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Part 72: Pre-Update 58: Master Bird pre-fight overview

Pre-Update 58: Master Bird pre-fight overview

Master Bird
HP: 30000, STR: 82, TEC: 61, VIT: 55, AGI: 54, LUC: 58
Damage resistances:
100% 125% 100% 50% 100% 125%
Disable resistances:
50% 75% 0% 0% 50% 50% 0%
0% 0% 10%
50% 25% 25%

The great chicken of legend, the enlightened master of several styles of martial arts.

Master Bird comes down to "can you keep him from one-shotting your core party members, and kill him before Crimson Cyclone comes out." That's legitimately all there is to the fight. Being able to bind his head at the start to stop Dread Stare is nice, but not required.

I'm not forcing anyone for this fight, so pick whoever you want, with the following advice in mind:

Damage dealers: Zack, Freyja, Stardust, Asriel, Jackie, Tyler, Ranger
Defense: Phoebe, Ursa
Support: Nadia, Realga, Milly, Sophie, Colette, Rheine

Vote for a maximum of four characters, at least one from each category, with a max of two votes per character.