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Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight

by Ragnar Homsar, Dr. Fetus

Part 95: Cartography

Update 4: Cartography

...Good work, boys!

You could say that.
Well aren't you the ladykiller! But you'd better remember... If you ever make this girl cry... Mama's going to make sure you regret it!
Um... I'm not quite sure what you mean, but I gather you are complimenting Sir Knight and Sir Flavio?
*giggle*... Well! I am glad to hear that!

After meeting with Arianna, the townsfolk have some one time dialogue. We can also talk to them again, to get their 1st floor dialogue. Which Ragnar missed.

Don't hesitate to ask if you need anything. Bahaha!

Depending on your class, you can use different equipment, so please take a look through our stock. I'll be happy to help!

Let's see what she has to say normally.

Um... are you all okay? It's really dangerous inside. Maybe I'm asking too much, but... try not to get hurt, okay? I'll be praying for your safe return!

...Gotta say though, she seems a different kinda shade from yeh though. Yeh sure she's an explorer?

Uhh, that's not what I... uh... Hrmph. This girl's kinda throwin' me off.

He still has the same talk dialogue as before.

I returned that Whip to a Dark Hunter and I got this as a reward. If you're wondering who it's for, it's meant for Arianna. I'm not sure why, but they decided to let Soverigns equip Whips in this game. Then again, they could equip Rapiers in EO3, and those aren't a weapon type in this game. That could just be a replacement weapon type for them.

Knight and Flavio, was it? She's a little sheltered from the outside world, so I ask that you have patience.

...A little?
Well... yes, that may be a slight understatement... But her intentions are good. I can guarantee you that. I'll be counting on you.

And here's her regular talk dialogue:

I've already heard from the Duke's Palace. I don't know how much I'll be able to do, but if you need help, feel free to ask. ...I suppose that's all I can say. Be careful as you continue your exploration.

And that's it for the town dialogue. For some reason, Dubois doesn't have any new lines for Arianna joining, or the lines for entering the Labyrinth. Anyways, time to get on with things.

As we thought, Wulfgar was waiting here for us.
But is he gonna help us again?

Not even a bark, a growl, or anything? It always has to be ellipses with you, huh?

No sooner does Flavio voice his concern than Wulfgar stands and walks toward you nonchalantly. It seems that he will be shadowing you this time as well.

Guess there was no need to worry.
Yeah. Sorry I doubted you.

Wulfgar, for his part, seems not to mind your doubts regarding his staunchness at all, and looks toward the forest.

He must be bidding us to hurry. Come, sirs, let us set forth once more.

You nod to Arianna and proceed into the forest again to complete your mission.

After you get a certain portion of the map done, the party will chime in.

Well I'm not really doing anything since I imported a completed map, so...

It's starting to bore me.
Ha! Then maybe we should take turns doing it? Let me see that thing.
Yeah... We've walked quite a ways, but there are still a few places we haven't hit yet.
From the look of it, I should guess we're halfway there. I must say, this is exquisitely made, Sir Knight.
Yeah, I guess we made the right call in leaving it up to him. So keep up the good work!

You nod to Flavio, and return to your investigation of the forest.

As you walk the forest, you find colorful flowers blossoming near a tree root. They are as beautiful as the woman claims...

Hm? Did I see something shining in there?

You look for yourself and find that there is indeed something gleaming in the center of the flowers. How could a flower gleam so? You could always approach for a closer look to sate your curiosity...

Let's take a closer look.

You step into the area where the flowers bloom and carefully look around.

I think it was around here...

Suddenly, the blossoms begin to twitch, as if reacting to your presence! At so close a distance, you receive a faceful of pollen, you back away quickly...


An oddly adorable sound booms from behind you. When you turn around, you see that Flavio accidentally inhaled some of the pollen, inducing a severe sneezing fit.

Was that... you sneezing?
What else would it--choo! Ugh, dammit, it's not stop--choo!

You decide to wait a while until Flavio's sneezing subsides.

The game picks a random person for this event.


Just as the sneezing fit ends, Wulfgar, who had been wandering anxiously, returns to you with something in his mouth. Wondering what it could be, you take it, and discover that it is a phial of medicine, essential to explorers!

Could someone else have been surprised by these flowers a while back and dropped it here?

If you wish, you may say something to the black beast who found the medicine.

We must remind Wulfgar of who the dominant species really is.

Don't let this get to your head.

Dude... you're losing it.

Your friend's astounded gaze cuts deep as you realize you were trying to compete with the black beast...

Well that backfired horribly.

Still, it's quite interesting to know that we may come across previously lost items in the most unexpected places.
Let us keep an eye out as we go, Sir Knight!

The woman has a point... There is no knowing what can happen here. You decide to proceed with caution from here on...

For sacrificing 15 HP, we gain a Medica II, which heals a lot more than a Medica.

Before I forget, let's look at Wulfgar's build. Not much in the way of equipment.

His skill build is a mixture of offense, defense, and support, which isn't actually a good build if you're using a Beast in Classic Mode. But for us, this will tide us over nicely.

Once your map is complete, your party members will chime in again.

At the woman's inquiry, you look down at your map. Lo and behold, the specified area has been fully mapped.

Okay, we're done. No reason to explore the first floor anymore.

Yes... let's head back.
Hold on. The map's done, but that wasn't our only task here, right?

Another task...!?
Why're you acting so surprised...?
If we don't find that token, the Grand Duchy won't consider our mission complete. Let's go after that next.

You acknowledge Flavio's concerns before prompting Arianna to return to the investigation.

The mineral water that flows here is crystal-clear and shimmers beautifully in the sun.

Yeah, I gotta agree. Water this clean has to be drinkable, right?
Huh!? A-Are you suggesting that we drink water straight from its source?

The black beast standing beside the shocked woman is staring happily at the flowing water...

If our mascot here thinks it's drinkable, who am I to say no? What do you say, Knight?

The wollf knows all. We must trust him. Let's drink.

You cup your hands beneath the outpouring water to catch it in your palms. Very carefully, you bring your hands to your lips and sip... The natural sweetness of the cold water helps to replenish your stamina!

Haha, look at him wagging his tail. Wulfgar likes the water, too.
I can very much understand how you feel, Wulfgar! I never would have thought that water would be so delicious while hiking!
You're actually impressed by that? Hey, Knight... Isn't this girl a little... or a lot... weird?

Someone needs to learn some manners.

Don't be rude, Flavio.
S-Sorry... Yeah, that did sound like I was talking behind her back.

Your client seems not to notice Flavio's furtive comments as she cheerfully speaks to you.

The thought just occurred to me, but why don't we note this place down on our map? If we mark it well, it will help us not to forget to take a drink again the next time we are near here.

She makes a valid point... Making an annotation on your map about this spot could prove useful later. You consider marking the location on the map before departing.

Gracious me... If I am not mistaken, the things found here are quite useful!

There are also Chop points, where wood can be cut, and Mine points, where minerals can be harvested.

However, you can gather materials at each spot only once per day.

Well, shall we give it a try?

You may gather materials here if you wish, or ignore the spot and move on.

Well, that explains everything about item points. I make use of this one before moving on. Oh, and here's another audio only conversation that's available at this time.

Drawing a map is much more involved than I had imagined.
Oh, Sir Flavio? How are you drawing yours?
Huh? Whoa, I, oh, this isn't, um... haha...
My, how artistic! This pattern over here is most impressive as well!
That-That's not a pattern. It's a... doodle.

Now let's finish up our mission.

What you find in the treasure box is a wooden token with the High Lagaardian seal on it. This is unmistakably the token you were directed to retrieve.

Alright. The map's complete, so our mission here is finished!
We've done it! Now the Duchy of High Lagaard will officially recognize us as explorers!
...Thank goodness.

Seeing the girl's heartfelt relief, you decide that it would be best to return to town for now. But an uneasy feeling settles over you and you look around, fearful of something fearful approaching...

What the hell is that!?

Flavio, who spied it too, points at the north end of the room.

Look into its eyes and despair, for that is the true face of a killer.

Is that... a deer?

The woman gazes at the beady-eyed deer before continuing with excitement in her eyes.

You ponder whether to say anything in response to this unusually calm question as the dangerous monster stands nearby.

I can appreciate a woman who is out for blood.

It does look delicious.

Yes! Let the thirst for blood flow through you!

C'mon, no! Can't you see how strong that thing is!?
No...? Do you perhaps prefer deer stew over roast venison, Sir Flavio?

Flavio gives an exasperated sigh and looks at you in frustration, then turns to the deer and speaks seriously.

The plain fact is, that's no ordinary deer. It's stronger than anything we've fought... We've no guarantee of victory. I think it would be better for us to figure out a way around it in order to get back to town safely.
True... Then we shall table the deer hunting for another occasion.

Despite her forlorn concession, the woman continues to gaze longingly at the deer... You corral the woman and your sighing friend and move to quit this place.

FOEs are extremely powerful compared to other enemies on the same floor. It is recommended that you avoid them at first.

By observing an FOE's movement, you may discern how to avoid combat with them. Think carefully before taking action.

The game is serious when it says you shouldn't fight them at the first opportunity. You'll just horribly crushed. Even though we have Wulfgar, that won't be enough to take the FOE down. At best, all he can do is buy us some time to run away if you run into it by accident. Anyways, time to get out of here! I manage to slip past that first FOE. It's pretty easy to get around.

However, you cannot relax yet. You keep one eye on the deer's movements while staying focused...


You turn with some dread, but it doesn't appear that the deer is giving chase.

I never want to do that again.
No? I would face it at any opportunity if I had you at my right hand, Sir Knight.

This girl will stop at nothing to get a piece of that FOE.

Whew... I just hope we don't run into any more of those things.

You feel uneasy about this innocent muttering, and have the feeling that he may have jinxed your return trip... You subtly brace yourself and resume your investigation of the forest.

There's a second deer you have to get past, but the party says nothing about that one.

It can only be the third of those monstrous deer... This must be the last hurdle! Ascertain your route forward and elude the giant deer as you go!

And we get past that FOE as well.

Sirs... It is thanks to you that we have safely overcome the initiation trials. You have my utmost gratitude.
Nah, we're happy to help. Granting people's requests is a Midgard Library investigation team's duty.
I thank you all the same. Once this trial is complete, I will finally have access to the ruins I must reach.

Wait, shoot. There was more to this job!?

This wasn't your destination?
Oh, no. I thought it be best to learn the basics of exploring before heading to my true destination of the ruins...
So... none of this really had anything to do with your request.
Just so. I hope I can count on your continued aid, Sir Knight.
I guess that makes sense... It would've been too easy if this had been the end of the request.

The woman seems solemn as she speaks, though she quickly reassumes her usual bright smile.

But first.. let us report the results of our mission to the Grand Duchy and share our joy in completing it.

We need a recess first.

Arianna, seeming somewhat bewildered by your comment, cocks her head.

Are we... visiting a school next?
Huh? School? What're you talking about?
Oh, but don't you know, Sir Flavio? Recess is a term for a rest period at school wherein one naps and eats snacks. Since Sir Knight mentioned that we need a recess, I naturally assumed that we were heading to a school...

Hmm, I wonder what an EO game set in a school would be li-actually no. That would be a bad bad idea. *coughpersonaqcough*

Speaking of recess...
No more talking about recess! You meant you wanted to take a break, right!?
Oh, indeed? My apologies; I appear to have misunderstood.

You cut the conversation short out of deference to Flavio's peeved reaction and head back to town.

Oh? What's the matter, Wulfgar?
He's stopped following us. And he's wagging his tail, too...

Well the reason why is obvious.

Maybe he wants food?
F-Food? I don't have anything like that... What about you, Knight?
One moment. I believe he may be telling us goodbye...
Thank you for everything, Wulfgar. It's due to your help that our journey has gone so smoothly. I regret to see you leave, but I believe this is farewell, Wulfgar.

Farewell, Wulfgar. He won't be joining our party again for the rest of the game. Though it might have been nice if he stuck around.

We've lost a valuable asset...
I'm sure Wulfgar has his own priorities. There's nothing to be done for it.
Come now, let us go report our mission to the Grand Duchy.

I hereby name you explorers of the Yggdrasil Labyrinth, and citizens of High Lagaard.

We get some money when we complete a mission.

But we also get some exp out of it as well! And it tends to be a lot.

The Temple... of Ginnungagap, you say?
Yes. I hail from the Duchy of Caledonia. My name is Arianna. I am told the Temple of Ginnungagap is now in ruins... yet it is my mission to reach it.
I know of Caledonia. It has close ties to our own duchy of High Lagaard. If memory serves, the Caledonian princess goes to the Temple of Ginnungagap every hundred years for a certain ritual. Ms. Arianna, could you be...?
Yes. I am indeed Arianna Caledonia, daughter to the duke of Caledonia.
Huh!? Wait... does that make you a princess!?

Nah, those have gone extinct and have been replaced by Sovereigns.

Yes, it does. But please, think nothing of my title. Treat me as you always have.
B-But you're a princess. Not only are we commoners, we're orphans... We don't even know our own birth...
To dwell on such things will make us incapable of exploring together. Sir Knight, Sir Flavio. I implore you to continue down the same path, unchanged from before.

Honestly, it'll be a little weird.
But...! Please, I implore you to continue addressing me as before.

I don't know...
Please, Sir Knight...

Yeah, this is a but thou must thing. Fine, you win. But if you ask us to call you by some dumb nickname like Airy or something, I'm out.

All right, Arianna.
My thanks, Sir Knight!
Okay. I'll try my best not to treat you too differently either.
My thanks to you as well, Sir Flavio.
But a princess venturing into dangerous ruins with such a small band... Can you not delegate this duty to another?
According to legend, the duchy's princess must go to that land and perform the ritual herself. The legend also decrees that she must do so by her own strength, with few companions.
I see... My worries remain, but if those are the rules, then they must be abided by. Take care on your journey, Lady Arianna.
Thank you.
...Now, Sir Knight, Sir Flavio. With these truths known, I should ask you once again. As I have said to the Minister, my goal is to reach the ruins of the Temple of Ginnungagap to perform my ritual. Many documents regarding the ritual have been lost, and we have no knowledge of what dangers may lie there. Despite this... Will you come with me to the site of the ritual? To Ginnungagap?

Why do you have to be so demanding?

Are we allowed to say no?
That's, well... I would be most grateful if you would accompany me...
Don't tease her like that, Knight. What would you do if she took you seriously? Don't worry, Arianna. This was our assignment from the Midgard Library, so it's not as with we can turn you down.

We won't rock the boat.
Oh, but Ginnungagap is in a canyon. We'll have no need to go out to sea.
He doesn't mean--Ugh, he was just saying you don't have to worry, because you can count on us!
Haha, it was only in jest. Even I know that turn of phrase. I was so delighted that you accepted that I decided some humor was called for.
Well then, I hope our journey is successful, Sir Knight and Sir Flavio.
*chuckle* It seems you've arrived at a decision. Now then... I've heard that Ginnungagap lies in ruins, and has become a breeding ground for monsters. I believe you have the mettle to face it, since you've passed my trial, but be sure to take caution while you are there. I shall have the Grand Duchy searched for any surviving documents regarding this ritual and Ginnungagap.

And let's see what he has to say normally.

Investigators of Midgard, I entrust you with Lady Arianna's care. Ensure that no harm comes to her!

Let's leave.

We've discussed that quite enough now... more importantly may I tell you more of the ritual we must have in Ginnungagap? I am sure the both of you have questions regarding the matter. If there is anything you wish to know, feel free to ask me.

What is the ritual for?
It is... an ancient ritual that my nation is tasked to perform every century, when a Daughter of the Mark is born... so I am told.
Upon the eighteenth year of the Daughter of the Mark, she and her knights shall bear the ritual words to Ginnungagap's depths. Thus does the daughter grant vitality to the heart of the land, and the circle continues. ...So goes the legend I have been told. It is said the Daughter of the Mark uses the power of the her bloodline to protect the land... and thusly is the ritual accomplished.
The details are vague, to say the least, so I'm afraid I know nothing more. I don't think I have any such extraordinary abilities...
But you do have this mark thing, right?
...Y-Yes. A-According to the tale, since I was born with the mark, it is my duty and birthright to perform this ritual.

We need to ask both questions to proceed.

What is Ginnungagap like?
I have been told that Ginnungagap is an enormous ravine, located on the outskirts of High Lagaard. It has been called by that name since long ago, but nobody truly knows its origins.
Within this deep chasm is a structure known as the Temple of Ginnungagap. ...As time passed, however, the temple fell into disrepair. Now, it is little more than a ruin. There may be danger lurking within the ruins of Ginnungagap... but I must go. I have a duty to perform the ritual. Once our preparations are finished, let us go to the outskirts of High Lagaard. I will guide you to Ginnungagap from there.
...That is, however, all I know of the matter. For the ritual itself, all I must do is pray from the altar... so that should present no trouble. However, the ruins may be treacherous. It is quite a far-flung place, and has been left derelict for quite some time.
I will do my best. I greatly appreciate both of your cooperation.

And we'll explore the ruins of Ginnungagap next time!