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Part 73: The Glitz Pit

Update 58: The Glitz Pit

A giant chicken that wants t' rumble? Heh heh, my kinda monster! Let's get t' it!
Uh, are you sure? With this party?
You'll be fine behind my shield, Ursa. Don't worry.
How many times have I stated that my War Edge only works with Nadia's poisons and Sophie's curses?

This party kinda sucks, but not as much as you'd think.

Firstly, the +10 STR food is in effect.

I reworked Zack and Tyler. Zack has Heavy Smash maxed out instead of passives and Chasers, and Tyler has Long Thrust maxed out instead of HP Up. Long Thrust is key to my strategy here.

You'll notice that Tyler is in the back row to start, by the way.

I'm not really "returning," but yeah, I guess I'm ready to fight.
I'm itchin' for a scrap, y' overgrown chicken! C'mere!
I see. So, you will come at me as a horde... Indeed, that is also a fine form of combat! Very well--show me what you are made of. Come forth, adventurers! Let us begin this deadly dance in the vortex of war! Our rhythm shall be the pounding of my heart! Bok...bokbokBOKBOK...!

This chicken perplexes and annoys me.

VIDEO: Boss Fight: Master Bird

A quick refresher on Master Bird's stats:


Master Bird
HP: 30000, STR: 82, TEC: 61, VIT: 55, AGI: 54, LUC: 58
  • Dread Stare: Uses the head. Reduces the party's physical attack by 30% for 4 turns. Attempts to inflict fear on the party, with a 50% base chance. Has an 80% speed modifier.
  • Chi Burst: Uses the legs. Deals 200% melee STR-based Bash damage to one party member. Attempts to inflict paralysis on the target, with a 60% base chance. Has no speed modifier and 99 base accuracy.
  • Phoenix Strike: Uses the arms. Deals 300% melee STR-based Cut damage to one target, with splash damage. Attempts to bind hit targets' heads, with a 30% base chance. Has an 80% speed modifier and 99 base accuracy.
  • Crimson Cyclone: Uses the arms. Deals 4-6 instances of 350% ranged TEC-based Fire damage to random targets. Can hit the same target multiple times. Has a 60% speed modifier and 200 base accuracy.
  • Normal: Macho Plumage. 100% chance. Sells for 15000 en. 1 needed to make Fullface Helm (+1 DEF, +8 STR, -30% all damage and disable resistances, can be equipped by Beasts).
    "Plumage from a talking chicken. It flinches when you pluck it, so you kind of feel bad."
Damage resistances:
100% 125% 100% 50% 100% 125%
Disable resistances:
50% 75% 0% 0% 50% 50% 0%
0% 0% 10%
50% 25% 25%

The great chicken of legend, the enlightened master of several styles of martial arts.

This is, aside from one turn, the only thing Zack will be doing for the entire fight.

Master Bird always opens with Dread Stare, and if nothing else, I want to guarantee that Zack and Colette herself will be safe from the fear.

Ursa takes advantage of the fact that Master Bird is not attacking this turn to set up Protection Vow.

What else is Phoebe supposed to do this turn?

I said last update that Tyler will open basically every fight with Delayed Charge.

I make no promises.

They aren't necessary.

Phoebe's damage is already trash, and the back row melee penalty doesn't help one bit.

Just gimme a little bit, I swear!

Heavy Smash starts out dealing bad damage, but its damage (and TP cost) increases with each cast. It's the "ultimate" axe skill, which just means it's the best of a mediocre skill tree.

I could spam Barrier in anticipation of Chi Burst, but that's not really worth it.

Between Front Guard's 70% phys reduction, Hit-Taker's 45% reduction, and Protection Vow's 45% reduction, Ursa takes little damage from physical attacks.

Long Thrust is ranged, and is legitimately the highest-damage Highlander skill (excluding Delayed Charge) if Spear Assist isn't an option, with 380% damage at level 20 (Spear Assist does 185% base at 20, 390% with an element).

Much like the Golem fight, I don't turn on Hero Battle yet, in order to make sure I'll have it when Delayed Charge is ready.

Didn't expect a spear from all the way back here, huh?


I presume the axe is incredibly heavy, if you're dropping it like that.

Axe skills are unfortunately prone to missing.

Mind if I slice off a bit for Sophie?

Now it's Hero Battle time.

Honestly? For a class that's normally on the low end of damage, that's not terrible.


Well, crap.

Compare to earlier.

Suzaku Stance doesn't actually do anything besides change Master Bird's animation. It just telegraphs certain actions.

On the first cast, it means that Master Bird is about to use Phoenix Strike three times.
On the second cast, it means that Master Bird is about to use Phoenix Strike two times, and then Crimson Cyclone.
On all subsequent casts, it means that Master Bird is about to use Crimson Cyclone three times.

This is my only real way of purging off the paralysis.

A "hljóð hindrun," nokkurs konar.

Fairy Robe heals the party at the start of the turn, purges off any current ailments, binds, and debuffs, and will guaranteed block all incoming ailments, binds, and debuffs on the turn that it's cast.

Ohhhhkay, those bulging veins...aren't just for show...

Front Guard saved these two from otherwise certain death. Fairy Robe also stopped Colette from getting her head bound, which would've been really bad.

Aw, come on, Zack! Y' can do better n' that!
Gimme a break, I hate using these oversized pieces of crap!

Heavy Smash is at full power now, so Zack enables Full Charge.

I have Colette patch up Zack, in case something bad happens to Ursa.

Delayed Charge is ready, so Tyler switches to the front row, and will use Cross Charge.

In strength, is healing.

Yer feathers aren't much good against my spear!

Ursa takes about half of the damage that Zack and Colette did, mostly because the only DEF she has on is from her collar, plus 1 DEF from the Bikini Armor.

Thank you for not missing, Zack.

I've mentioned this before, but War Heal activates at both the start and end of the turn.

Tyler moves back to the back, and Colette will patch up Ursa.

And Tyler preps another Delayed Charge.

War Heal is usually kind of on the low end of heal amounts, but Ursa's Self-Heal Amp effect means it heals for a pretty respectable amount.

And the end-of-turn heal means that it patches up whatever damage Ursa took during the turn. I've been extolling the virtues of the Medic and Beast pair throughout most of the LP, but War Magi and Beasts are pretty decent together too.

I've damaged Master Bird so much that he skipped right to the next Suzaku Stance.

Full Gain will deal more damage than Heavy Smash at the low cost of 0 TP.

I want Zack to keep contributing to the fight, so I have Colette restore his TP.

For a party that's, in theory, really goddamn terrible, taking off a little over 15000 HP in 7 turns isn't bad.

Hammer DOWN! ...Or axe down. Whatever works.

This is a dumb mistake made purely out of curiosity. Why?

That's why. I dunno what the fuck happened there, but I don't think Sentinel Guard and Hit-Taker play together nicely. It seems like Ursa just straight-up didn't get any reduction at all.

That is IT! I'm going back to swords after this fight, I can't take dropping this thing any more!


This is the Crimson Cyclone turn, and Phoebe's shield skills are disabled. (Ursa takes this turn to reapply Protection Vow.)

Again, we're not doing terribly!

Nope, didn't feel that.


Master Bird's about to spam Crimson Cyclone.

Phoebe has nothing else to do aside from negating one hit of Crimson Cyclone on Ursa.

Delayed Charge is ready once more.

I can keep doing this until yeh give!

Manageable with Desperation.

Master Bird's on the verge of death, and Tyler will snipe him at the start of the turn.

Those giant muscles're no match fer a HERO!

Master Bird hits pretty hard, but he's still manageable with a full party.

You did not merely add your strengths, but multiplied each others'... Together, you were stronger than any single one could be!
Damn straight.
This... This is why battle drives me on! This is why adventurers inspire me onward!
SYSTEM: With that triumphant bellow, the crested bird rises from its defeated slump, and begins to quietly flap its wings...!
There are many more powerful beings in this world. And I am weak. Yes... I understand I am a mere weakling. However... I have met those who stand at the horizon! I know now further challenges and a new world of battle await me! Now, take this! Another adventurer had left it behind, but it should be owned by those of true strength.

This is what all the talk about different ways to fight Master Bird was about. What accessory he gives you here depends on the party you fought him with. A five-person party gives you the Bronze Belt, which gives +30 HP and +2 to all stats.

A two-person party give the Silver Belt (+60 HP, +3 all stats), and a solo victory gives Gold Belt (+100 HP, +5 all stats).

Farewell, mighty hero! When we meet again... I will be unlike what I am now! I shall train myself even further, until the glorious day I can surpass you! Until then... I will depart! To an unknown training ground!
Wait wait wait, tell me where this training ground--

SYSTEM: If its words are true, then it won't be coming back for quite some time. You have completed the quest! When you have time, you should visit the bar to report your progress.

Seems like yeh took it out! Haven't had any more folks reportin' incidents.
I dunno if we actually "took it out." He just kinda...flew off on his own t' train some more.
Eh? Yeh couldn't defeat it? So...a talkin' chicken flew up into the sky, and...went off to go train somewhere...
C'mon, Cass, don't give us that look.
Uh, yyyyeah... I see... Man, I've been askin' yeh lot to do too much recently. Yeh must be pretty lightheaded...
It is true. The talking chicken did fly off to train some more. And, yes, I am perfectly lucid.
Yeah...yeah, of course. If a chicken can speak, ain't any reason it couldn't fly, too. Juuust take it easy. Here's yer reward. Now I want yeh lot to promise me yeh'll get a good rest at the inn, awright? Yeh need someone to walk yeh?
We're all fine, Cass. Thanks for worryin', though.

I'm gonna get Zack on swords as soon as axes stop outpacing them in damage by a massive degree.

More passives.

Colette starts leveling up War Heal All.

...Oh, right, we technically advanced in the 6th Stratum. That means everyone has new dialogue, and new quests. I forgot to do town dialogue this update, but I did remember the bar patrons.

Dulcet-voiced caster:

Oh, my, if it isn't Lumen... Hmhm. I've gotten quite used to seeing you around at the bar like this. My brother and I...well, we're moving forward. The new stratum is a dangerous place, so we tread carefully. Ah, but speaking of careful...another monster comes to mind. I think his name was Mr. Bloody Lizard. He uses his frill to recover the health of the monsters around him. How prudent. Perhaps I'm being paranoid like my brother...but it is quite an eyesore. I kill it immediately whenever it shows its face.
That ain't paranoia, that's common sense.
The longer the battle goes on, the more risk I put my brother under, after all... If I'm being truthful, I didn't mean for our exploration through the forest to go for this long. But my brother looks up to you. You started your journey around the same time as us, so I suppose I'll have to keep him happy... Please continue to inspire my younger brother, hm? After all, if you don't... Hmhmhm.
Please don't laugh at us like that.

Leggy dark hunter:

Hmm? You're... Wait. Are you from Lumen!?
Correct. We've just returned from combat with a giant, talking chicken.
Y'know, when y' say it that bluntly, Cass's concern makes sense.
I've heard a lot about you. They say you're the best adventurers in town. Hmhmhm. I'm not so bad myself, you know. I was in a really famous guild, back in the town I was in before I came here.

She's not kidding, incidentally. In EOU, the leggy dark hunter is a recurring bar patron, and she fulfills the same purpose that Tramonte and Marmott did--telling you about conditional drops. You got info out of her by buying her food, however, meaning you actually had to pay small amounts of en for the info.

I came all the way here hoping for some new monsters that would really get my blood pumping...and I found them, alright... The food here is cheaper, too, so I'm thinking maybe I'll hang around here for a little while... Did you already meet Icy Bulb? What an adorable little thing. You know how there's so much fog around where the poor little darling is? It's so thick, you can't see a thing... But it seems you're not the only one who can't see straight--the little one can't see through the fog either. Hmhm. Isn't that just adorable? It gets overexcited and ends up tripping over its own traps...

New quests.

The volt king's rampage:

Yeh remember the quest with that letter? From an unknown sender and whatnot? ...Well, another one's appeared. Said "I'll wait for you at the Temple of Wings on the 20th floor." Yeh probably know what it's talkin' about. Hurry up and go.

You aren't exactly giving us much info, Cass.
Hmm? I ain't tellin' yeh much? Hrmph. Quiet, yeh. Yeh won't even tell me who the client is.

Is the floatin' castle collapsin' again?!

In a sec. Tell us about that other quest real quick.

Hey, there yeh are. How yeh feelin' these days? Doin' some crazy stuff?
Not as crazy as yeh immediately forgettin' about that explosion! C'mon, out with the info, we got stuff t' take care of!
Oh, that quest. That one's from the Grand Duchy. I say yeh should take it.
Is there any particular reason this is not posted as a mission?
Hmm? Why wasn't it announced publicly as a proper mission? Haw haw haw! Yeh lot are too honest, really. Yeh should try bein' a little cunning sometimes too. Listen. Anythin' the Grand Duchy decrees is an absolute order to yeh adventurers. No matter how small, or how dangerous, someone snaps it up the moment it's announced. Everyone gets a crack at it. So sometimes the Grand Duchy comes to us pubs and puts in requests, and has us find explorers fit for a particular job. Lemme lay it out for yeh--they're gonna
be payin' yeh through this! Make sense now? Eh, either way, I don't think it's gonna be a problem. Head to the Palace, and ask the minister about this. Awright, g'luck!

This quest is needed to reach a postgame boss, incidentally.

Send the citizens to take refuge at the Palace! We're going to need some healers for the wounded!
Can't even get more than a few days off... Stardust got to go blow up a giant rock monster, but I get to help with a disaster... Grrr...
...Oh, Lumen! Are you all alright!?
Yeah, we were in the bar! What the hell happened out here?!
The town was attacked by something. This area's mostly clear, but the West Ward is in ruins...!
Ah, come on! We put so much money into it!
Someone heard a sound like a roar, and saw bolts of lightning strike down on the city. Someone also said that a golden figure appeared from the sky, but we can't afford to go chasing visions with all this chaos!
A golden figure shootin' lightning. Sounds suspiciously like somethin' the others fought already.

We'll go talk to Canaan about whatever just happened here later. For now, let's go to the palace.

We are here regarding that quest about a grave.
Come for the quest, have you? I eases my mind to know that you've taken it. Let's discuss specifics. You haven't been in High Lagaard for long, so perhaps you haven't heard of the story of the Ice King. The term refers to one of High Lagaard's legendary heroes... One of its wisest rulers, as well. His name derives from his icy calm and snow-white complexion, and a rather frigid bearing. He was a grand master at using whips. Some called him the “White Ivy of Lagaard." A day or so ago, we discovered a vault containing many ancient documents, including new information on the Ice King. Guarded by the forest, the Ice King sleeps amid eternal snow, under the blue reptile's gaze. Those are the words we've found. What do you make of this?
A blue reptile... Nope, can't think of anything. Makes no sense.
No matter how often I read it, I can think of no meaning for “ancient forest" save Yggdrasil itself. It may well be that the Ice King's grave lies within that mysterious forest...
Oh. Yeah, that makes sense.
Could you enter the Frozen Grounds and locate the grave of the Ice King? Reading further, it seems the way there is hidden on the 14th floor. I'll mark the place of the gate that apparently leads to the Ice King's tomb.

I expect great things from you. May luck be with you.

And to close out the update, this thing.

Fullface Helm (+1 DEF, -30% all damage and disable resistances, +8 STR, can be equipped by Beasts) is unlocked by selling 1 Macho Plumage. If you're relying on a Beast to tank for your party, this thing is a really great piece of equipment for your damage dealers, especially since you can stack it with a Brawn Ring. If you're relying on a Protector, I really wouldn't recommend it, though.

Next time: the path to the Storm Emperor.