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Part 103: Celebrations

Update 12: Celebrations

Time to turn in our mission.

Tell me, did you find what it was that you sought?

This is the Dynamo Stone.
Ah... is that the Dynamo Stone? I've heard tales of it, but to see its beauty up close... I'm relieved to hear that you found what you needed. We've also received one other report... You have rescued Beowulf, one of High Lagaard's most famed guilds... This is a momentous accomplishment! I think it rather unfortunate that your time in our nation will be limited. Why, I can scarcely believe that it was only the other day that you formed a guild.

It was only natural.
Hoho! Well spoken. I envy the Midgard Library their reliable young envoys! The Grand Duchy has a reward in honor of your hard work, Guild Guild.

Ooh, that's a nice bit of money.

And Knight gains a level.

I hope that you can now delve further into Ginnungagap and perform your ritual, Princess. As for the rest of you, please help her see her duty through.

Let's talk with him.

I will be praying that you may complete your duties safely.

We can finally get back to our main task.
Indeed. We must do all we can to complete the ritual, and find the truth behind this affliction of Knight's.

Whoa, it's the barkeep... Didn't expect to run into you here.
I'm just out to get some supplies! Yeh know, I gotta check the ingredients myself to see if they're actually any good or not. Hey, Knight. Yeh much of a meat-eater?

Eh, it's okay.
Aw, c'mon now. Put some feelin' into it... When yeh're feeling like that... all yeh gotta do is eat a good slab of meat!

'Course, 'course! I wouldn't forget yeh. Yeh're always scarfin' down that stuff! Well, let's head over to my place then!
Oh, come on. *sigh* What a pain... Thought we were supposed to be heading to Ginnungagap. Right, kid?
Oh, but... I think this is fine, don't you?
I think we deserve a little celebration after soundly trouncing the Chimaera.
If you're okay with it, Arianna, then there's no reason for us to refuse.
Hey, barkeep! Meat's good with me, too!
Haw, awright then! C'mon, follow me!

Welp, my condolences. Probably best if you just give up and head on after them.

And hey, Brucke! I brought yer savior with me.

Hm? Savior...? Oh--you're from Guild!
Yeh remember him, right? It's the guard that was on patrol duty. He's all healed up now, so we were havin' a celebration. Hey, don't yeh have something to say to them?
I-I was all panicked at the time, so I couldn't give you guys a proper thanks. But... I'm really grateful for your help. If it weren't for you, I would be dead right now.

You don't need to thank us.
You don't have to be so modest. I mean, you did save my life, after all! Oh, by the way... Were you able to find the Dynamo Stone?
Yes! We were able to acquire one. So... will the bridge move if we take this there?
Well, there are lots of ways that moving bridges are operated... but around here, the Dynamo Stone is your best bet. If the bridge already has a Dynamo Stone set, but doesn't move, it probably means the stone was too old. So if you take out the old one and replace it with a new one, it should be fully operational again! To think, a moving bridge in an ancient ruin... I wish I was able to see it! I'm breathless just imagining it!
O-Oh... is that so?
Of course! There's nothing in this world more serene, more beautiful than the humble bridge!
E-Excuse me...?

...In any case, if you ever have any questions about bridges, feel free to come ask me about it. I'll do everything I can to help out!

Oh, Cass.

...Anyhow. From what I heard, not only did yeh save the guards, yeh saved the Beowulf duo too. Hrothgar mentioned how grateful he was to yeh lot. ...Ain't a whole lot of people who can save others in a dangerous place like the Labyrinth, yeh know. It ain't a laughing matter if yeh're the ones that end up dead 'cause yeh tried to save someone. Most folks are too busy keeping themselves alive. That's the kind of place it is. ...That's why I'm glad to know that there're guilds like yeh out there too. Alright then! Everything's on the house today. Eat anything yeh want!

The Labyrinth is really dangerous, and we're always risking our lives when we go in... ...But when we come back alive, and get to see the people that we saved...
I dunno. Makes me feel... good.

It's not a bad feeling.
Oh, drop the 'cool' act already!
...Heh heh.
...... It is a pity though...
What is?
We've been accepted into this city as the Guild Guild, but once the ritual is over, I will have to leave.
Oh... yeah. You're right.
You don't want to go back, Ms. Princess? Then just don't go back.
If only I could do that... But unfortunately, I doubt that would be possible.
Hey, why don't we save all this gloomy talk for later. We're here to eat! Celebrate! Right?
...And just like that, your appetite's back. It's enough to make this old man jealous.

And the scene ends. Let's see what Cass has to say now.

Come on now, hurry! If the others hear I'm playing favorites, then everybody and their dog's gonna want one.

The most expensive thing you got.
What!? Y-Yeh...! Nngh, yeh don't miss a chance, do yeh! Taking advantage of others' generosity... Th-The student has become the master. Dammit!
H-Hey. So what exactly did we do? Cass acting all nice out of the blue like this... I dunno, doesn't it feel weird?
... Yeh lot brought Hrothgar back, didn't yeh. Yeh know, when Beowulf first started out, I was the one to give a toast... and they've had countless celebrations at my place. ...I even had a glass ready that day he came back. Didn't have a single tear in his eye... Gah! The hell are yeh making me say!? Shut up and eat! Drink! Enjoy, dammit!

I heard you saved an explorer from the Labyrinth! You lovelies really are amazing! Not only a guard, but now you've saved an explorer... You kids really are all heart!

We only did what was natural.
It might come naturally to you, but there are plenty of people who couldn't do the same, you know? ...I've heard sad stories about how some explorers had to abandon their friends to survive. I know it can't be helped, but... It warms my heart to know that there are kids like you out there too.

Quona has the exact same dialogue as she does in Classic.

Most of the NPCs don't have more than one portrait, but sometimes the game will freeze their blink animations so that they could at least have an eyes closed version.

When I first started working here, my dad told me that. I've never seen him look more grim than when he said those words... But... I guess it happens the other way around sometimes, too! I thought I'd never see them again, but thanks to you... Thank you... thank you so much for saving the members of Guild Beowulf!

I hear a lot of stories of guilds... not making it back. Not often you hear about things going the other way around. It's... very good news.

While we're here, let's cook the rest of the 1st Stratum food.

Sorry to keep you waiting. It's done.
Oh, we could hardly... wait?
Um, you know, this... Let me ask just in case. ...What is this?
Hm? I thought I told you the name before. It's a butterfly tsukudani.
...It was a bit unexpected to have the name reflect the dish in its entirety.
But the glaze is pretty. Shiny, crispy, tasty-looking.
Oh? You have good eyes, Chloe. Cooking something of this size to be evenly amber all around is the key to Apicius's recipe.

It looks hard to eat.
You don't have to worry. Apicius made this recipe with that in mind. I'll show you how to eat it. First, cut the body into manageable sizes... Now there, try it out.

It might be good.
Not “might"; it WILL be good. I made it myself, after all. Well, just eat and see. First, you cut the body into manageable sizes... Now there, try it out.

I'd prefer a different ingredient.
You don't get it. This technique only works with the shape of the butterfly. It wouldn't work with other ingredients.
...Why did you put so much effort into trying to cook this, Apicius...?
You guys are really picky, aren't you? Give it a try and you'll see.
First, you cut the body into manageable sizes... Now there, try it out.

The choices merge here.

Thanks, but no thanks.
...Do you not trust my skill?

This is a but thou must.

A man must have courage!

...... ......! It might not fit everyone, but the refreshing taste of the venomfly matches with the sweet, salty flavoring!

It's delicious!

Eat it yourself.
Y-You're not trying to fool me, are you!?

Dialogue merges here.

It's not anything to be up in arms about. This size might be rare, but there are regions that eat insects.
W-Well, I've heard about that before back at Midgard... but seeing it for the first time is something else.
I do agree... Seeing this has surprised me a bit--No, quite a lot.
I know, right!?

Regina, you fool! Now she lusts for the blood of all animals!

THAT'S what you're surprised about!?
I get you can eat the body, but what about the wings? Looks hard to eat.
You sprinkle them over rice. ...See? Like this.
My, that is quite pretty. And the flavoring seems like it would go well with rice!
You guys aren't reluctant at all...

I'm with you, Flavio.
Yeah, huh... We never had something like this at Midgard, huh...?

Open up a bit, Flavio.
Am I the odd one out...?

Dialogue merges here.

I'll add this to the menu, so feel free to order it whenever you feel like it.

This food doubles Poison damage. Too bad the Story party doesn't have any way of inflicting that at the moment.

Sorry to keep you waiting. I've finished it.
Ooh, I eat cartilage a lot at bars, but this one has a different texture to it.
...Hey, I didn't say you can eat it yet. Keep your hands out of the dish.
Hm? It's gonna be eaten anyway, so what's the big deal?
That's not the point. This is a question of manners!
Wh-What should we do, Sir Knight? At this rate, they're going to get into an argument...

Let's calm Bertrand down.

Yeah, yeah, the old man's wrong. You happy, now?
...What's with this man? This attitude at this age... How did he get through life?

Let's calm Regina down.

Did I say anything that was wrong? He's acting like this because you pamper him.

Let's just eat.
Mm... You're right. The food'll get cold at this rate.

Dialogue merges here.

...You're too harsh on Trand. He may be rude, but it's just because he's too old to fix it.
That's not helping! Ugh, just don't say anything!
A-Anyway! I'm starting to get hungry now...*wink* *wink*
This deep-fried meat... It is called “karaage"? Do we squeeze this citrus and eat it?

Let's squeeze the lemon.

Mr. Sword, that's evil. The crunchiness is now soggy.
Come on, that doesn't matter anyway.
That doesn't matter doesn't matter. It's a very important matter.
Dame Chloe is so emphatic about this... It must truly be a grave matter.
Er, no, it's really nothing at all.
These over here don't have any juice on them, Chloe, so eat them.

Don't squeeze that lemon.
Yeah, the karaage will get soggy, so we don't need that.
You think? I like the refreshing taste it gives.
That's evil.
...I see this is a deeply rooted debate.
They just can't understand each other because the subject's so stupid. That's all.
I see... That is quite deep!

Dialogue merges here.

Alright, I'll add this to the menu, so order it again whenever you feel like it.

Regular attacks are now imbued with the Volt element on the first turn. This is an utterly useless effect.

Sorry to keep you waiting. It's done. ...But the MVP this time is her.
Yes! I worked very hard to make it.
Now everyone, please eat.
Yokan, huh... I've never seen one before. Is it sweet?
Well, it does look delicious! I like walnuts, after all.
Sir Knight, please have some as well.

I can't wait to eat!

...The sweetness is balanced with the saltiness of the walnuts. However... you should pair it with some bitter tea.

It's delicious.
I'm glad you like it...!
Hmph, it's only natural. I'll add it to the menu, so order it whenever you feel like it.

It's okay.
So I need to train more? ...I'll do my best!
That's the spirit, Arianna. Making picky eaters enjoy your food is one of the charms of being a chef.
I'll add it to the menu, so order it whenever you feel like it.

Sir Knight? Did it... um, not suit your tastes...?
But it's so good. Chloe will eat Mr. Sword's then. Any objections?
...I see. Um, if it is too much for you to eat, please give it to Dame Chloe then...
So everyone has different tastes... Well, it's not my place to tell you what you like. I'll add it to the menu, so order it whenever you feel like it.

Now a different skit occurs if you choose the other option at the first choice,

I'm not a fan of sweets...
Huh... You do not like sweet things?
Very well! If you pour this sauce on it, it will no longer be sweet, so you can eat that!
H-Hey! He's not going to eat that either, so stop it!
But it might turn out to be delicious.
Listen, Arianna. Pouring tomato sauce on a yokan will not make it better!
Ack... Just thinking about it makes my stomach cringe.
I'll add the PLAIN yokan to the menu, so order it whenever you feel like it.

The rate of Grimoire Chances occurring is multiplied by 1.5 while this food is in effect. Handy if you want to grind for Grimoires and don't have easy access to a specific food.

Sorry to keep you waiting. It's done.
...! Meat, simmering. Simmering, meat!
...You really do sink your teeth into things regarding meat, huh?
What are you saying, Mr. Bow? What am I supposed to sink my teeth into if it's not meat?

Chloe don't mistake meat.
*sigh* When did she become such a meat fanatic?

Sink them into vegetables, too.

Hey, don't ignore him. Your mother told you the same thing, right? *sigh* When did she become such a meat fanatic?

Dialogue merges here.

A perfectly unbalanced diet, huh. Well, in that case...
Listen up, Chloe. The true worth of this hotpot is not in the meat, but in the vegetables.
Those who don't eat the vegetables are unworthy of this pot.

But they're still vegetables.
Yes, they're still vegetables, but they have their own strengths. You just don't know them.

Then I'm worthy.
Knight has spoken. Chloe, how about you?

Dialogue merges here.

...... ...I'll become worthy of this pot.
...Wow. Chloe followed orders.
Dame Regina, you're incredible!
I'll add this to the menu, so when she is worthy, go ahead and order it.

Okay, it's not a completely terrible effect, but it's really situational and pretty much outclassed by all the good food effects.

Sorry to keep you waiting. It's done.
My, this is quite unique. The side dish is sitting directly on the rice?
A donburi is what they call it. The pub has a few too, remember?
...But wouldn't the taste of the side dishes mix with the taste of the rice?
Oh, I get it now! You're supposed to eat just the food on the top first!

Eat how you like to.
How I like...? Is there another way to eat this?
It's not a dish you need to be very proper for. Just as Knight says, eat whatever way floats your boat.

You eat it with the rice.
...? Is that not improper table manners?
It's not a dish you need to be very proper for.
Well, it's probably best to eat in whichever way you like.

Dialogue merges here.

That's right. Eat how you like, when you like. That's the best.
I want to eat this now... *nom* *nom* ...So I'm eating... *nom* *nom* ...first.
Don't try to justify pre-meal snacking! Have the least of manners!
Wh-What is correct...?
Somewhere down the middle...?
*sigh* I'll add this to the menu, so order it again whenever you want.
Please no snacking then.

This increases your party's resistance to Poison by 80%. It's very handy for the Chimaera if you're having trouble with it's Poison attack.

Sorry to keep you waiting. It's done.
Ooh, that smells good.
...Hm? But was there anything this color among the ingredients we handed over?
Drying the giant bud and extracting the flavor makes this color.
Huh!? This... is from that smelly monster!? But, it's not smelly!
It's actually refreshing. I want to smell it forever...
After washing it with salt water and drying it, wrapping it with the skin of sugar beets gives it this scent.
...I was wary about it too, at first, but Apicius really was amazing.
I wonder how he thought about changing the smell...?

Trial and error.
...You may be right. He is called genius, but it is most likely an answer he reached through hard work.

Genius inspiration.
...Inspiration, huh? It is true that you can't reach new heights without it.

Whatever, it's just good.
What do you mean “whatever." There's a better way to put it, you know...
But thinking about it, the process of cooking may not be important to those on the eating end.

Dialogue merges here.

Well, enough with the complex talk. Can I get another cup? I'm thirsty.
That'll be extra. I'll add it to the menu, so order it there.
Tch, don't be such a spoilsport.

Increases the party's resistance to Blind by 80%. It'll be handy for a few fights.

That's all the restaurant skits for this Stratum.

...That monster had claimed the lives of so many explorers. Many survivors sought revenge, but disappeared in the Labyrinth. You've finally put an end to the whole wretched cycle of events... I give you my thanks in place of the fallen. Well done, Guild.

And time to go up to the 2nd Stratum.

Everywhere you look is painted a vibrant red... Yet no two shades are alike. The exquisite gradation of colors within the trees is overwhelming, and you pause to take it in.

This is completely different from the last floor! What in the world's going on here?
It just must be that kind of place.
That's not an explanation!
The temperature, the humidity... even the air is different. I can see why the Midgard Library wanted to investigate.
Interesting. Very interesting. Knight, can we hurry and go?

Wait, something's off...

Once more, please.
Can we hurry and go?

No, that wasn't it.

You tell the black-robed girl that wasn't the part you wanted to hear repeated, and she speaks once more, puzzled.



You indeed heard correctly; Chloe used your name when addressing you. If memory serves, this is the first time that the black-robed girl has called you by your name!

Whoa, you finally learned someone's name. You always did have a problem with remembering those...
I'm just not interested. Use their name, don't use it, it doesn't matter.
Still... you remembered this time, no?
You're making a big deal over nothing. Don't get so excited.

The black-robed girl quickly looks away and pointedly walks on ahead.

Let's hurry up and go. You too, Flavio and Arianna. Come on.
Right away!
I-It feels a little weird now, not being called 'Mr. Bow'...

You watch the rest of the guild follow the black-robed girl before taking your own first steps into the unknown Stratum.

It's hazy, but... something's rising up.

The curious object before you seems to be composed of beautiful ribbons of light streaming up to the heavens. What could it possibly be...? As you gaze transfixed at the light, the black-robed girl wanders toward it!

Dame Chloe!? You must stay back! It may be dangerous!
We'll know that if we touch it.
I see... That is true, I suppose.

All right, try touching it.
Are you serious!? You're asking her to touch a mysterious light in the middle of THIS forest!?

As Flavio upbraids you, Chloe pulls her hand back, and you abandon your idea of reaching towards the light. Still, you are no closer to discovering what this rising light may be... You cannot discount the possibility that it is dangerous, so you hesitate to approach it carelessly. In the midst of your indecision, the protector speaks up from behind you.

It looks like a Geomagnetic Pole. I've no clue how they work, but they're supposed to act like a bridge connecting High Lagaard and the Labyrinth.
A bridge? Mr. Guard would like that.
Oh, you mean that bridge-loving guard? This is probably outside his interests...

You may try using this bridge between the town and the Labyrinth, or ignore it in favor of pressing onward.

I head back to town at this point. But all the townsfolk pretty much just said their 6th floor dialogue, so they don't say anything new now. Though if we enter Cafe now...

Regina just lets us know that we can develop other areas. Same as in Classic, nothing new here.

But some of the bar patrons are new here, and some of them are exclusive to Story Mode. Like this guy right here.

Oh, I've heard of you before. You're Knight of Guild, right!? See, we started our exploration at around the same time! So I've been keeping an eye on you guys. Huh...? W-Wait, you don't know me? Huh! W-Weird! I'm Abrouille! Known as the Deerslayer? Killer of the Chimaera? You really haven't heard of me!? ...Well! Um. Weird. I mean, I'm really famous around here... really!
Look, maybe it's none of my business, but you probably shouldn't go around saying that kind of stuff...
D-Don't know what you're talking about!

What's this now? Ain't this one a cute li'l thing? Go on, girl, get me a drink! Heh heh heh...
Hey, enough with that! She's not just some barmaid!
Oh my... If you require assistance to order drinks, then perhaps you have had too much already!
Here you are, sir. I specifically requested a modest amount.
Oh, uh... oh.
I recall hearing that it's better to drink with some food, in order to offset the influence of strong alcohol. So, why not order some snacks to go with your beverage?
Uh... s-sure. I'll do that.
Yes, please do so!
A-Arianna... you're amazing...

We can't see any inn scenes yet until we do the whole Ginnungagap thing. Which we'll do next time.