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Part 127: Look What's Cooking

Update 36: Look What's Cooking

Alright, it's done. Now, eat up!
...Uh, er, you know... something is, uh, sticking out?
Don't worry. It's sticking out of the soup, but it's been cooked and is edible.

That's not the point.
Hrm, could it be... the presentation again?

Then it's A-OK!
Of course. I would never serve you anything that wasn't safe to eat.
Knight, Regina. I... don't think that's the problem here.
Hm? Then... is it the presentation?

Dialogue merges here.

It looks hard to eat at first, but it's been stewed long enough, so you can eat the bones, too.
Th-The bones, as well...!? We can eat... even the face? Th-That's... a bit cruel.
If it's easy to eat, I have no problem.
Ooh, using it whole really makes the soup good, too. Even though it's using meat, it's not that fatty. It sure is easy for this old man to eat.
...Old man, I can't believe you can drink that.
Hrmmm... It looks like this is another dish that'll require a warning on the menu.
The taste is exquisite, and it's full of nutrients, so I'd appreciate it if you order it again. I'll be waiting.

Ailments and binds are forced to wear off in 3 turns or less. Not that great of an effect since you want to cure those as soon as possible.

Alright, it's done. Now, eat up!

It is smells good indeed.

This is flan, Sir Flavio. It's sweet and delicious.
Huh? But there's meat in it, and it's hot.
But looking at the ingredients and the cooking process... it has to be flan!

This can't be flan.
Y-Yeah, right? Flan is cold, sweet, and served with fruits, huh!
Now that you mention it...
But this is Sir Apicius's recipe. It would not be surprising if he made a meat flan!
Meat flan... Sounds so good...
But if it wants to be called that, it needs to be more meaty. As such, Chloe does not recognize this as a meat flan.
...No one's asking for your permission.
Besides, I'm sorry to say that this is not a meat flan, but an eastern dish known as a chawanmushi.

Yeah, this is flan!
Yes, that's right!
Er, no. The flan I know is cold and served with cream and fruits, not meat!
This is steamed, so of course it would be warm. But still, to think meat could become dessert... Sir Apicius is amazing!
Meat dessert. That sounds like a wonderful thing.
Yeah, only for you. I'm getting heartburn just thinking about it...
Uhhh... Sorry to butt in, but that's an eastern dish known as a chawanmushi.

Dialogue merges here.

Huh? Is that so!? But it's sweet, right?
Not at all. I haven't used a pinch of sugar.
I cannot believe it...!
Er, I find a dessert using meat to be something more unbelievable.
This is... tasty, but a little disappointing. The road to meat desserts is a steep one.
Hmm, a dessert using meats, huh. I don't recall if Apicius had a recipe like that...
At any rate, I'll put this on the menu. It's no meat dessert, though… But order it again anyway.

Created Grimoires have a number from 0 to 5 added to their level. Not that great for Grimoire grinding, and if you have the DLC Grimoire tea, this effect is completely redundant!

Alright, it's done. Now, eat up!
...It melts in your mouth. It tastes like meat, even though it's not meat...
These jellies of meat juices are great, huh? I'm always happy to see them formed in a pot I left around.
This is the taste of happiness. ...I want to take a bath in this.

That's a great idea.
Right? To become one with food... That HAS to be happiness.
Go ahead. Just don't cause anyone else any trouble. I'm sure that Hanna'll knock you to the next Stratum.
Hrm. So there was the problem of location.
Well, if the bath is out of the question... How about Dame Regina's giant kettle?
There's no chance I'd lend it to you.
You may not be able to take a bath in it, but you can still eat it. I'll add it to the menu.

You probably shouldn't.
Huh, why?
...Chloe's amazing. She really doesn't get why.
Why'd she turn into such a meat freak...
But I think the feeling of liking something is a valuable thing!
I believe there's a limit to that though.
You may not be able to take a bath in it, but you can still eat it. I'll add it to the menu.

This food quadruples the effects of items that can inflict ailments and binds. They normally have a 40% infliction rate, so this food boosts that up to a 160% infliction rate, making them much better.

That's all the food I can cook for now since I'm still missing quite a few ingredients. So it's time to climb up the Heavenly Keep some more.

Each has a numbered tag on it, indicating that they are being cared for by someone.

Hm...? Hey. These saplings have weird fruits growing on them.

When you look for yourself, you see a large, rainbow-colored fruit on the tree. Its skin, rather than remaining one constant color, shifts fluidly between many different hues.

It's very beautiful... but is it truly a fruit?
Hmm. It doesn't feel too different from a normal fruit.

You wonder if you ought to try eating the strangely colored fruit...

Seems safe to eat.

Reasoning that the fruit's appearance has little bearing on its taste, you pick one of the fruits.

How light it feels. Might there be nothing inside...?
Hmm. It doesn't feel hollow, though.

Though you wonder at this fruit which looks and feels strange, you bite into it nevertheless.

This is...

When your teeth break the skin, they are met with a soft, cottony texture. And with each chew of its soft pulp, juice bursts from within, almost overflowing from your mouth! The fruit's juice is the perfect balance of sweet and sour, making you even hungrier for more...!

I-It's delicious!
This is a surprise...!

Your eyes water at the exquisiteness of the flavor, and you devour the rainbow-colored fruit before thinking twice!

Isn't there more? I want more...

Having taken a liking to the fruit's flavor, Chloe looks around, but there is no more to be had. However, you do notice unripened fruits growing on the other saplings...

If I'm judging right, these should be ripe by tomorrow.
Tomorrow... It needs to hurry up...
Ahahah... It seems we have something else to look forward to on our travels.

You return to exploring with excitement in your hearts at the prospect of coming across the rainbow fruits again.

It seems to have been neglected for years, but it somehow manages to catch your interest.

Could this be like what we found previously...?

If it functions the same as before, then it will only summon a voice, and should be harmless to push. You press the button and the same voice rings out...

Succeeded... machine... body... But why...? ...leave... earth... You... leave... behind... Your... research... gene will... people... forever... ...Ark plan... failed... No, I... continue... even alone...

The voice abruptly ends there and does not respond to any queries.

The things that voice was talking about... I feel like I've heard about them somewhere before. How someone left someone else and went down to the earth...
You mean the story of the parting of the founding Lady of High Lagaard and the King of Solitude.
...Think that's the King of Solitude's voice?
But how could that be...? The founding of High Lagaard was long, long ago.
I dunno... if someone told me that was right, I'd believe it.
I mean, that voice... It sounded so lonely.

Flavio is correct in noting that although the voice sounded indifferent, it carried a hint of deep sorrow within it. Whose voice could it be...? You cock your heads in wonder at the phenomenon as you return to exploring the castle.

It's funny-looking.
Could it be another of the monsters that lurks in this castle?
Probably. We should be careful and--

As its body begins to spin, you sense something restless in the air...!

Was that spinning thing calling its friends?
Looks like it. If we charge right into those things, they'll probably surround us and beat us to a pulp.
Then should we search for another, safer route?

Let's force our way through.

You state confidently your preference to do battle with the monsters and force your way through.

I-Isn't that a bit reckless for plan A?
I'll do it if you think we can win. But are you sure?
It's your business if you want to fight, but if you think we're in trouble, make sure you run, okay? I don't want to see any of us getting hurt here.
Well then, as we were.

Now that your course is set, you decide to experiment with heading directly for the monsters.

And here's another vending machine.

Now that we have the ingredient for it, let's try the muddy miso soup again.

The image shown on the device looks to be something like soft dirt... Perhaps the Soft Floor you carry is called for... If you wish, you may insert the Soft Floor in the hole.

You produce the Soft Floor and drop it into the hole in the box. The box begins its low growling noise, which it emitted before the soup came out from the slot...

Oooh... The person inside is working hard.

After a short wait, lightly shredded chunks of the Soft Floor are gently dropped into the bowl of soup. The Soft Floor soaks up the soup and melts into a mush...

I don't know about you, but that sounds really unappetizing.

Wait... this is it? Really?
We already decided we're gonna eat this. It's too late now to complain.
Besides, the broth seemed fine. I doubt it'll get ruined that easily.

Bertrand, who has the least discriminating palate of the group, takes an experimental sip of the soup.

...Huh. This is an interesting flavor.
What precisely do you mean by that? Is it... good...?
Hmm... It's hard to describe. Just taste it for yourself. It isn't poisonous or anything.
Even if it's not poisonous, I don't want any if it's icky...

You hesitantly take a sip of the murky, gray soup... A distinct, yet soft and gentle taste washes over your tongue! On its own, the soup could have been bland, but the Soft Floor adds the perfect dash of saltiness to it. You drink sip after sip, and its texture as it gently melts in your mouth calms your mental fatigue...

Having enjoyed the soup, you return to exploring with a calmed mind.

And that's it for floor 24.

Last floor of the main game. Let's see what the townsfolk have to say as we near the end of our journey.

...So it is true! Congratulations! Once you finish exploring that floor, it'll all be over! Oh... um, it just occurred to me... What are you planning to do after you finish the exploration? You're not... going to leave, are you? N-Nevermind! F-Forget I asked, please!!! I-I won't pry into your business, so... Could you still continue to come and shop here...? Please?

Here's a new bar patron in Story.

Oh, you're the girl from before, right? Did you come to find your daddy again?
No. This time, I'm... I'm by myself. A-And starting tomorrow, I'll… I'll be all alone for good...
Huh!? Wh-What's wrong, what happened? I-Is your mommy sick!?
No, that's not it. I... got in a fight with mommy. The other day, I was scared about getting scolded... so I told a lie to get out of trouble. But it's different this time! I-I didn't lie this time... but she doesn't believe me. 'Luca's a liar,' she said.
...I see. That... must be pretty hard for you...
...It's okay, right, Mister? You won't get mad at me for being a liar?
Well, you know it's not good to lie, right? But I can see you're regretting it.
...And if a stranger like me can see it, I think your mom will too. You should go talk to her.
Talk to her, again...? Um... okay, I-I'll try...!
There you go, that's a good girl!
...Sir Flavio seems to have quite a way with children.
She was in tears before, but now she's smiling as happily as can be!
S'pose you end up dealing with all ages of people at the Midgard Library. That's my best guess, anyway.
But he's really got a knack for it... How the hell does he do that? Honestly, this old man couldn't even try that.
Nope. Trand definitely can't.
...I know it's true, but it's still kinda weird to hear someone else just lay it down like that.

...Ha. The day you first arrived in this city... seems so long ago, now. Now that I think of it, when I first saw you, you just looked like a bunch of helpless kids...

I guess we were.
Ha, I didn't expect you to be that self-aware. I suppose it was your journey through the Labyrinth that helped you mature.

That's kind of rude.
Ha, you're right. I shouldn't be talking that way to the heroes of the city, I suppose.

Dialogue merges here.

Truly... I'm proud of you all. There is nothing left for me to teach you. You've all grown... strong. Well, that's all I have to say for now. I hope you find fortune on your travels.

I try not to worry, but the fate of High Lagaard... perhaps even the fate of the world depends on you. Lady Gradriel seems to be losing sleep over her concerns. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you... ...Hrm. I may have said too much. All you need to do is look ahead in your path, and keep moving forward. The exploration of the Labyrinth is something only you can do. You can leave the lesser affairs to me. I expect great things from you, Guild Guild.

Now let's check out the final inn scene in the game.

As you sit there, you hear a knock at your door. Who could it be at this hour...?

Chloe is the only one who we haven't seen the bonus scene for.

Why is someone in my room...?

This isn't your room.
Nope. This is definitely my room.
And to prove it... huh?
Oh, I was wrong. Sorry. I must be tired. That's not good. I'll go back to my room now. 'Night.

And that's all of them. Now that I have more ingredients, let's do some more cooking.

Alright, it's done. Now, eat up!
Oh, there are so many little steaks. They're quite cute. I don't know which one to start with.
Hm, each one really does have a different flavor. I used to think meat was meat, but they all taste unique.
Even Inelaborate Flavio gets it. This dish is incredible.
I-Inelaborate... Sure, I don't mind being called that by everyone... except you.
But, you say things like, “This beef is good," while eating chicken. I can't believe it.
The sauce was the same! No one thinks about different types of meats when eating, right?

I never thought of it.
Yeah, see!? Knight doesn't do it, either!
You both don't have enough love for meat.
*giggle* But you two can tell the difference now. This dish is amazing, isn't it?

You can tell.
Huh!? Y-You can tell...?
They all have their characteristics. In the first place, isn't the shape of beef and poultry different?
You really don't think at all when eating, huh...?
Huh? I-I'M the odd one...!?
*giggle* But even Sir Flavio can tell the difference now. This dish is amazing, isn't it?

Dialogue merges here.

I changed the spices used to bring out the characteristics of each meat.
...If you couldn't tell the difference with this, I think Apicius would be in shock.
Good thing you were able to tell, eh, Flavio?
...Am I THAT bad?
I'll add this to menu, so you can try enjoying it in other ways, like changing the sauces or eating blindfolded.

The party recovers 3% of their max HP and 1% of their max TP at the end of the turn with this food. Terrible effect. I rate this dish 1 star out of 6.

I ended up cooking enough food to unlock the next scene in Regina's subplot.

Was that you sighing, Regina? ...Did a customer say something to you again?
Huh? O-Oh, uh... Sorry. Looks like I relax a little too much when you're all around.
...It's not a customer this time. I was actually summoned by Grandpa.
Huh, Grandpa...? You mean the Minister!? He wasn't mad at you, was he!?
...I thought the cafe was doing great. Did something happen!?
No, he wasn't upset about anything. It was...
Well, my relatives getting rather restless. They're telling him to put a stop to my 'flights of fancy', and get me married...

Indeed! The cafe is no mere flight of fancy! Can they not see how much effort Dame Regina has put into this!?

You're getting married!?
I wasn't really planning on it... but my relatives aren't too concerned about my opinion in the matter.
How could they! Without even considering your opinion!? That is simply wicked!

Dialogue merges here.

Relax, kid. It's the relatives that are getting all bent out of shape here. It's not like the Minister is too keen on the idea, right?
That's true. Grandpa has always been on my side, but it seems he's at his limits with them. Because of that, Grandpa has given me... one chance to show them my skills. He's setting up a dinner for all the relatives, and is putting me in charge of cooking for them.
Regina's relatives... They must all be really important.
Pretty much. They're all upper-class, and every one's used to lavish, expensive meals.
...I was just thinking about what I should make for them...

Just do what you always do.
The usual thing...? You mean, the food I cook for the customers here?
I agree with Sir Knight. The way you cook for your customers here is truly wonderful.
Mhm. Your cooking always tastes good, Regina. I think you'll be fine.
Yeah. If you try anything too crazy and new, you might slip up.
Plus... they're your family. If you want them to see the real you, this might be the best opportunity you could get.
See the real me...?

Have confidence in yourself.
Confidence... You're right. I've cooked countless recipes here with you all, and I've been running this cafe this whole time. ...I'm not the person I used to be.

Dialogue merges here.

Hah... alright. I think I'm ready now.
...I'm not doing this to rebel against my family. I cook because I want my customers to enjoy their food, and be happy. That's what's most important to me.
Well, time to start thinking of what to cook! Things are going to get busy!

This triggers new town dialogue for Cafe, but it's the same as it was in Classic.

Alright, it's done. Now, eat up!
Ooh... This is like a meat cake. It's so beautiful...
You break the yolk on top and mix it together. Like this...

Sounds of squishing.

Wh-What is it!? What's wrong!?

Don't worry about her. Keep going.
A-Are you sure? She sounded incredibly dejected...

I-I'm asking what the problem is! What did I do!?

Dialogue merges here.

Oh, don't worry about her. She's probably in shock seeing the meat being crushed.
You never think about how you eat normally, but you're so loud when it comes to meat.
But... it was so beautiful that I wanted to gaze at it more. The meat cake...
S-Sorry... I didn't mean to disappoint you. But, this dish is all about freshness, so you have to mix the egg and eat quickly, or else it'd lose its flavor.
You should have told me that earlier. Hurry and mix it, Regina.
*giggle* Dame Chloe is truly serious when it comes to meat!
No, she's just being selfish.
...Whatever. I'll add this to the menu, so eat it however you choose.

A 10 point increase to STR is a fantastic effect. It's has a pretty massive effect on physical damage. I don't consider this to be the best stat increase food, but there are a lot of classes that benefit from this, so having this as your food of choice is generally a good idea.

Alright, it's done. Now, eat up!
Ooh...!? I was wondering what was going to come out when we were told to bring soft floor. It's actually pretty normal.
Heck, it looks really good!
Yeah, I also was wondering how it would look after reading the recipe. ...The biggest thing to learn from Apicius's recipes is probably his flexible approach.
It's not easy to take things that don't look like ingredients at first and try finding ways to use them.

That's the spirit.
Ha, I don't know if I can reach the same heights as Apicius, but I will continue to strive.
That's incredible, Dame Regina! I'll be cheering for you.
I'm happy to have more food to eat.

You probably shouldn't...
Hm? Don't make that face. I'm not thinking of starting off with something as extreme as cooking walls.
Walls... Would that be sauteed? Perhaps a butter flavor would make it--
Inedible! You're putting too much faith in butter! Even butter would question the strength of butter in this regard!

Dialogue merges here.

Well, first, I'll see if I can use this galette in other recipes. Alright, I'll add this to the menu, so order it again whenever you feel like it. I'll be waiting.

Well a 10 point increase to TEC is pretty handy. It helps out Fafnir, War Magi, Medics, Sovereigns, and Alchemists. It's also a nice increase to defense against TEC-based attacks. But if you're using a Compression Alchemist as your primary damage dealer, you're probably better off using the food that doubles attack item damage instead.

Alright, it's done. Now, eat up!
Ooh, this is impressive. I'm pretty sure the enemy had no idea he'd turn out like this.
Born as a monster, he fought us and ended up as a kettle...
Quite a strange fate it is!

Life is full of surprises.
It certainly is. Us meeting and sitting around a kettle was something I never imagined, either.
Perhaps one day we, too, will become a kettle like this.
Er, that's way too surprising! Besides, if we become kettles, that'd be terrible!

I would like to live that way.
As would I. Even if the day comes when I fall, I would like to be someone that keeps on helping...
...I would like to live like that!
I... would not like to become a kettle.

Dialogue merges here.

I want to become a frying pan. Then I could cook lots of meat.
Well, I'm glad you've decided your future career.
C-Career...? How's that a career...?
You can chit-chat, but don't stop eating. I'll give the first to finish plenty of burnt rice.
Wh-What did you say...!?
Done! Chloe, number one!
Th-That was amazingly fast!
Haha, good girl. I'll give you your reward, then. Alright, I'll add this to the menu, so order it again whenever you feel like eating burnt rice.

Okay with that really strange restaurant skit out of the way, here's the effect. Grimoires that get created have an 80% chance of having 7 levels added to their level. Or have an 80% chance of being forced to be at level 7 or above. I'm not too sure on how it actually works. I guess this could be good if you're trying to grind out Grimoires. If you have the DLC teas, this effect is redundant.

Alright, it's done. Now, eat up!
...You eat this raw? But this meat is so thin... It'll suck.
And what's this pot for? It's a strange shape... and nothing's being stewed.
*chuckle* I'll show you how it works, so keep a close eye on me. Take a slice of meat, swish it in the boiling water, and then...
Wow... The color changed!
Ooh... The shape changed, too! And is the fat melting off?
...Interesting. I want to try. Me next!

Go ahead, Chloe.
Yep! I'll do it a bunch!
Good for you, Chloe.
...Hey, wait. Only do your portion, got it!?
No problem. I'll eat all of it.

Oh no, I'm next.
No, I'm next. I have the meat jurisdiction.
...The hell is meat jurisdiction?

Dialogue merges here.

Hey there, I want to give it a try, too...
Um, me too...
There's no limit on people. Go ahead. A dish that entertainscustomers... It seems exactly as the notes on the recipe said. I'll add this to the menu, so order it if you feel like enjoying this again. I'll be sure to give you extra.

Self-explanatory. It's pretty situational food, but there are a few enemies that get far more deadly when given a massive speed boost and 10% more damage with each passing turn. (Such as Mandrakes, especially if they blindside you.) Though in most cases, I prefer to eat something else.

Alright, it's done. Now, eat up!
Hrmmm... even I'm hesitant to eat dirt...
This is the soft floor that we brought, yes? ...Does cooking it make it edible?

Let me try.

...It is quite hard when you cut it and does not feel like it can be eaten. ...... This is most definitely dirt!

Arianna, open wide.
Huh? O-Oh, me?
How is it, Arianna?
It... It's very grainy...

Dialogue merges here.

Hrmmm... I didn't think you'd actually eat it...
Huh? You mean... it's not supposed to be eaten!?
There weren't any notes on the recipe, so it's probably not harmful...
But Knight, Arianna. That's just the casing to cook the meat in.
I-I see...
No, I apologize for not telling you earlier. I didn't think you'd really eat it...

I want a more sincere apology.
I-I'm really sorry...

We ate it...
Yes... We ate it...
...I'm, well, um... really sorry.

Dialogue merges here.

How do you really eat it?
O-Oh, you break open the clay with a wooden hammer. See? The meat comes out.
Ooh... It's piping hot!
You can really smell the herbs. Are they soaked into the entire thing?
Regina, cut it. Give me a bunch of the leg meat.

The next part depends on who ate the clay.

Er, I think the best part... should go to Knight.
I mean, he needs to refresh his palette, don't you think?
...You're right. I guess it can't be helped. I'll let Knight have it this time.
Do you want some of mine, too?

No, I'll give the best part to Arianna. ...I hope it'll help cleanse your palette.
Thank you so much...
...I should've ate some, too.
You're willing to eat dirt for the sake of meat?

Dialogue merges here.

I'll add this to the menu, so go ahead and order it again.
...And remember not to eat the clay.

Increases the party's resistance to fear by 80%. Handy.

And here's the last food in the 5th Stra-what the hell is that?

How'd it end up like this?
...I wonder the same thing.

...Is this food?
All the ingredients are edible.

Dialogue merges here.

I checked the recipe over and over. I didn't do a single thing wrong. But when it got to the hardening stage, the dish just started to creep out of the mold...

The next part depends on if you've cooked the Apple Blue Aiyu Jelly before. If you have:

Aaand it became this... Didn't something like this happen before?
But that blue jelly was good, so this should be good, too.

If you haven't:

Aaand it became this... Well, that's amusing.
But Regina made it. It should be good, too.

Dialogue merges here.

Regina? Why aren't you saying anything?
...Er, well...

Did you taste it?
I really regret to say... but I haven't since it's become this shape.

Is it no good?
...I don't know.
Huh? Do you mean... you have yet to taste it?
It is a big taboo as a cook to not do so, but since it has taken this shape... I...

Dialogue merges here.

Well, I... can't blame you.
Heck, knowing how you made it, it's probably even harder for you try, being freaked out...
...No, but as the cook, it is my responsibility.
I'll taste it now!

Good luck, Regina.
Yeah, I'll fulfill my duties.

No, don't stop me! It's unforgivable for me to serve you food I haven't tasted.

Those two dialogue options merge here.

Now then...! ......
H-How is it?

Sounds of falling, then a thud.

Dame Regina!? O-Oh, no! Please, hang in there!
I-I apologize. It was a completely unexpected taste. Or rather, it's not a bad taste, but... This doesn't make any sense. I didn't add anything that would make it taste this way... No wait, before that, the flavor is way too different from before it hardened… What happened when it cooled...?
Th-That's scary...
What IS this dish, Apicius...?

Here's the 3rd choice, which is kind of its own separate branch.

I'll taste it.
Knight... I accept your resolution.
...Then let us both taste it. Now then...!

...Within the slimy gelatin is a crunchy texture as well as a springy texture you cannot bite through... ...In regards to the flavor, you have no capacity to describe it. It is like you ate a tender steak... or perhaps a burnt shrimp... You cannot even tell if it tastes good or bad. It is simply... incomprehensible!

I don't know.
Y-You ate it, yet... you don't know?
...Unfortunately, I don't know either. It's not a bad taste, but... What IS this dish, Apicius...?

It's harmless, at least.
At least!?
...That's about the only thing I can say about it, too. There is nothing wrong with my body... but... What IS this dish, Apicius...?

All dialogue options merge here.

...This rather interests me.
Apicius is amazing. ...Let's try it, too.
Y-Yes. Please do. The taste isn't bad, but... Huh...
Still, how did it come to this...?

The party recovers 2% of their max TP for every 10 steps they take. Utter trash.