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Part 131: Bonus: DLC

Bonus: DLC

So there are a bunch of quests that can only be accessed through DLC. Most of these just include new boss fights, most of which aren't that interesting. This did not prove to be popular with the Japanese audience, so EO5 ended up limiting the DLC stuff to cosmetics and grinding. Anyways, here's the first one we're tackling. The Story party won't pipe up until we enter the 3rd floor.

Hm? What's with that look?
Well, I was thinking about the request we accepted at the bar. If this bird can talk... then it must be quite intelligent indeed. I feel this is going to be a dangerous opponent.

Yeah, that makes sense.
Ah, so you think so as well. This fight may be unlike anything we've faced before.
Some birds talk normally. Birds like parrots and parakeets… They mimic the cries of what's near them. Crows can do it too. It's not a rare phenomenon. Not rare enough to the point to laugh out loud about it like Mr. Bartender.
...Ah, truly?
Well, talking or not... if someone's put a bounty out on it, then it's bound to be tough. Looks like we better brace ourselves...
...Even though that's gonna be a real pain to do.
Old man, you really didn't need to add that last part...

Could that be the talking bird that we heard about at the bar...?
Sounds about right. Doesn't look like it's hostile, but keep your guard up. There've already been some casualties.

You nod at Bertrand's words, keeping your defenses up while approaching the beast cautiously.

It then slowly opens its great beak...

It's a real shame I can't record 3DS footage, because this bird has voice acting. In fact, it's ability to talk was used as a selling point for this DLC.

Good heavens! You appear human, and yet you cannot speak in human tongue...!?
This is weird enough without you making things more complicated... Though I wasn't expecting the chicken to play along...
Look, just what in the world are you? I... think you're a monster, but am I wrong?
What am I, hm...?

At Bertrand's question, the bird looks wistfully off into the distance.

That is truly a difficult question, for even I do not have the answer. This is because... I am a bird with no past. I know that this is the Yggdrasil Labyrinth, yes, and that I can understand the language of you humans... but I know not my origin. Though I remember nothing, I do know what it is that I yearn for most of all...

“Look, we put a giant talking bird in the game. Just go with it.”

...I'm definitely going to regret asking, but... what's that?
A good question! Yes, my heart's truest desire... is battle! The thought makes my blood boil, my body tense, and my feathers quiver! What I truly yearn for... is a clash of life and death! I've fought countless Labyrinth monsters to the death, but none of them were enough to satisfy my need for a true opponent! And then, as I despaired for lack of a true test of skill and power... you explorers appeared before me! Ah, explorers! Truly paragons of your kind! Some fight alone as individuals, and others fight as a horde to aid each other! Such tactical might, such spectacular skills, such raw power! Ah, it makes the flames in my heart blaze anew!

Wh-What amazing passion...!
So... basically, you can talk, but you're just fighting random people like any ordinary monster.
Mm! Absolutely correct!
The truth comes out... But I never thought that request would actually be true. A talking bird, rampaging through the labyrinth...
A request!? A request quest of conquest!? So, you've come to stand against me!? In a death-defying battle of wills!?

You are correct, sir!
Oho...! Ahh...! Yes... I feel the passion in your words, my friend! It is the same as the burning spirit within my own heart!
...Now you've got it treating us like we're the same way...

Here's the main gimmick of this DLC quest aside from fighting a giant talking chicken (rooster?). Master Bird will give you an item upon being defeated. The less party members you defeat him with, the better the reward.

Sir Knight, what should we do?

In Classic Mode, you have to come with the preferred amount of party members before the fight. Story Mode just lets you choose which party members you want to fight with if you opt for the 2v1 or 1v1 options. The rewards are as follows:

Fighting with 3 or more people will net you a Bronze Belt, an accessory that gives the user 30 HP and +2 to all stats.

Fighting with 2 people will net you a Silver Belt, an accessory that gives the user 60 HP and +3 to all stats.

Fighting with 1 person will net you a Gold Belt, an accessory that gives the user 100 HP and +5 to all stats.

If you have the Original Sin DLC and are planning on tackling that, I highly recommend farming Gold Belts for your entire party.

If you're looking for an Expert solo kill in Story mode, the best candidate for the fight is Flavio. No I'm dead serious, he really is the best person for the fight. If you're thinking Knight could solo Master Bird... Well, you're not wrong, but it would require quite a bit of optimization and more luck than just bringing Flavio. If you want to know the details on pulling off a solo kill on this guy, read Ragnar Homsar's LP. He shows how. As for me, I'll be fighting him with the Guild Guild.

Indeed... Let us have it witness our strength as a team... as a guild!
Indeed, that is a fine form of combat! Very well--show me your strength as a horde. Come forth, Guild Guild! Let us begin this deadly dance in the vortex of war!

I'll spare you the details of the fight.

You did not merely add your strengths, but multiplied each others'... Together, you were stronger than any single one could be! This... This is why battle drives me on! This is why adventurers inspire me onward!

With that triumphant bellow, the crested bird rises from its defeated slump, and begins to quietly flap its wings...!

You did not merely add your strengths, but multiplied each others'... Together, you were stronger than any single one could be! This... This is why battle drives me on! This is why adventurers inspire me onward!
I-It lost... but it's happy?
Certainly! How could I not rejoice? There yet remain many more powerful heroes in this world! I am weak. Yes... a mere weakling. However... I have met those who stand at the horizon of true power! That is enough for me to forge ahead, to greater challenges and a new world of battle!
Now, take this! Another adventurer had left it behind, but it should be owned by those of true strength.

Farewell, mighty hero! When we meet again... I will be unlike what I am now! I shall train myself even further, until the glorious day I can surpass you! My friends... We shall briefly part until then. I will depart for an unknown training ground!

What could this be...? It was indeed a vicious battle, yet... an odd, refreshing feeling remains in my heart...
...Yes! It was a wonderful fight!

I agree.
Yes! I'm looking forward to the day we meet Sir Bird again!
U-Uhh... Are you... serious...?
But what about the request? In the end, we didn't even finish that thing off...
...Oh my.
The chicken said it was going off somewhere unknown.
...It's probably not going to cause any more trouble. So the request is pretty much complete.
W-Well... I guess we did defeat it, after all.

You have completed the quest! When you have time, you should visit the bar to report your progress.

Next up is this quest.

Trand hates the cold. Right?
Damn right. Winter is like nature flipping us off. My fingers get numb, my hands stick to my armor after I wash my face...
...It wouldn't be a problem if you just wiped your hands. And you're washing your face with your armor on? Pretty lazy, old man.
You even know how much trouble I have to go through every morning...? You wouldn't understand. You barely have any armor. Dammit. It's not like I wanted to become a protector in the first place.
Hmhmhm... It seems like Sir Bertrand and the winged ones are alike in their distaste for more wintry conditions.
...Hm. I must remark, however, that the winged ones are dressed rather lightly. I cannot imagine it keeps out the cold. Perhaps we should prepare some scarves or gloves to give to them?

...Shouldn't you suggest clothes first?
Yes, I had considered it... but it would be terribly hard for them to wear sweaters and such with those great wings of theirs.
True, clothes sound painful... Maybe if you put holes in the back?
Hm... But if the clothing must have holes in order for them to wear it, would that not invalidate its purpose to keep the cold out?
It's all well and good to worry about the winged ones, but we'll have to figure out how we're going to deal with the cold too...
*sigh* Welp. I can already tell this is going to get ugly.

Normally, the air would be filled with beautiful pink blossoms, but instead a relentless snowfall is drifting down!

Whoa!? It's seriously snowing here...
How mysterious. Snow falling down amidst the blossoms of spring flowers... What a breathtaking sight.
Y-Yeah, I'm sure it looks p-pretty... b-but I'm f-f-freezing!

Gazing around at the curious anomaly, you hear a familiar voice echo from above...

Guild Guild. It seems you accepted our request.
A pleasure to see you again, Sir Canaan.
The curious happenings on this floor... Is it the work of this creature? The one that brings winter wherever it goes?
Indeed, you surmise correctly. We call it the Frost King. Snowfall follows that monster. Its apparent desire is to freeze all things.
Talk about a nuisance...
Mm, truly. We attempted to banish it ourselves... but we could not make it past the punishing cold.
E-Even flying, you couldn't do it!?
...If there's that much snow cover around it, we might be in real danger if we don't go in fully prepared.
No, that is... not precisely why. Though the temperature falls lower and lower the closer one gets, there was no sign of accumulated snowfall around it.
Then, why?
...We do not... handle the cold well.

Clothes might help.
You don't know what clothes are? It's what we're wearing. You wear a lot when it's cold and then you get warm.
Ah, you mean that... oppressive-looking cloth you are adorned with. I had imagined them a strange custom of the earthbound ones, but to think it acts as protection against the cold...
...I'd say it's stranger to just stroll around without clothes...
Um, if you'd like... why not wear this scarf to counteract the cold? I would presume that the falling snow if quite trying for you too, Sir Canaan.
Scarf, you say...? A rather thin piece of cloth, that.
Oh, do you not know how to wear it? You simply do this, and drape here... There, you wrap it around you neck like that.
You see, this shall keep you warm, without being terribly uncomfortable for your wings!
Uh, earthbound one. I do appreciate your consideration, but...
Please, feel free to use it!
......Ah. Erm. Perhaps later.

With that, Canaan quickly extricates himself from the scarf wrapped around his neck. ...It seems it wasn't to his liking.

I have heard that the earthbound ones are strong against the cold. Thus, I believe you can successfully reach the Frost King. May I borrow your map? According to our investigation, it seems it's holding position somewhere around... here. Well then, I bid you good luck.

Oh, he's gone... How unfortunate. I had prepared some gloves as well.
...I think that's why he left.
Looks like they don't like clothes.
Their home's probably always been warm, so it hasn't really been an issue for them... Maybe that's why this frost thing is such a big threat to them.
A monster that calls forth winter... correct?
The winged ones cannot abide this cold. Let us defeat it as quickly as possible, for their sake!

You decide to head to the area indicated by Canaan to defeat the monster called the Frost King.

Aside from the Stratum getting a blue filter placed over the screen and bringing in the particle effects from the 3rd Stratum, nothing really changes on this floor. The encounters aren't any different, and there aren't really any map gimmicks that you have to deal with. Just head straight over to the boss room.

The closer we get, the lower the temperature drops... It's just as Sir Canaan said.
This must be the Frost King...!

When the monster notices your presence, it growls lowly, coldly glaring in your direction!

G-Gah--all it did was look at us, and now it's twice as cold...!? ...No wonder the winged ones just gave up and went back, if it got this bad...
If you ask this old man, they... tch... had the right idea! Why don't we... just head back?

...Yeah, let's get out of here.

You can certainly see Bertrand's point. Just as you're ready to turn and retreat, the Frost King lets out a mighty roar!

...Tch. Looks like it's not about to let us go.
After we've gotten this far, there's no way it's going to just ignore us!
If you're cold, then let's hurry up and beat it. As long as Mr. Cold is here, it'll keep getting colder.
At this rate, we'll just freeze...
Yes, we must fight for the sake of the suffering winged ones!

Now, take your weapons in hand and fulfill your duty! Slay the monster that calls forth winter!

I kill the Frost King.

As the Frost King collapses with a bitter cry of pain, the raging winds cease, and the snow fades softly away. In its place, a warm gentle breeze blows through the area...

Look, Sir Knight! The flowers are returning...

As if beckoned by the changing winds, the buds on the trees blossom one by one, and their vivid color returns to them! Wafting on the new winds, the soft aroma of fresh flowers fills the room...

This is... impressive, but it doesn't make any sense that things are reverting now... The Labyrinth really is a mystery.
Well, it's beautiful, so... don't be such a grouch for once. Just think of it as our reward.

As you gaze at the flowers, you hear the familiar sound of flapping wings.

Mm... Yes, this temperature feels most pleasant.

Canaan inhales, slowly and steadily, then exhales with a satisfied expression. He then turns to face you.

Once again, I must thank fate for your intervention. Some among our clan had already fallen ill due to the cold. We have sent a token of our gratitude to the establishment you call a bar. When you return to town, please find it there. ...But indeed, this exchange of tokens, and the strange garb you call 'clothing'... Earthbound ones truly are bizarre.

We could say the same for you.
...Hm, you have a point. To the eyes of outsiders, we too must seem quite unusual. Well then, Guild Guild. May the blessings of Father Sun and Mother Moon be upon you.

And with that, Canaan spreads his wings as he did when greeting you, and flies into the skies above.

...The winged ones are pretty different, but they sure are quick to understand, huh...
It's probably partly the way they think, you know? If their Sun or Moon or Star or whatever says something, then it's decided.
...I'm a little envious of them, in a way. Whenever something happens, you can just blame it on the Star's will.
For example... is it like this?
I wish to eat tons and tons of delicious food, because the Star decreed it.
My! It seems your Star has decreed something quite fortunate for you, Dame Chloe.
Huh. Then, I want to sleep all I want and never have to work. Because, you know, the Star decreed it.
...You know, if Canaan heard you saying that stuff, I think he'd probably get pretty angry.

Stars and decrees aside, it appears you have completed the quest. Return to the bar when you have time, and report your success!

Here is the next DLC quest.

Sounds like it really hit them hard...
Even if they got knocked around a little, I'd say they're lucky to have gotten back alive.

Don't scare him like that.
Scare him? This old man's just speaking the truth. Considering the casualties so far, it's best we know what we're up against and get as prepared as we need to.
Indeed... Many have fallen victim to its attacks, after all.
In any case, we need to first see the real thing. No use getting scared of whatever we think it's going to be like.
W-Well, yeah, but...
I mean, we're not scared!? Right, Knight? Right!?

Flavio's freaking out.
H-Hold on! I just told you, I'm not scared at all!
Flavio. Relax.
Alright, alright. That's enough messing around from you guys. We've got a job to do here.
We need to head for the 7th floor in the forest, correct? Well then, shall we get going?

We were told that the monster would surely be just beyond this point... no?
Yep. This should be it... But I don't sense the presence of any strong monsters around the place...
We oughta stay cautious anywhow. There's no mistake that it's been injuring guards and explorers already.

If you plan on proceeding on, you will need to exercise extra caution. If you are resolved to confront this vicious monster, then proceed onward!

You barely manage to dodge, but you can feel its trailing heat scald you even in passing. Its power must be immense...

...That was sudden. And dangerous.
That arrow's speed was insane...! If we get hit by one of those, it might all be over.

What shot that arrow... appears to be a grotesquely fused being, comprised of both humanoid and equine form. You've never seen a creature like this before... It is clear that this is the beast you have come to slay!

What should we do? If it's shooting at us from range, we will have difficulty even getting within striking distance!
But we can't do a thing unless we get near it! Somehow, we've got to close in on it...!

You must dodge the centauroid monster's punishing volley as you proceed onward!

Okay, so the gimmick of this DLC is that the room we're in is a puzzle. If we get in the Thunder Queen's sights, she'll prep an arrow. Next turn, she'll shoot the arrow, and if we're in the way, we take a lot of damage. But she can't move for one turn after shooting. So you have to navigate around the rocks to get to her.

This auto-walk path I've drawn shows you how to get to the Thunder Queen without taking any damage.

I kill the Thunder Queen.

...That completes the request.
H-Heheh...! Yeah! Archer against archer. Skill against skill. No way I was gonna lose!
That was pretty close, though.
Don't worry, Sir Flavio! Perhaps you cannot craft lightning into arrows or shoot extremely long distances... But you are assuredly the best Survivalist of all the ones I know!

Wanna try and shoot some lightning?
M-Maybe... I-If I use a Grimoire Stone...!?

Flavio's rivalry aside, it would seem you have completed the request. Return to the bar when you have time and report your success!

Yeah, this DLC along with the Frost King DLC isn't all that interesting compared to some of the later ones. Of course it makes sense when these things were essentially re-purposed scrapped bosses. Although considering how those pieces of DLC are handled, perhaps that was for the best. Alright, so what's next?

...Actually, you know what? I'll save the rest for later.