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Part 89: 1v1 Me (Nadia vs. Master Bird)

Update 72: 1v1 Me (Nadia vs. Master Bird)

Man, those five get to go fight whatever that weird humanoid was at the end of the Labyrinth, and I'm stuck down here doing nothing...
...You're kidding. That chicken's back?
Swear t' the gods. And it's itchin' for a real one-on-one this time.
...Did I just hear that the giant chicken you guys fought wants a one-on-one? That giant, buff chicken that knows martial arts?
There's not many other ways to interpret tha-- N-Nadia, wait!
Y'know, you gotta give Nadia one thing. She's the speediest person I've ever seen.
I get the feelin' she'll get pasted by that thing, but godspeed t' her anyway.

If you're gonna do a one-on-one fight with the Master Bird for real, you're pretty much gonna need a Survivalist. A Dark Hunter might be able to manage, but a Survivalist gets the benefit of the Blind Effect Up food and can hit the Master Bird's stab weakness.

You'll notice that the main change to Nadia's skill build is that she now has Sleep Arrow maxed out and has a level 10 Grimoire of it, compared to Paralysis Arrow. This is because, remember, the Master Bird is immune to paralysis, but can be hit with sleep.

The Dragon Orb's also here to nullify Crimson Cyclone, which'll give me a bunch of free turns to do whatever late in the fight.

Master Bird's dialogue is the same, up until you accept his challenge.

The name's Nadia. I'm here for a good one versus one.
Oho...! Nadia, hm? Yes... I sense that you and I are kindred spirits! Ah, it is a glorious day indeed... I have met fine new friends, and shall now fight them hand-to-beak! This is what is best in life!
Anything to break up this non-stop boredom.
Now, my friends... Let us unleash the untamed ferocity of our warrior souls! Bok... bokbokBOKBOK...!
Come at me, you overgrown chick!

VIDEO: Nadia vs. Master Bird

First thing to do is put the Master Bird to sleep to give Nadia two turns to use Bravants on herself.

That's right, take a quick little nap while I eat these candies...

Now Nadia has +30% damage for 9 turns.

Rule of thumb with Survivalists is to spam Multi-Shot if you can't use Hazy Arrow or an ailment arrow. Blind Arrow wouldn't do much here since the sleep wears off after the ailment check is done, and sleep's higher on the hierarchy than blind.

Kinda sucks that the sleep bonus damage only applies to the first hit, but whatever.

Blinding/evading the Master Bird until he starts spamming Crimson Cyclone is absolutely crucial.

Spending that much time out of active duty's given me plenty of time to work on these toxins.

And now Nadia has a couple of free turns to spam Hazy Arrow.

Chewing through 30k HP when Nadia's strongest attack deals that much will take quite a bit, especially given that I can't dodge attacks forever.

I get two more turns of this before the blind wears off.

At which point I enable Illusion Step, since we're not at the Crimson Cyclone part yet.

I used Multi-Shot here for some reason, even though Hazy Arrow was perfectly available.

Illusion Step's...not terrible. For what's basically free damage on top of complete evasion, you could do worse.

Now that Illusion Step's worn off, I take my chances with Sleep Arrow again, since the accumulative resistance should've worn off by this point.

Sleeping standing up, huh? That's the kind of dedication I can get behind, even if you look really dumb.

And now I should be in the clear.


Aw, come on, that's the best you can do? I was expecting an actual fight!

Couple more turns of that plus Multi-Shot later, and...

The accumulative resistance to blind should've worn off, so I re-inflict it to get Hazy Arrow going again.

Gonna take more than that to really scare me, chicken-boy.

What follows is more Hazy Arrow spam, until...

Come on, what is this? I came here for a battle, not a trouncing!

1v1ing the Master Bird relies on at least some RNG, but not too much. If you know how to build your Survivalist for it, it's honestly a pretty easy fight.

Nadia's one-on-one victory results in the Gold Belt, which gives +100 HP and +5 to all stats. It's pretty much the best possible accessory for any class, and I re-fight the chicken a few more times to outfit the Ur-Child party.

Well, that was certainly something resembling a spectacle. Next time: Ur-Child, and after that, the end.