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Part 87: Wyrm

Update 70: Wyrm

S-so, um, didn't we have another quest?
...Oh, right. Marion took that sword and went into the 2nd Stratum.
Kinda hard to believe we almost forgot about that, honestly.
If she's dead by the time we get there, I call dibs on the sword.

Today's update is nothing but Crimson vengeance, and quite possibly the second-most bullshit boss in the game. Buckle up, because I have a lot to say.

Gods, why?! Why another damn dragon?!

SYSTEM: One of the combatants is human, but the other figure is a massive dragon, terrifying to behold! Blood-red scales cover its colossal body, and its jaw is lined with razor-sharp fangs. Its eyes glow with smoldering malice... Its tail is covered in spikes. One strike from it could easily fell a large tree. Its fire breath reduces all to ash... The human figure, on the other hand, wields a grand sword with poise and grace. It steps forward, confronting the dragon. You recognize the figure... It is one you have seen countless times at the Explorers Guild, back in the city.
Oh, hi Marion.
SYSTEM: You have not yet heard the truth from her, but she clearly holds the sword that you uncovered--the Winged God's Sword... As you watch in awe, the red dragon scores a punishing hit on the lone fighter, knocking them off their feet! You immediately rush to the motionless figure's side.
O-oh dear!

SYSTEM: With her remaining strength, she looks hazily to you, and speaks...
...Lumen... I'm sorry...but I
You're in no condition to fight a Hedgehog, much less that thing!
Dammit...! I thought that with this sword, I would be able to finally slay that fiend...!
SYSTEM: The Guildmaster doesn't seem to be thinking straight! As you try to calm her, you hear a mighty roar from behind you! ...However, the dragon does nothing, merely giving you an imperious stare. Perhaps it does not consider you a worthy opponent...
Rrrgh... Damn that thing...! It's taunting us...!
SYSTEM: The Guildmaster has lost her composure. She clenches her teeth, staggering once more towards the dragon! If you let the Guildmaster go on, she will throw herself into a confrontation with the dragon that she cannot survive!
Ranger, Milly, help me get Marion out of the room!
SYSTEM: You all decide to forcibly remove the Guildmaster from the battlefield in order to ensure her safety.
Wh--! Unhand me! What do you think you're doing!?

SYSTEM: She glares at you, rage burning in her eyes. However, her anger gradually dissipates, and she hangs her head.

I became Guildmaster hoping that the work would be enough to drive it from my mind, and let me finally shed my burden... In truth, my time here was very fulfilling. I...believed I had found a new home here, among the people of High Lagaard. matter how much time passed, my scars reminded me every single day of what I had lost...! ...So, when I heard of a sword sharp enough to pierce through the dragon's hide... I acted rashly.
"Rashly" is a bit of an understatement, but go on.
...Tch. Pathetic, really. I deceived you in order to get the sword, and even after that, I've failed in all my efforts... It looks as though... I haven't changed at all...since then...
SYSTEM: The Guildmaster falls silent. Her normal air of assurance and valiance is gone. Now, she only looks exhausted... It seems her spirit has been completely broken. Perhaps you should try saying something to her.

Maybe one person's not enough to take on that dragon, but what if you and the others fight it together while I eat it?
Together...? What are you talking about? Surely you aren't planning on fighting that dragon, are you?
Th-the others have said this plenty of times, but we've fought worse...
I've already told you--that monster cannot be bested by humans like us. Are you mad enough to still challenge that dragon after hearing that?
Have you seen Mr. Brainless over there?
That thing's definitely the least cute of all three dragons. No question.
It's just a big dumb lizard anyway, when you get down to it.
A lizard...? Certainly, a giant winged lizard that just so happens to breathe fire! ...Ahah...Hahahaha! Indeed! I suppose you could say that. You always look at things in the most eccentric way... It would never have occurred to me to view it like that... My comrades and I used to talk like this all the time. I had...missed the laughter.
SYSTEM: Her expression softens, lost for a moment in her reminiscence. Her expression is one of odd fondness--an unusual sight on her.
...Fight together, eh?
SYSTEM: The Guildmaster smiles, a new determination blazing in her eyes as she looks to you.
Lumen... I would ask a favor of you all. Please, lend me your strength against the red dragon. You've already offered, I know, but... I feel this is something I should ask of you properly. I want to move forward. To move on from the day I lost everything. But...simply put, I cannot do it alone. Which is why... I need your assistance, Lumen. Would you please lend me your strength?
You didn't need to ask, really.
Thank you, Lumen.
SYSTEM: She smiles gently, nodding in quiet gratitude...then her expression hardens, and she speaks, self-assured once more.
Well then. We shall now commence our assault on the red dragon. Are you all prepared?
Ready as we'll ever be!
Good. Then let us begin. I'll follow your lead--you can handle the tactical approach to the combat.
SYSTEM: You meet her gaze, seeing her steadfast confidence in you, and nod in response. The time has come to attack.

Marion actually joins your party for the Great Dragon fight if you let her--the only guest party member you get in Classic. She's...not too great. Her build's a mishmash of pointless, half-invested skills, with a level 10 Ice Chaser being the odd man out.

SYSTEM: The colossal dragon stands there, just as you left it. It stares you down with an arrogant air of superiority, but the blazing heat is enough to tell you its pride is well-founded... Your bodies tense as you lock eyes with the dragon...

Remember: big dumb lizard.
O-once we've defeated it, there'll be nothing to be worried about...
Heh. You're exactly right... All the reason more for us to be victorious. Come, then...let us strike!
SYSTEM: Now, draw your weapon and step forward! The time has come to slay the dragon directly before you!

VIDEO: Boss Fight: Great Dragon

Great Dragon
HP: 72000, STR: 95, TEC: 75, VIT: 64, AGI: 44, LUC: 63
Damage resistances:
100% 100% 100% 0% 150% 100%
Disable resistances:
50% 50% 50% 0% 25% 0% 25%
0% 0% 10%
25% 50% 25%

A legendary red dragon who has slain countless foolhardy adventurers.

Hoo boy. You thought Storm Emperor was bullshit with how easily he could wipe your party, with barely any ways for you to defend yourself? Evidently Atlus didn't think that was enough, since Great Dragon's even worse. At 95 STR, even his normal attacks can one-shot most of our roster and leave the tankier members badly hurting. He also has access to everyone's favorite ailment: panic. And if all of that wasn't bad enough, he can also buff his damage by 50% using an out-of-turn action you can't stop aside from binding his head. Also he's a massive goddamn HP sponge, so even with Ranger along, whittling him down can take a while.

Oh, and like every other dragon, he has a summon. You thought the Blue Heart maybe had a little too much HP?

Red Heart
HP: 13000, STR: 95, TEC: 75, VIT: 64, AGI: 44, LUC: 63
Damage resistances:
100% 100% 100% 0% 125% 100%
Disable resistances:
0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
0% 0% 10%
0% 0% 0%

THIRTEEN THOUSAND FUCKING HP. That is far too high for a summon, especially one on a boss that's already an HP sponge. And remember, leaving this thing alive simply isn't an option, because the damage from Resonant Fire will ramp up way too quickly.

Anyone who's played EO2U before and fought the Great Dragon will understand why I did the following:


Yep, I broke out Stigmata again. Coupled with Freyja being here, I'm sure you can guess what's coming up next.

Again, I make no apologies for this. Without Stigmata + Ecstasy, the Great Dragon is just a massive HP sponge and the fight becomes me hoping and praying that I don't get fucked over by random chance.

There is nothing interesting about this fight, honestly. If you want to see the full thing in action, peek the video.

SYSTEM: The Great Dragon gives a loud roar as its legs buckle, and it crashes to the ground, felling the surrounding trees! At last, you have defeated one of the mightiest monsters within the Labyrinth... The Great Dragon has fallen!

SYSTEM: This is what the Guildmaster had sought for so long, but she only silently looks upon the carcass of the dragon.
A-aren't you happy?
...I am happy about the outcome. I can finally shed my regrets from that day, and move forward. But...even so, I now realize I hadn't given any thought to what I'd do after I'd completed my goal...
Why not just stay as Guildmaster?
...True. I may have finally gained closure, but this fact has nothing to do with my current post. And of course, if I suddenly disappear, I'm sure the place will fall into utter disarray... If I had considered everyone back in the city, perhaps I wouldn't have tried to throw my life away so recklessly.
Come on, now's not the time to mope. You've got rookies to train.
You're right. They can barely handle a sword as it is! They have much to learn.
SYSTEM: There is a strange tenderness to her voice as she speaks. You can sense her newfound optimism--freed from demons of her past. As she opens her mouth to speak further, the blade in her hands gleams with a sudden light! Though startled, you soon realize that the same light is shining from within the scaled chest of the dragon! The two lights grow brighter and brighter, as though resonating with each other. Soon, the light utterly fills your vision!

SYSTEM: The blade is known as the Yggdrasil Sword. It is a manifestation of Yggdrasil's raw power, and is said to cut through anything.
This is...
SYSTEM: Her eyes widen in awe, but after a moment of contemplation, she raises the sword and hands it towards you.
Please, allow me to return this sword to you... I'm sorry to have taken it without your permission.

I don't really like the Yggdrasil Sword. Not only does the Dragonbane have a fantastic secondary attribute, even if you don't want that, the Dragvandil give +40 HP/TP in exchange for 2 less ATK.

I'll be heading back to the city now. I'll have to report today's events to the Palace...and I will accept their due punishment.
SYSTEM: With these words, she trudges away.
I can only guess at what manner of punishment they'll have for me... Tch, I can just imagine the paperwork involved...
SYSTEM: She grumbles as she walks on, but her steps are much lighter... It seems you need no longer worry about her. As you watch her walk away, she suddenly turns and raises her hand.
Well, then... I'll see you at the Explorer's Guild. You'll always be welcome there.

SYSTEM: With that, she turns around once more, and begins to head back to the city. You have completed the request! Head to the bar when you have the time to report its completion!

Hey, good work! Looks like yeh've accomplished quite the feat, Lumen. Heh. 'Course I ain't gonna ask what happened. Yeh've already taken care of everythin', right?
As far as we know, yeah.
...Aw, fine! It was all my fault. Yeh got me!
I...beg your pardon?
'Cause yeh gave me the sword, and I just totally forgot I still had the thing. Embarrassin'! What a mixup, right?

...Welp. It looks like whoever wrote this dialogue forgot that the way the sword got in Marion's hands was changed for EO2U. This isn't even a translation mixup, this is just the original script being wrong.

Haw haw haw! Glad yeh're quick on the uptake. Yeh got that now? Yeh lot gave me the sword, but I forgot to pass it on to the Duke's Palace. I gotta be more careful. Damn, I'm gonna get an earful for this one... At least it'll take some of the heat off Mar.
Cass, is your brain not screwed in right?
...S'pose everyone's got one or two things from their past they don't want anybody seein'. Ain't that right, Lumen? In any case, that's the end of that!
Um... Okay.

And I forgot to sell the items again. Dammit. I'll do it next time.

Next time: ...Well, there's not much left to do from 30F.

Aside from Nadia soloing the Master Bird. I should get around to doing that, huh?