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Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight

by Ragnar Homsar, Dr. Fetus

Part 31: Boing

Update 25: Boing

You are the ocean's gray waves ♪ Destined to seek life beyond the shore ♪ Just out of reach...
Heh. That's some singin' voice yeh've got.
Oh, good morning, Tyler. Thank you.
How come yeh've never sung for us before? Lord knows yeh're better than Realga and Milly at it.
War Lore doesn't require singing.
Hrm. Hey, what's that song yeh were singin'? Don't think I've heard it before.
I found those first few lines of it in a very old archive of ancient entertainment methods. Unfortunately, all I could find besides those lines was a mention of an emblem.

We're almost at the end of the 3rd Stratum. Just 14F and 15F left.

Let's take care of some quests before we tackle 14F. First of all, The sun shines down. We need to wait for the time to be 10 AM. The easiest way to do this is to just set an auto-walk path in an area where you can't run into enemies and wait for the clock to tick over.

There we go.

Now, what we need to do is get into an encounter--any monster will do.

After the battle finishes...

Somethin' tells me those crabs and that lizard weren't the reason all those explorers di-- Whoop, here comes somethin' from the sky.
Oh please no.
SYSTEM: At that moment, something lunges from high above. Caught defenseless, the sudden assault knocks you all to the ground!

The hell?!
SYSTEM: You pull yourselves to your feet, gritting your teeth through the pain, and come face to face with a monster, growling hungrily. It appears this monster was the one that ambushed you after your fight, in your brief moment of vulnerability... Its mouth is stained with red--a grim testament to how many adventurers have already fallen prey to its trap.
So this is what we were sent to slay...
SYSTEM: There can be no mistake--this monster must be the mysterious beast described in your request.
...Hm? It seems...reluctant to fight us.
SYSTEM: But strangely, despite having successfully ambushed you, the monster seems to have no will to fight... It seems almost to be in pain. It whines at you, and turns, as if to run away... Puzzling over its behavior, your thoughts are interrupted by the strange song of the flute you overheard earlier. At the shrill tones of the flute, the monster whirls with bloodshot eyes, and lunges at you once more! The sudden change startles you, but the time has come to defeat the vicious beast! Ready your weapons, and strike it down!

Beetle Lord
HP: 2300, STR: 35, TEC: 24, VIT: 30, AGI: 20, LUC: 25
Damage resistances:
50% 50% 100% 125% 125% 125%
Disable resistances:
100% 150% 100% 50% 50% 100% 100%
50% 50% 50%
50% 100% 100%

An insectoid creature whose mind is controlled by a wicked purpose.

What the hell am I supposed to say about this thing?

"Find peace, thou monster." ...How was that?
Not very heroic.

...Tyler had less than a 7% base chance to do that, not even accounting for LUC difference.

SYSTEM: You tense, sensing movement behind you. Weapons at the ready, you turn to confront...a lone guard.

SYSTEM: You can't see his face behind the metal visor, but he seems to be friendly enough. You tell the guard of your quest from the Grand Duchy.
We're pretty sure that thing was what was killin' all the explorers.
Whoa, sounds pretty tough. You must be pretty thirsty after all that. Here, why don't you all have some of my water?
I am feeling quite parched, I suppose. Thank you.
SYSTEM: Rheine thanks the guard, takes the water skin, clearly winded and parched from the tough battles.
...Hey, hold up a minute...
SYSTEM: Something belatedly dawns on you... Didn't Cass tell you that there were no guards posted on the 13th floor? If that's true, then...what is this guard doing here all by himself? You look to the guard, and notice that he is watching Rheine about to drink, with a malevolent grin on his face...!
SYSTEM: Something about his demeanor unnerves you, and instinctively you knock the waterskin from Rheine's hands!
...Tyler. I know you are have a tendency for paranoia, but this is-- Urk! M-my throat...!
SYSTEM: Astonished, Rheine demands an explanation...but staggers as a burning pain fills their throat.

SYSTEM: It's clear the water had been poisoned, and despite your quick thinking, it seems that Rheine drank a small sip... You move to protect Rheine, who is on the ground gagging in pain, and draw your weapons! The guard nimbly steps back, hastily slipping out of range of your weapons.
Mrph. You're pretty dodgy, for someone wearing heavy armor.
We are not so easily fooled that we would forget there are no guards on this floor.
Tch, you catch on quick, huh... You were so easy to fool last time, but looks like you've wised up a little bit...
SYSTEM: The guard drops all pretenses in his words, and makes no attempt to hide his malice towards you. Everything becomes clear now--you recall the amiable guard you encountered during the case of the treasure hidden in the cave... The man in front of you is the very same guard, and you almost fell victim to his lies a second time!
Alright, yeh lyin' bastard! We're wise to yer tricks now! We'll be ready for yeh next time!
I thought I killed you all back at the cave... Tch. You're persistent idiots, I'll give you that, but you need to just die already!
SYSTEM: The guard spits these words as a parting shot as he vanishes into the forest. You don't know why the guard was here, but the request is complete. Visit the bar when you can, and report your progress!
Phoebe, how's Rheine doin'?
Not great. That was some poison that trickster had.
I-I'll be...fine. Go report to Cass--gck--while I go consult Realga about this...

Ahh, there yeh are. How was it? Yeh find any good treasure?
I wish. All we got was another run-in with that thief from the cave.
Eh...? What, that bastard again!? So it was all just another scheme of his, eh? I've been askin' around a bit since that last incident. That bastard only just came into town recently...but I heard he's an infamous robber.
Just our luck that we'd run into this prick. Bah.
I heard the treasure yeh tried to get last time was a flute that could control monsters...? Only works on a couple beasties, but it still ain't good. Now, turns out there's actually two flutes: one that riles 'em up, and one that calms 'em down. Dunno which was in the cave... I figured he was gonna use it to steal somethin' from another floor, but... I had no idea that all this time, the bastard was just after the explorers' loot.
So you will follow up with the Grand Duchy about this and the last incident, correct?
I'll keep lookin' into things, so keep yer shirt on. Ah, and I can't forget yer reward, of course. Yeh killed the monster, so here yeh go. G'luck!

All Mists reduce Fire/Ice/Volt damage to the party by 20% for 6 turns. It's not that big of a reduction, but there are two bosses where it's kinda useful.

Cross Charge now deals 225% damage if used alone, 550% if used with Delayed Charge, and has a 200% speed modifier instead of a 150% speed modifier.

Link Order now hits for 172% TEC damage + 40% of whatever skill activated it.

We'll need to fight some enemies on 14F to finish Yggdrasil cider, so we might as well start.

SYSTEM: Turning to face it, you see an old man. Der Freischutz is standing not far away...

...Whaddya want?
SYSTEM: The old marksman Wilhelm keeps a withering eye on you as he speaks.
Ms. Artelinde told you that good children don't go deep into the forest, didn't she? I don't know what you're up to. But I do know there'll be a world of trouble if you go on.
SYSTEM: His gaze pierces directly into your soul as he continues.
If you leave, fine. If you stay below, fine. But if you ignore our warning... Then the 15th floor... Mark me, children: that frosty hall will be your grave.

SYSTEM: It's up to you whether to continue through the forest or return to Lagaard.
So, uh... Now what? Do we keep going? That was a...pretty serious threat.
As much as I had hoped that Guild Esbat would leave us alone, we cannot end our exploration over this. We must press on!
Heh. Yeh're seein' my way now.

SYSTEM: Luckily, the egg is not cracked, though it is clear that it will not fare well if left under these cold skies. You may return the egg back to its nest, high in the tree before you, or leave it where it lies.
Eh, even monsters deserve fair chances. Up you go!

Ooh, now that's a nice feather. I don't think whatever lives here'll miss it...
SYSTEM: While returning the egg, Zack seems to have made off with a feather from the nest in the bargain. You can't help but laugh at Zack's unflagging dedication as you take your leave.

Swan Feathers are normal drops from a 15F enemy.

...The hell is that blue lump?
SYSTEM: Zack is the first to find what you are looking for and speaks up.

SYSTEM: It is different from the type on the previous floor which hovered off the ground... This one has a gelatinous body which is in full contact with the ice. It seems capable of moving about freely even on this slippery floor. You remain cautious of the new monster as a matter of principle as you resume investigating the forest.

Blue Gels patrol a rectangular area instead of the straight lines that Evil Eyes did. Otherwise, their behavior is quite similar to Evil Eyes, right down to how they aggro to us. The only difference is that Blue Gels will not leave the ice they're standing on to chase us, unlike Evil Eyes.

HP: 424, STR: 27, TEC: 24, VIT: 23, AGI: 17, LUC: 23
Damage resistances:
150% 100% 100% 100% 50% 150%
Disable resistances:
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%

An amphibious creature that has the ability to summon ice and cold.

Redfish...exist. Ice Fin hurts quite a bit (and can actually kill Zack or Tyler from near-full), but other than that there's not a ton to say about them. Having two of them in one fight's kind of annoying since two Ice Fins can actually put you in a kind of dangerous situation.

I-I n-never wanted to know what bein' slapped by a freezin' fin felt like.


Oh yeah, the Freezing Lizard. Normally, Zack would've just been badly wounded by that, but the Freezing Lizard I didn't show lowered everyone's HP slightly, putting Zack in the death range for Ice Fin. I'm starting to really hate those things.

Arise and persevere!

Enough outta yeh!

Ah, how cathartic.

The Blue Gel aggros on us basically as soon as we step on the ice, but it follows the same rules the Evil Eye did--us sliding on the ice only counts as one action for it.

Seems like we need to push that thing and then slide into it to go any further.
Push it at once, then.

That's some pretty strong goo.
SYSTEM: The fiend used its soft, absorbent body to nullify your gambit...! You will clearly not defeat this gelatinous creature with the ice blocks. Adding this to your knowledge of the Labyrinth's denizens, you proceed with your investigation.

Oh yeah, one last property of Blue Gels. They will bounce ice blocks back at you, which is kind of annoying. The game doesn't really make a ton of puzzles using that fact, though.

So all we have to do is just wait until the Blue Gel's out of the way.

Inside this treasure chest is an Almighty Ring, which increases all of a character's stats by 2. Colette benefits most from it since she has skills that, collectively, use STR, TEC, and VIT, so I put it on her.

I've had it up to HERE with these damn elephants!

Ohhhhhhh gods I've made a terrible decision!


Blue Gel
HP: 7197, STR: 39, TEC: 37, VIT: 29, AGI: 22, LUC: 35
Damage resistances:
50% 50% 50% 150% 10% 100%
Disable resistances:
50% 100% 25% 10% 50% 25%
10% 10% 50%
50% 25% 25%

An evolved type of gel whose body can morph into a full arsenal!

I'm...not entirely sure what the point of Blue Gels is, given that they'll pretty much always be the only enemies in a fight, making Elemental Gel useless. They hit hard, and can kill anyone not under the effect of Front Guard, but that's not exactly a big issue.

What IS an issue, however, is that my current party has no answer to the issue of "this thing has 50% resistance to all physical damage." My only choice is to run from this thing, since fighting it will take WAY too much time.


Z-Zachary! We must flee!

Oogh... How did we get bounced back?
Basic laws of physics, Tyler.

Oh yeah. If you escape from an FOE fight on ice, you'll be propelled in the direction opposite where you started the fight.

Another easy puzzle. Just push the ice block and then run into it...

So you can go here.

Hmm... That thing looks interestin'.
SYSTEM: It is partly buried, making it difficult to tell what it is from your position. You can investigate the shining object further or ignore it and continue forth.
Go grab it, then.
SYSTEM: When you approach the object and pick it up, you find that it is a necklace. While you wonder if some explorers lost it here, a low rumbling echoes through the area.
I don't like the sound of--
SYSTEM: It is the sound of snow and boulders sliding down the mountain! The necklace's prior owner must have been crushed by an avalanche! You retreat from the approaching wall of snow at full speed, but it's too late! Your guildmates are swallowed into the moving wall of snow and slammed into the ground!

Ohhhhhhh man that stings without having Realga.

Hm. Everyone okay?
My left arm is broken...and my hat is crushed...but otherwise, reasonably okay.
I didn't was stand on your own face...
Rheine... Please get offa me... The weight 'a you and the snow is crushin' my apples...
Someone...please help me up...
SYSTEM: Thankfully, the avalanche that caught you was a minor one, and you managed to survive. Yet your safety is not guaranteed, and so you quickly put away the necklace you hold and swiftly depart.

Gypsum Necklaces provide immunity to Sleep. Potentially useful for the stratum boss.

Another level up from Zack from a boring encounter, another point in TP Up.

Last puzzle of the floors. We have to push that ice block...

To reach that passage over there.

One push down--

Oh my god I'm a fucking idiot.

One escape later...

Mercifully, Blue Gels go inactive for a turn after you escape from them, ensuring you can't get boxed in by them. It also means I can kinda cheese this and run to the ice block.

Just shove the thing southwards...

I am taking over navigational duty next time, Zachary.
I'd appreciate that...



Can't say I've seen a shortcut like that before.
You got any clue, Colette?
I'm unfamiliar with these markings.
SYSTEM: Perhaps something is required in order to make the emblem react...

We'll be coming back here MUCH later in the game.

And we're done with the floor. Another short one.

The fifteenth floor... Sir Wilhelm said this would be our graves...
Okaaaaaay so who's up for going back to town right now?
It's almost dinner time. I could go for some food.

Selling off our junk from 14F unlocked these things.

Hunter Bow (+84 ATK) is unlocked by selling 1 Swan Feather. I'd say it's boring, but it's the highest-damage bow you can buy in the 3rd Stratum.

Elephant Nose (+84 ATK) is unlocked by selling 2 Elephant Hides. I really hate these boring +ATK upgrades.

Handcannon (+84 ATK) is unlocked by selling 1 Slimy Scale. If you're not gonna kill a Blue Gel, it's the best gun you can buy in the 3rd Stratum.

Tusk Hairpin (+20 DEF, +5 TP, can be equipped by Beasts) is unlocked by selling 3 Giant Tusks. Decent-ish defense upgrade. The TP's nice.

Time for town denizen dialogue.

They said that there's some kind of ice woman with countless twisting limbs! It just sounds horrible. ...So how far have you climbed up to?
The, uh... The fifteenth floor.
You're on the 15th floor already!? Well, it's a good thing I caught you! Now you know what's lurking in there. I'll see if I can find out anything more about this thing. Anything to help out you lovely children. Bahaha!

Aside from that horrid avalanche, we're managing quite well.
...I've only heard rumors, but apparently there's a vicious ice monster that stops any explorers from going past that floor.
We heard as much from Hanna just a minute ago, yeah.
...You're planning on fighting the monster, right? Um, I'm not doubting any of you, but... It's just... I'm a little worried, is all...
If we've come this far without kickin' the bucket, I think we'll be fine.
Um... Please come back safe, okay...? It'd be awful if...i-if I never saw you all again.

Oh, just thinking of today's menu. High Lagaardian winters can be very cold. Seasonal menus might be a good idea... I've heard the section of the Labyrinth you're in now is quite cold, too.
...You didn't know that until now?
W-Wipe that look off your face. I was just making sure of the facts!

Yeh lot made it to the 15th floor, right? That's amazing and all... but I didn't stop yeh to praise yeh. There was a guild that tried to climb higher, trying to steal yer thunder... But on their way up to the next floor, they ran into some huge beastie. Sounds like they all nearly died fighting that thing.
We've heard as much from Hanna and Abigail.
So anyways, yeh lot better be careful. I'd hate to see yeh go to the Great Bar in the Sky before yeh find the castle in the sky! In any case, keep yer guard up! That's all. Haw haw haw!

Just Marmott this time.

Oh, welcome, Lumen. Tramonte's passed out at the inn again...all thanks to Lilly.
What esoteric material was she chasing this time?
She had her eyes set on a Frozen Stone this time, but it's not exactly easy to get. Defeat a Giant Snow with an ice element attack... I mean, you can only do so much, right? I got fed up and said she'd have to do it herself, and the idiot actually went out and tried! At least she's still alive...

15F quests.

The company performer:

Ah yes, that quest. The client will be very happy to hear that yeh're handling it.
Hm? Ah, surely yeh remember the lass who wanted revenge for her fiance's death?
Ah, yeah. The dead guy whose gauntlet I threw at yeh. Heh, good times.
Tyler, could you please try to be less boorish...?
She's since become a troubadour, and joined the naval band. I gave her the herbs an' gauntlet yeh brought back with the bone... though of course, I kept the bone to myself. She cried up a storm for a spell, but she seems better now. Once yeh'd got revenge for her, she thought she'd spend her life trying to save other people.
Good t' see another person that just takes whatever life gives 'em.
And she hated to think of anyone feeling as low as she did, so a troubadour was the natural choice. I was surprised myself! But she's a natural at that music stuff.
Oh gods can we please trade Milly for h--
Hush. Go on, Cass.
But that's where the quest comes in. That lass is helpin' a guild on a hunt, ya see. But this guild doesn't have the cash to support the reinforcement group, eh? So her equipment's kinda shabby. So she came to ask for help, and asked me to put up a quest. So... Even if it's secondhand, she asked for one Mammoth Bow XL, awright? I told her she oughta ask yeh for a whole set of equipment, but she wasn't havin' it. Seriously, what a modest girl, eh? Think of it as raising new talent for the future, yeah? Haw haw haw haw!

Mammoth Bow XLs are kind of annoying to unlock, but they're not too bad.

The enigmatic woodsman:

Oh, that quest. Yeh probably don't know, but there's a man that calls himself the Messenger of the Labyrinth. Never seen him, so I can't say whether he's real or not, but I hear he's some nutcase who left Lagaard to live in the Labyrinth. Then there's this other lot called the Curse Academy...
I'm quite familiar with them, yes.
Explain who they are for those of us who aren't, though.
They're a strange bunch, who take requests to curse or uncurse things. Now, the incense they use for that, they usually get from the Messenger, in exchange for an offering. They say the incense has some special power, and it can't be made in town. Typical, eh? Nowadays, though, even when they go in with the offering, they can't find this Messenger fella. They ain't ones for giving up, so they fished up some ancient documents, and started lookin' for a way to find this guy. So they found out there's a little shrine in the White Forest. Folks used to bring offerings there, and get incense in return.

I don't know if White Forest is a mistranslation or just an inconsistency, but Cass is just referring to the Frozen Grounds.

Yeh get the picture yet? Yeh gotta find the shrine, set down the offering, and get their incense. Now, the offering... well, there's a messenger from the Curse Academy sitting in the corner. Go ask them about it. Alright, g'luck!

...D-Did you want to talk to me?
Yes. We're members of Guild Lumen.
R-Really...? So you're the ones that accepted our posting... Cass must have told you most of it, right...?
Yes, he did. Go over the basic details again, though.
Take an offering for the shrine of the white forest, and bring back incense in return... Our texts say the shrine is on the 15th floor, but I'm afraid we don't know the specific coordinates... Not only that, our predecessors built numerous other shrines on the same floor. However, the Messenger of Yggdrasil will only descend to the shrine constructed with stone wings. Please, be careful. Once you place the offering, please retreat until the shrine's no longer visible... That should cause...something to happen. Once you have the incense, please bring it here... P-Please, take this...

Please be careful...and...make sure it does not fall into the wrong person's hands... We will be watching your every step...
That's not creepy at all.

We'll be taking care of this quest late into 15F.

Abigail has special dialogue when we enter Sitoth after taking on The enigmatic woodsman.

Oh my goodness... Is that... D-Do you have a Wind Rock!?
Uh, y-yeah. How'd she even notice it in our pack?
Wow! That's a very rare stone! It's used to make amazing equipment, you know. ...Um, I have a favor to ask of you... If it's possible...could you sell that stone to me? You see, my father's birthday is coming up, and, um, I want to give him a good present... So, uh...umm...
Selling the Wind Rock would be...inadvisable. Sorry, Abigail.
I... see. Alright... It must be something very important. Sorry to get all excited, ahaha... Most craftsmen never get to see one. So I wanted to give my dad something he'd treasure... I'll find something else for my father's present, so please don't worry about it. By the way, where did you manage to find such a rare rock?
Some stick-armed girl from the Curse Academy gave it to us. There's this recluse in the Labyrinth who'll trade it for some special incense.
...U-Um, a request...from the...Curse...Academy...? ...I'm...glad I didn't take it. If I took something that belongs to the Curse Academy... I don't know what they'd do... You should make sure you finish this quest properly! Please come visit us again if you need anything!!!

In the original EO2, you could actually sell the Wind Rock to Abigail and get a false end for the quest. Here, though, even if you opt to sell it to her, she still asks where the thing came from, and then freaks out when you tell her it's from the Curse Academy and gives it back.

We're well aware.
According to an explorer that survived an encounter with it...the monster appears as a woman, but get too close, strikes! ...Their guild was thrashed apart. It was utter chaos. Only the one survived. The rest...slaughtered.
They said the same thing about the Flame Demon, too.
...It's a morbid story, but I'm telling you because there was something unusual about that attack. ...The survivor of that battle was injured by the monster, but...he also had bullet wounds across his back. Perhaps I'm overthinking it, but... I want you all to be very cautious as you proceed. Well, that's all I have to say for now. Try to avoid any unnecessary risks.
Bullet wounds, eh? I've got a pretty good idea who's responsible fer that.
To think I believed they would listen to rational diplomacy...

Lumen... You are the members of Lumen, are you not?
Yes, as I thought. They say your guild is strong as a lion, swift as the wind, and sturdy as a great boulder... I cannot tell if they say this in jest, or if you truly appear this way to them in the Labyrinth.
I'd like to believe there's some truth to that, heh.
...And as you grow stronger, I can only assume that boulders will become monoliths, and monoliths will become mountains... Ho ho ho, I can hardly wait, hm? Good day to you, then, Lumen. I look forward to your safe return.

At this point I did some materials grinding to finish up some outstanding quests, and unlocked this stuff.

Bipennis (+103 ATK) is unlocked by selling 2 Giant Tusks and 2 Slimy Scales. It's the highest-damage axe from the 3rd Stratum, if that interests you.

Mammoth Bow XL (+79 ATK) is unlocked by selling 5 Giant Tusks. It's a pretty crappy upgrade, but we need it for The company performer, so I buy one.

Oh, yeh got one! Good! I'll bring it to her right away, then. Well...yeh ain't busy, right?
We're done with exploring for the day, yes.
If yeh're gonna wait around for me anyway, take inventory while I'm out, eh?
Don't make that face! After all I've done for yeh! Yeh can do me a little favor, can't yeh? C'mon. And besides! If yeh can't, I'll just find someone else to handle the quests, eh?
...Very well, then.
Awright! Make it snappy! Haw haw haw!

Fade to black here.

Phew, I'm back! Oh, yeh did well. Kinda surprisin'. Thanks for the help.
Aw, don't give me that face again! C'mon, I'll tell yeh what happened. For free. When I brought the goods, she was waiting for me outside. She bowed, all proper-like. Made me bow right back without thinkin'! She seemed like a whole new lass. No more gloom, just a big old smile on her face... I think she's gonna be just fine. Welp, I'd say yer job's done. Here, take yer reward. Thanks again!

Stonards increase one party member's physical defense by 30% for 6 turns. Yawn.

Ooh, more rewards?

Holy Gift's always useful for grinding, even if it's a low level.

She wasn't sure when she'd be back from her mission, otherwise she'd have given it to yeh herself. She said she wanted yeh to have it, even though it might not help much. She wanted to thank yeh face-to-face as well, but yeh know how it is. Take it easy, alright?

Oh, I've been waiting for yeh! Yeh already got them? Fantastic. Lemme see. Pass 'em over.
Let's see, I put the materials...right here! There we are.
...Oh ho ho, great, great! They're top quality! Now I just gotta make some whiskey with this, name it “Lumen"...and I'll be rollin' in cash. Heh heh heh...
Didja say somethin', Cass?
...Wh--oh, uh... Wh-What? I didn't say nothin'. Must've been ghosts. Drunk ghosts. Here's yer reward! Now go on! Make sure yeh count it! S-See ya!

The Hex Staff is yet another disabling weapon. It has a 30% base chance to inflict Curse when attacking.

Among a category of weapons that are all worthless, the Hex Staff stands out.

Barrier now has a 47% chance to block.

I have no clue what I want to do with Tyler's build right now, and I don't want to bump Spear Assist's TP cost, so he'll hold on to that skill point for now.

Raising Shield Mastery to level 5 unlocked Heal Guard, which I absolutely do not care about.

Link Order deals 176% damage + 40% of the activating skill's damage.

And that's all for now. Next time: most of 15F.