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Part 67: Slashed Lizard

Update 55: Slashed Lizard

A'ight, who's ready to go take care of that giant lizard back in the 2nd Stratum?
Not me.
I've wanted to taste this thing forever...
I appreciate any opportunity to return to active exploration.
I...would've liked a longer break. Oh well...

This is the Salamander party. It is pretty much explicitly built to take advantage of Sophie's plethora of disables, and turn it into big damage.

Also, by unanimous vote in the thread, I am buying ultimate weapons as soon as they become available. I had already decided that I'd do the same for ultimate armors. Here, Freyja is basically fully decked-out: ultimate whip, ultimate armor, ultimate non-body armor. Colette has her ultimate armor and ultimate non-body armor, and Sophie has the Cursed Amulet that I got before the Yggdrasil Core.

Gimme gimme gimme!

Unfortunately, because I am an idiot of the highest caliber, I forgot to enable audio recording while recording Salamander, and then saved over the save at the end because I got careless.

Quick refresher on Salamander's stats:


HP: 23000, STR: 60, TEC: 55, VIT: 50, AGI: 41, LUC: 55
  • Avarice Claw: Uses the arms. Deals 160% melee STR-based Cut damage to one party member, with line-piercing effect. Attempts to inflict poison and fear on the target, with a 40% base chance. The poison component has a base damage of 150 (around 254 adjusted for level). Has a 120% speed modifier and 99 base accuracy.
  • Crushing Tail: Uses the legs. Deals 3-6 instances of 130% melee STR-based Bash damage to random targets. Can hit the same target more than once. Has an 80% speed modifier and 80 base accuracy.
  • Hellfire Breath: Uses the head. Deals 400% ranged TEC-based Fire damage to each party member. Has a 1% speed modifier and 150 base accuracy.
  • Infernal Rounds: Used in response to a Baby Salamander being killed. Uses the head. Deals 10 instances of 250% ranged TEC-based Fire damage to random targets. Can hit the same target multiple times.
  • Heal Cry: Uses the head. Heals all enemies for 3500 HP. Purges ailments and binds. Has no speed modifier.
  • Normal: Flame Marrow. 100% chance. Sells for 13000 en. 1 needed to make Laevateinn (+174 ATK, +2 TEC, normal attacks become Cut+Fire).
    "Metallic marrow that burns continuously. Hard to work, but can grant fiery qualities."
  • Conditional: Flame Breath (Kill while afraid). 100% chance. Sells for 25000 en. 1 needed to make Agneyastra (+201 ATK, +10 Force gain, +25 TP).
    "Lizard tongue so hot it can scald you. It'll cool unless taken while it's afraid."
Damage resistances:
100% 100% 100% 0% 150% 100%
Disable resistances:
0% 50% 25% 25% 50% 75% 25%
0% 0% 10%
50% 25% 25%

A giant creature that wears flame itself as armor! It seeks to incinerate its foes.

Phoebe has nothing else to do on the opening turn.

As always, I have Freyja focus on the bind that Salamander is less resistant to.

I considered enabling War Edge Power, but I have faith in Sophie being able to inflict panic on Salamander.

Standard Milly setup.

I opt for panic here to give Colette some turns of boosted Ailing Slash damage, and ensure that Salamander doesn't do anything too dangerous.

Mmm... It tastes like an already cooked steak!
Perhaps I should have brought some of that sauce that Ranger is concocting.

Oh wow that is a lot of damage for a level 20 Gag. Jesus.

That is how much Colette is doing with a level 20 Ailing Slash that is being boosted, for the record.

Freyja switches to Cuffs now.

I have Milly use Volt Prelude on Colette, since she's the one outputting the most damage right now.

Bleh. I should probably start putting more levels into the binding Curses by this point.

Nothing much I can do for a level 20 Cuffs, though.

Hoo man, that's a big increase.

This is the last turn of Creeping Curse, so I have Sophie cast Evil Eye to ensure that I get the conditional.


Ow ow, hot hot hot!
Tried to bite its tail?

It should have occurred to me that the Baby Salamanders were, well, the children of Salamander...

I dunno, in case Salamander doesn't seize up and casts Hellfire Breath.

We haven't even casted Ecstasy once, and yet look at this.

Milly's run out of things to do, really.

These arms are too large...

These legs aren't big enough! I already ate through most of them...

Oh, fuck it. It's only one bind, but given the Gag/Cuffs damage, do I really care?

Whoop, never mind, it's two binds now.


Every time I see that, it just gets more impressive.
Mind if I ask you how you do that, Freyja?
I-it... I honestly don't know... It's n-natural.

The power of, well, powerful weapons. Jesus H. Christ.

And the stuff I got from Salamander's drops.

Laevateinn (+174 ATK, +2 TEC, normal attacks become Cut+Fire) is unlocked by selling 1 Flame Marrow. I buy one for Colette, since while it gives inferior stats to the Alondite (+2 TEC compared to +3 all stats), it gives considerably more ATK.

Agneyastra (+201 ATK, +10 Force gain, +25 TP) is made from 1 Flame Breath. I don't like the Force gain boost, but the TP's nice. Agnea is technically better than Agneyastra by +3 ATK, but there's some instances where the Force gain might be useful, and TP is nice. I dunno. I buy Jackie an Agneyastra immediately, in any case.

Next time: Wyvern, because the "what to do next" second place was a tie, and I feel like doing Wyvern.