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Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight

by Ragnar Homsar, Dr. Fetus

Part 121: A Rocky Opponent

Update 30: A Rocky Opponent

Did you... really bring me ingredients from the Yggdrasil Clover!?
I never expected that one day, I'd have all of these ingredients... They're all so rare...! Heh. Typical Guild...
This will be the final recipe.
I wonder what the tea's going to taste like this time. I can hardly wait!
I'm looking forward to it as well. Go ahead, try testing out the recipe.

And here's the last of the teas.

It's done. This is Yggdrasil-clover tea!
Hmm...? This smells a bit like medicine. Is it drinkable?
Yeah. It's... drinkable.

Let's drink it.

......A very grassy and bitter taste hits your tongue...!

Yggdrasil clover. You brought it to me. According to the notes, it's a medicinal drink.
Medicinal... The taste makes sense.
...Hey, kid. If it's medicine, then tell us ahead of time. We need to be prepared here.
Ueh... I can feel it spread from my mouth, through my nose, into my eyes...
I figured that being a secret recipe, it'd be best for you to try it without any prior bias. Besides, though it tastes terrible, the notes say the effects are great. Don't you think you should suck it in and drink it all?
Er, well, yeah...
But being this bitter and horrible, my stomach's still stirring...

Uhh, let's not drink it.

Don't be so reserved. The smell and taste are horrible, but it is very nutritional.
Hey, kid. Did you just quietly mention that the taste is horrible?
Yeah, I did. According to the recipe, this is more like a medicine than a tea.
Medicine... It does smell like it. ...But this smells worse than any other medicine I've had.
B-But it's good for the body, yes...? It's a rare drink, so it should be worth drinking it...
...This'll take some courage.

Dialogue merges here.

Good medicine tastes bitter. ...It's the tough part about being an explorer.

Hoo boy, the Yggdrasil Clover Tea. What it does is triple all exp gain, which includes quest and mission exp! Not only that, any party members that are at the guild get all the exp your main party gets as well! (This is useless for Story Mode.) Oh and here's the last audio only conversation that plays in Cafe.

Oh, Dame Chloe. Why are you tied up here?
Hey, you're right. She's-
Wait, tied up!? What were you doing!?
Regina punished me.
Not only did she enter the kitchen without permission, I caught her filching food! Kid or no kid, I have zero tolerance for that!
So sad... But it was delicious!
You little-tch! At least show some remorse for what you did!

Anyways, let's get on with exploring the 4th Stratum.

Uh, I don't think those are for decoration. Isn't that a bird's nest?
Ah! Is this a nest...!?
If the dwelling is that large, then its owner must be sizable as well.

It must be pretty huge.
Don't you think? It would have to be capable of carrying those thickly stacked branches in its talons...
Doesn't that mean we're in danger?
...Oh? Now that you suggest it, perhaps you're right.
The nest doesn't seem abandoned. The big one might not be far off.

Considering the size of the nest and its location in this forest of powerful beasts, it is undoubtedly a dreadful bird indeed. You keep in mind the possibility that you may encounter this bird in your travels...

Sir Knight! Please look!

It looks mad.
Is that because we're too close to its nest...!? Wh-What should we do, Knight!?

You may valiantly stand up to the bird, or retreat from the room.

The birds in this stratum will chase after you, but if you can shake them off, they'll just go back to the nearest nest. You'll have to utilize that behavior to get past them.

I know there's something up there, but I can't get a good look at it with the flowers in the way.

You may be able to get what's in the tree to fall by shaking its branches...

Shake shake!

You try shaking the tree, but the many other branches along the way keep the object from reaching the ground.


You don't have time for half-measures, and shake the tree with all your might!

C'mon... If you shake it like that, won't the whole branch come crashing down on us?

Just as the trunk began to creak, something small falls down upon you...

What the... C-Caterpillars!? Ew! Knight, stop!
S-Sir Bertrand, might we take shelter under your shield!?
Shoo! This old man's shield is only big enough for one. Find your own cover!
Trand, that's not fair.

Though your guildmates are vexed by the shower of caterpillars, you are certain of one thing... With just a bit more effort, you will have your prize! With that certainty in mind, you stop shaking the tree... and tackle it instead!

Wha--!? No, it's gonna--Gyaaaaaaaah!

Along with the downpour of hairy caterpillars comes a bit of material!

You happily report this unexpected result to your guildmates.

Good for you. Looks like this kid's hit his limits, though.
Flavio isn't breathing.

For some reason, the others do not seem to rejoice over your valuable find.

Sir Knight, you're covered in hairy caterpillars too... Oh dear, and rashes besides... Don't they hurt?

Arianna's comment finally causes you to notice that you have broken out in red rashes. At last, the pain hits you...

Please stay still and I'll remove them right away.

You thank Arianna for her thoughtfulness. Once Flavio has regained consciousness, you return to your exploration.

Before I go up to the 17th floor, here's an audio only conversation that can play in the 4th Stratum.

Choo! Ugh. What in the world? Ever since we got here, my eyes have been itchy and-achoo!
Was that suppose to be a sneeze?
What an adorable sneeze! I wish mine was that way!
Ugh. Enough about my snee-choo! Shouldn't you be more worried about me? Ah-achoo!
You're adorable.

And we're done with this floor.

New floor, time to go back to talk to the townspeople and accept new quests.

...Oh, Mister Bertrand! The clasp on your boot is loose.
Hm? Oh, this. That's not loose, kid, that's plain old broken. It's too much of a pain to go get it fixed, and it's not really causing me any problems, so I just let it be.
Oh, it'll be dangerous to just leave it like that! Here, let me take a look at it. ...There, that should do it!
Huh... that's pretty impressive. You did a fine job there, kid.
Well I am my father's daughter! Just let me know--I can fix it if you ever need me to.

That's pretty amazing.
Eheh... wh-when you praise me like that, it's a little embarrassing...

You're the heir of this shop, all right.
H-Heir...!? D-Do I really seem like one!? ...Hee hee... I'm glad to hear that!

Dialogue merges here.

I just want to learn more, so that I'll be able to better help you... ...One day, I'll be good enough to be of proper use to you... so please, be patient until then!

Well, only a few townspeople. From this point on, a lot of the town dialogue is the same as in Classic's. Mainly because the story itself slows down heavily at this point. But here's the last audio only conversation for this place in Story mode.

So many interesting things. Huh? What's this?
Ah! Miss Chloe, please! Try not to break anything, okay? Please?
Does this spin?
Noooo! Daaaaaad!

Now let's go take a nap.

As you sit there, you hear a knock at your door. Who could it be at this hour...?

Next up is Flavio.

Buuuut, I guess this is business as usual for us.
I was just talking with the old man... About the last ritual and stuff, and how he's lived for over a hundred years.
We've been him for so long, and I think this is the first time we've had a serious talk. It was kind of interesting. He seemed real shady when we first met him, and I wasn't too keen on him... But I guess he's been through a lot.
I never even imagined half the things he's gone through. ......
Actually... I'm a little embarrassed to say this now, but I always thought we had it tougher than anyone else.
We have no parents, we don't know our roots, no one really cares about us... My best friend had something horrible happen to him, and no one believed me...
But I see now it's not just us. Everyone's got problems... everyone's got it tough.

That really is embarrassing.
Sh-Shut up! I know I'm narrow-minded, and I know I can be self-centered.
Haha, I'm glad I could open up to you about that. I kind of knew what you'd say about it. That's probably why I came to see you after talking to the old man.

You're planning on heading back to the Library after this, right?
I don't think I ever talked about it with you. It just seemed obvious that we'd go back... but man... I wonder what I'll do there... Something I'd want to do...

What Flavio says here is actually dependent upon what you said back in that conversation at Ginnungagap B3F.

Is there anything you like to do?
Something I like to do? Hmmm... well...
I never liked studying much, but I did like the hands-on training and taking care of the little kids.
Whenever I found a new species while we were out exploring, I wrote it down in my notes. I liked doing that.
The ecosystem in the Labyrinth turns everything I learned at the Library on its head! I'd never get bored of that...
...Huh. I guess that's all I really needed to think about. I just gotta keep doing what I like...
Haha, after talking to you, I kind of feel like I have an idea of what to do! Thanks.

I should start charging.
Wait, you're going to charge me!? Uh... How about I just owe you one?
Well... sorry to keep you up. We gotta wake up early tomorrow, so I'd better get to bed. G'night, Knight.

It is late, and you decide to rest in preparation for tomorrow...

I heard the Duke's guards were sent to the fourth stratum based on your findings... but as you'd guess, they were wiped out. By now, there's only a few explorers remaining in High Lagaard that can keep up with you all... including myself. In a one-on-one duel, my victory would be assured, but against all of you... well. I doubt I'd make it out alive. What's the phrase...? Something like: “Many in harmony surpass one in perfection." ...I know it isn't what you came here for, but I have no doubt that you will be the ones to reach that castle. I wish the best of luck to you, Guild...

And here's the last audio only conversation for the Explorer's Guild.

So many explorers!
I ask that you don't wander around the facility too much.
So many guilds! *gasp* Is that a newcomer?
Hee hee!
Hey! No running in the-ugh. Where is her guardian?
Hey old man, she means you.
Tell her he ain't here.

Okay, let's get back to exploring.

My...! How adorable!
Y-You think so? It reminds me more of raw meat than cherry blossoms...
Something this captivating must be equally delicious to eat, wouldn't you agree?
Good mushrooms are yummy. But there are a lot of bad ones too.
But the good ones...

Chloe seems to be saying, in her way, that the mushroom is worth eating despite the risks. There is nothing preventing you from eating the cute mushroom if you wish.

Let's eat the mushroom.

You pick the mushroom and break off its cap before putting it into your mouth. The mushroom tastes wonderful on your tongue as you bite into it. It might taste even better roasted... Just thinking about that brings a wide smile to your face.

It must be scrumptious indeed to make you smile that much.
Whoa, you're right. I can't remember ever seeing you smile like that.
It's pretty rare.

You hadn't intended to beam so brightly... You try moving your cheek muscles to tone down the smile. Nothing happens, however. You cannot now remember why you would restrain yourself from smiling at all. You feel so elated and euphoric that you see no need to hold back, and begin to laugh until your sides ache!

Okay, something's definitely wrong here! Knight, are you all right!?

Even your friend's face as he tries desperately to calm you down is hilarious to you. Before your eyes, the forest becomes a delightful landscape of vibrant color. A thought occurs to you... The delicious mushroom is still in your hand. Shouldn't you share it with your guildmates...?

Chloe said she wanted to eat some mushrooms, right?

Since Chloe rarely changes her expression, you feel she should share this experience with you. You smile heartily as you force the mushroom into the girl's mouth!

Wha... What?

The black-robed girl is perplexed by your sudden action, but munches gamely on the mushroom as she cocks her head.

H-Hey! Stop chewing! That mushroom's really suspicious!
But it tashtes and shmells sho good.

With that, the black-robed girl finishes chewing and swallows the mushroom.


It didn't go exactly as you intended, but Chloe seems to be having fun... as far as you can tell.

I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this, but is that mushroom poisonous!? H-Hey! Calm down, you two!

Both of you giggle goofily at each other for a while, until you suddenly feel very sleepy and fall unconscious.

Fade to black.

...You don't remember?

Neither of you remembers anything that happened after eating the mushroom. All you know is that your heads hurt.

...That was horrible. The mushroom was yummy... but still dangerous. It was really tasty, though.
Chloe... Are you thinking about having another one?
But it looked so adorable... Truly, the food found in the Labyrinth can be frightening.

You feel foolish for having ate what you found in the forest, and return to your exploration still clutching your head.

In Classic mode, if you have a Beast in the party, you can avoid that outcome entirely. Unfortuantely Story mode gets the short end of the stick here, as there's no way to avoid the HP and TP loss whatsoever.

This event starts as soon as you step on this tile.

Wh-What is that...!?
Crap... I've only heard rumors, but it fits the description of what they call Etria's nightmare.
E-Etria's nightmare!? I heard about that too, back at the Library...
They say a team of our strongest investigators had a hard time dealing with it.

All you can do is cower in fear before this monster that men call a nightmare... But this is no dream! You must rouse yourself from your stupor and choose what action to take! You may avert your eyes from the nightmare you behold, or stand and face it.

Trying to sneak away results in getting blindsided, and I'd rather not have a repeat of THAT INCIDENT.

Our way out of this is before us!

You each take your weapons in hand to stand against this dreadful threat! There is only one way to awaken from this nightmare: to slay the monster!

I proceed to kill it. Oh and there's no after battle dialogue.

So if you're wondering what the heck just happened? Okay, so in EO1, once you beat the game, it spits out a password you can put in at the start of EO2 to import your EO1 party to get bonuses in EO2. And penalties. They're Atlus games after all. One of those penalties was the Etria's Nightmare event, which couldn't be seen if you didn't import a party in from EO1. In the original game, you were pitted against a bunch of Petaloids, a bunch of merely annoying enemies in EO1, which got upgraded to extremely deadly encounters in EO2. Essentially that event was purely a screw you if you played the first game.

Now EO2U severed that connection between EO1 and 2. There's no way to import your EOU party into EO2U, and the EO2U Story party are not the same people in EOU's Story mode. But for some reason they kept that event, and labeled the Hurt Babirusa (A strong enemy in EOU's 5th Stratum) as Etria's nightmare instead of the Petaloids. It feels incredibly shoehorned in, and honestly that event should have been scrapped, or rewritten from scratch.

The lustrous fruits shine like gems, swaying in the wind as if enticing you to pick them.

This fruit looks good...
But it is of the Labyrinth... are we certain that it is safe to eat?

You may eat the fruits or ignore them.

If you're having flashbacks to explosive fruits (long story), worry not. They're safe to eat.

As you reach towards gem-like fruits, you feel a deadly gaze trained upon you!

Uh-oh... we're surrounded!
Sheesh, can we not get one damn second to relax!?

Could the monsters have gathered to eat these fruits...? They growl menacingly as they charge directly at you!

I kill them easily.

You follow Flavio in checking your surroundings, but there seem to be no more of the monsters.

If the monsters wanted these fruits too, then they must taste good.
Yeah. After all we went through, I say these are a fair reward.

You each pick the lustrous, red fruits for yourselves.

Mmm, this is amazing!

You bite into the red fruit, whose sweet juices are pleasing on the tongue... The fruit's captivating taste and small size cause you to eat one after another off the tree. The delicious fruits were greatly effective in soothing your exhaustion!

That was good...
There's a bunch more here that aren't ripe yet. Maybe we can have some more if we come back another day.
That would be amazing. Let's mark this place on our map, Knight.

You all agree that it is worth remembering this place as you go on your way deeper into the maze of cherry blossoms.

As someone who's played the original EO2, it's a bit strange seeing a bunch of weak random encounters promoted to tough FOEs. (That rhino was merely a trash mob in the first Stratum in the original game.)

That's a hell of a big monster. I hope we can get past it without making it mad.

I wonder what its patterns are...
Who knows? I'm sure we'll find out the hard way once it notices us.
I'd rather try to make some progress without that happening.

You decide to exercise care while moving on, while paying close attention to the giant monster.

I get its attention.

AHAHAHA! Dumb rhino fell down a hole!

Whoa, that was one clean drop.
Once that monster starts running, it can't stop. Not even if there's a hole in the way.
This may be trouble for those on the floor below... but it could be an elegant solution should we encounter more of its ilk.

You decide to keep careful track of the topography and the monster's positions as you go.

Why wouldn't I kick a rock?

Oh, that's why.

Whoa! A-Are you okay?
Now that's what I call instant karma.

...You have no rejoinder to this. You leave the area, regretting your impulsiveness.

Oh we are not done here.

Last time, it only brought you injury, but there's no guarantee that the same will happen this time. You may pit yourself against the stone once more, if you wish to prove the previous loss was only a fluke.

No way I'm letting a little rock get the best of me.

You ignore Flavio's confused remarks and take some calm, clear breaths before kicking the stone with gusto! The stone goes flying before ricocheting back from a tree, just like last time! However, you have anticipated this, and devised a counter strategy...

Dive! Dive!

You dive forward to dodge the stone as it passes overhead, using your momentum to execute and elegant forward roll!

A-Amazing, Sir Knight...!

“Nailed it," you think to yourself... From behind, you hear the “clink" of a stone falling to the ground. You have overcome your prior limitations!

Uhh... C-Congrats?
What's to congratulate?
Don't ask. Actually, just stay out of this.

With a sense of deep satisfaction, you return to exploring.

And here's the end of this floor.

And a new floor means going back to town yet again.

...After I finish gathering up 8 Arc branches for the Before the festivities quest.

Yes! It appears we have collected 8 Arc Branches for the quest!
They're gonna need them before they can get the festival underway, right? We should probably go deliver them.
This festival idea interests me. Let's hurry.
Ugh, what a pain...

You have collected everything required for the quest. All that remains is to return to the bar to report your success.

...Sometimes, when my daughter and I look up at the Labyrinth, we try to guess which branch you're on... Haha. You're all just kids when you're here, but you must be so different when you're in the Labyrinth... I wish I could see it. Oh, I know! How about I go along with you on your investigation? You'll all protect me, right? Then there's nothing to worry about!
Protect you... But aren't you pretty tough?
Hey, that's rude! I mean, true, but... rude! I'm pretty sure that's not what she wanted to hear...
Oh, dear! Whatever is that supposed to mean? I'm nothing but a fragile, swooning maiden. Bahaha!

And here's the last audio only conversation for the inn.

Well if it isn't Chloe. Always so cute. Would you like some candy?
Hmhmhm. Here you go, do you anything? I just get so worried about such a little girl going adventuring.
No need, I'm strong.

Now why don't we get to sleep?

As you sit there, you hear a knock at your door. Who could it be at this hour...?

Next up is Chloe.


Are you hungry?
N-No. That's not it. It's...
I came to say thank you. I thought about it. And I don't think I've thanked people enough.
But I don't know what the best way to say it is. That's what's wrong.

A gift is always nice.
A gift? Something to show my thanks?
I get it, I think. I should give you some meat, right?
Here, take this. It's the best jerky I have. I always carry some on me.
There, I properly thanked you. I'm satisfied now. ...Thanks to your help, Trand's gotten over his past. I really wanted to make sure you knew I appreciated that.
I thought there wasn't much I could do for Trand since he never told me anything. That's what Grandma thought too. She said Trand's an adult, and she's lived a long time, so we shouldn't butt in on his business. He knows what he's doing. So I decided I'd help Trand with whatever he wanted to do.
But after talking to you... that didn't seem like such a good idea. There are things I want Trand to do. And he won't get it if I don't tell him. So from now on I'm going to be more clear with Trand. You taught me that, Knight. Do you think it's enough...?

Heehee... You're kind of like Trand, Knight.
Well, I thanked you. I think that's all I need to say.
I'm finished talking now, so I'm going back to my room. 'Night.

Alone again in your room, you have only the silence for company. You decide to rest in preparation for tomorrow.

To be honest... I have also tried my hand at exploring the Labyrinth before. I went in alongside many comrades. However... there are very few that I still see today. Many of the faces I once knew were consumed by that Labyrinth. ...But as a survivor, I will remember all of their names and faces. It is my duty. Not only I... There are many in this city that remember them fondly, as well... They may be gone, but their stories of courage will linger on, and keep them alive in the peoples' hearts. ...Hm, perhaps that sounds a bit strange. I merely felt... nostalgic, after hearing all the citizens talking of you. Pay me no mind, I suppose. Only the addled ramblings of an old man, hm? I wish the best of luck to you.

And here's the last audio only conversation in the Grand Duchy.

That mustache!
Do you groom it everyday? What tools do you use? Scissors? A comb?
What's this now? Are you interested in mustaches?
Very. I can't grow one after all.
I-is that how she talks to a minister?

Oh one last thing, if you already fulfilled the request for The item trade III quest, this happens.

Hello, and welcome! How can I help you all...? The request...? Oh! Ah! I'm so sorry! This is my mistake... I really do apologize! You see, um, the materials that we asked for in that quest... you've already brought them to me... I'm very sorry. I was thinking about telling Cass to close it... I-I was so busy, it totally slipped my mind... I'm really, really sorry! But since you gathered the materials in the first place, we can say you completed the request! So please, feel free to get the reward from Cass at the bar, okay? Seriously, dad should remind me about this kind of thing... Oh, you still haven't met him, right? Look, he's peeking out from his door--Oh, dad...! He hid again so quickly... I'd really like for you to meet him, but no matter how many times I call him, he just won't come out... I'll be sure to introduce you properly next time, so please be nice to him! You see, dad's never met you, but he keeps saying something... If he ever gets a son-in-law, he wants it to be someone like you! And he wants to hand this store down to my husband! ...Isn't that something he should work out with that person, instead of deciding it all on his own...? Eheh... sorry, I guess I got sidetracked. I really am sorry for the mistake, but please help out again if anything comes up!

And back into the Labyrinth we go.

As you're investigating the area, Chloe tugs on your sleeve and points. What she is attempting to show you is a depression in the tree where a sticky fluid has pooled.

I think this is sap. Looks like it's dripping from that cut there.

You are somewhat curious as to how it might taste...

Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow, we die.

Whoa, this is sweet!

The tree sap is extremely sweet and cures your fatigue!

It mystifies me that something so sweet could flow within a tree...
It's nothing unusual. There's a country called Ontario where they harvest the sap from trees as a national export.

...Really, ga-actually I guess that wasn't really a plot point in the original game.

They call it maple syrup. It can be spread on meat, used in ice cream... it's the best kind of sap.
Oh, I know that stuff. One of the senior Library investigators has it sent from her home country all the time.
She shared it sometimes with those of us who live in the dorms. Man, was it ever good.

This is a reference to a specific character from EOU.

I had no idea... It seems I've still a lot to learn.
...Might I taste it a bit more for future reference?
Kid, don't use expanding your horizons as an excuse. Just have some.
Was I that transparent?

Arianna's fascination with the sap does not surprise you, as its sweetness is truly divine. However... it seems you weren't the only ones drawn to this delectable sap. As you reach towards the sap again, you feel a chill down your spine!

I-Is a monster nearby? But I don't see anything...

As you cautiously check the area, Flavio gives a strangled cry. You look at what his trembling finger points towards...

I guess it's true that people who hate things are the first ones to spot them.

For what you find are the many-legged insects that Flavio despises more than anything!

You hate them, but you keep finding them. I feel kind of bad for you.
No time to feel bad for me now! Let's get rid of them! Right now! This instant!

As Flavio is almost in tears, for his sake you take your weapons in hand and face the insects!

This would be a really mean encounter if I didn't outfit everyone with Owl Earrings. In fact I recommend having those be your party's accessory of choice due to how deadly Panic is as an ailment. Anyways, I manage to take them out easily.

The ambush by the monsters Flavio hates so seems to have drained his energy, as he slumps to the ground. It's times like these when you most want some of that sweet sap to cure your fatigue, but alas, there is none left... However, when you look to the recession in the tree, you find that sap is slowly pooling once again. At this rate, there will be enough for you all to enjoy again by dawn tomorrow.

Ah, so there will be more to enjoy later...? I'm quite looking forward to that already.
But... don't bugs like it too? Bugs drink that stuff too, right...?

So what?
'So what'? Th-That's all you can say...?
What're you talking about? The maple tree's sap always attracts tons of insects. With how sweet the stuff is, it's natural that humans wouldn't be the only creatures who want it.

You note this place down on your map and return to your investigation, already looking forward to tasting the sap again.

It seems stuck fast... Will it be all right?

You can brush away the web and save the butterfly, or simply leave it to its fate.

Funny little fact about this event in the original. There was a butterfly that would lead you down a pitfall if you tried to catch it. (Pitfalls are no longer in EO2U.) That same butterfly would then get caught in a spider's web, so you could leave it to its fate as comeuppance if you chose to. Though there was a benefit to helping it out back then, and like in EO2 there's a benefit to helping it out now.

I feel bad for the spider as well, but we did spot the butterfly first.

After you free the butterfly from the web, it lazily flits around you.

Could it be thanking us?
Nah. Bugs don't think that way.
But it's really shiny and pretty...

As you gaze rapturously at the butterfly's beautiful, iridescent wings, it eventually disappears into the trees. After you've seen it off, you notice an odd phenomenon... It feels as if a second wind is rising within you. The fatigue you had felt up to now has vanished!

That butterfly... it was shedding a lot of scales. Maybe this is a side effect?
There are butterflies that can do that? This forest never ceases to amaze me...
It must have floated around us knowing this would happen.
...It's still hard to believe.

You discuss it at length, but cannot come to a consensus as to what the butterfly was thinking. Still, the effects were undeniable, and you return to exploring with a lighter step.

Suddenly, an overpowering voice echoes from above!

Father Sun and Mother Moon. Bless the earthbound people with the gift of new life...

After saying this, the winged one looks at you as if in judgement.

Whoa...! We got a glimpse of him before, but he really does have wings...
Hey. Is Mr. Wings looking at us?
Um, Sir Knight. Should we respond to him...?
He doesn't seem hostile... I guess we should at least tell him that we come in peace too.

He's a parrot man, right?

You try repeating the winged ones' words back to him.

Hm...? I had not expected to hear those words from earthbound ones. But that is not sanctioned by the Almighty Star. Return to your earth! You have strayed from your fate. The path to the heavens remains closed to you.

The winged one's voice is firm, and he remains resolute in barring you from passing here.

H-Hey, wait a sec! You could at least listen to what we have to--
Enough, Flavio!

Before Flavio can finish his protest, you pick up on an air of palpable menace in the room.

That branch, that tree, that bush... There are winged people everywhere.
When were we surrounded...?

As you are surrounded by hostile winged creatures, you recall something... They may relent if you speak the phrase you learned from the Duke's daughter.

Those words...!

When you repeat the words that the Duke's daughter taught to you, the winged one gazes at you in surprise. He then spreads the wings on his back and rises into the air, as if opening the way to you!

The question does not seem addressed to anyone, and the winged one disappears. You feel as if you are once again alone in the room...

Looks like that did it.
Then... is the path leading to the castle in the heavens beyond here?

Let's hurry on ahead.
Yes... Let us proceed onward!
We're heading up into a new floor. Let's be very careful as we go.

You move to climb the stairs to the next floor with your guildmates. However, Chloe remains behind, wearing a disgruntled look on her face.

They didn't lend us their wings. I wanted to ride on them...
Sheesh... You're still hung up on that?

Ignoring the black-robed girl's petulant protests, you proceed onward and upward.