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by Ragnar Homsar, Dr. Fetus

Part 64: The Calamity

Update 53: The Calamity

The Calamity... The Calamity...
Ranger? Are you okay?
You look like you're trying to remember something...
Calamity... Ca-lamity... Oh, that's right.
Clam City. It sounded like a book my parents read to me when I was a baby.
...Let's get going.

Time for the second final boss of the game.

Why yes, I did optimize Ranger and Rheine for maximum TEC (which involved buying Ranger his ultimate armor). You'll see the results very shortly.

You might also notice that Ranger's Grimoires have been heavily optimized, including two passives he didn't have last time. Force Energy passively restores a static amount of TP plus a percent of Ranger's max TP while he's in the Force Boost state (12 + 2% at level 10). He doesn't have it naturally yet, but frankly I kind of went crazy with the murder optimization after a bunch of failed test runs.

Limit Break... Let's just say it's better to show than tell here.

SYSTEM: You can feel the numbing pressure of an unimaginable power on the other side of this door...
Um... Are we really sure we can do this? I don't know if biting a world-ending monster will really do much...
SYSTEM: You hesitate, faltering at the growing sense of dread in your stomachs, and hear a familiar voice.
Child of man, you have done well to arrive here. Now, I would have you listen to me. I wish to tell you...the story of Ginnungagap.
That would be nice. We know vanishingly little of this place...
In the distant past, there existed a being known as the Calamity...a being possessed of earth-shatteringly destructive power. This primeval creature...this entity of pure annihilation...rests deep beneath the land known as High Lagaard. I and my colleagues knew of this, and rather than try to control or destroy it, we sought to seal it away in this land... We have renewed this seal time and time again, by way of...a certain tradition.
The ritual of the Fafnir Knight. It's mentioned in Colette's texts...
That time is now past, and it will no longer help us. Little by little, our sacrifices have affected the seal less... And thus, the seal keeping the Calamity in place has weakened with each new dawn. It is now little more than a glimmer... Ginnungagap is akin to a grand casket, within which the Calamity sleeps. If it were to fully awaken, it would be...unstoppable.
I feel like we maybe should've focused on this instead of the Overlord...
Which is where...we come to you, child of man. I would ask one final thing of you. Open this door...and witness with your own eyes the abomination that is the Calamity... And, if it is truly within your power, bring an end to it.
Do we really have another option?
If I just left an armageddon-causing monster down here without doing anything, I'd never be able to forgive myself!
In all likelihood... it is an impossible feat for humans. You may simply perish as yet another sacrifice to its bloodlust. Yet... Perhaps...humans truly do have the strength to overcome all things, no matter what may come. You have done the impossible already--entered the castle in the sky, and won against he who transcended humanity.
Well, some of our guildmates did, but...
Thus...though it be the faintest of may yet defeat the Calamity. You are this land's...last chance...of survival.
Unknown adventurers... I leave the fate of this your hands...
SYSTEM: The voice's final words...are a sorrowful, barely-heard apology.
I'm sorry.
SYSTEM: You know that the voice must have used all the power it yet retained, in order to give you these final words. You can open the door and confront the Calamity here and now, or you can head back to town and prepare as necessary.
...I wonder who that woman was.
She said that she had hope we'd be able to win, but she also sounded like she lost all hope a long time ago...
I doubt we will ever know who the voice belonged to, or their story... In any case, is everyone ready?
If I back away now, I'd never be able to live with myself. I wouldn't be able to enjoy eating anymore...
Backing down now would doom the world... If Realga and Stardust could kill the Overlord, I'll do what I can against the Calamity!
I wonder if Regina will let me have all the steak I want if we kill the Calamity...
...At least Ranger is the same as ever. Very well, then!


The music cuts out here.



This thing was sleeping below Ginnungagap?!
It is...hideous... What foul process could've created such a creature?!
I think Colette's books... They talked about the bad effects of something called the "Yggdrasil Project..." Is this thing one of those? An Yggdrasil Core?
Speculation can wait! This abomination must vanish, so that the world may continue!
I'll stomach down all I can!
I thought it'd look more like a clam.
SYSTEM: Your knuckles whiten on your weapons. Noticing your presence, the Calamity whirls its tentacles towards you... And, with a shrill, keening shriek from the Calamity, your ultimate battle now begins!


VIDEO: Boss Battle: Yggdrasil Core

I highly recommend you watch this battle in motion.

Yggdrasil Core
HP: 25000, STR: 55, TEC: 40, VIT: 40, AGI: 35, LUC: 55
Damage resistances:
125% 125% 125% 150% 150% 150%
Disable resistances:
50% 50% 25% 25% 25% 0% 25%
0% 0% 10%
25% 25% 25%

The Calamity that was sealed for a thousand years. Its awakening is a destructive omen...

I omitted the Yggdrasil Core's AI pattern because the research I'd previously done didn't match up with what happened in my test runs.

The Yggdrasil Core is the second final boss of the game--in Story mode, the credits don't roll after Overlord, they roll after this thing. It's certainly a doozy of a fight. For one thing, notice how none of its skills use any body parts. That's a pretty big jerk move, huh? It wouldn't be too bad, though, except for...

Cell Membrane. This thing will completely make the Yggdrasil Core invulnerable to all damage and disables while it's active--which is to say, until we kill the Core Irae and Core Odia. It wouldn't be Atlus without some arbitrary "fuck you," though, so even though the Yggdrasil Core is invulnerable while Cell Membrane is up, it is still targetable, meaning that random-target attacks or attacks that get redirected due to their original target dying will still try to hit the Yggdrasil Core.

What are the Core Irae and the Core Odia, you might ask?

Core Irae
HP: 2500, STR: 55, TEC: 36, VIT: 60, AGI: 40, LUC: 52
Damage resistances:
100% 100% 100% 125% 125% 125%
Disable resistances:
0% 50% 50% 50% 0% 50% 0%
10% 10% 0%
0% 50% 0%

One at a time.

The Core Irae are the physical damage dealers of the Yggdrasil Core. They're not terribly threatening on their own, but later in the fight, it's possible to have both them, the Core Odia, and the Yggdrasil Core active at once. That's not a situation you want to be in, I'm sure you can guess.

Oh, and don't leave both Core Irae alive for long later in the fight, or else you'll find yourself on the receiving end of Root Cyclone, which is only good if you want your party taking the Number Nine.

Ursa's primary job is to tank, same as always.

Ranger will do something unorthodox--feed himself an Axcela. You might think that my brain has leaked out of my ears, but pay attention to his Force gauge.

Ursa's not really in any serious danger of dying to the Core Irae, but I'd still rather make her tanking job as easy as possible.

Jackie has nothing to do other than deal damage to the Irae.

Lastly, Rheine will use Attack Order.

If we've come this far, nothing can defeat us!

It's not a big chunk of Ursa's HP, but that's still "ouch" territory for a normal attack.

Auto-Heal is, as always, Ursa's best friend.

I' as much as we need!

Ooh, that was pretty lucky.

I wonder why this was in a box labeled "USELESS."

Could be worse.

I trust that the Core Irae won't kill anyone, and Sophie has nothing else to do.

Poison Dust is coming out this turn, so I have Rheine put a stop to the poison part.

Pfft, the Irae tried to hit the Core, and got blocked by Cell Membrane.

What a foul expulsion!

Notice how Ranger has an extra part to his Force Gauge.

That is Limit Break at work--Limit Break lets Ranger's Force gauge go above 100 in battle. At level 11 (which it's at right now), it lets Ranger's Force gauge go to 155. You'll see why this is amazingly good later. For now...


In all likelihood, the Core will probably eat a lot of hits, but oh well.

Sophie has this thing on for Bind Up, but why not?

I have Rheine extend Attack Order's duration.


Luca lent me some of her matches!

Just my fucking luck, the Core ate half the hits. Oh, whatever, one of the Irae died.

This is how much Force Energy restores, by the way.

Ranger will focus down the last Irae...

While Sophie and Jackie heal Ursa as best they can through the Poison Dust debuff.

Rheine will keep Jackie's TP topped off.

...Yeah, uh, the Yggdrasil Core fight has more than its fair share of strange bugs. A Core Irae shrinking isn't even the weirdest thing I've ever seen--I've seen a Core Odia completely vanish while casting a skill. By far the weirdest, though, was Ursa trying to cast HP Up on herself, and then dodging some unknown attack.

Now that we've killed the Core Irae, the Core Odia can be targeted.

Core Odium
HP: 4000, STR: 50, TEC: 55, VIT: 42, AGI: 30, LUC: 52
Damage resistances:
125% 125% 125% 100% 100% 100%
Disable resistances:
50% 50% 0% 0% 0% 0% 50%
10% 10% 10%
50% 0% 0%

The Core Odia are considerably more dangerous than the Core Irae, since 100% TEC damage with 55 TEC is around 150 damage to most of our party--we can't survive that for long.

I have Ursa turn on Desperation just so she's guaranteed to be safe for the next 3 turns.

I want Ranger to get as many turns of Transform as possible.

Sophie'll try to bind one of the Odia's head, since that'll amplify TEC damage and stop one of the elementals for a few turns.

Rheine finally has time to contribute some damage.

...Um, what part do I bite?
I never thought I'd see the day where Sophie doesn't know what to eat...

...Uh, okay.



I must do whatever I can!

Hot damn. The benefit of stacking as much TEC as possible.



Honestly, Jackie is the least-bad target for Calamity Eyes. I got lucky.

The Core keeps eating half the fucking hits of Thunder Wave.

And it's affecting Link Order's damage!

...Fuck it. Sure.

Sophie'll fix Jackie right up (aside from the defense debuff)...

And Jackie will keep Rheine's TP at a comfortable level.

I'm expecting Ruinous Curse after the Odia die, so I have Rheine put Prevent Order back on everyone.


Ow ow ow. I'm gonna be feeling that for a while...
How did that thing even summon thorny vines out of nowhere?



I have absolutely no clue how True Endurance did that much, but whatever, I'll take it. Both of the Odia are dead now, which means...

It's open! NOW'S THE TIME!

Ranger has one turn of Transform left, so I have him use Force Reset. You'll see why this is incredibly important very soon.

Panic is the most reliable debilitating ailment, and it's not like the Yggdrasil Core's less resistant to other ailments.

I'm just unloading everything I have.

Oh, that thing's still here.


Just in time, phew.

Oh, right, Jackie lost Attack Order to Calamity Eyes, huh.


Would you look at that.



Limit Break requires a significant amount of skill point investment for good fucking reason--in combination with high-level Force Resets, you can immediately Transform after ending one with Force Reset, because if you have at least 150 Force when you Transform first, and use a level 20 Force Reset, you will end up with at least 100 Force after ending Transform. It can get even crazier, albeit impractical--a level 20 Limit Break, in combination with 200 Force, can let you Transform 3 times in a row.



Holy god. That's basically 7000 damage. The Yggdrasil Core has 25000 HP.

With at least one more turn of the panic sticking, the fight's as good as over.

All damage on deck, go go go!

Just for you!

Oooogh... I hope Realga has medicine for this...

It's, frankly, kind of insane how many effective turns of Transform you can get.

Might as well amplify TEC damage, even if it won't stop any skills.


Why am I...still eating?

It's time to finish this.

With my divinely-given sovereignty...

I send you beyond!

At last... It is finished. The Calamity is a threat no more.
An upset--ooh--stomach is worth...saving everything...
I don't get how that weird pink blob with a mustache would've moved anywhere.
SYSTEM: With this beast dead, and the voice's last wish fulfilled, High Lagaard will at last know true peace, free from danger. You may never know who the mysterious voice was...or for what reason the Calamity existed..., your allies, and the heavens above have borne witness to your final victory to save all living things. While it may not be recorded in the annals of history, it will survive forever as a tale of true heroes... When ready, you should return to town and report your success...or rather, your completion. Return proudly to those who wish your safety, and herald the arrival of a new age of peace in the world!

That's the last we'll ever have to see of Ginnungagap.

Ah, there yeh are! I've been countin' the hours till yeh lot got back! Haw haw! Anyhow, glad yeh're all safe and sound. Ain't that right, yer majesty?
I...suppose? ...Oh.

Truly, I knew that you would return to us unharmed. I do not fully understand what happened there, in the abyssal depths of the ruins... However, I understand at least that you have fought valiantly...on behalf of High Lagaard.
For me, more like "on behalf of my friends," but close enough!
Members of Lumen. I thank you very much!

You have no idea. I dunno if "dodged a bullet" is even close.
I dunno if it's gonna be enough for all yer work, but this is from the princess and me. I'll see yeh again soon!


Dauntless Order now has a 70% chance to activate on mortal damage, and heals for 125.

Anyway. This quest is extremely important if you want to do postgame content.

Ahh, Lumen. That quest is specially for yeh. It's a secret quest from the Grand Duchy. I can't even talk about it in public.
A governmental secret... It must be on par with the Calamity.
Truth to tell, I don't like sendin' yeh on a quest I don't know the first thing about. But I s'pose if I can trust anyone, it's the folks at the Grand Duchy. Sorry I can't tell yeh more. Go ask about it at the Duke's Palace. G'luck!

We just got back from destroying the Calamity--no better time to start some other important thing, I guess.
Cass objected, but I could not publicly reveal the details of the quest. He became quite irate at the idea of sending you into the Labyrinth with no information... But enough formalities...on to the reason I brought you here. You are familiar enough, I'm sure, with the Grail of Kings--the cup that brings life.
It's the reason the Overlord's dead now.
But our universe is perfectly balanced, and there is equilibrium in all things. Day and night. Sun and moon. Light and dark.
I see where this is going.
The Grail of Kings...and the Foul Grail. If you'd read the ancient documents on the Grail of Kings, you'd understand better, but... Where the Holy Grail gives life, the Foul Grail has the power to take life away.
My gods...
Our stance on the Labyrinth says that whoever finds an item within may keep it. I cannot alter that... But if the Foul Grail falls into the wrong hands, the Duke or his daughter may be in danger! We know what Labyrinth artifacts are capable of. The Foul Grail's terrible power could be real. Please find this Foul Grail, and bring it to me. According to the documents, it is hidden somewhere in the Heavenly Keep. You should take this memo with you. The memo points to a location that the Foul Grail may rest at.

Let me read you the contents of the memo first. Those who seek the sky: through the cursed cup's shrine, the sacred cup returns. To gain the cursed cup, bring the key shard to the center of the temple. I believe those who seek the sky are adventurers. Cursed cup refers to the Foul Grail, and sacred cup is the Grail of Kings. Also, the temple likely refers to a single room. In other words, the temple of the cursed cup refers to the Foul Grail's room. I have here the Strange Shard mentioned in the document you will take with you.

If you bring that to the Foul Grail's room, the Grail should reveal itself to you. Does it make sense? I know it's a lot to take in all at once, but do you have an idea of where the Foul Grail may be?
A crystal clear idea, yep.
Ah, splendid! May luck be with you on your quest for the Foul Grail!

We'll take care of this next time.