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by Ragnar Homsar, Dr. Fetus

Part 20: I Hate Cacti

Update 15: I Hate Cacti

And we begin the update with finishing Labyrinth stew. Didn't take very long--just made an auto-walk pattern near the entrance to 7F and waited.

Haw! Back already? How was it? That landlady's even scarier than an FOE, eh?
Nnnnnnnot really?
Her husband's gotta be a brave one to go after that kinda woman...! ...Uh, don't tell her I said that. Let's see here... Urgh, she's sticking this crap on top of her food!? That's...unsanitary. Who would even order somethin' that looked like this? Guess I better bring it over to her. ...I don't even want to touch it, but a job's a job. Here, this is yer reward. Looking forward to seeing yeh again!

Oh come on. You couldn't give everyone 5 more EXP, Cass? Rheine's so close to a level.

Minor boost to Delayed Charge.

At this point I'm going to opt for maxing out Overheal over more points in Salve.

And Blinding Curse now has a much higher success rate at the cost of 4 more TP per cast.

Finishing Labyrinth stew unlocked this quest.

Oho, that quest? It's from that landlady again. She says some high-society VIP guest is askin' for some exotic fruit you can only get in the forest... ...No accountin' for taste. One bite of that Labyrinth Lunch, and I'd figure he'd be runnin' for the hills. Like usual, go to the Inn if y'want the full story. G'luck, guys!

We do just that.

The other day, this VIP booked a room. They said some kind of tasty fruit is in the Labyrinth, and they want some? Where they heard it from, I don't know, but I suppose someone recommended us! Said we know all about Labyrinth food. Now, I'm no expert on the Labyrinth...but we can hardly turn down a special VIP request, can we, loves? I was at the end of my tether...! And then some kind young explorer mentioned that strawberries grow in the forest! Now, where they grow, that's an issue. I heard that these berries are on the 8th floor, somewhere northeast.
Oh, we've eaten those berries before.
A delicate flower like me couldn't handle that trip, and my hubby threw out his back yesterday. So it's up to you!
Uh, is yer husband okay?
Bahaha, aren't you kids sweet! No need to fuss. This happens all the time. Just needs a bit of bedrest, that's all. But that's not the issue, is it? This VIP trotted off to the 8th floor to hunt. You kids need to get the strawberries from northeast on the 8th floor, and bring it to the VIP. Now then, this VIP told me he's all cozy and camped in the area, so just bring it, will you?

Be careful out there, loves. Thanks!

So this is a very simple quest. We just have to go to the spot at the very top right of 8F where we got the TP-restoring strawberries, get some, and then go to the point Hanna marked.

We can also visit the VIP's camp before we have the strawberries.

SYSTEM: Possibly alarmed by the urgency of your pace, one guard reacts quickly - lowering his weapon to bar your path.
Woah woah woah! Calm down! We were sent by the innkeeper.

SYSTEM: Realizing that this must be the VIP's camp, you explain your assignment for the berries, but the guard does not relax.
...I don't see any such fruit in your possession. If you expect me to believe you, I'll need some proof. If what you say is true, then return when you've actually got the berries.
SYSTEM: The guard says no more, but bars the way, his eyes cold and wary--more suspicious than he had been before the explanation. You take your leave of the place, heading northeast to find the strawberries said to be there.

SYSTEM: Do you remember the quest you accepted to deliver the VIP's strawberries that the Inn's landlady requested? You decide that these are the berries in question, having already tried them, and pick a fine selection for the VIP.

Seems good.

The first few lines are the same as last time.

We have the berries this time.
SYSTEM: The guard pauses, considering your words, and speaks again with a more composed tone.
I see. In that case, I will deliver your findings. Your duty has been fulfilled.
SYSTEM: You express your gratitude to the guard, and take your leave of the camp. You have completed the quest! All that remains is to return to the bar to report and receive your reward.

Oh, aren't yeh quick! Now, let's see. Did yeh pick up something scrumptious for the VIP?
Those berries are very sweet. That VIP's probably devouring them.
Mmhmm, a forest berry? I see. Hmm... Ooh, I bet this would make a fine wine. Perfect for ladies' night...! I should get yeh kids to pick up some more of those berries... Oh, what's that grimace for?
You'd better pay us if you're gonna make us do that.
Oh, fine, fine, don't go all gloomy. I'll ask someone else. Here's yer reward--thanks, loves!

Point Blank is a Gunner charge skill that gives a damage boost at the expense of making all ranged attacks melee for one turn. It's the best charge skill in the game--as in it gives 200% damage boost at level 20 and 175% at level 10--but that's not saying a ton. It's most useful in combination with Burst Shot, since that has a cooldown.

None of that matters with this Grimoire though, since it's not level 10.

Still maxing out Cocytus Formula in preparation for the stratum boss.

And here's Hanna's 9F dialogue.

...You really do enjoy going into that Labyrinth, don't you? I sit honestly that much fun?
Well, seeing a completely-drawn map when we finish a floor is pretty satisfying. Plus, I'm getting paid for it!
Eating monsters is very fun, yes... Every monster has its own unique flavor.
Every time I see you, you're all scratched and bruised up! You're going to get scars like that, you know.
Meh. Scars are heroic, y'know. Yeh get to tell the stories of how you got each one!
I'm sure you boys don't mind, but you girls need to watch out! I don't know much about explorers, but I do know that people look at a girl's battle scars differently than a boy's!
I'm pretty solidly in the "don't care" camp on that.

9F is a really short floor, so let's just get it out of the way.

So, which way do we go?
Call it a hunch, but left seems like the actual way forward.
It's in our best interest to completely explore the entire floor, including the north door, though.
I invoke my divinely-given right as a Sovereign to decree that we go through the north door!

HP: 352, STR: 21, VIT: 17
Damage resistances:
Disable resistances:

Long thought to exist only in myth, it has sharp claws and creates gusts with its wings.

Gryphons are pretty annoying. They're really, REALLY fast, and Slashing Claws hurts pretty badly--Tyler takes ~90 damage from it, for reference.

Madness Owl
HP: 210, STR: 13, VIT: 14
Damage resistances:
Disable resistances:

If you do not bind its wings, it is likely the place you met this owl will also be your grave.

Madness Owls are similarly annoying. Panic is one of the worst ailments to get hit by--having a support get tagged by it means you can't dispel it, and having a damage dealer get tagged by it means you run a high risk of a party member getting either softened up enough for a monster to kill them, or killed if their HP is already low enough.

This particular monster formation is somewhat similar to a few of the Ladybug fights from the 1st Stratum--do you try to kill the Gryphon first and hope the Madness Owl doesn't Panic key party members, or kill the Madness Owl first and let the Gryphon wail on you in the meantime?

Those're...those're some pretty strong claws yeh've got there!

Ouch. Rheine would probably have died to that.

For twelve years, you have been asking: Who is Luca Mathers? This is Luca Mathers speaking. I am the woman who loves her special effects. I am the woman who does not sacrifice...
Ugh. I told her not to read that doorstop-sized self-serving garbage in disguise as a book.
Hm? I would've thought that Yggdrasil Shrugged would be something you admire.
I'm not a sociopath, I just like being compensated for my work.

My spear bets yer claws!

A script that holds need as a claim, holds emptiness-non-existence-as its standard of value; it rewards an absence, a defeat: weakness, inability, incompetence, suffering, disease, disaster--

Oh thank the gods, it's gone.

I...didn't know that Madness Owls could run away if you let a fight against just one of them run on for too long.

Either tiles around treasure chests are more likely to trigger encounters, or I am just "lucky" enough to have this happen a bunch.

It's worth in the end, though. I'll start cooking 2nd Stratum food once I get every ingredient.

Now this is just annoying.

Ice shards!

Well, it would be if I didn't have Stardust.

This, on the other hand, is a potentially deadly encounter. If both of the Gryphons gang up on anyone, they're dead. No ifs, ands, or buts.

This is why you can generally be a little lax about upgrading your back line's armor--the back row damage reduction usually keeps them safe.

All-target Formulas and Venom Curse are a pretty easy, if a bit TP-expensive, method of just saying "nah" to dealing with random encounters.

SYSTEM: Eventually you discover a monster's young at the root of a tree, chirping and wheezing. A lump seems to be lodged in the down-covered chick's throat, which it is trying to dislodge. It may have swallowed something dangerous... If left alone, it will eventually die. On the other hand, you are well aware that it is a monster's young you're dealing with.
Ohhhh, this is difficult.
It's technically a monster...but it's only a child monster.
That thing's just going to try to kill another explorer once it grows up. Leave it.
We don't know that, though. What if an explorer killed Ursa while she was a child?
Oh, screw this.

SYSTEM: The chick heaves several times before giving a violent upheaval as the mass comes loose! Finally at peace, the chick looks at you with beady eyes. One last chirp, and it is gone.
Everything deserves a fair chance, no?
Ha. I suppose this is that "Highlander justice" I've heard so much about?
Idiots. ...Wait, what's this thing?
SYSTEM: You look at the lump caught in the chick's throat, and are surprised to find a gemstone. You take the gem as a reward for your benevolence and leave the area.

A bit of extra money, I guess. Rubies aren't particularly rare.

Yeah, the only interesting things about this area is the recipe book and the baby monster event. I head back to town at this point to replenish Stardust and Sophie's TP and to sell off what I've gotten so far.

And here's what I got from selling said stuff.

Katzbalger (+67 ATK) is unlocked by selling 5 Flourites and 3 Steel Beaks. It's the best sword you can get in the 2nd Stratu, so if you haven't upgraded your sword users' weapons, this is probably a good time to.

Broba (+74 ATK) is unlocked by selling 1 Steel Beak. It's not the best axe you can buy in the 2nd Stratum, but the other one's annoying to unlock and only gives +5 ATK compared to the Broba.

Self Bow (+58 ATK) is unlocked by selling 4 Crimson Hides. It's the best bow you can buy in the 2nd Stratum.

Lorica Segmentata (+32 DEF, +5 TP) is unlocked by selling 5 Steel Beaks. If you have a Landsknecht or Protector, I'd buy either this or the next heavy armor we can unlock after this one before the end of the stratum.

Wing Cuirass (+27 DEF) is unlocked by selling 1 White Crest. Again, I'd buy it for your non-heavy-armor wearing front liners before the end of the stratum.

Quill Armguard (+12 DEF, +1 AGI) is unlocked by selling 1 Glow Quill. If you have a Survivalist or Gunner, this'll provide a minor damage boost for them.

Carapace Boots (+9 DEF, +2 AGI, Beast-equippable) are unlocked by selling 3 Flourites and 2 Ankylosaur Skins. It's not a big DEF boost, but the AGI boost, again, is useful for Survivalists and Gunners.

Owl Eyes (+32 DEF, Panic resistance +25%) is unlocked by selling 1 Bound Wings. The Panic resistance boost is nice, but it's small enough that I wouldn't really rely on it.

Alright, can we get on with the floor now?

Anyone else hear something spiky?
SYSTEM: All at once, you feel predatory eyes fixed upon you and turn to face them!

...A walking cactus. With one eye.
How drunk did the god of monsters get to make this thing?
Can we please focus on how it's looking at us like it wants to eat us?!
SYSTEM: Its malice toward you is apparent, and it is clear that it has marked you as prey. Yet you see no way to progress into the Labyrinth without taking this path. You must find some means of handling this dilemma in order to reach the next room!

Alright. You see those damage tiles? You know how the Fire Drakes reacted to walking on them by speeding up?

Attack Cacti react by being damaged and de-aggroing from you. They will then limp away and become inactive for a few turns before healing and aggroing again.

The game has text for this, but it's seven dialogue boxes to tell you what I just said.

Heh heh, it's vulnerable! CHARGE!
Oh my GODS, can you all stop fighting FOEs when we can just walk past them?!

Attack Cactus
HP: 6610, STR: 27, VIT: 23
Damage resistances:
Disable resistances:

A predator whose body is covered in sharp needles.

Attack Cacti are really dangerous FOEs to fight if you have any physical damage dealers. Revenge Needle basically means you need to hold off on using any physical damage sources until you can either Panic the thing or bind its arms.

Also, I'm sure you could guess it just by looking at that HP total, but even with the slight damage we already got from the damage tile, we are not going to be killing this thing on the first turn--not for a good long while.

Rheine is my second most reliable damage dealer in this fight, behind Stardust, so buffing her Link Order damage is a good idea (Compression and Attack Order trigger the diminishing buff returns on each other, and Attack Order would lose out there).

I don't actually know if Delayed Charge will trigger Revenge Needle, but I can probably bind the Cactus's arms before its turn counter runs out.

Medics really don't have much to contribute at the start of a fight if Overheal isn't a high enough level to be worth using.

Compressed Inferno Formulas are my best damage against the Cactus.

I REALLY need to bind the Cactus's arms, so I even enable Creeping Curse to increase the odds of of Abdomen Curse landing.

I...don't know what the point of doing that was.

Needle got your tongue?

Soggy bullshit.

This was a mistake. I should've just had Rheine cast Link Order.

Tyler attacking could result in him getting killed, so I just have him hold off until the arm bind lands.

Tyler's high HP means he's the most likely to get targeted if the Attack Cactus uses an attack or Double Needle, so I have Realga prep Chase Heal in case Tyler somehow doesn't die from it.

Analysis will help make up for Inferno Formula's low level.

I'd rather wait till Sophie can break off those needles.

...That may take a while.

You've gotta be stirring my pasta.

And using Chase Heal paid off.

Now THAT is what I like to see! We'll need the rest of the party to contribute if we want to kill the thing soon, though.

I finally stop being dumb and just activate Link Order.

Euch... There, the needles are gone. I would've rather eaten its fruit...

THERE we go.

Now that Tyler can finally deal damage, we'll be able to kill this thing pretty quickly.

Alright, let's use Delayed + Cross Charge.

If the fight goes on long enough for Stardust to get another Analysis, I'm probably screwed, so might as well use Eschaton.

If I can Poison the Cactus, the battle will be over quite a bit more quickly.

And the thing's wasted a turn.

Well, it's not as much as Stardust is dishing out, but both Delayed and Cross Charge are at fairly low levels. Highlanders need a lot of levels to start dishing out big burst damage.

One turn to Poison it. Sometimes I feel like the game's taunting me.

Alchemists are really, really good damage dealers.

Gotta love Poison too.

Attack Cacti have a LOT of HP, even if you take advantage of the damage tiles.

I could have Tyler prep another Delayed Charge, but I'd rather get as much damage out of Hero Battle as possible.

And here I make a really goddamned moronic decision and somehow think the battle will be over soon enough to make casting Comnpression not worth it.

Sophie's run out of things to do for now, so I might as well just boost everyone's damage a tiny bit.

Even with the arm bind reducing its STR, the Attack Cactus still hurts. It's worth remembering that Sovereigns have sub-par VIT, though, even though they can wear heavy armor.

And that's why not re-applying Compression was a bad idea.

At least Spear Assist deals kind of nice damage. I should've put Tyler's Spear Assist Grimoire back on him.

Aw crap. The thing's close to dying, but not only did the poison wear off, the arm bind did too.

This is what we like to call both "desperate" and "really dumb".

And I realize how much Stardust's damage output suffered from my dumb decision and re-apply Compression.

Blinding the Cactus probably won't stop Revenge Needle, but it's still the most useful disable I have that's likely to land.

Welp. Goodbye, Tyler.

Oh yeah, Spear Assist does really pitiful damage if no-one used an elemental attack before it.

That...wasn't worth it...

Tyler died for 56 damage.

I activate Steady Hands since the battle's going south very quickly, and I need to get Tyler back in fighting shape as soon as possible. It doesn't actually boost Revive's heal, but it does boost its action speed.

Get up get up get up! Hurry!


Aaaa, the fight was going so well, too!

No rest for the wicked, I'm afraid! a cactus...
Oh, for the love of the gods, STOP DYING!
Easy for YOU to say, back line medic girl!

Sooo cloooose.

If there's a better time for Medical Miracle, it doesn't matter, because this is the last turn of Realga's Force Boost.

Hah... Hah... Please, stop dying, I'm getting exhausted...
Oh? Realga not getting tunnel vision on running up the bill?
I' my limits, Luca.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Medical Miracle is really powerful.

I never wanted to know...what the business end of a spear felt like...


I hate...cacti...
Kill me.
Think twice before yeh say that.

I probably would've won by now if I hadn't made all those dumb decisions.

Burn it all.

God, I played that fight really badly. I forgot to invest Sophie's skill point, too.

Let's...let's just walk around this one.

Next room's more of the same.

Lure the Attack Cactus to damage tiles...

And then just walk around it while it's limping away.

The last room of 9F (yes, it really is this short) is a bit more involved. We have several patches of damage tiles scattered across the room, and two Attack Cacti to deal with.

The way I do this room is lure the upper Cactus into the damage tiles...

Followed by the other one.

When you walk to this tile, the upper one will re-aggro to you, while the lower one will still be limping.

Avoid running into the limping Attack Cactus from a direction that's not the back (yes, I've done this before), and lure the upper one into that lone damage tile.

And from there, you're home-free.

I don't actually go to 10F yet, since I still need to finish Smithy Thompson's request and get Abigail's dialogue. I learned from the last time I lost dialogue by going to a new floor, don't worry.

I head back to town since Rheine and Tyler died while grinding Glow Quills and Realga ran out of TP. I also sold off the stuff we got.

Heart Briar (+68 ATK) is unlocked by selling 6 White Crests. It's the best whip you can buy in the 2nd Stratum.

King's Gun (+70 ATK, +5 LUC) is unlocked by selling 1 Cactus Spine. It's not the most-damaging gun from the 2nd Stratum by +3 ATK, but the +5 LUC offsets that as far as I'm concerned, since it makes Gunners less likely to be hit with ailments or binds.

Glaucus Spear (+64 ATK) is unlocked by selling 3 Glow Quills. It takes a lot less to unlock than the Long Spear (which is 10 Hardwood and 5 Steel Horns (from the next floor)), but gives -8 ATK. Whether or not that's worth the Long Spear grind is up to you (it is to me).

Realga got a level from Glow Quill grinding. Overheal now gives slightly more extra heal, although the max HP boost didn't go up (that only goes up at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20).

I also remember that Sophie got a level from the Attack Cactus fight, and at this point, I want to get Evil Eye while also boosting the rest of her disables' infliction chances, so I invest in Curse Mastery.

Tyler then got a level from more grinding. Delayed Charge now does slightly more damage.

I ended up in a LOT of fights trying to get Glow Quills, alright?

Cocytus Formula now does slightly more damage.

FINALLY. Good lord.

Owl Earring (Panic immunity) is unlocked by selling 5 Glow Quills. These things are going to be very, very useful for the Stratum boss.

Abigail then starts talking when we leave.

When a smithy puts his heart and soul into a piece, it ends up with mysterious powers. Just by holding it, you could become faster, or stronger, or who knows what else!
Yeah, uh, how does that work, anyway?
My father and everyone in his crew pray for your safe return when they make the equipment.
It's...prayer that gives power? Is that it?
I know they'll protect you in the Labyrinth, so please use them! Thank you again for all your help! You'll take any other requests I have, right?
Y-yes, but, uh, are you gonna give an answer? ...No? Alright.
Sophie can, among other things, poison monsters just by biting them. I wouldn't question anything that happens around here that much.

And here's Abigail's 9F dialogue.

Oh, hi everyone! Welcome! How can I help you today? Oh, my dad wanted me to give you all his regards. Hee hee... He says that whenever he sees all of you, he gets really motivated about his work. He gets all worked up over the wewapons he's making, or some kind of armor... He seems so happy when he talks about that stuff.
That's good to hear. So few people these days seem to enjoy their work, at least back in my kingdom...
Oh, but...make sure you don't push yourselves too hard, okay? I'm always praying for your safe return!

Let's turn in that quest before moving onto 10F.

Oi there, welcome back. Yeh lot did another bang-up job! Haw! Excellent work as usual. Here's yer reward!

Link Order now does quite a bit more damage, but more importantly, Link Order II got unlocked. It's basically just a version of Link Order that deals damage to every enemy when the target gets hit with an element. It even does the same damage at every level as Link Order.

We're now at the end of the Auburn Thicket. I head right back to town to check up on new dialogue and quests.

Let's start with Dubois.

You, uh... You need any help with that? I know a few osteopaths in town...
Ah, well, if it isn't you all...! Pardon me, I had quite the eventful day yesterday. A new dress for Lady Gradriel was completed, so I was there to see her try it on. Her birthday celebration is almost upon us... On this day, even the common folk can see Lady Gradriel. I'm sure that all are looking forward to the festivities. It is no exaggeration to say Lady Gradriel is a beacon of hope to this country.
I can imagine, given that she's the Duke's only heir.
Her beauty is even recognized by other nations. Many foreign heirs have asked for her hand in marriage. Not only that, but she bears the blood of her honorable father, kind and wise. Truly, she is an inspiration... If you continue to serve High Lagaard, and grow more prominent through your deeds... Perhaps you may meet her one day.
I--erm, we look forward to that day.
Ho ho ho ho! Please, continue your good work in the Labyrinth.

Onto Marion.

Ah... Erm...
Hmhmhm... I'm only joking. I assume you were hoping for some useful information? I've heard that you've reached the tenth floor. You're looking for a way to progress, right? Not many guilds have gotten that far...but they say there's a terrifying monster deep within the 10th floor.
The more terrifying they are, the more exotic their bodies taste.
From what the surviving explorers have told me, the monster has black bobbed hair and horns. ...To be honest, I have no idea what to make of that. Oh, one more thing... It seems the monster is near-impervious to fire. Unfortunately, that's all I know of it... Well, that's all I have to say for now. Try to avoid unnecessary risks.

Next up, Regina.

I grew up in High Lagaard, and I would always watch explorers come and go... I always wondered what it would be like to live however you wanted, going wherever you please and doing what you want...
Well, personally, the only other explorers I've heard of either stay in Lagaard, or are that one guild that ruined Etria by blowing the lid on its governor being a thousand years old, took a few steps into their Yggdrasil's..."body," I think, and then bolted out of town after being attacked by giant blood cells.
H-her point is that not all explorers just come and go. ...Giant blood cells?
Haha, maybe I'm getting a little too sentimental.

Moving onto Abigail.

Hey, listen to this! The other day, I found the cutest earrings! THey were golden, and finely engraved, and they glittered in the light...oh, they were so pretty. But the accessories and jewelry we sell here are pretty, too! And what's more, they're even uesful in the Labyrinth! ...M-Maybe I'm giving you a hard sell here, but they really can be useful. You should definitely get some!
You have a point--function takes precedence over form, after all.

Over to Hanna.

I've been hearing that there's some kind of enormous monster on the 10th floor! ...Some people are saying that I remind them of that monster.
That's a pretty damn rude thing to say ta someone's face.
Why, the nerve of them! Cheeky kids! Or...could it be that the monster looks like a gigantic, beautiful woman? You loves do me a favor, and go see if that monster really is as gorgoue as me! Bahahaha!

And, lastly, Cass.

Explorers are a dime a dozen here, but half of 'em couldn't make it to the 10th. ...Didn't expect yeh to be this good. Hey...hold on a tick. When did the trees start turnin' all red, now?
The sixth floor.
...So the place changed on yeh after five floors. And now yeh're on the 10th. That's five floors above when it turned red... So yeh think the trees are gonna change again after the next floor...?
...Hm. If the strata follow the pattern I think they do... Freyja, Milly, and Asriel are in for a bad time once we leave this floor.
Oi, yeh lot! Hurry and continue yer investigation to see if I'm right!

Only one patron besides Rozsika, again.

Ah, Lumen. Is everything going well? My brother and I are making our way through the second stratum. My brother is deathly afraid of Mr. Sauroposeidon, so when it readies a strike, my brother trembles in fear...poor thing. A charged attack is nothing to scoff at...but it poses no threat if you make the beast flinch with a loud sound. Oh, but don't say a word of it to my brother, hm? The very thought of it is enough to set his knees shaking...

The 10F quests.

Volunteer service II:

Ahhh, that quest, eh? Great! It was actually requested with yeh in mind. This is from that Hospital place yeh helped out before. Guess yeh impressed 'em, with that last piece of work! So about the quest. Might be cause of havin' to deal with that other mess, but they wanna be sure they have medicine to spare. They say an ounce of prevention's worth a pound of cure, eh?
They drill that into our heads at med school.
Anyway, they want yeh to get ingredients from the forest again. Listen up. Yeh'll need to find a Water Bubble. That 2nd Stratum What was their name, Tree Sponge? Yeh can get it by huntin' those. Only need 1, but they said to reward yeh for any extras yeh bring back. Mind yeh, they don't need more than 3. Anyways, if yeh get yer hands on at least one, bring it here. I'll hold on to 'em if yeh drop 'em off. ALright, guys. G'luck!

Tree Sponges are either really easy or nightmarish, depending on your party composition. We'll see them next update.

The perfect gift:

How're things? I was waiting for yeh to take this one... Why? Well, 'cause the client asked for yeh specifically. It's the owner of the Flaus Inn, the place where yeh stay and rest.

Does Cass really need to remind us of the inn's purpose every time he brings it up? Good lord.

Go ask at the inn for all the juicy details. G'luck!

And we'll end the update on Hanna's quest details.

I'm so happy you agreed to help out like this! It makes me want to give you a great big hug! Keep this between us, but Quona's birthday is coming up soon, so we're going to throw a party for her at the bar. This might not be your usual kind of quest, but...could you get her a present? Anything will do! Just as long as you think she'll like it. She's taken a shine to you ever since you started staying here. Remember, though, this is a secret. Thanks a bunch! Bahaha!

Phew. Alright, next time: we take care of both of these quests, and then go through 10F.