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by Ragnar Homsar, Dr. Fetus

Part 122: Waiter For a Day

Update 31: Waiter For a Day

A new floor, which means it's back to town.

Oh, it's Guild. ...That must mean... Arianna's here too!?
Yes! I am right here.
Haha... Sirs, I hope your day is quite enjoyable!
Y-Yeah, you too! Wow. Arianna's pretty, she's kind, and she's even strong. How can anyone not like her? You kids better not hold Arianna back, y'hear me!?
...Hey, why do you suddenly have a cult now?
Arianna's super popular.

Hmm. I'm not sure if the game was implying that multiple people were talking there or not. Anyways. here's the last audio only conversation for the bar.

I want that, and this and... that over there!
Of course, lassie! Eat yer fill!
Dame Chloe, how do you stay so thin with such a prestigious appetite?
I dunno, I don't do anything special.
Awww, how I envy you.
Ha ha ha, ladies are always worried about that, eh? I say yeh need to fatten up a teeny bit more lass! Here, yeh have some more meat too!
N-no thank you.

Ah, Guild Guild. How may I assist you today? Please do not hesitate to ask anything. ...Hm? Where Lady Gradriel is? Ho ho ho, that's quite the brush-off. Tired of being greeted by my old face? Unfortunately, Lady Gradriel is currently meeting with an ambassador. I doubt that she will have time to come down today. She has quite a full schedule, but I will be sure to pass the message along. Why do you look so surprised? It is only natural that I report to her about you. Ho ho, Lady Gradriel is concerned for your well being too, you know. Just as I am.

Yeah that's pretty much all the new stuff the townspeople have to say in Story. Oh well, time to see another inn scene.

As you sit there, you hear a knock at your door. Who could it be at this hour...?

Time to meet up with Arianna.

Come in.

Did something happen?
Well... It's not that anything happened, but my mind tends to wander when night falls. As a Daughter of the Mark in Caledonia, I have been told since I was young that my role in completing the ritual is essential. I always fully believed that it was my destiny to perform this duty.
But there were so many things about it I never knew... They... sent me to do this without ever telling me of the last Daughter of the Mark, only a hundred years ago...
Did... did my father know...? Did he choose to withhold this from me? When they chose an escort from the Midgard Library, resulting in our reunion... was it all planned in advance?

...You might be right.
Yes... I began to have my suspicions after hearing what the last guardian had to say.
I believe that Father feared I might follow the same path as the previous guardian... He was afraid that I would sacrifice myself. Perhaps that is why he kept all of this from me. All to keep Caledonian casualties to a minimum...
I... I'm so angry at myself. I came here in ignorance, and as a result, so many have suffered. I involved you in all this, and caused Sir Bertrand much grief... And it's not only today. My bloodline has caused the suffering of so many... My family... my country... why...?

I... I... *sob*... ...Sir Knight...

I'm... impinging on your kindness again, Sir Knight. The true victim here is you, with all the changes you have undergone.

Don't worry about it.
Sir Knight... How are you able to think that?

Casting blame isn't going to help.
Perhaps... you're right...
The same could be said about Caledonia... Arguing whether my father or grandfather acted wisely changes nothing...
Please allow me to promise you this... I won't cry anymore. I will do all I can at your side, Sir Knight. I don't want to be a pawn in need of protection. I want to fight alongside my friends.

I'll be counting on you.
You may rely on me!

And back into the Labyrinth we go.

It's amazing, all right... But how does it work?
A lot of things in the Labyrinth don't make any sense, kid. Probably better we don't think about it too hard.
Point... Anyway, we should be thinking about how we're going to proceed.
Um... Might we board it?
Hm? You mean that floating thing?
Yes. It seems stable enough there, so I thought perhaps we could ride it.
All right. Let's do it.
Just like that!?
Hmm... I'm a little nervous about this, but it's true that we're running out of paths on this floor...
What's your call, Knight? Should we try getting on this thing?

Won't it be dangerous?
Uh, what he means is that we shouldn't do something so reckless without thinking about it first.
Though if there's really no other wayforward, we'll have to try getting on this thing sooner or later.
Guess we'd better brace ourselves...
Well then, shall we try searching for another way?

Well before we do that, let's look around first.

Wow, that smells nice...

You think that you could easily break off the branch if you reach out to it.

Let's break off a branch.

Hmm. The flower's pretty plain, but that smell is amazing.
Yes, it's most refreshing. I could see it being desirable to perfumers.
There are other branches here... should we take another?

And another.

I bet the kid at the trading post would love to get her hands on this. I bet it'll fetch some good coin.
There are more branches. Should we take another one?

And another!

As you break off a handful of the flowering branches, you hear the savage growl of beasts behind you!

Wh-What the!?

You turn to find a pack of beasts, enraged by the plundering of their territory!

Haha... Guess it serves us right for getting greedy.

There is no escape in sight... Take your weapons in hand and face them!

Anyways, back to where we were before.

I should note that thanks to technological improvements, you're actually shown as being transported to the other side instead of a fade to black transition when you step on them. And yeah you actually have to step on them instead of merely interacting with them like in the original game.

That made my heart skip a beat, but it was quite enjoyable nonetheless!
Looks like it takes us right to the other side, depending on which direction we get on it from.
We'll get lost quick if we don't keep in mind what direction we're going and how to note that on the map, though.
Who cares. I want to do it again!
We definitely can't leave keeping track of anything to the kid here, so we'll be counting on you.

It seems these footholds take forward in the direction that you embark upon them. This may help you delve deeper...

Ragnar Homsar already shows how to get through this floor in his Classic playthrough, and there's nothing left to show off in Story here. So I'll just put in the last audio only conversation for the 4th Stratum here.

I can't help but be awed. Such beautiful flowers.
It feels a bit weird for someplace this dangerous to be so... beautiful.

And here's the end of this floor.

Not heading back to town just yet.

Whoa...! This one looks important...

Descending from the sky is a winged one, but his bearing is quite different from the others that you have met. He is adorned with fine jewelry and shows a noble bearing as he quietly speaks.

So, you are the earthbound ones who bear the ancient pact. Shall those who descended to the earth return to the heavens?

To seek the aid of the castle's lord.
The Almighty Star...? Hm, so the earthbound ones keep His lore as well. Very intriguing. But words will not be enough for this. If you wish to gain entry to the path to the heavens, you must present other proof.
What is this 'other proof'...?
I believe the earthbound ones called it... Ah yes, the Ancient Periapt. It was passed down through kings as a sign of those who may return to the heavens.

Sadly, you cannot think of anything in your belongings that matches this description...

Hm. Then though it pains me to do so, I cannot permit you to pass.

With that, the man who seems to lead the winged ones falls silent, blocking your path forward. He seems to be serious in his stated intent to prevent you from passing, and is uninterested in further discussion.

Something passed down through kings... Might it remain in the Duke's family?
Should we ask at the Grand Duchy...?

It seems you have no choice but to inquire after the Ancient Periapt at the Duke's Palace.

Okay now we're heading back to town, as we can't progress in the Labyrinth without meeting that important Winged One. First up, I opted to rest.

As you sit there, you hear a knock at your door. Who could it be at this hour...?

Um, uhhh. People wanted to see more of Bertrand, right?

I can take or leave it.
Yeah. It's just candy.
Well, if you don't hate it, mind taking some of these off my hands? Think of it as helping a pal!
Huh? Where did I get all these? Uh… from the innkeeper.
Every single time she sees me, she says I need to put some meat on my bones, and dumps a bunch of these on me. I keep telling her I don't really have a sweet tooth, but it never stops her.
Why do women that age never listen to what you have to say...?

Why not give them to Chloe?
It's bedtime for little kids. She never wakes up once she's conked out, anyway.
Well, now that I've gotten rid of these, I think I'll head back... Sorry to bug you, Knight. I'll ask for your help again if I ever feel I need it.

Before we talk with the people at the Grand Duchy, let's do some cooking.

Alright, it's done. Could you try eating it now?

Sound of something falling and then a thud.

Flavio passed out.
What? Why? What did I do?
Sir Flavio does not like insects... spiders in particular.
What a coward.
Whoa, whoa, hold on there, kid. Just this once, I'm with him. Now, let me say this on his behalf:
What the hell is this!?
Fried whole spider. I told you the recipe name before, right?
Like that tsukudani before, why the hell does Apicius want to eat bugs as-is!?

If you didn't cook that dish, Bertrand actually says this line instead.

That's not what I meant. Why the hell does Apicius want to eat bugs as-is!?
High Lagaard wasn't an easy land to raise livestock, I hear. This was a precious source of meat, most likely.
I see... It is a dish that tells us the history of High Lagaard.
That's not the point...
Uhhh... Sorry, kid. This old man is out of things to say.
However, coming face to face with it... It is rather difficult to eat. I do feel sorry for it.
...You said that before, thinking about it.

If you didn't cook the Monster Fish Panino, she says this instead.

Hrm, is that so? Knight, what about you? Do you dislike the looks of this dish?

It's instinctively gross.
I see...

It's acceptable.
Hrm, I see. So it varies from person to person.

Dialogue merges here.

It looks like I need to think about this. I can only see them as ingredients, so I don't understand it. Though I feel really bad about what I did to Flavio...

Don't worry about it.
Thank you, Knight.

Let's hide it before he wakes.
Yeah, that's for the better. ...Too bad since it's tasty and healthy.

Let's make him eat it.
...I see. Make him eat it so that he can overcome his fears, huh? That may be a good idea. If he eats what he's afraid of, he might no longer become fearful of it.
...Allow me to speak on Flavio's behalf.
Do you think? I thought it was a good idea...

Dialogue merges here.

I'll add a note to the menu warning those who can't stand insects. When you order it, I'll make sure Flavio doesn't pass out again.

Trash effect. I mean having an endure effect is nice, but only for the first 3 turns? If you're expecting to die within that period of time, there's either an alternative method to deal with that, or your party is really poorly thought out.

Alright, it's done. Could you try eating it now?
Oh my, it's a bit cute heaped up like this.
Wow, this scent...! I'm pretty confident in my fried rice, but you really are a pro, Regina!

Brava, Regina!
I-I told you before... Flattery will get you nowhere.
Here, have a second helping.
Ooh! Thanks a bunch, Regina!
Stop flattering me! I won't give you any more seconds, you got it!?

...Ha, fine, fine. Here, have as much as you like.

Dialogue merges here.

Is it just me? Regina's face looks gentle.
It just shows you that she can't be angry forever.
...There may be some change of heart.

If you've progressed Regina's subplot far enough, Bertrand says this instead.

She's settled things in her mind. She's got a refreshed look on her face.
Just like you, Sir Bertrand?
...Quiet, kid.
I'll add this to the menu, so order it whenever you feel like it. I'll be waiting.

If someone gets inflicted with an ailment or bind, they recover 5% of their max TP. And no, if someone gets inflicted with multiple disables, they don't recover any more than that. I see absolutely no use for this. Like TP starvation is a problem in this game, but ailments and binds are much worse problems to have.

Alright, it's done. Could you try eating it now?
What an aggressive pasta this is...! Um, so what are we supposed to do?
...Hm? Eat it, what else?
Like... this?
Yeah. The venom's been removed, so you can just crunch into it. It's got good texture.

I'd like to try it.
Yeah, you can enjoy it by eating it with the pasta at the same time.

...I'm a bit hesitant.
I do understand what you're saying, but… Well, you don't have to eat it if you don't want to. Try eating it if you feel up to it, though.

Dialogue merges here.

I'll add this to the menu, so order it whenever you feel like it. I'll be waiting.

This food increase your chance of escaping by 10%. If this game was EO4 or EOU, I would say it was worth taking since the escape rates in those games are abysmal. But in EO2U? Well the escape rates aren't as skewed in the player's favor like in EO3, but they're acceptable enough that this food is pretty much a waste.

Anyway, once you cook enough food the next scene in Regina's subplot starts the next time you enter the restaurant.


...Did it not work?
...No. It didn't.

It worked, right?
... You shouldn't poke fun at Regina like that. Look, she's tearing up.
Wh--I-I am not tearing up!
I tried... I'm still trying, but whether or not it's having any effect... I still don't know. With you getting me all the new recipes, I'm not too worried about losing the customers we have, but...

Just spit it out.
Ah... ...Well, it's... not going so well. I tried... I'm still trying, but whether or not it's having any effect... I still don't know. With you getting me all the new recipes, I'm not too worried about losing the customers we have, but...

Dialogue merges here.

...Idea. I've got one. This is our time to shine.
Huh? And what do you exactly mean by that?
Dun-dun-dunnn. We should show Regina how to interact with customers.
That sounds like a wonderful idea!
...Though I've never done anything like that before. I do hope I'll be able to set an appropriate example.
Don't worry. I've never done this before either.
How can we not worry!? How does this sound even remotely like a good idea!?
Hm. It might actually work.
I tried visiting other restaurants for some kind of reference, but I just came back moping. I can't just copy their service style.
It might be easier for me to try something more realistic.

Then let's give it a try.
Yeah... thanks for the help.

...You, mopey...?
Q-Quiet. That has nothing to do with this. Now show me how to talk to customers!

Dialogue merges here. Also, the sound of a door opening plays.

Oh! It looks as though someone has just come in.

Y-Yes! I'm here! ...It's a little strange when you're the one saying it, Knight...

Are you running errands?
Oh, no. Actually, I... came here to eat lunch today.

Dialogue merges here.

I heard that you were all helping out with the cafe... but I didn't know you actually worked here.
*giggle* It's just for today. We'll make sure to serve you well, as our thanks for all the help you give us at the shop!
Oh, um... You don't have to! Normal service is fine by me!

Let me show you to your seat.
Oh, um, yes! Thank you very much...

Please, take my hand, milady.
Milady...!? M-My hand...!? O-Oh...

Dialogue merges here.

Hmmm... pretty smooth. He's not bad at this.
Wow... there's so much to choose from on the menu... and they all look so good. ......U-Um, there's something I wanted to ask you. May I?

I'll do all I can to help.
Oh...! It's so reassuring to hear that from you, Knight!

It's not gonna be weird, is it?
I-I don't think it is! It's a normal, reasonable request...! I think...

I don't want to hear it.
Oh, c'mon. You could at least let her finish...
And aren't you supposed to be showing an example of how to treat your customers well, here? Do it right!
So, kid, what exactly did you want to ask us?

Dialogue merges here.

It's actually almost my dad's birthday, and I'd like to celebrate it at this cafe. ...So, um, I was wondering if there was something specific on the menu you'd recommend...?

Bizarrely enough, that last option is still there even if you haven't cooked, or even unlocked the Fried Whole Spider recipe.

Anyway, I wonder what her father likes.

Hmm... my dad likes... Oh, he likes things with a really strong flavor! He also likes meaty dishes.
Oh. Your dad and I will be friends. I recommend the steak then. It's really thick, and the sauce adds a really strong flavor.
The... venison steak, then? Well, okay, I'll have that!

Let's see what Regina thinks.

M-Me? Well... I suppose I'm confident about any dish on the menu... It's your father's birthday, right...? Then maybe... a steak might be good?
Steak... oh, that's a great idea! My dad loves to eat meat. Okay, I'll have this venison steak then!

Fried Whole Spider.

Okay, stop right there! Why the hell would you recommend that!? You think that's the best we have to offer!? Of course not! Right?
Flavio. Shut up.
You know what? No! Over the line, man! I'll make a scene if I have to, but I have to set this guy straight! Why the hell would you ever recommend that to a first time customer!? And--And as a birthday meal!? Are you nuts!?
U-Um... if possible, I'd like something a little more normal... M Maybe like a meat dish, or something...?
Meat, huh... well, there's always steak?

Instand. I see.

Oh, that makes sense! Then... I'll have this venison steak!

Dialogue merges here.

Understood. Dame Regina... if you please!
Got it. I'll be back in a bit.

Fade to black and sounds of cooking.

Wow, it's really thick-cut...! It looks amazing...!

It tastes amazing too.
Mhm, I can't wait! Time to try it! ......

Please, enjoy.
Oh, r-right. It just looks so good, I was a little surprised. Well… time to try it! ......

Dialogue merges here.

How is it?
It's... so delicious! I don't think I've ever had venison that was this tender!
*giggle* I'm glad to hear. I quite enjoy the venison here as well!
*giggle*... I'm sure my dad would really like it, too. I can't wait to come here for his birthday.
Yeah. I'm sure your dad would look forward to it too. Oh, hey, I know! Why don't you make a reservation?
Oh! A reservation...! I almost forgot. If you don't mind, could I make one right now?
O-Of course. Could I have you write the date and your name, just here?
Okay! Thank you for the meal. It was so delicious!

Please come again.
Mmhm! I'm looking forward to next time. Thank you!

Give your dad our regards.
Okay! Oh... Knight, remember to keep this a secret from Dad, okay?

Dialogue merges here.

Of course. Please take care on your way home.
I will! Bye! ... *giggle* I'm glad I came by today!
Bye bye.

Abigail leaves.

Hm? Regina, you alright? You look a little out of it.
... No, it's nothing. It's just... that's the happiest I've ever seen a customer. I'm... well, I'm impressed.

That's right!
...I wonder if I can do it as you did.

We just did what we usually do.
What you usually do... hm. Do you think I could do that, too?

Both of these lead to Regina saying the same thing.

I'm sure you can.
...I see.
First you need to make sure the birthday goes well. Then they'll be really happy.
Yeah, she's right... If everything goes well, her dad might end up so happy he starts crying.
Birthday... huh...
...Yes, you're right. I'll do everything I can to make the dinner a success. You've taught me a lot today... thanks.

Since a Classic mode party never does the whole food server for a day thing, the townsfolk actually have an entirely new set of Cafe dialogue for this. Oh and for the record, everyone's normal talk dialogue, aside from Abigail's and Dubois', are the same as in Classic.

I guess I hadn't ever considered that before...

Well, why didn't you say so!? I missed the chance to see you in that outfit! I'm sure Quona would have liked to see it too. If you ever have the time, why don't you work at my shop every once in a while too? Bahaha!

You were working as a server at Cafe, right...? D-Do you think you could you help out at the inn again too?

...Hee hee, it feels a lot more natural for me to welcome you than the other way around... Um, thank you very much for your advice! With your help, I got a reservation at a really nice place! I'm sure Dad will be so happy!

And here's her normal conversation.

Um, if you head out and to the left, there should be a tall building close by. Look across the street, and you'll see the deli.
Very valuable information.
Yes, it is! Everything they sell is really tasty. I definitely recommend this one snack where they mix ground beef and potatoes, and then fry it all up. It's so good!
...I'd love to go, but I get the feeling that once we get Chloe in the door, she's never coming out again.

Oh and if you already fulfilled the requirements for the Academic obsessions quest...

Welcome back again! Thank you very much for your patronage! Ah, wait... um... you aren't here to ask about the quest, are you...? Oh, I'm so sorry! I was going through our stock, and it looks like we already have the items I was going to request, so... it's already complete! I'm sorry, I really should've told you sooner, but I always mess up like this... I-I'm really sorry! And you came all this way, too... I'll be more careful from now on! *sigh*... If I was a proper lady like her, I would've done everything right, with no mistakes... Eh? Like who? Oh, I mean the alchemist! She's such a beautiful lady... You just might fall for her if you saw her!

And then she goes into her normal quest dialogue at that point.

D-Don't get me wrong, I ain't really worried 'bout yeh. Just... that cook came here wearin' some kinda goofy disguise... ...Just what the hell are yeh kids doin' over there!?

Word on the street is Knight can not only explore with the best, but he makes a fine waiter as well. Hmhmhm... You seem to be enjoying yourselves. I'm almost jealous.

Well... the winged ones that we met in the Labyrinth demanded that we obtain something called the Ancient Periapt.
The... Ancient Periapt. Hm. I suppose in hindsight, I should have given it to you when you first agreed to search for the floating castle.
Then, you will lend it to us?
Yes... However, the Ancient Periapt is an heirloom of High Lagaard. There are procedures that must be observed.
Yes. In order for me to lend it to you, I must first have you accept this as an official quest from the country.
What, you're serious? I'll never understand bureaucracy... what a pain.
I am sorry to give you such a heavy burden. But... I confess, the thought has crossed my mind many a time. Your true intent is Caledonia's ritual, but you have entered the Labyrinth time after time to protect High Lagaard from danger. I wished to officially make a request on behalf of High Lagaard... so that I may support you in your endeavors. Members of Guild. Won't you please accept my request?

Alright, let's do this. The last mission in the game.

Wait here a moment and I shall call for the Lady at once.

It's for the Ancient Periapt.
It is indeed vexing that I must devise these foolish pretexts, when all I wish is to aid you. You ought to take this... it is a pendant with an engraving of an ancient sword. It has been in our family for generations. This will surely serve as the proof of the ancient pact that they seek.

Members of Guild... Make your way to the floating castle and bring back the means to overcome the Calamity!

Let's see what Dubois has to say. Oh and for some reason, he has no dialogue for Cafe here.

Now go forth, with no hesitation!

I'm most grateful that the Lady is taking this issue to heart.
We must do our best to repay her kindness!

It doesn't change anything.
I suppose not... But doesn't it spur you on to try even harder?
Not for me. I say it's better to treat this like we always do, rather than get too keyed up about it.
Nothing good comes from getting nervous...
That sounds like it comes from experience.
C'mon, enough fooling around. We gotta go show this pendant to the high muckety-muck of the winged ones.
Yes, of course... I do hope that he allows us through.

In any case, let's go.
Yes. And if he is not satisfied, then we shall simply find another way.
...Will he let us ride him this time?
You're still going on about that...?