from the innkeeper lady. Yeh watched the store, and even took care of some busywork... Haw! Yeh're good kids! I'd flat-out refuse, or demand cash! Yeh got a little bonus on yer reward as a way of sayin' thanks... Yeh really have a nose for sniffing these out. Even if yeh would've done it anyway, s'pose this is what they mean when they say that what doesn't kill yeh makes yeh stronger! Eh? I'm usin' it wrong? Who cares? Just siddown and have a round of drinks...! What, on me? 'Course not! Haw haw!

Amritas are godly consumables. They restore your TP when you consume them. The only big problem with them is that they're in limited supply until the 4th Stratum.