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Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight

by Ragnar Homsar, Dr. Fetus

Part 119: Demi-Fafnir

Update 28: Demi-Fafnir

As the woman speaks, you hear a familiar voice echoing.

He has reached the Hall of Succession...
Is Trand okay?
I do not know. But I do sense power gathering now within the Hall... If left unchecked, that power will flow into him. You must hurry and stop this.

Okay, let's rescue Betrand.

With the first step inside the door, an intense heat surrounds you.


In the center of the room is the man you have been seeking!

We've come to rescue you.

Rescue me...?

Bertrand's voice turns cheerful as he responds to you.

Haha... You seem... fine. I guess my hunch... was right. I thought you'd get released... if I took your place during the process...

The man's breathing is labored, and he looks to be in so much pain that he might collapse at any moment.


The black-robed girl starts to rush to his side, but the man stops her sharply.

Don't come near me!
Sir Bertrand...!?

Though you halt in your tracks, Bertrand backs away, putting more distance between himself and your group.

Old man? What's wrong!?

You have to return to the surface!
Sorry... I can't... The power... flowing into me... it's... Ngh...!

The unnatural vortex of heated wind continues to whip around Bertrand as he glances about.

No! The power that should be yours... It is all flowing into that man!

Uhh, that's not good.

No way... the old man... he's turned into a monster!?
Sir Bertrand...

It's no use, we have to fight!
Fight Trand...!?
Ngh... Is that our only option!?
To think things would turn out this way...
Guardian! Isn't there any way to return Sir Bertrand to normal?
...... ...There is one possibility. The reason that he has gone berserk and become a monster is because the power in this room is flowing into him. If you can stop him before that power settles within him, thereby releasing him from its grip... There is a chance that he will be saved and the transference of power will take place as planned.

All right. Leave it to us.
Thank you, Knight. Then I pass on the power remaining in this room, and the last of the power that I hold, to you... Fafnir Knight. It is time for you to become this generation's Black Guardian!

Akashic Nova is the exact same skill as Ignition Ray, only its targeting type is AOE instead of single. The damage output doesn't even change. But this is the final power Knight will get in Story mode.

You now have power equal to that of the past Guardians. Now, go!

Knight actually starts out the fight transformed (And has a new look to boot), which is a bit unfortunate for me since that means I don't have time to set up a Delayed Chase. So, Demi-Fafnir.

Level: 43
HP: 10800
STR: 31
TEC: 35
VIT: 35
AGI: 28
LUC: 33
Damage resistances:
100% 100% 100% 0% 100% 125%
Disable resistances:
50% 100% 0% 0% 0% 25% 0%
0% 0% 10%
25% 0% 75%

Demi-Fafnir is a... special boss. He's weaker than Scylla in a lot of aspects. Most of his stats are lower than hers, and overall his skills don't deal that much damage. However the reason for all that is pretty clear as we still have only 4 party members to work with, and our defensive support is still gone! Now the fight itself isn't all that bad, it just has to be approached differently. (Assuming you didn't reclass anybody, and don't have a bunch of Protector Grimoires to cheese the fight with.) Demi-Fafnir can't really one shot your party members (unless you ignore the incredibly weak adds for some reason), instead he'll just gradually grind your party down, so unless your existing defense outpaces Demi-Fafnir's offense, going all in on offense is a bad idea.

I should note that in Classic mode, Demi-Fafnir is an entirely different fight. And by entirely different, I mean hilariously anti-climactic. The boss itself is exactly the same in Classic mode. But Classic parties are free to bring in 5 people for the fight, and can bring in a defensive support like a Protector or a Beast to reduce Demi-Fafnir's low damage output to pretty much nothing. You think they would have gotten a buffed up version of the boss to fight, but then again, looking at the game files heavily implies that Ginnungagap was a last minute addition for Classic, and not much could be changed there.

Now you'd think that with the cutscene beforehand making a big deal about the heat, that Demi-Fafnir's weakness would be Ice. Nope, it's Volt for some reason. Probably has to do something with the fact that this boss wasn't even intended to be Demi-Fafnir in the first place. (Read Ragnar's update about this guy to find out more about that. Also to see how utterly pathetic it is in Classic mode.)

Gonna risk going on the offensive a bit. If Flavio doesn't land the blind, I'll have to play more defensively.


Hm, not a good start.

Only about 600 damage for the turn.

I'll try to have Flavio inflict the blind again, and have Arianna join in on attacking as well.

Well that didn't work, and now Arianna is on the verge of death.

At least we took away a decent chunk of his health.

I don't really like using Guard Order, since I find that skill to be unnecessary when I can just use Front Guard, but as you can see, I don't exactly have access to that skill right now.

Oh and after you take off enough of his HP, he summons adds.

Control Device
Level: 43
HP: 400
STR: 36
TEC: 35
VIT: 35
AGI: 28
LUC: 33
Skills: N/A
Damage resistances:
100% 100% 100% 0% 100% 125%
Disable resistances:
0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
0% 0% 0%
0% 0% 0%

...Really? You summon these dinky little things!? Sure they're a bit stronger than Scylla's tentacles, but she summons those constantly. Demi-Fafnir only summons these at set points.

Dispatch the Control Devices fast, as the flames they release will deal a small amount of damage to the party every turn. And since it's an end of turn effect, not even Fire Wall can protect the party against this.

Normally I wouldn't give up 3 turns of guaranteed full damage Ailing Slashes for a party heal, but as you can see, this isn't a normal fight.

This is kind of overkill for the Control Devices, but I doubt the fight will last long enough for Flavio to get a 2nd Force Boost going.

Throughout this battle, I'm also using Arianna's buffs as a way to slightly heal my team. I don't really recommend actually using her buffs for that in other battles, but it's a nice way to mitigate Demi-Fafnir's damage here.

Okay, now I'm back on my feet with everyone fully healed.

Yeah, complete overkill there. Flavio could have done twice as much damage to those things if they didn't die the moment they ran out of HP.

Ready to see Accelerate in action?

Since it's the last turn of Arianna's Force Break and she shouldn't be getting a chance to activate her Force Boost again, I'll just refill my party's TP.

AHAHAHA YES! I don't have the Blind food in effect, so Demi-Fafnir isn't completely out of the fight, but that should make Ailing Slash deal way more damage.

When Knight uses Accelerate, he must sacrifice his current turn.

Everyone's TP pools are topped off.

Ah, now that's more like it.

The payoff for using Accelerate is that Knight is allowed to select up to 3 separate actions on the next turn.

Broken? Pretty much. Knight dealt around 1730 damage on a single turn, which is about 16% of Demi-Fafnir's HP. Ouch.

Unfortunately now Knight can't Transform for the rest of the fight, and we're not even halfway done.

But at least Chloe can pick up the slack now.

And this is Demi-Fafnir telegraphing his super move. If you somehow took too long to take out the Control Devices, it'll pretty much kill you on the next turn.

Oh and he sure picked a great time to regain his sight!

And now it's back to using Delayed Chase + Shock Sabre since Knight can't do anything better.

Since Demi-Fafnir isn't blind anymore, I opted to use Artery to help offset his damage. I suppose this fight is a bit interesting in that without a proper defensive support, you have to evaluate when to play offensively and when to play defensively.

Even if the chances of landing the Blind again are slim, I really would like to try since that will make the fight easier, and enable Chloe to hit Demi-Fafnir for big damage again.

Well, I knew the risks anyway.

Nothing I can't recover from.

I'm pretty sure Demi-Fafnir is going to summon the Control Devices again this turn, so I'm gonna have Arianna put a stop to that.

And they went down the instant they got summoned. How pathetic.

Though apparently pulling that off causes a bit of a glitch in that the flames still stick around until he uses Flame Formation again.


Thankfully Demi-Fafnir doesn't have too much HP left, though with things not going as planned, I'm wondering if I can even take him out.

Especially since Flavio can't land the blind again.

Knight's gonna get taken out if I don't heal him up.

This isn't looking good. If Demi-Fafnir gets off one more attack, I'm done for.



Demi-Fafnir is a bit of an interesting fight in Story mode considering that you have to play a bit differently, what with having only 4 party members and not having a dedicated defensive support. Unfortunately he's a complete joke in Classic since they aren't bound by those gimmicks.

Trand... Trand!
Old man...

Bertrand's monstrous form remains limp on the floor before you...

Trand's still down...? He's not going back to normal?

The black-robed girl wears a shocked expression as she approaches the fallen monster with halting steps.

Trand... Trand...!

Tears flow from the girl's eyes as she gazes upon the unmoving hulk that was once Bertrand.

Dammit... Wake up, old man!
No... This cannot be... Can it...?

As each of you stands in shock at the sight before you, you notice a figure entering nearby.


It's Trand's family name. But that family died out a long time ago, so no one should know the name now. Who're you?
I am... the one you knew as the Black Guardian.
The Guardian...? You...?
In the battle just now... I bestowed all of my power upon Knight. The power that had transformed me into the Guardian is lost, and as a result it seems I've retaken my original form. Though... this body will only last me a short while longer.

The Guardian is sorrowful as she gazes at you, and then what was once Bertrand, collapsed on the floor.

With my powers gone, there is little I can do. Still...

The Guardian steps towards the limp figure and kneels to gently touch its monstrous back.

I can release the power that remains in you. Now... return to yourself...

As the Guardian softly speaks, the fallen monster begins to glow...!

Is this a dream...? Is this really happening...?

As light pours off the monster's body, what remains is...

Nngh... I...?

Bertrand lies before you, restored to his human form!

What a relief...!
Chloe... Knight... Am I dreaming here...? I... went into the Hall of Succession to take your place...
And... Is that you, Violetta?"

Bertrand's voice drops to a whisper upon seeing the Guardian, as if he cannot believe his eyes. The Guardian he called Violetta smiles a bit bashfully.

I never thought we'd meet again… But though the years have passed, you never change. You always do such reckless things for your friends... That's why I wanted to protect you. I'm sorry to bring you so much suffering all this time...
What're you saying? You're the kind one, not me. You tricked me and shut yourself away for a hundred years for my sake...
...You are as kind now as you were then. To meet you again in my true form... and to see you together with them... ...I have no more regrets.
Hey... Violetta...
...I must depart now...
Wait... Violetta, wait! I... There's something I need to say to you...

But in response to Bertrand's cry, the woman only smiles... and turns to you.

The mechanisms of the ritual here in Ginnungagap will collapse. From here on, there will be no new Guardians... You are the last to inherit our power. That is why there is something I must ask of you. Ginnungagap has met its end, and the Calamity shall awaken. Tell the Lady of High Lagaard. She... should hold the key to our last hope... And please... protect... this world...

With a bright flash, the woman disappears. The moment she disappears, you feel a subtle change in the atmosphere...

She's really gone...
She must have used the last of her strength to save Sir Bertrand...
...She could've waited. She was always... such a selfish girl... She'd say whatever she wanted, and... and never listened to a word I'd say...
Trand? Are you crying...?
...I'm not crying.

Don't lie.
Shut up...
Um, Sir Bertrand... May we inquire about the lady we just met?
She said she was the Guardian... so does that mean she was the last generation's knight?
...Violetta was the Daughter of the Mark a hundred years ago. I was her knight. But during the ritual, there was... a problem, and I had to briefly go back to our homeland. I... insisted that the ritual had to go through, but she said I should return. I presumed everything would be fine. But when I returned... there was no one left in the ritual halls. With no idea what happened with the ritual or where she'd gone... I was left in the dark.
Old man...
...I was always scared. I thought that if the Calamity ever swallowed up the world, it would be because of my screwup. And when I realized being the Fafnir Knight made me long-lived... I decided to wait for the next ritual, a hundred years on. I thought maybe then, I'd find out where she disappeared to.
But wait... do you mean to say that the previous Lady successfully undertook the mantle of the Guardian herself?

What!? Who is this?

The... first Guardian?
That is correct. I have overseen the Fafnir Knights selected by the Ladies for generations. And with them, I protected the seal on the Calamity. In the last ritual, a Daughter of the Mark named Violetta came to Ginnungagap alone, without her Knight...
Even with severe wounds, she declined the company of her knight for this harsh fate. She assumed his responsibilities...
That girl...
Normally, this would be impossible. The Lady should have been sent back and the Fafnir Knight recalled... But she was weak, and on the verge of death. And since a knight seemed to have been with her at one time, the Door opened. Even I did not know how the ritual would be affected if the Lady died after passing the Door of Boundaries. The most likely outcome, I thought, was that the ritual would be halted and the Calamity would not be sealed. I was left with no choice but to allow this human, so much more frail than a Fafnir, to become the Black Guardian.
I can understand that Lady's feelings.
As can I. But it was still a mistake on her part. Her vitality was insufficient to power Ginnungagap's systems, which began to fail, turning the upper floors to ruins. Only the floors deep underground that acted as the seal remained... and even their state is precarious.
So... she did become the Guardian in my stead...
She did. By running from the ritual then, and disrupting it now, you are the cause of this, Bertrand. The power of the Black Guardian is lost. The Calamity can be sealed no longer. The lasting peace will be broken.
It's my fault that the Calamity's...?

Bertrand casts his gaze downward at the Guardian's words, and his shoulders begin to tremble.

This isn't Bertrand's fault.
Oh? Then tell me, Knight... Who, if not Bertrand, is to blame?
It was the Calamity that caused this!
I agree wholeheartedly, Sir Knight. I always found it disquieting for peace to require such sacrifices... Certainly, there are times when one must stake one's life to protect one's family and loved ones.
But the sealing ritual with the Fafnir Knight that has lasted these many years... It is beyond the pale! We once met two members of the guild Esbat. They slaughtered explorers, all to protect their sister, who became a monster.
This situation... it seems little different to me. Sacrificing one thing to protect another is a contradiction in terms.
Sir Knight's words have shown me that all of this was a mistake, from its very inception!
Daughter of the Mark... You would claim that my actions were for naught? That this nation should have fallen to the Calamity?
That is hardly…

Wasn't there another way?
It's simple to state one's ideals and speak of fanciful hopes. Yet man is powerless before the Calamity's overwhelming strength! No human can vanquish that monstrosity...

How can you be so sure?

People who've played EO1 and EOU should recognize the term.

As such... I understood full well that the power of the Calamity lurking in Yggdrasil's roots surpassed that of man.
The Yggdrasil Project?
It was a project meant to save the world, and yet... all I know is that it gave birth to the Calamity. The only means I could find to counter it was to seal it here in Ginnungagap. Him, though... My old research partner, who had powers beyond that of man... Perhaps he could have done something.

Research partner?
Yes... When the Yggdrasil Project caused the earth to become unlivable, there was a faction that escaped to the skies. I am a descendant of those people, and the Lady who founded High Lagaard. My research partner should still be there.
And... you think this guy can stand up to the Calamity?
I cannot guarantee it. But... he has always taken an interest in the potential of mankind. He has seen how the Yggdrasil Project reshaped the world. He must have sought a way to overcome mankind's limitations.

Ah yes, the monsters of the forst.

If those were his work... then is he the Ruler of Heaven? Would someone like that help us...?
I... cannot say. But if there is any chance, it would lie with him. Knight, last of the Fafnir Knights I have given rise to. Seek the help of High Lagaard's Lady and head for the pinnacle of Yggdrasil!

That... is my final wish...


The woman receives no answer. The area is blanketed in utter silence.

The Guardian mentioned the transference of power. I think all her powers are gone.
Does that mean... she's dead?

Bertrand listened to all of this with mixed feelings, but then he bows his head low.

The reason she ended up like this… It's because of a stupid thing I did. Knight, Arianna... The huge burden on you guys is something I forced on you a hundred years ago. I'm sorry.

A simple apology isn't enough.
Haha, no, it isn't. I'm serious, though. Sorry for everything I put you through.
Sir Bertrand, the burden is everyone in the Guild guild's to bear.
Let us go meet this man... this Overlord that the Guardian mentioned, and find a way forward!
If we can stop the Calamity without anyone having to sacrifice themselves, that would be the best possible result.
No sacrifices... Not Trand or Knight either.
...You got that right.
I'm really sorry, everyone. And... thanks.
But can I ask just one favor?
A favor...?
Can we... go back to town? My entire body's aching something fierce here...
Oh. Right. We beat him to a pulp.
*gasp* S-So we did...!

Tough it out, Bertrand!
Hrgh!? D-Don't shake me...!
Y-You look really bad...! If you were in this much pain, old man, why didn't you say something sooner!?
He's exhausted. And he doesn't look so good. Once I've done some first aid, we should go back to town.

As anxious as you all feel, you decide to take the weakened Bertrand back to High Lagaard.