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Part 91: Final Update: No More Game (Lumen vs. Ur-Child)

Final Update: No More Game (Lumen vs. Ur-Child)

We begin the final update with something slightly unorthodox: cooking the last of the foods.

Pumpkin Pie restores 15% of whatever damage a party member takes as TP. Really not that fantastic, since any damage that doesn't overkill someone this late in the game will restore a paltry amount. Colette, for example, can take around 500 damage before dying, which would give her about 52 TP.

Eastern Nishime forces all encounters on FOEs and bosses (aside from event encounters, Ur-Child, and Ur-Devil) to be preemptives. Meh. Not really that useful by this point.

Dangerous Flowering Tea forces all ailments and binds to last at least 3 turns--the turn of infliction, plus two extra turns. Since binds are already forced to last for at least infliction + 1 turn, it basically just adds 1 guaranteed turn to any ailment/bind. I actually got pretty decent use out of this on my first EO2U run, where I had a Dark Hunter without a Hexer, meaning that any binds I could inflict were absurdly precious.

With these two foods, we have now cooked every single food from every single recipe book. Exiting FOEbucks and re-entering triggers the following scene.

I haven't said anything before, but of all the scattered recipes of Apicius, there are some the Grand Duchy has been...withholding. They require incredible skill to prepare, and it's said they're incomplete because they were beyond even Apicius himself. But... I believe it's time I put myself to the ultimate test... I'll entrust these recipes to you. If you manage to find any of those ingredients, please, bring them here.

These are the dragon food recipe books, and they only contain one recipe each.

Court Haute Cuisine gives the party a 10% chance to restore any broken Force gauges after the end of a battle. Why the FUCK would you ever want this? This does literally nothing for your party while you're actually in a battle.

Traditional Osechi disables all non-event random encounters. Some of the 6th Stratum floors can be serious pains with regards to random encounters, so this might actually be useful if you feel like skipping them.

Imperial Manhan Quanxi activates when all party members have died, and revives everyone at 1 HP, once per battle. This late in the game, trying to recover from a situation where everyone's left at 1 HP is incredibly difficult at best and impossible at worst.

Cooking all of the dragon foods triggers this scene upon leaving and reentering FOEbucks.[/i]

You guys... No, members of Lumen. Thanks to you, I've completed the lost techniques of Apicius... You've helped me recreate a part of that we thought was lost to the ages. As a As a citizen of High Lagaard, you have my gratitude.
Look, drop the act. Please just act normally, this is really weird.
I try to be polite and proper for a change, and this is the thanks I get?
...But I suppose it's pretty unusual for me to talk like that.'s strange. When I first started running this place, I wasn't concerned at all with the history of High Lagaard. All I could think about was gaining my independence, and convincing everyone of my worth... That feels so long ago, now. I was thanks to you that I was able to change.
Well, we've changed quite a lot in the span of our exploration, too.
All of the steak you made made me want to find the best fruit sauce for a steak.
That doesn't count as change.
...If that's true... I'm so glad. We were both able to change because we influenced and improved each other.
But I would never have been able to recreate all these recipes without your help. That much, at least, is true.
I wouldn't be who I am now--Regina Dubois, master chef--if I didn't have you all standing with me every step of the way. Your work on the recipes may be over, but this cafe will always be here. Just promise that you'll keep coming here. And that you'll keep ordering my cooking.
I don't think most of us can promise that, but I'm certain those of us that're staying when we finish up will come back.
Can I order a few months' worth of monster steaks before we leave?

I eat the Orange-Sauce Kaiju Steak before leaving for the final fight.

(Colette has a Kerykeion equipped for the +200 TP. She's not going to be attacking much, anyway.)

Well, I'm about as prepared as I'll ever be. Only thing I could do to be even more prepared is retire everyone and grind them up to 99 again, but that's wholly unnecessary for Ur-Child, even on Expert.

Everyone ready?
Ready to be done with this, yeah.
I look forward to seeing what this bizarre creature is capable of.
I wonder if ripping off those wings and putting them on my back would let me fly.

We've survived everything so far, what's one more bizarre, winged humanoid?

VIDEO: Last Boss: Ur-Child

Watch the full 17 minute video if you want to get a live view of how tedious and annoying Ur-Child can be.

Go look at the Ur-Child pre-fight overview if you want a refresher on its stats or pattern.

Spamming Barrier is basically Colette's one and only job for the Ur-Child fight. In this case, it'll make Ur-Child essentially waste a turn on a Dance with Lunacy that won't do anything.

I mean, why not?

Ranger uses Transform immediately because...uh, I don't really remember. It would've been more prudent to just wait until I have my full buff setup going.

Standard setup for these two.

I have spent our entire exploration studying every possible thing that can be inflicted on us. Try me.

Dance with Lunacy makes it really hard to even start the fight if you don't have Barrier or Prevent Order.

Yeah, uh, this is kind of lackluster and a waste of two Transform turns. I should've just waited until Ranger had Warrior Song, a Prelude, and Shock Fantasia.

This is my defensive strategy for the fight: Ursa tanks everything while Colette stops disables from anything she tanks. Given that Ursa is self-reliant as far as HP goes, thanks to her auto-healing passives, Colette shouldn't have to stop using Barrier unless there's no reason to use it for a given turn.

I want to save Stardust's Force for when Ur-Child's close to drawing out the Origin Buds.

Shock Fantasia'll benefit both Stardust and Ranger.

Ah, Auto-Heal.

That's better.

While this damage is good, remember that Ur-Child effectively has 170k HP when you factor in Noble Rest heals. We're gonna be here for a while.


I'm not even really close to ending the first phase, so I have Ranger use Extend.

Fun fact: I forgot that Accelerate exists when doing this fight. I literally did not use it even once.

The Bikini Armor helps a lot with tanking Ur-Child's elementals, especially when they hit 4 or 5 times.

Pity the Weak does actually hit pretty hard, and lops off over half of Ursa's HP.

Until that happens.

Now that I have my buffs in order, I'm averaging about 10k damage a turn.

A couple of turns, consisting of more of the same, pass. I'm gonna get my Force back soon, anyway, might as well have Ranger just force the phase change.

Alright, here we go. I got my complaining about the Origin Buds out of the way in the pre-fight overview, so let's just get to killing them.

Like so.

I'm just gonna put a stop to that before anything bad happens.

I feel less...energized, I guess. What the hell did that thing do to us?!

Since Eternal Exodus is coming out, I have everyone Defend to reduce it to pitiful levels of damage.

Impressive visuals, I'll give you that.

Colette will patch everyone up, because why not? Can't do much on this turn anyway, since Ur-Child's gonna use Unhand Me.

Good thing everyone was non-idiotic enough to not hit that thing just now.

Much better.

This is a stupid goddamn mistake I didn't need to make, which could cost me the fight if Behold my Power inflicts something nasty.

Howling Winds is gonna come out soon, so I might as well just use Desperation now.

Ranger uses Transform again. Hopefully he can maintain it until the Origin Buds come out this time.


Okay, paralysis is annoying, but not run-ending. I'll deal. This'll only go really bad if Howling Winds is brought out.

Having a Fafnir instead of a Ronin for this fight is so much better, you have no idea.

If Ursa fails to act this turn, I might as well keep everyone else from getting a disable inflicted on them.

By the way, we're 11 turns into the fight, and I've only dealt this much damage.

Okay, we're safe for this turn.


Inching towards victory.

Tanking the elementals without Bikini Armor (on Expert, at least) can be incredibly difficult.

Oh hey, we moved to the next phase.

Colette'll use Fairy Robe to purge off Ursa's paralysis.

While these three erase the Origin Buds.

Basically undid the Noble Rest cast for this phase.

And now that phase 4 is over, I get to play a fun game called "stall like a moron for 8 turns while I wait for Sunlight's Dawn."

I'm terrified of doing anything more than just scratching Ur-Child, since dealing even a little too much damage will cause Ur-Child to skip Sunlight's Dawn.

A bunch of turns pass where everyone just does random things and Ursa tanks, until this turn. Ursa HAS to die to this cast of Howling Winds, or else I'm gonna get wiped by Value of Solitude.

If Ursa had procced Deadly Resolve there, that would've been a game over.

Value of Solitude still hurts a little when you have one or more dead party members.

We appreciate your understanding, Ursa.

Have some orange-peach-mango-banana juice.
Well, that's an...eclectic mix of flavors.

And that stupid mess is now over, thankfully.

And another stupid mess begins. I now have to kill two waves of Origin Buds back-to-back. This can be absolute hell if you end up skipping that Sunlight's Dawn.

Between these two, though, it's not that hard. Just wipe the first wave with normal skills and then Akashic Nova + Eschaton the next.

Left one ate 6 hits, right one ate 4.

The left one should be really close to death.

My Realm would be really dangerous if Barrier didn't exist. As is, it's just some really minor (I'm talking double digits) almighty damage at the end of a turn.

Okay, yeah, these things are going down on this turn.

And there's the last of these stupid things.

Last time I have to do this for the Origin Buds.

With those things dead, victory is at hand.

Incoming Eternal Exodus.


And now that we've got our Force back for the last time, it's time to go all out and finish this.

After the Unhand Me turn, of course.

Milly can dispel that with a Metopon, but Ursa'll have to eat a buffed attack before that happens.

Good thing Desperation exists.

That sweet, sweet "Defeated Ur-Child!" message is so close I can taste it.

As much as I can taste the dialogue box equivalent of printf("Defeated %s!", enemy_formation[0]->name), anyway.

Skipping a couple of turns of the same damage dealing...

I think ending on a crescendo of Force Breaks is appropriate.

Alright, come on, finish already. I've got places to be.


Ég ákalla þig fyrir einn síðasta skipti.

That'll make for some really great grand finales!



It's all over.

The last time we'll be seeing those notifications.

SYSTEM: But its power is so incredible that it seems the battle will never end... At last, however, victory appears to be nigh! You land a powerful blow on the demon's forehead and it recoils in pain! The fiend collapses onto the floor, its body dissolving into light before disappearing... It is done. You have mastered everything the Labyrinth can offer. Your names will be remembered always in the history of this nation... As Guild Lumen, the Heroes of High Lagaard!
So, are we done? No more weirdass abominations to fight? No gross things to collect?
As far as I can tell, no.

Seems like we've filled out the Monstrous Codex and the Item Compendium.
Both of which will be very, very useful for my future studies.

See the icon in the center of the Guild Card icons? You only get that for defeating Ur-Child on Expert.

And here's the QR code for this final Guild Card, if you're playing along at home and want a memento of Guild Lumen.

Talking to Dubois after getting 100% monster/item completion triggers this final big of dialogue.

It appears as though you now know all there is to know, regarding the Labyrinth... Surely, High Lagaard is all the better for your marvelous accomplishments!
Damn straight.
You have my deepest thanks. I would like to give this to you, as a show of my gratitude. Will you accept it?
Know that this isn't simple a reward from the Grand Duchy. The guards, the citizens, Lady Gradriel, the Duke...this gift is from all those of High Lagaard.

The Hero Mark's a slight upgrade over the Ducal Mark--it gives +5 to all stats, in addition to the Ducal Mark's +80 HP/TP.

As long as you hold that mark, even if your travels take you far from this land... This place will be a home for you. Come back whenever you like! We will always be ready to welcome you all back to High Lagaard!
We'll keep that in mind.
Can I get free steak next time I come back?
...Farewell, explorers of the Labyrinth, brave Guild Lumen!

After Dubois finishes his dialogue, you're shown the final credits, which are...just the credits again, without any dialogue from the town denizens, and with really boring music that's not even on the EO2U soundtrack.

Just listen to the EO3 credits music instead if you want some musical backing.

Also, pretend that all that follows from here takes place maybe two weeks or so after killing Ur-Child.

...Well, everything I wanna take back's loaded. Your Highness, Tyler, you two ready?
Of course.
Heh. Never thought I'd go anywhere but home after all this was done, but I guess this adventure's been fulla surprises.
Can I come with you guys?
...Ranger, we discussed this before you defeated the Ur-Child. Our transportation's already full, and beyond that... I do not know how the populace might react to you and your...powers.
Look, Ranger, y' can't come back to Zack and Rheine's home with us, but I'm sure we'll see yeh again soon enough. Don't worry.
I'm sure someone else'll be happy to let you come along.
Farewell, Ranger!
See yeh!

...You're really staying here?
Yeah? This tree's full of interesting, deadly monsters. Someone's gotta help keep them in check.
The tree's boring now. We've seen everything in it.
Says you! I haven't even gotten to see half the things in the Codex. Plus... I dunno, I kinda like it out here in the mountains.
Is anyone else staying here?
Freyja, Ursa, and Asriel. Dude's too old beat up after all this to really go anywhere, so those two're gonna help him before...
Before what? Before he finishes writing that book? Before he discovers how to make a sword out of steak?
...Ah, nothing. Pretend I clammed up there... Oh, hey, I think Phoebe, Colette, and Sophie're about to take off. Why not say bye to them?

...Ranger, did we not already discuss this?
Pretty sure you already asked if you could go with us a couple weeks ago.
Ranger, look: our expedition to Etria is not for fun. Phoebe and I intend to examine the ruins of Gladsheim for a long while. It's interesting work, but it's not very exciting.
I dunno if you'd really like Etrian food, anyway.
'S not that we don't want you around, 's just that you'll get bored real quick.
Is there a Labyrinth in Etria, too?
Yes. However, it has been completely documented and picked clean by this point. It wouldn't be very interesting to live in.
C'mon, don't look that sad! We'll meet again some day, I'm sure of it! I'll bring you some Etrian food when it happens.
'S gettin' pretty late in the afternoon. Let's get going. See ya on the wayside, Ranger.
Oh, when we meet again, I'm expecting that perfect fruit sauce!

NO. You are NOT coming with me, under ANY circumstances. I've had enough of being around you for a LOT of lifetimes.
Aw, come on, Milly, can't you be a little nicer to him?
Every time he did that transform crap, I was scared he'd just turn on me! I'm getting the hell out of this frozen wasteland, and going somewhere far away. I've gotten all I want out of this place.
...I wonder why she was so mean to us the whole exploration.
Maybe she just thought every day was Opposite Day.
...Haha, maybe.
You sound sad, and tired.
Is it that obvious? I dunno... Everyone's leaving, including the people I've known since I was a kid. Meanwhile, I've got no ideas, no clue what to do, for the first time I can think of.
I...don't really wanna get mauled by giant kangaroos.
...Did Realga and Stardust leave already?
Yeah, a few hours ago. They're headed to Armoroad for a long vacation before doing plays, and wanted to get on the road really early.
Which way is Armoroad?
Uh, to the southwest, I guess. Wh-- R-Ranger, wait! Where are you going?!

Exhilarating credits, I know.

Phew... It got dark really quickly, huh?
Nothing we didn't expect. See, there's the roadside inn.
Can't imagine they charge too much.
...Even after you got a gigantic cut of the guild's final coffers, you're still obsessing about money?
Hey, I worked hard for all of this, I wanna make sure it goes really, REALLY far.
We're gonna get plenty more once I get back to doing effects, I wouldn't worry too mu--
...Who's there?! We hear you!
...How. What why where when HOW. We left HOURS ago! You were talking with Zack, Rheine and Tyler! How did you catch up to us?!
I feel the better question is, why did you catch up to us?
I wanted to go somewhere not boring. Armoroad sounded fun.
...Hah, hah, I don't...get how you can move...that fast...
...Jackie, why were you following him?
Look, it's both because I didn't really want to stay in Lagaard either, and because... I dunno, the thought of Ranger alone kinda scared me.
...Yeah, "scared" is the right emotion for that, I guess.
Well, what do we do here? I'd feel really bad just leaving them in the middle of nowhere.
...Aaaaaaaagh, fine. Okay, look. Ranger, Jackie: if we let you travel with us, you gotta promise us something. When we finish relaxing in Armoroad, you're gonna help Stardust and I once she starts doing plays again. I'll...even pay any expenses for you two.
Alright then, c'mon, let's go see how much two rooms are. Sure got more than we bargained for.
As much as I would've liked us being alone, I get the feeling those two'll be fun to travel with.
This past year's taken my life in some...interesting directions... I think I'm happier for it in the end, though.
And you're not just saying that because of how much you made from the guild?
Oh, quiet, you.

And so, Guild Lumen's adventures come to a close.

Thank you to everyone who read, and/or participated in the thread. I had a lot of fun making the LP, and I hope you had fun experiencing it.

Until next time, goodbye.