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Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight

by Ragnar Homsar, Dr. Fetus

Part 22: Basically Filler

Update 17: Basically Filler

Oogh, my head... That was some night of drinkin' we had.
It is a new day. Let's just put our disagreements over Esbat aside and finish the 2nd Stratum.
Agreed. There can't be much floor left.
I could use a break from being on the main team...

This'll be a very short update. We only have around half of 10F to explore.

Guns make persuasive arguments.
So there's no need for us to hold you back any longer...
SYSTEM: The woman speaks in her typical casual manner before handing you a medicine bottle.

All is forgiven!

Hard to say no to free Amritas.

A gift for you, in hopes that your demon-slaying mission goes well.
Thank you very much, Lady Artelinde.
Mhm. Those things are hard to come by.
You're very welcome. Well then, may our paths cross again, hm?
SYSTEM: Having said that much, the woman turns her gaze from you and leaves, the elderly gunner still at her side. You see them off and collect yourselves before returning to your search for the monster to be slain.

Stop me if yeh've heard this one:

A Highlander and an Attack Cactus walk into a Baby Salamander's view.

And then the Cactus burns to death! Eh? Eh?
...Was there a joke there?

Just wanted to show that I got the Rattle Nozuchi's conditional after forgetting about it last update.

I don't know why the room is so big, to be honest.

In Story mode, Artelinde and Wilhelm introduce themselves to you in this small room, as well as offer you free full HP/TP restoration. Purestrain Storyism, if you ask me.

Oh joy, a bunch of FOEs and thorny floors. My favorites!

Now this is a room where it's easy to find yourself in a bad situation. There's Baby Salamanders in two corner of the room, a Fire Drake patrolling the middle, and four damage tiles on each side of the Fire Drake's patrol path.

This is honestly the best way I can think of to get out of the room unscathed: walk along the Fire Drake's patrol path until you can sneak out of its view (or come into it) as you walk on the side of the room that has the door.

Try not to waste too much time when walking in this room, since the Fire Drake can catch up to you unexpectedly. I've game overed to the Fire Drake in here a few times in older runs!

Oh god. This is an encounter formation that can kill quite a few party members very quickly.

My decree is DEATH.

Alchemists and Sovereigns make for very good partners thanks to Link Order.

The Actaeon died without much of a fight.

The Take point on 10F gives Small Soybeans for ingredients.

Ooh, treasure!
Gimme gimme gimme!

Oh, come on.

This is going straight into the garbage.

And now we have a cactus chasing us.

There's thankfully some damage tiles right near the upper door. I let the Attack Cactus limp away for 2 or 3 steps, then bolt for the bottom part of the room.

It never ends.

It's hard to see from here, but that Fire Drake is standing on top of a LOT of damage tiles. It's kind of difficult to move out of its line of sight when it's basically taking a step for every step you take.

For reference, there's all the damage tiles the Fire Drake had at its disposal.

I don't hear any FOEs moving around up ahead.
We gotta be gettin' close to the Flame Demon, then.

We're in the home stretch. Just some corridors and rooms with no FOEs in them left.

SYSTEM: The tree trunk before you is forked in two, and a shining liquid spills over the center. You came all this way... You may as well see what happens if you drink the liquid.
Well, it doesn't look or smell poisonous.
What's the worst that could happen?
SYSTEM: You each scoop the liquid in your hands and swallow some. It's faintly sweet to the tongue, and relieves your exhaustion.

I feel renewed.
SYSTEM: The liquid begins to slowly pool again. There should be enough for all of you once more by tomorrow.

I don't think we'll really be coming back to this spot since it's so far into the floor, but still. Atlus being generous for once.

Last gathering point of the 2nd Stratum. It gives Root Chili for its ingredient.

The last corridors and rooms of the 2nd Stratum have some really nasty encounters you can run into. There's even a few with two Actaeons!

The shortcut here, in combination with the one near the stairs, makes for an easy path to the end of the floor. If you're playing along, always be on the lookout for shortcuts!

There's another locked door in this last room. It's the last one in the game, although we won't be getting the key until the 4th Stratum.

SYSTEM: Beyond it, you feel something markedly different from any ordinary monster... If you feel fully prepared, then open the door and meet your fate!
I believe...the Flame Demon lies just beyond that door.
Let's just go back to town, okay? I don't think we're really the right people for taking that thing on.

Fair warning: entering that door will immediately start the fight with Flame Demon. It's not like Chimaera where the game gives you a chance to go back to town after seeing it.

A few unlocks before we fight Flame Demon.

Fire Saker (+67 ATK, Normal attacks become Stab+Fire) is unlocked by selling 1 Frozen Iron. It's inferior to the King's Gun in most every way, but it is the best gun you can buy with normal 2nd Stratum monster drops.

Round Shield (+21 DEF) is unlocked by selling 5 White Crests. If you have a Landsknecht, Protector, or Highlander, it's probably a good time to upgrade their shield.

Beast Bell (Raises encounter rate) is unlocked by selling 3 Steel Horns. I've said it before, but an auto-walk path with your walk speed set to fast does the Beast Bell's job better than it.